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Lim Swee Say: We should not always look at the low-wages jobs as always a low-wage job

Posted by temasektimes on June 24, 2012

With NTUC trying to increase the wages of low-wage workers, Singaporeans need to change their perception of them.

Speaking to queries from the media, NTUC Secretary-General Lim Swee Say explained that raising the wages of these low-wage workers is just the beginning.

“Not only do we want to help them to up their wages, we also have to do our very best to ensure their wages will go up faster rate than the medium wage.”

He added that that Singaporeans should not always look at low-wage jobs as such:

“Secondly, we should not always look at the low-wages jobs as always a low-wage job, because the other developed countries have done in a very different way and the workers take pride in what they do, the public shows them respect and they earn a very decent salary.” 

Singapore has one of the highest income gap between the rich and poor in the world. The wages of the low-income group have stagnant over the last decade or so due to the relentless influx of cheap foreign workers.



16 Responses to “Lim Swee Say: We should not always look at the low-wages jobs as always a low-wage job”

  1. Invictus said

    A couple of comments :

    1. How do you stop the public impression that low wage job is a low wage job when it pay low wages.. LSS, it’s no longer an impression, it’s a fact.

    2. When other learned individuals ask for shock therapy to address low wage and bring it more on par with developed nations, you said productivity must increase. How can productivity increase when getting cheap non-English speaking workers is cheaper and easier than improving productivity via investing in processes and capital assets.

    3. I saw the video and I cringe. Enough said ! Can’t believe this is a leader in the PAP. Half the time I can’t even follow his line of argument.

    • Pre55 said

      How about creating an impression that pay for MP is low so you can justify that you are still under paid despite the fact we are best paid in the universe as a MP? Be realistic not in the land of dreams. I am not going to give a big smile when I see my CPF account too if you ask me. I cannot use it and I aren’t able to retire comfortably with it.

  2. Blue Nights said

    I have no idea what this minister is talking about. And it is not from a lack of trying. His English is so atrocious that I am totally lost as to what he meant when he said that a low wage job is not always a low wage job in the context of how other developed countries are doing. Surely he knows that other developed countries have minimum wages and that is why their blue collar jobs are not low wage jobs? A low wage job will always be a low wage job, what else can it be?

    Surely, if we are paying so much for a supposed talent such as himself, we deserve better English! I am so sick of having to expend energy on deciphering what these ministers are saying. It shows a lack of consolidation of thought and very poor mentalization. I want my tax money back!

  3. cc chia said

    Crybaby Lim is talking nonsense as usual. When workers are in a “low wage job” are exploited and under-paid, then isn’t the only solution to pay them more? Perhaps a first step could be to implement a minimum wage in Singapore.

  4. Gan_Do said

    First point, why must he state that low wages raise rate must be faster than medium wage? Is he implying raising wages at the cost of middle income earners? Why not the top income earners like him pay more taxes to supplement this? The middle class is already slipping into low income already.

    Secondly,I think he sorely misses the point. To say people view low wage jobs with a descriminatory view places the problem on the people. It hints at an uneducated population with a simplistic view. Certainly there people who are more wise than the way he has potrayed. He is right that they earn a decent salary overseas while here both the middle and lower classes have their wages depressed for a long period already. People are shunning them not due to descrimination. Rather it is to avoid a downward cycle of poverty to nothingness. As a minister, he should be aware that the income is insufficient to own a piece of Singapore to call this place home. And to live by that income is basically scrapping to survive and makes ends meet with not chance of further development.

  5. Lim said

    “developed countries have done in a very different way and the workers take pride in what they do, the public shows them respect and they earn a very decent salary.” Makes my blood boil such verbal garbage can come out. If as a union chief you oppose minimum wages and does not fight against cheap foreign imports then how can they earn a decent salary and take pride in what they do? With below $1000 monthly salary and 12 hour shifts and off once a fortnight – whcih ever way you look at the job it is not going to make any difference. You want to talk developed countries then close the income gap. Cut down on fat cats at top so that we don’t have to pay exorbitant prices for everything just to feed them. Employ more lower rung workers and give them decent wages.

  6. solaris8899 said

    no confidence in him..

  7. jaded said

    utter rubbish! other countries have done it because the low wage jobs over here make good money over there!

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  9. mahbok tan said

    This Lim suay siao …hah talk like the army CBmouth….no substance ( Sorry for my harsh words- follow polite ahlian mah ) .
    Rather than make my blood boil is better for me to fuck him in TT , KNNBCCB….he take money many2 not enough some say SGporean look low pay la medium pay la….!!!
    But hor I hope more SGporean feel the pain so that later come GE2016 we can VOTE for a CHANGE……rite…!!!
    YES ….YES….YES…..!!!!

  10. pn said

    A low wage job is STILL a low wage job for ever. It can’t be betterest, anyway. It is simple logic.

  11. ek seng said

    Should ask him if most of the cabinet ministers even pm or even president is a foreigner then would he think they are stealing jobs?

  12. hachoo said

    What the heck is he talking about ???? As I mentioned before, he should have just shut up and focus and fix the urgent issues. Jiak liao bee

  13. mahbok tan said

    This Lim arh open mouth oreadi suey ( bad luck )…..closed mouth he become siao ( mad ) …… better go and die so that no more suey and siao with him.

  14. Foxy said

    Don’t understand what he is talking about!!! Mr prata man.

  15. Tan yan ren said

    You are always talking COCK!!!I dont understand your English because you dont understand what you are saying ….YOU CANNOT EXPRESS yourself…how do you manage to be a Minister???..shit!!!!!!I am ashamed to have you here as a Minister….

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