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Chan Chun Sing: There is now ‘greater engagement’ between PAP govt and Singaporeans

Posted by temasektimes on June 25, 2012

Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports Chan Chun Sing has lauded the efforts made by the PAP government to ‘engage’ Singaporeans in the aftermath of the divisive General Election last year which saw its percentage of votes dropped to a record low 60.1%.

Speaking to Punggol residents during a dialogue session yesterday, Mr Chan said although there’s greater engagement, the issue now is how to manage the public’s expectations.

He observed that the public has a higher expectation of the government and how it deals with issues raised by Singaporeans and stressed that there has to be some give and take in the engagement process.

Mr Chan also urged Singaporeans to do more for the community:

“I don’t think there will always be a point where we would claim that we have arrived but it’s good to see efforts like that and I’m quietly confident by and large, the majority of Singaporeans understands the challenges we are grappling with,” he shared.

Mr Chan was one of the new faces brought in by the PAP last year and was given the portfolio of MCYS. For some strange reasons, he is still only an ‘Acting’ minister after 13 long months.


23 Responses to “Chan Chun Sing: There is now ‘greater engagement’ between PAP govt and Singaporeans”

  1. Lim said

    The King has pronounced that there is greater engagement even though the peasants disagree. The engagement is to manage public’s expectations but not make any real difference to what has been decided in the upper echelons of the King’s counsellors. So in short – engagement = wayang, not real listening to real feedback or to change bad policies – merely PR exercise?

  2. mahbok tan said

    Allo chan boh chun…..!!!

    Y don u ask to the GOVT where are our Swiss standard of living….????

    Where are OUR CPF money going to …..???? Must we BEG our own money from the govt…????

    Why are the parliament making laws that burden the people….and where are the GOVT responsibilities towards the people of SGpore….???

  3. MoneyNoEnough said

    Tell this bloke Chan Chun Seng to shut up and stop talking cock. Get back to the SAF and do your “kri kan kri kan….”

  4. hachoo said

    I guessed the “greater engagement ” he is refering to is the continous talk down to local Singaporean in the likes of;

    “we must integrate with foreign migrants”, “we will need more foreign talents to grow the economy”, “the rich are not above the law”, “peasants should remain as peasants with low wages” and “the community should come forward to share more”………..

    I think he should quietly (not sure its confidently) go away and focus on the important issues on hand.

    Action speaks louder than words !!! Results through action will speaks even louder !!!

    NO need to Kee Chiu and shout !!!!

  5. i say what i think only... said

    what engagement? we are considered noises online only. why listen to noise. ignore the noise and face the fury

  6. bb said

    Bring forward the GE and see ow the engagement goes.

  7. Lim said

    What irks is we have to pay interest to use our own CPF for housing or education. Then the withdrawal age gets pushed back further and further and minimum sum & medisave limits just go higher and higher supposedly due to inflation. How CPF is used and its returns are kept from us as a secret. Yes let’s engage on this CPF topic please. My expectation is not much – just give us back what is ours at 55 as originally envisaged and not come up with more ways to hold back our money through iminimum sum, medisave, etc. When I buy bonds at least they don’t have the luxury of delaying the maturity date or devising ways not to return the principal at end of it.

    • RealityCheck said

      i second that thinking Lim had said. CPF these days have been termed the “untouchable” fruit of our hard labour over the years. I do not agree that my money should become play money for the likes of GIC and Temasek Holdings. i should have the right to enjoy this fruition i see fit. Maybe i will squander it away, maybe i can put it in even greater use without CPF board to tell me what is best for me. The bottom line is my destiny is my own, so is my hard earned money…..


      • kaypoh said

        Yes totally agree, bloody assholes high & mighty telling us what to do with OUR money, piece of shit…..see how they manage Temasek & YOG lah!

  8. Law said

    Hey… Dun start using that Million Dollar White Hand raising & swearing…
    that dun work anymore in this ERA.

  9. Merlion said

    Accordingly to several project that the Gpvernment intend to carry out. We know for sure that they have decided from the TOP. The TOP ordered the MIDDLE to “engage” the peasants. Problem is that no matter what the peasants concern or suggest, the MIDDLE will wayang by engaging the peasants. At the end, the TOP will say “we have engaged and consulted the peasants. Our conclusion is that our idea is the best”. We know that because we have been treated exactly
    Iike this recently.
    The ruling party is not sincere at all, all put up for a show.
    I have never voted for opposition. Next ge will be my first for opposition.

  10. terrible ivan said

    Mr Chan also urged Singaporeans to do more for the community: Then U share your salary with us.U R paid a million this is your duty not ours. Understand Cock!!

  11. Blue Nights said

    It was the PAP that called themselves talents (as in: they are born gifted…how they assess this about themselves is anyone’s guess) worthy of million dollar salaries. So why should Singaporeans not have expectations? If anything, I think our standards are too low. For what we pay we have been putting up with:

    1. Below average intelligence (Ms. Tin and Mr. Teo qualify),

    2. Sub-standard level of communication (Lim Swee Say),

    3. Failure to connect (too many to name…OK, alright, Lee HL),

    4. Verbal put downs (the Grand Old Man himself),

    5. Minimizing of Singaporeans’ sense of reality (classic Mr. Vivian with his ‘ponding’)

    Maybe if we all raise our expectations to the level that matches the talents (haven’t figured out how this is supposed to look but why should this stop us from experimenting?) we are all paying for, we can actually gauge if we have paid good money? Since there is no ceiling to ministerial and civil servant pay, why should there be a ceiling to expectations?

    I am just saying.

    • IronMan said

      Love ur comment…..cracks me up…lol. U r not just saying, it is the hard truth that the PAPpies should swallow, esp the Grand Old Man himself. The Old Man keeps telling us, “SG should upgrade themselves to be competitive in the market/world.” They (as u have listed above) r the degenerates thats beyond upgrading. And best of all, we need to pay excessively for their salaries. Did they do their jobs right? Did they perform to our expectations? Is our expectations too high for them? All I know is that their salaries are too high for us. What have they done to improve our lives? High cost of living, housing, transport & etc. When paying for such, are we getting quality products? We r paying more for smaller HDB flats, frequent breakdowns of transportations, lesser quantities of daily food etc.

  12. mel said

    oh crap! looks like they are grooming this retard for higher position.

    • denn said

      this so called retard was parachuted into parliament and immediately made an acting minister. and sooner or later he will be acting PM and TPL can take over his MCYS position.
      the sad sad part is we have morons who think the opposition cannot do better if they take over the govt despite the comparison.

  13. Realist said

    This acting minister has a long way to go before he can fully engage with the people.
    His speech is so “wayang-nish” that it makes my hair stands (including the pubic ones).
    Learn from LHL in his younger days at least there were no pretentious speech from him then.

  14. alex said

    They talk as if they have done something and have listen to the people but the truth people know they have not done anything and worst they make it more worst.. Wake up la we are not goondoo like you. Show some facts that you have make some changes and you have listen to us. You an MP dont make a fools of yourself.

  15. Andrew said

    They keep doing this, I wonder when we will say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

    They take your opinions,

    and pretend to listen,

    and then give you LIP SERVICE afterward.

    Then another issue comes up, and people forget about the first one.

    Mr Kee Chiu, Your speeches are ridiculous. I’m trying to listen to them with an open mind, but everytime you open your mouth I am disgusted by how little you know about the country.

    I am glad that you are only an acting minister.

  16. kaypoh said

    “ACTING” Minister mah….so wayang lor…..perhaps they should also be included in Mediacock’s Star Awards?

    Ppl’s ACTING Pty, now…. 🙂

  17. solaris8899 said

    what is he trying to tell us? talking to a small of ppl then claim greater engagement?

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