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PHOTOS: SBS collided with SMRT bus along Orchard Road

Posted by temasektimes on June 25, 2012

An accident occurred along Orchard Road this morning when a SBS Transit bus rammed into a SMRT bus at a bus-stop outside The Heerens.

Below are photos by Ng Z Y:




21 Responses to “PHOTOS: SBS collided with SMRT bus along Orchard Road”

  1. kaypoh said

    It’s actually Optimus Prime whacking Megatron….but where’s Megan Fox?

  2. MoneyNoEnough said

    This little island called Singapore is over-crowded with the influx of FTs. Now as never before, increased in accident rates, crime, murder, train & buses breakdowns, mrt escalators breakdowns, singaporeans being knocked down by foreigner drivers, HDB refuse bins overflowing, public waste bins overflowing, overloaded sewage system, pipes breaking down in shopping centres, rubbish and thrash in our downtown streets and hdb estates… and more. I believe the effect of the FTs is already beginning to show. And the PAP ministers are already aware and finding excuses for every problem….

  3. George said

    From the pictures it looks like smrt bus collided with sbs bus.

  4. Angry Bird said

    Never mind, go ram some more, anyway our daft government is using taxpayers money, $1.1 billion to buy 800 more buses. SBS/SMRT won’t feel the bite!

  5. Teo Wei Shen said

    For those interested in buying 4D: the SBS bus is SBS 2622T; the SMRT bus is TIB 0645Y.

    I understand that the very same SMRT bus was also involved in an accident in 2008, but with a red rhino:

  6. hihihi said

    Are you sure they are PRC drivers?

  7. NSmen said

    Its actually SMRT bus ramming into SBS bus

  8. speedknight said

    wasnt this yesterday evening?

  9. Anthony Tang said

    Ah ah, I don’t know what to say. What do you think?

  10. Diana Amos said

    SBS rammed to SMRT??? But the pics doesn’t reflect so… Wat i see now is SMRT rammed to SBS…

  11. Xanavi said

    SBS ram into SMRT or SMRT ram into SBS?

  12. lemonlime said

    It’s SMRT bus that rammed into the rear of SBS bus.

  13. Ken Lee said

    sorry to say, there is millions more coming! and our million dollars public servant is still dreaming in his or her dreamland! thank you the 60% who still feel so rich looking at his or her CPF!

  14. I am not superman but i am ah teo c h said

    This tiny dot is becoming more and more like a volcano waiting to erupt ferociously. People are getting frustrated.

  15. shockwave said

    it is SMRT ramming SBS bus! TT editors are you blind or are you an FT idiot? cannot differentiate between a SMRT bus and a SBS bus? get your facts right!

  16. B. C. said

    Haha, title is wrong.

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