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Singaporean complains to Teo Chee Hean: My Singpass was hacked and used to sponsor application of visas for PRC nationals

Posted by temasektimes on June 25, 2012

An angry Singaporean Raymond Lim posted a complaint on Deputy Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister Teo Chee Hean’s Facebook page this morning on his Singpass account being hacked and used to sponsor the visa application of PRC nationals:

“Mr Teo, I just got a call from ICA this morning. Shocked to find out my SingPass has been hacked and fraudulently used for the application of visas for PRC nationals of which 5 cases have been approved without my knowledge. I hope you will investigate this matter thoroughly.”

The case happened a month after another Singaporean claimed that his passport had been used fraudulently to sponsor 7 unknown names into Singapore. (read more here)

Mr Teo has yet to respond to Raymond Lim who has not been asked to think about what to do next.


34 Responses to “Singaporean complains to Teo Chee Hean: My Singpass was hacked and used to sponsor application of visas for PRC nationals”

  1. edwin said

    if this is true, then the process of application & approval of PRC nationals is too too easy. ICA no need to see the sponsor personally or even need to interview the sponsor. just online can approve huh? no wonder hordes of PRC’s enter singapore because the process is so easy. where is border protection/security if approval of visas can be approved so easily. home ministry, please do something!!!

    • Compatriot said

      Call and reach out a reporter from the Straits Times about this incident which the state is obviously and directly involved and have this printed and pointed out in the media for the risks and safety measurements purposes for Singaporeans

      A police report must be made
      The Singapore Police Force must record with a statement to protect all its citizens

  2. Singaporean said

    What do you think? The question is for you to answer not leaders, as we do not provide the answers but bring the answer out from you which u may alrdy have in your mind.

  3. Lim said

    ICA should not approve without calling up the sponsor first. Surely a sponsor to 5 or more PRCs should set alarm bells ringing? The whole Singpass security needs an overhaul. I find this whole country deteriorating in standards and going to the dogs after the indiscriminate influx of foreigners. Look at the banks which had their money stolen by skimmers and crooks – it is potentially dangerous to outsource sensitive security IT to foreigners who may be in league with syndicates in their home countries to siphon daft Singapore?

  4. Ken Lee said

    should send this to CPIB, this is no the first case! even approved still need sponsor ID and many document to ICA.
    1000% sure there is someone in ICA is talking undertable money!

  5. Sun Wu Gui said

    What do you think????

  6. Wolfglare said

    Our government still sleeping or to busy counting their millions to bother

  7. pinoys love to suck cock said

    No point, that useless fellow will just ask that raymond boy what do u think? And raymond better dun say the word fuck to him if not he ask the isd to make him apologise

  8. linda said

    Yes! Should investigate! My husband apply credit card using my name without my permission n knowing and I only found out years later when the bank post me bill I owe! Now I’m indebted with so much money and I can’t report to police because that my husband! How in the first place can they approve the credit card without my present??? I’m in such difficult position right now, so stress out!

  9. I am not superman but i am ah teo said

    Hhahahah, teo must be curse and swear now. Throw him all the rojak problems.

    • Cyberflames said

      He won’t cos he will just redirect the email to his subordinate and get him to find the root cause and come out with solution. Then he will present the solution. 🙂 This is how Delegation works…

      • Sinking Sinkies said

        That is also call outsourcing which is what Sinkies are good at and nothing else.

  10. singaporean said

    ” so what do you think we should do about it?”

  11. Andrew said

    I suggest all you readers check your singpass as well.

    I’m sure that he is not the only one.

  12. someone at the place where the IC is made probably used his ic to get the visas for these stupid dogs…

  13. CPG said

    Next time, they will transfer your CPF.

    • i say what i think only... said

      no worries, we can’t even transfer our CPF. it is in very safe hands.

      • Cyberflames said

        yes u r right. safe hands… maybe when there is more and more problems… they will not transfer our CPF. Just raise the age to 85 year old… very safe hands…….

  14. spotlessleopard said

    So Mr. Teo What do you think?….Should Ministers still be paid such humongous salaries when such a simple problem cannot be solved and the crooks apprehended and punished?

  15. Wtf said

    The fact that ica called raymond means they are working to solve the problem isnt it. I dont get why must he post his complain in public. Another attention seeker trying to stir unhappiness towards politicians. Next time you have stomachache also complain to pm lee facebook wall better, it might highlight thhe sanitary problems we have.

    • Cyberflames said

      Disagree… what Raymond is doing is simply just to educate that this kind of issue is happening so that we are more aware. It is just like typical US, singaporeans. Raise awareness say why raise… never raise and wait till it hit you (Mr WTF) then u will say why never raise in the first place… No one force u to read this in the first place. You chose to. 🙂 so chill out and see if Home affair did anything to find out why and then the PRC that were approved without permission, what kind of action will they take? Send them home or just say since approve liao no choice lor….

  16. Jardel said

    Hello, you should be calling the police. You are jumping the chain of command with what you had done. ISA can call you up for coffee if they want to. Are you trying to harress our million dollars pay ministers?

  17. Lim said

    ICA should not approve first then call. The writer publicise his plight to warn others to be on the alert and not to seek attention. Stomache analogy is not the same as a serious problem like singpass being fraudulently used for criminal purposes – so this sanitary thing to PM Lee’s facebook example makes no sense. Sometimes jumping the chain of command is the only way to bypass long-drawn bureaucratic red tape and eternal waiting for action. Even PM Lee’s son during NS also bypassed the chain of command to write to Minister of Defence then.

  18. Law said

    Wow, seems like we are not just being Invaded but in the meantime being rob as well.
    This sort of shit Do Not Happen in our History…
    Any Historian around? Put that in History as well…
    Pls Jot down every details what has been happening in our SG Depression…

  19. mahbok tan said

    For those who think that this is only 1% of the cases in SGpore u all are pathetic.
    Must we wait n wait until SGpore rot than to rectify the problem?
    If teo ch cannot get to the bottom of it n provide explanation to the COS….he might as well say that fucking phrase 1000x before he go to sleep.
    KNNBCCB type of minister…take high salary but cannot do his work with sincererity.

  20. Chris said

    3 years ago, I change my Singpass PW at a Community Center as I need to file my Income Tax. I remember a staff at the center who was helping with the issue asked me to write my new PW on a piece of paper after verifying my Identity Card. I told him later that I would like to change the PW on my own and while doing so, he was watching me from behind when i was doing the changes. When I stared at him, he quickly turned away. I believe this is how Singpass ID & PW were hacked.

    I agreed that there is a need for a more stringent check asking the sponsor to prove their document such as Identity Card and not just a simple SingPass ID & PW which can be hacked easily.

  21. Vi said

    I applied for a work permit for Malaysian who after obtaining her temp work permit asked me for my Singpass to cancel the permit the very next day. I refused and enquired the reason for her asking me for the Singpass. Is it possible that her husband who is also a Malaysian but has a company here hiring foreign workers asking for the Singpass to apply for workers here?

  22. But when sponsor permits, pending for approval takes more than 2 weeks. What the officers do actually? Female bosses are yaya papaya.

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