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SPH sacked STOMP staff for fake ‘MRT open door’ photo

Posted by temasektimes on June 25, 2012

A content producer of STOMP has been sacked by the Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) for posting a fake photo showing a MRT train with doors open which sparked an outcry last week.

23 year old Samantha Francis initially claimed she took the photograph herself at Lakeside MRT station last Tuesday night which was strenuously denied by SMRT.

After some questioning by SPH, Ms Francis admitted that she copied the image from Twitter without giving due credit.

In an apology sent to SMRT, Mr Patrick Daniel, editor-in-chief of SPH’s English and Malay Newspapers Division wrote:

“My team and I would like to apologise unreservedly to SMRT for this erroneous report by one of our staff. We truly regret the damage this has caused SMRT. Aside from breaching our professional ethics, what she (Ms Francis) has done goes against all the values that we stand for.”

The Singapore media is ranked 150th in the world in terms of press freedom by U.S. NGO Freedom House.


10 Responses to “SPH sacked STOMP staff for fake ‘MRT open door’ photo”

  1. dogmeat said

    SPH has no credibility… Probably firing employee to appease their masters. I’ve boycotted MSM for 1 year plus and counting.

  2. Law said

    Cut that act off.
    Sacking Pinoy off does not change the fact that SPH is with the whites.
    dun act like u r standing with the Netizens.
    Wanna win the trust back, u gotta start giving Fair & equality reports back to the people.

  3. Singapuraboi said

    She just admitted to plagiarizing someone else’s work but still does not say that the picture is erroneous or doctored SMRT u r still not cleared. If it appeared somewhere else on twitter or Facebook, u r not of the hook. And getting journalists fired does not exonerate u from breaching public trust that SMRT r sending out serviceable trains. SMRT has time and time again showed how flawed ur engineering system is and also ur managemt system is. It is time for deep reflection. Apparently ur employment policies of hiring FTs with PhDs is backfiring. Come on, using cable ties to secure train tracks is something lay people with no engineering background would come up with. But such a solution, even if short term, coming from engineers is appalling.

  4. Beenthereseenit said

    They are quick to acknowledge their mistakes and apologies to one of their own, but they have condoned inaccurate reporting, twisted information and blatant lies for decades in their blind and unprofessional support of the PAP. They have no credibility at all!

  5. Itsjustmyvoice said

    This is a political game play by the whites. By selecting the right candidates for the job, they can keep a watchful eye on those that will share anti-whites sentiments. I strongly believe this is to prevent similar cases like, the Operation ColdStore in 1963 or the 1987 “Marxist Conspiracy”, from happening again.I strongly believe, a lot of cover-ups or other falsified accusations, usually are for MOE or other white related groups to look good and to show that they are actually doing something for citizens.
    Example, the door article is clear that it is a show to tell everyone that smrt is not all faults, even though, I also that the reporter is a bit carried away. This, however, does not necessary lead to sacking. This is clearly a display of power a reminder not to mess with the whites.
    So in the principal’s case, and many other principal and teacher cases that happen recently, this is just not make their image look worst.

  6. spotlessleopard said

    When you are so used to Lies…you have no credibility left…even sacking a lowly reporter does not elevate you to an Altar Boy.

  7. alex said

    See the facts. Who on earth is so stupid who work in a media like SPH wants to expose him/herself to the boss that he/she is lying and make up her own story. Normally in SPH any news will have to go through the big boss for valuation to get approve before it is release. Dont tell me the big boss is idiot to release the news but when he found it is wrong or he get screwed by top people he blame the person who report the news and fire her. Or maybe the boss is angry and fire her because she is telling the truth about the news without his consents. To save face this is what we see the news (wayang) today.

  8. Angry singaporean said

    This is the result of using all kind “Tom, dick and harry” foreigners,SPH paid the price for cheap foreign worker! 自讨苦吃,活该!

  9. copay said

    i think we cannot compromise on this untruly, cheating act especially when it is been published. The person who commited this act should punish severely.

    Look at her … like she is really the one who taken the photo and the person who really seen it herself… Why can have this type of people in Singapore ?

  10. You can definitely see your expertise within the article you write.
    The world hopes for more passionate writers such as you
    who are not afraid to say how they believe. All the time follow your heart.

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