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Baey Yam Keng: CDAC to reach out to new immigrants

Posted by temasektimes on June 26, 2012

PAP MP Baey Yam Keng who incurred the wrath of native Singaporeans by publicly defending NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu for scolding them ‘dogs’ a few months ago had unveiled further initiatives to reach out to foreigners.

Speaking to queries from the media, Mr Baey, who is also a member of CDAC’s board of directors declared that CDAC wants to work more closely with new immigrants.

“Many new immigrants have expressed interest in helping the community but, because they are new to Singapore, they often do not know how,” he said.

Mr Baey added that CDAC can play a role to link them up and to advise them on how they can help within the community.

The government splurged $10 million dollars on a Community Integration Fund in 2010 to help make the new immigrants feel happy, welcomed and accepted in Singapore.

Singaporeans have also been urged repeatedly by PAP leaders like Mr Baey to open their ‘hearts’ and ’embrace’ the newcomers.


25 Responses to “Baey Yam Keng: CDAC to reach out to new immigrants”

  1. fpc said

    baey is a fake. an asshole

    • Compatriot said

      Baey Yum Keng has been adjudged to committed unexceptionable wrong doings by betraying the electorates of his constituency who voted him as their MP

      I think he is trying to recruit and army of clandestine immigrants who possibily are uncouth and will inevitably bring wanton unimaginable and unpardonable problems to Singaporeans

      He is a betrayer to his country where he were born and a traitor to the peoples of Singapore

      BYK has created this anomaly,I wouldnt want to be in his shoes right now because I feel that there are lots of SCHIZOPHRENICS milling around created by his undoings

  2. Jack said

    sure, we should help the new citizens. However, if this is PAP’s life line for the next GE, then, Singaporeans would have to think twice

  3. Clown of the year said

    This clown is trying his best again.

  4. icefire said

    baey u can be a very successful traitor if the war broke up … taking so much money from singapore tax payer money and decided to support an make FT life better …

  5. Lash said

    how to open up to new immigrant when the when foreign population is more then local?
    Before they contribute, the government still need to spend 10 million on the them?? What kind of logic is this?

  6. P Koh said

    I think MP Baey Yam Keng is out of touch with the ground and the same goes with the present Goverment. They must have forgotten how Singapore is built – the sweat and blood of our forefathers and those who saw Singapore through the difficult years. They should spend some time to see how they can at least look after those who have built Singapore to what it is today and pay lesser attention to the new comers who I am sure have little loyalty should a war against Singapore breaks out. I am sure many of the baby boomers need help financially if they were affected by the Stop at Two policy and those who have found it hard to have a mate during those tiring years. The new immigrants will be the first to pack up and return to their home countries and leave us to defend our country called home. The term ‘Charity Begins at Home’ means nothing to the ruling Party.

  7. PAPdogs said

    PAP are traitors, sell out country.

  8. rayleigh said

    It is ironic to hear that it is now the nation and citizen responsibility to shoulder this burden of integration. When the door was open, was not the integration avenue firmed up? Oops was it overlook? Secondly, when I was young and until today I still hear this phrase- when in Rome, do like a roman. How funny it is that we are now challenging this phase.
    Integration takes two hands to clap. CC organises numerous activities. If one is willing, one will partake in those activity to assimilate into the community.

  9. Busybodyl said

    Baey wash yr ass n get ready e butter…. FTs will integrate easily

  10. heart of singapore origin said

    He is a Pinoy & prc mp. Vote him out ge.2016

    • Jack said

      cannot lah, he is also leading the PAP Internet Team to ensure the image of PAP is corrected in the net, i.e. he is a very important person

  11. K said

    If all of us think of sg as a corporation instead of a country, we be less annoyed. Better to focus in finding another country to call home. Sg is never home since day one, we broke off from Malaysia.

  12. Disenfranchised Singaporean said

    We have short-changed ourselves big time, what is our NS boys defending? We pander to the rich and fair-weathered FTs who will split at the first sign of trouble whilst Singaporeans will have to work all their lives to pay mortgage for shoebox house, car loans and when we grow old, we get dumped into a JB aged home……so bleak! My friend who emigrated says that it is better to be second class citizen elsewhere than be a Singaporean kena creamed left right centre up and down.

  13. solaris8899 said

    BKY is wasting our $$$ to help make the new immigrants feel happy, on the other side, Singaporeans are urged repeatedly by PAP leaders like Mr Baey to open our ‘hearts’ and ‘embrace’ the newcomers……..why not spend the $$$ to help the our own poorer ppl or increase our lower income groups? why must u spend our $$$ to external and not internal ppl?

  14. Pap take care said

    Pap did not do well for tampines GRC in ge2011 with an old “horse”. Now with a new “horse”, pap better take care in ge2016 if WP going to contest there.

  15. Anthony Tang said

    BYK is a traitor to his own country. How can Singaporeans vote for him. Next GE do yourself a favor, vote him out.

  16. Foxy said

    There is a temple, all the while the committee member (local SG-rean) got no problems managing the temple. But after some new immigrants join in problems occurs! New immigrants likes to handle things their own ways!

  17. Anthony Tang said

    NO Singaporean will vote for PAP, given the shit treatment we get. So the PAPayas need to to bring in Foreign Trash to vote for them. As simple as ABC

    • sure or not said

      Unfortunately, 60.1% of S’poreans less new citizens are blind or daft, some of them have no choice.

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