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Major accident along Farrer Road caused by overturned truck driven by PRC driver

Posted by temasektimes on June 25, 2012

A major accident occurred along Farrer Road yesterday evening caused by an overturned truck driven by a PRC driver.

The truck collided into two cars and overturned, blocking three out of four lanes and bringing traffic to a standstill for about two hours on Farrer Road toward Holland Road.

Three people were injured, one of them being a pedestrian who was hit by a car while trying to help the PRC driver in his 30s and his passenger, a Singaporean man in his 20s.

The SCDF despatched a fire engine, one red rhino, two ambulances and two other support vehicles. SCDF said the trio suffered abrasions and cuts on their limbs.

They were sent to Alexandra Hospital in a conscious state.


9 Responses to “Major accident along Farrer Road caused by overturned truck driven by PRC driver”

  1. alex said

    Why must it always be a foreigners.(im not anti foreigners but im trying to get the facts.) Lately most accidents and deaths are related to foreigners and this make more Singaporeans anger against them. Can our governments stand up and do something about it if not more lives will be lost. We must stop endangering peoples life be it a foreigners or Singaporeans. We are talking about human lives. Our governments need to do something about this and dont just say we make noise only. Wake up you idiot.

  2. fistank said

    What the fish! Our roads are totally unsafe………

  3. MoneyNoEnough said

    must be using a fake driving license again

  4. Wolfglare said

    Fucking PRC again lucky these time no Singaporean was killed….don’t know when another PRC going to kill again

  5. Ken Lee said

    wow talent from first world! race car driver!

  6. Jayzin said

    The News reporter in the video provided reported it a van instead of a lorry/truck. 😐

  7. bb said

    GOH CT take a look and see whether flooding with foreigners help.

  8. solaris8899 said

    another case…..who issue licenses to these ppl……instead of contributing creating more problems….more to come?

  9. Daft Peasant said

    more FTs = more accidents = more good years !!!!!

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