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State media: Singapore nursing homes are more ‘affordable’ in JB

Posted by temasektimes on June 24, 2012

Faced with an aging population and rising healthcare costs, the state media has been subtly suggesting to Singaporeans that they should send their elderly parents to ‘retire’ in nursing homes across the Causeway if they are unable to afford to pay for nursing homes here.

A report carried yesterday wrote that some nursing homes in Singapore have set up branches in Johor Bahru to ‘cater’ specifically to Singaporeans who are looking for a more affordable alternative.

One of them is LC private nursing home which charges only ‘half’ of the prices in Malaysia as compared to Singapore. It quoted the owner of the home Dr Tony Chia as saying that it is a more ‘affordable’ option for those who are in financial difficulties.

Unlike other First World countries, Singapore has no comprehensive social safety net for its elderly citizens, leaving Singaporeans to bear the brunt of taking care of their parents.


18 Responses to “State media: Singapore nursing homes are more ‘affordable’ in JB”

  1. Lim said

    What does LC stand for? Low Class? cheap propaganda by state media to send our loved ones to JB cos they have made it so expensive here. The message is clear. Once past expiry date, no more money to be sucked from you – don’t even hope for real welfare. Off to JB you go.

  2. Exaggerated said

    Is this how we should live and be treated as a citizen of a country? Where the country claims to prosper, it cannot provide the care for the elderly. While elderly in other country retires and enjoy their retirement, Singapore elderly is left to struggle. Is that how the country repay their citizens?

    How long more are we to endure such treatment?

  3. Invictus said

    Yeah, let’s get rid of the unproductive ie old, destitute, ill, etc. Singapore only needs the rich, the able-bodied to push our GDP ever further. This country is run like a corporation, not a country.
    Fellow Singaporeans, is this the Singapore we want ? You might be soon well now but life is uncertain, who will care for you when you need help ?

  4. solaris8899 said

    a simple answer to Singaporean healthcare: No $$ go jb…got $$ then you stay. this is how we are treated.

  5. K said

    Still thousands celebrate ndp every year!

    • mel said

      mostly their beloved new citizens, primary school students and those nsmen/ regulars who are forced to attend/ participate.

  6. bb said

    How do the elderly ppl stays in JB ? A special permanant visa for sg ppl to stay there. Can the Malaysian authorities comment.

  7. Unhappy said

    Bloody govt! Don’t allow us to go jb pump petrol but allowing us to sent our parents to jb elderly home? Honestly, knnbccb to the lee

    • mahbok tan said

      LHL should have sent his father to JB as well so as to set an example to all SGporean….!!!

      but orr….only peasants are entitled to move out to JB la….the rich and famous can stay in SGpore for the retirement.

      This pro alien people are very the 1 kind hor…take our CPF and keep there make money but they do not want to care for our welfare…KNNBCCB to all the ministers including all that administer the law in SGpore….nia mah ka h%$$%^%*&&*(………………..!!!

    • mel said

      Now even worse, cannot withdraw CPF when retire how to afford JB nursing home?

  8. 60%.aredaft said

    First of all is 50% in SGD terms even cheap? Why do citizens of a country have to live their last days in a dislocate environment in another country!the problem is that thier own government continues to charge land use for nursing homes like any private enterprise thereby causing costs to be high. This is definitely not the way to go! We must not be fooled by this same tactic of slowly convincing us its cheaper over there when the very principle of old age care is not being addressed appropriately. Stop being conditioned to accept this stupid logic. Wake up fellow citizens, it’s long after that we will all be old!

  9. Jardel said

    Stae media. Those singaporeans who are working there should take a good look at themselves. They are serving the evils of all evils, the pap. Why still work there where, if they are talents, they can join other BIG overseas media companies. So for those who are still there sucking pap balls, you are just a waste and fucking retard. Go to hell and when we vote pap out, we will OPEN local media and welcome the REAL Talents and you guys will BE FUCKED. LOL.

    REPENT. SPH. REPENT CNA. GO FUCK YOURSELF. 2016 is just 4 years away. Time is ticking AWAY.

  10. Lim said

    The only way to save ourselves from such humiliation in our twilight years is not to pay JB nursing homes until Johore govt steps in and ban dumping our old folks there to die. Then most likely they will try to push to Batam. Remember the Johor-Batam-Spore triangle which never worked?

  11. spotlessleopard said

    The PAP controlled Government is utterly irresponsible by not carrying out its FUNDAMENTAL DUTY TO ELDERLY…IN NOT PROVIDING 100% BASIC HEALTH CARE AND ELDERLY SOCIAL SERVICES….SHAME ON THE PAP…

    Meanwhile they preferto play the HAWKISH games of spending 11billion $ on WARE HARDWARE and so call Defence..

    SHAME ON THE PAP…they must be voted out in GE2016

  12. Ooh-la-la said

    Simple solution: Vote WP! Vote WP!! Vote WP!!! Out with PAP! Out with PAP!! Out with PAP!!!
    Then send Lee Hsien Tau and Lee Kon U to JB old ppl’s homes, if Lee Kon U shd be around come next GE. Also Khaw BW and the other cronies.

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