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Goh Chok Tong issues ‘clarification’ on Facebook after being slammed by netizens for earlier remarks on immigration

Posted by temasektimes on June 24, 2012

Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong was forced to issue a ‘clarification’ on his Facebook after his earlier comments posted last night on immigration was slammed by netizens.

In a post last night, ESM Goh wrote:

“Do skilled immigrants create jobs or take away jobs from locals?…This subject is a hot button issue in Singapore. It would be good if economists could research this subject in depth. It would help advance debate on this politically sensitive issue.”

His comment was not welcomed by many netizens:

The response from netizens prompted ESM Goh to post another comment hours later:

“As I said, skilled immigrants vs locals is a political hot potato. Thank you for airing your views. But the purpose for my earlier post is in the last two sentences. It is to ask researchers to study the subject in depth, including the points raised by you, so as to help government in its policy formulation and implementation.”

Judging from the comments posted, the immigration issue is indeed a political hot potato for the PAP which may see it losing more votes in the next General Election:


46 Responses to “Goh Chok Tong issues ‘clarification’ on Facebook after being slammed by netizens for earlier remarks on immigration”

  1. mahbok tan said

    Allo fellow citizen,
    Wad da fug this esm talking , being paid millions n yet asking for peasants to think n research over it. Allo esm , where are ur “Swiss standard” of living in singapore? If u cannot achieved it , then u still can afford to rec’d ur million dollars pay/ pensions but we COS are burdened by it. Prease arh u better no talk la….might as well u balik kampong in pahang n play golf with najib ….. Can or not….knnbccb.

  2. Free Trolley said

    tell that to NUS, NTU and SMU. They will hire more FT to conduct the research

  3. Hor Yi See said

    From a Singaporean to another Singaporean, KIANG DIO HO, MAI GEH KIANG!

  4. said

    Now I know where did “WHAT DO YOU THINK” DPM Teo got his lesson from.

  5. singkey said

    wtfug you din know the answer and yet you let in those trash?

    • Zero responsibility said

      Exactly! One would have thought that in implementing a policy, they already have weighed the cost and benefits, pros and, and redistribute the benefits accordingly. Now we know these ministers who are paid millions have done nothing of that sort. Just conveniently implement knee jerk solutions, and left the citizen to fend for themselves.

      This shows the PAP gov has zero repsonsibility.

  6. tan big tan said

    When you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. When you pay politicians millions of dollars and basically do whatever they like, you create fat cats.

  7. DaWolf said

    So funny. Open floodgates to immigrants then ask researchers to go study? You mean to tell Singaporeans that proper studies was not done prior to you adopting this policy which has put us commoners in such bad situations? So why exactly are the Ministers of Singapore earning millions of dollars if we cannot even depend on them to evaluate their policies properly before implementation?

    • Zero responsibility said

      Exactly! One would have thought that in implementing a policy, they already have weighed the cost and benefits, pros and cons, and plan ahead and redistribute the benefits accordingly. Now we know these ministers who are paid millions have done nothing of that sort. Just conveniently implement unjustified solutions, and left the citizen to fend for themselves.

      This shows the PAP ministers has zero repsonsibility, and do not deserve to hold on to their job.

  8. Laswhy said

    The problem is the govt doesn’t know what are the consequences for bringing so many immigrants into Singapore in such a short period and now ask around for solution. Poor old man should retire.

  9. SicknPoorian said

    They didn’t learn from the story about the frog in Australia.

  10. Phui said

    Some professors know nuts. Phui.

  11. A Singaporean Abroad said

    Dear Mr Goh, you certainly hit the nail on the head. Your statements confirm that you and your fellow ministers have failed miserably to engage the brain before making important decisions for the country. If you or your ministers do not have the brains to do the thinking, you and your ministers should have engaged the services of people with the brains to do the research prior to implementing any policies.

    It is evident that your ministers have failed in keeping Singapore together as a nation. What do you think will happen if an employee messes up his job big time? He will be fired from his job for his incompetence. You and your minsters are elected by Singaporeans to do a major job to be country’s guardian and regrettably you seem to have messed it up big time. What should the consequences be? No prizes for guessing the correct answer.

    I agree with DaWolf’s comment fully. I doubt the Ministers will feel so ashamed of themselves for the mess they created that they refuse to accept their pay package. Trust me, that will never happen.

  12. newly qualified voter said

    wtf. You were the PM who started and created this FT mess.
    You let in immigrants by the thousands to jack up the GDP so that you can get your higher salary which is based on GDP, without any due regard to whether our tiny island can support it. Now, what’s the point of studying the problem after the damage has already spread all over Singapore. Too late sir.

    • Naivety said

      For your information, there are currently more than 2 Millions of these so-called “Foreign Talents” in Singapore already not just in “thousands” only!

      These so-called FTs are infact a global source of cheap labours here to compete aggressively with native Singaporeans for jobs leaving many Singaporeans jobless, unemployed & displaced of their jobs!!!

  13. seah said

    alamak because of the policy of flooding the whole country.Who benefit? .my pay is stagnant.for so many years until now.Price of hdb sky rocket high.mrt pack to the beam.what we need is double layer carriage.everywhere so crowed.please Stop bring in the low skill worker for the company which refuse to pay reasonable ,cofee shop .etc.time are very very hard,everything is sooo expensive.please help us like previously 20 years ago.previously pap really look after sick of this govt.

  14. Makanmakan said

    who benefit ? so many foreigner trash in spore..turn our life up side down esp Those sucking pinoy..

  15. hachoo said

    If you talk about researchers and scientists is fine and other talent and skills not found in Singapore is also fine. But if you talk about PMET, there are plenty locals available.
    I wonder if our school educational system is only good at producing DAFTS or Whats ??? This saying is like shooting himself in the foot !!!

  16. Wolfglare said

    Kick these PAP out they don’t even know what they are doing….causing so much suffering to us Singaporean don’t you think it’s already to late… you think you can ask these FT to give up their citizenship and go back to their own country….when they are already here enjoying good pay and cheap housing….while we Singaporean can hardly make ends met

  17. Bernard Deng said

    Blame nobody. People choose these fat cats to cock. meow.

  18. cc chia said

    Ha, ha. Looks like Woody and the PAP finally admit that they implemented a FT policy that did more harm than good to Singaporeans, without doing any studies or research. What else is new (remember old man Lee’s “stop at 2” policy?) here?

  19. spotlessleopard said

    The Old Politician has been paid too much for too long and should be retired at once…After opening the Flood Gates they now want to know why it is flooding…..This Man should be put on trial for Treason…and Crimes against the People of singapore.

  20. MoneyNoEnough said

    ESM Goh Chok Tong – Why do you need that “Emeritus” title to talk rubbish and talk cock?

  21. sangent said

    ESM Goh – Did you do a reseach when you decide to open the floodgate for the foreign trash. Having realised your mistake and to openly admit it, you are now asking the economists to do a reseach. This policy has backfired causing our local born citizens being unemployed. I suggest you do a reseach yourself to see how many citizens are affected by your unworkable policy.

  22. Clive said

    self pwnd.

  23. bb said

    After letting in so many FT, now research is required to check whether this is a correct policy. Now you know PAPPy gov is governing by trial and error. That is the best confession from him so far.

    You dude, if this is the best policy then every country in the world will be implementing it-can you name some countries doing it

  24. icefire said

    everything govt wan to do they will engage a team of FT professional to help them ans …
    remember they spend how much to get “expert” opinion to get the advise to name marina bay mrt station ??
    this minister cant justify the pay they recd …
    they are juz like a bunch of cheaters taking sg tax payer money for nothing
    they should be sack n send to jail for cheating all Singaporean !!

  25. LKSDE said

    Just vote them out of office. They are so well paid and did such lousy things!

  26. realty check said

    that is not a wise thing to say mr goh. u r a senior statesman. i wonder whether other hot issues had been given careful thought b4 implementation. one issue i can think of is the DBSS Housing Scheme where a 3 rm flat cost half a million. how could a poor family comprising husband, wife & 2 kids afford a dream home of at least a 3 rm flat when it cost a half a million dollars. the govt reduced the number of flats available for the poor when it put these 3 rm flats under DBSS which is way out of the reach of low income singaporeans. as a taxi driver, i noticed a lot of rental flats sprouting all over the island. what happen to mm lky’s vision of wanting singaporeans to own their home. why is the situation like that today? what do u think? should the govt engage professionals to do a study as well.

  27. mel said

    Are all of them skilled immigrants?? Please wake up!

  28. Itsjustmyvoice said

    As politicians, you oversee the growth and betterment for the country and it’s people. Every decisions made can and definitely will affect the country which will create a direct good or bad impact to the citizen, or the prosperity of the country itself. By the statement made, it is to show the irresponsible action of these politicians and how little they weigh the consequences of every step taken for the country and it’s people.
    So you all are not even politicians that think for the country and it’s people, you all are just ‘politicians’ protecting own selves interest for your own posterity.
    Sorry, but whites, you all have ‘out-served’ your purpose.

  29. hello said

    Its clear now the PAP for ex PAP does not have the talent to deserve their multi million dollar salary
    Its common sense that immigrants will take away jobs in uncontrolled free wage economic system. This is the reason why many other countries have a min wage and immigration control

  30. Lee Con You said

    This guy doesnt even have the brains of an O level holder.

  31. SINYoobi said

    The foreign immigration policy created by the ruling party is making Singaporeans miserable. We are sick of seeing foreigners from every corner of this little red dot. Please stop this excessive foreign imports.

  32. Han said

    Eh… didn’t sg government already looked at this years ago?


    Excerpt from conclusion “Both the econometric analysis and growth accounting results show that foreign talent has been an integral building block in our nation’s economic success. In fact, the bulk of the GDP growth (about 41 per cent) in the 1990s was achieved on the back of the inflow of foreign human resources, especially skilled manpower with employment pass (about 37 per cent). Such trend will become more prominent in the years ahead as Singapore moves toward a knowledge-based economy. Economic success can no longer be based upon physical and financial capital but rather, human capital. Hence, the role of foreign talent is expected to be even more vital to Singapore’s future success. Consequently, the need for Singapore to attract these foreign talent will be “a matter of life and death”2 for the nation.”

    A bit dated since it’s published in 2001.

  33. I am not superman but i am ah teo c h said

    Why create a stupid title ‘esm’ in the first place ?

  34. bb said

    Just like old man simply implement stop at two policy without careful study and now blame sg ppl for TFR.

  35. fpc said

    US immigration is a rigour system. ours is a joke. our immigrants – only 2% pay taxes. what kind of talent is that?

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