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Breaking News: Pastor Kong Hee arrested for criminal breach of trust together with four others

Posted by temasektimes on June 26, 2012

The founder of City Harvest Church Kong Hee (pic left) has been arrested by the police for alleged criminal breach of trust and falsification of accounts of the church.

The other four members are John Tan Yee Peng, Lam Leng Ham, Chew Eng Ham and Sharon Tan.

The five were questioned by the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) on Tuesday.

They are out on bail and will be charged in court on Wednesday.

The arrest came two years after the Commercial Affairs Department started a probe into the alleged misuse of church funds in May 2010.

The Commissioner of Charities found financial irregularities of $23 million from City Harvest Church’s funds and concerted effort was made to conceal movement of funds.

Kong Hee’s wife singer Ho Yeow San was also called in for questioning. There are no statements on the arrests by City Harvest Church.


116 Responses to “Breaking News: Pastor Kong Hee arrested for criminal breach of trust together with four others”

  1. The end times said

    Kong Hee Fatt Choy. Now the world is coming to an end and Singapore looks like the first country to sink under its sin. Prostitution, debauchery, gambling, corruption etc.
    Sure took a long time to make dirt stick to this super pastor. Question is, will the he get the Woffles package deal.

  2. Daft Peasant said

    Kong Hee arrested…..???

    kong hee kong hee ah……. huat cai ah……………

    Ha ha ha ha ha……………….

  3. I thought they were holy people !!!

    • JJ said

      they were, until they spilled the beans

    • Takdemakna said

      It’s HOLEY = LOBANG

      • Angela said

        Time to zip your mouth people. Thousands of his church members or rather, its “victims” you people labelled, ain’t even complaining or judging. So why are the OUTSIDERS whining & complaining & judging when they don’t even know the church or the pastors?

        But in your face haters, CHC, PASTOR KONG, SUN & THE REST ROCKS. We love them. The church will still stand no matter what.

        Oh right, label us as “brainwashed victims” all you want. At least, we know “faith, love & forgiveness” and not “judge & condemn”.

        & At least, I have a name and not “acbdge123”

      • God said

        Angela, why are you so defensive ? Nobody complaining about anything. Did you know that many people know that something fishy goes on when a church has such a system ? It even market itself as a business company would. People are not hating on anyone in this matter. We are just laughing that authorities actually took so long to complete the investigation, and of course, the Pastor’s name. KONG HEE FATT CHOI

  4. denzuko1 said

    Wah! take so long to complete investigation….

  5. George said

    SAD , very sad.

  6. John said

    It is sad but not surprising that people who preach the false prosperity gospel get corrupted by money.

  7. Mike Zeng said

    There is no doubt that religion especially Christianity is a very lucrative thing to get into. Imagine the $$$$$$$$$$ you can collect from your members’ 10% tithes. Have they no conscience ‘stealing’ money from their church congregation who willingly donate regularly for a mansion in heaven?
    Befuddles me that any decent human being can stoop so low to enrich himself via the fear of death and the after-life of others.
    But Pastor Kong does have a very innocent child-like face and persona. Ladies specially will trust him with their very souls! Won’t be surprised they will donate for his legal Defence expenses and continue to believe in his goodness and holiness. What a world we live in nowsaday!

    • matyoyo12 said

      Read your entire statement and realize how stupid you sound. I wanted to be nice and use “unintelligent” but there is no trace of any intelligence there.

    • DIY said

      Be careful, if you become member of CHC you can deduct a monthly 10% of your salary into the coffer. It’s only LOVE.

      Put It another way this MLM ponzi scheme is still alive.

  8. P Koh said

    Crime does not pay.! All good things will surely have to come to an end. Unfortunately, using the name of God to commit crimes is worst than commiting murder.

  9. lava said

    we love you pastor! we love you so much!

    • Alex Wong said


    • What do you think? said

      Blind love?

      • Val said

        Yes. God does NOT teach in the Bible that we are above the law. He put the leaders we have in that postion and we should respect them and the law. Great pastor or not, he is accountable to the law. Likewise, the church (meaning the church nationwide) should respect the process of the law and not defend their human hero persistently when the law shows the opposite – THAT would be BLIND and rejecting truth. God teaches us to respect truth. Instead, true forgiveness is accepting the truth IF it is true that the pastor sinned, see him in true light as a sinner who wrongly used money that is not his, THEN ONLY we can truly forgive. Love does NOT cover someone’s wrongs.

  10. FR said


  11. Danny said

    Other than city harvest members, who will buy ho yeow sun album? I tried telling my friends who are members about this but was told off by them and how talented and beautiful ho is. Quite sad that my friends behaved like this. They are actually nice and simple people who are just brainwashed.

    • noeyesee said

      beautiful meh??? think should hv other amounts mis-used. probably smaller than this 23mil. power corrupts. hopefully the verdict will be just, and the sentence is fair!

  12. Anonymous said

    every man is innocent until proven guilty … once again, the word is “alleged”. remember, the media usually twists the story a bit and make it look really bad then what it really is … you are only hearing one side of the story …

    • He is lucky said

      Every detainee is guilty until proven innocent? At least this man is still innocent as of now and still has a chance to prove his innocence…

    • Really..? said

      I remembered a PAP MP onced thanked CHC dogs for voting for the tyrant party. Surely the state-controlled “The States Times” wont dare smashed this trickster down?

  13. Just to compare –
    1) “New” NKF sought to get back 12 million from Durai and his gang of thieves – Durai got someone to help him bail out because his friend recognise his genuine business acumen , the rest are all bankrupt and/or DEAD …. According to CAD , irregularities is amounting to 23 MILLION – will CHC get back 23 million from Kong Hee ? CHC members ask yourself this – will any one bail Kong Hee out ? are the rest of the pastors going to be bankrupt ?

    2)TT Durai got peanuts (600K) salary – is it public knowledge how many peanuts salary is Kong Hee drawing a year ? I know CHC the CHURCH say he not drawing salary but how much is he drawing in his “OTHER” position as the head of the charity (come on , the other megachurch FCBC’s Senior Pastor is also referred to as the CEO of Touch Community Services)

    3) Is it known how many cents per dollar of CHC tithe and faith contributions actually went to evangelism and community work ? how many cents went into renting an apartment for 28k per month in Hollywood for Ho Yeow Sun ? For comparison NKF gave at least 10 cent on the dollar to actual health and community service work

  14. Alan Lim said

    Wah.. I can’t believe there so many sucker in the City Harvest Church. Worship a Demon some more. Kong Hee Fatt Choy ! Hee…….

    • Kiang Doh Ho Mai Geh Kiang said

      Bro your comment quite distasteful la. I would just say, there’s a very big difference between TRUE faith & BLIND faith where both will attract but one is not as lavish or as attractive as the other

  15. fatman said

    hmmm… i wonder wonder wonder….

  16. i5htar said

    when a person’s every month 10% hard earn salary go into other person’s pocket so easy!!

  17. Cancer said

    The temptation will be there since it involves millions…. how not to sway? I have long suspected that some part of the funds were used for his wife’s career in US. .

  18. dusty said

    rob people money so what? he repent can already what. hope he go jail for a LONG time

  19. Mike Siow said

    As what I’ve always said, Singapore’s justice system have gone down to drain.

  20. Surprise said

    The more surprising might be around the corner, for example maybe being fine for S$1000 for this corruption case.
    Don’t be surprise….

  21. kaypoh said

    Praise the Lord! 10% every month is surely a plentiful Harvest ! But there’s only ONE GOD in S’pore, and HE is not amused that HIS worshippers has dropped to 60.1%…. so please, you false prophets, if you’re gonna make millions of $$$ & not declare income tax, expect to be crucified…..we wanna peg our salaries to yours, if you so deserve it. 🙂

    • Sim said

      No wonder the church name is City Harvest……

    • matyoyo12 said

      wah, can link everything to PAP huh. very amusing to see so many low life stupid Singaporeans on this website (excluding myself of course) supporting the Temasek Review and their blind cause.

      • God said

        Considering such a thing can happen in Singapore, a country which prides itself for having one of the lowest rate of corruption in the world, how can such a matter be NOT linked to the government ?

  22. omega said

    A lot of allegations but not lets just stick to those given by CAD. 2 years is a lot of time to do their homework…

  23. Weiling said

    Ho Yeow Sun is found in the wikipedia! Wa… quite famous… though I do not know this young punk. Back ancestry Korean!!! … Maybe she paid for this wikepedia page.

  24. Kiang Doh Ho Mai Geh Kiang said

    this is what i call “HOLY SHIT!”

  25. RealityCheck said

    ATM machines appeared, that should have set the alarm bells ringing….hardly surprising news.

    Churches these days do not look like or behave like churches at all. Sad….


  26. Problem Solver said

    These mega churches have $300,000,000 invested in Suntec here, another $560,000,000 there, and it’s a surprise that funds have been misappropriated?

  27. A believer of Christ said

    I believe and have faith in Pastor Kong and CHC. You guys just know nuts about his character and the church and just keep babbling non-stop. Who are you to judge a pastor who had made so much contributions in building CHC, helping thousands of people, saving their lives. What do you guys actually know? you guys are just a bunch of superficial people who just listen blindly to what the media and news say. Come on, don’t be immature and act like a retard. Get your facts right before pointing your finger and saying hurtful comments.

    • Jace said

      Time to peel the daisies from your eyes.

    • harvested said

      I agree with you – he has done much for CHC over the years. But does that excuse him for the wrongs that he committed and the lives he destroyed because of this betrayal? Laundering through KLCHC, dealing in cash, falsification of accounts – common man, the evidence are there for all to see. With whom much has been given, much will be expected.

      • Lotus said

        Let him who has no sins cast the first stone. The only difference between you and Pastor Kong is that his maybe uncovered by law makers now but yours and your word will be judged by God on judgement day. So everyone listens in, don’t be too quick to judge anyone. It doesn’t do you good to let loose your tongue in such unkind words.

    • Sorrows said

      The bible taught you to use hurtful words like ‘superficial people’, ‘immature’ & ‘retard’ on others?

    • ad said

      Brainwashed …..

    • A Believer Also said

      I am like you when the newspaper (published in 2010) that Pastor Kong’s wife is living and spending more than US$20,000 per-month on her mansion in USA – I gave her benefit of the doubt and taught that she was paying with her own money. Now – 23 Millions were used to support her singing career…I pray that I will need more faith to believe that. Sorry brethren!

      • daft believer said

        Are you also those people who continue to vote for pap giving them benefit of doubt that they will eventually change themselves?

    • The Rockford Files said

      Pastor Kong will be peeled layer by layer like an onion….just sit back and watch….I already saw this “coming” his way when I was invited to attend one of his church sessions at the old venue next to Lion City Hotel back in the 90s…

    • Esh said

      So I take it u know him VERY well?

      Obviously u didn’t see this coming, huh? 😉
      Believer of Christ or worshipper of Kong Hee?
      Sorry to burst ur bubble, but Kong is NOT God!!!

      • hard truth hard to accept? said

        Yes he is not god but there are at least 23k of his believers who believe that he is god sent.

    • Hard truth hard to accept? said

      Naive believe and blind faith?

    • jk said

      Yes, say it again ….again and again. Though I am not a member from CHC, i am a believer of Christ , who also believes in the heart of Ps Kong and wife and the rest of them. I have seen the true love of Ps Kong since he preached as guest speaker at age 29. Witness prophecies upon his calling. Also saw his love, tears and prayers for thousands of people. He just do it. Media news are often exaggerating. We have a God who SPEAKS to each of us. How is it one can brainwash? God’s word is very clear… Touch Not The Annointed and servants of God. Lets forgive those who of false love to slander baselessly. Let God be the judge and vindicator of false accusers. They reap what they sow…

    • Snoopy Says said

      If I have that much amount of money coming into my pocket, its no sweat doing those “heroic deeds”. I can do even more.

      Anyway, wad kinda church will tell people that “there’s only one god in this world and those who don’t believe will go to hell”

      I was disgusted when I first attended this chc and I never step into it ever since.

    • Chris Wang said

      Stop calling other people Christians or otherwise a retard. I am a Christian and i am ashamed that a fellow Christian can call another human being that. How is that a testimony to God who loves all, and whose only begotten son Jesus died for each and everyone? Even if u support Pst Kong Hee or CHC, this is your time to pray for the church and pastor. If he did wrong, then even if punishment befalls him, so be it and we hope that he will repent. Church members should ask for more accountability from the church leaders,not less.

    • GE2016 said

      TT Durai also started as a humble, helpful charity worker
      He had help numerous of people
      in the end, Greed, Power got hold of him
      always remember, we are human

  28. Poacher said

    The meek will inherit the earth. So, how are the meek doing these days? Don’t seem to be getting any closer.

  29. Tru Blu Sinkie said

    Sick and tired of ppl using God’s name to do evil!

  30. elephantman said

    aiya, that’s because we don’t pay the pastor 1 million bucks a year, some of the pastors have no listed salary, so where do you think they get their income from…and so obvious making a musical video in america cost millions of dollars + food and accomodations there, idiots to think that no money is taken from the church, how can afford based on his salary…

  31. kaypoh said

    If left alone later SUNTEC oso become SUNHOtec liao…..every week got live sunho concert

  32. kaypoh said

    Shall we get him to manage the next YOG??? 🙂

  33. monster said

    Sad to say that no religion can true and trustworthy 😦 So, just trust yourself and have faith in yourself.

  34. pngkueh_forever said

    It is real harvesting indeed for preaching the prosperity gospel….. a great harvest of $23m

  35. Singaporen said

    It’s just wrong to have a church activity in commercial building. If it it’s ok, let have temple and prayer at suntec.

  36. CON HEE said

    “Con Hee is only human… Lets pray for him and forgive him”… Ha Ha Ha Ha! F^^K all the brain-washed sheep!
    Easy to con sheep. Be careful lots of sheep are actually wolves in sheep clothing!

    Brainwashing is an insidious process of hijacking the natural thinking-faculty of humans, usually the young, vulnerable and/or deluded, in an exclusive environment controlled by political and/or religious powers. All the deluded sheep will still believe in their leader/s no matter what.. $23 million is not the issue!

  37. solaris8899 said

    a man of 2 faces?

  38. CONNED CHC Member said

    I feel cheated .. Pastor Kong Hee told us to downgrade our 5-room HDB flat to a 3-room flat so that we can donate to the church building fund.
    We did… and he stole our $millions so that wife Sun Ho could launch her singing career and live in the lap of luxury in the USA.
    To hell with all the so-called PROSPERITY GOSPEL!
    I am joining a smaller church.

    • aliens with superior technology said

      please read and digest chariots of the gods, ancient aliens, ancient astronauts, etc, you will begin to see the biggest con job ever in the history of mankind.

    • realty check said

      i am very suprised mr kong asked u to do that – downgrade from a 5 rm to a 3 rm flat and donate ur money earned from the sale to the church building fund. i am a buddhist & if a buddhist monk ask me to sell my flat to stay in a 3 rm flat, i’d tell him that he is acting out of line to expect me to do that. so far i have not heard such a request being made to built buddhist temple. things like asking devotees to buy a small brick for a small sum to support the building fund maybe lah but certainly nothing more than that. i think this applies to all religions & not only buddhism.

    • kaypoh said

      I no Stupid…..I no donate to Con hee

  39. The Lord said

    I hope this ahole and his wife gets crucified but somehow i suspect the case will drag on for 5 years and he will get away with a fine and continue to pilfer away his followers’ hard earned cash and misconstructed faith.

  40. CHC SHEEP said

    $23 Million.. Certainly a Prosperous Harvest… his fee for preaching Prosperity Gospels

  41. Ann said

    I disagree with many comments above.
    Be it the fact that Pastor Kong Hee got arrested does not mean that you should generalized all churches and all Christians.

    As for this post, I believe that Singaporean police would not have made an arrest without solid evidence.
    He may have done many good things in the years but like everyone knows, 1 bad rumor is all you need to bring everything down.

    Whether or not it is true, I believe that God will deal with them when they have their judgement time with God.

    I do have to admit that it is shameful and a little disgraceful for a Christian to hear about this but it is what it is. He will be in court tomorrow, so let’s just pray for the best and let him get what he deserves, be it freedom or jail. Whichever God thinks is best.

    • another brainwashed believer said

      It is the judge who decide whether he should be free or jail if he is charged in the court, not god, understand?

    • jamie said

      god of no mercy will decide his fate.
      no worries for Con Hee, plenty of inmates await him in Changi Harvest Condo and they will surely appreciate SunHo’s performance and sign up as followers, but Con Hee will have to make do with what these inmates can give, remember there is no atm, cheque books, etc.

    • DIY said

      The presiding judge should not come from the same faith, otherwise hell will break loose. Understand!!!!

  42. This is the problem with Christianity. It is a weak religion. It is too forgiving. Believers expect to be absolved everyday. That is why it is exploited so very often and that will be its downfall.

  43. taipingkia said

    Don’t be the first to judge. Those who have not sinned, let them cast the first stone!

  44. Lim said

    I read CHC has 33.000 members. wow!!

  45. Don’t be worried he will be out of court in no time as he got the money. This is Singapore rules of law.

  46. Observer said

    God is just and merciful. If Ps KH is innocent, God will lead him out of this mess. We should just keep our mouths shut and leave this to Him.

    • sure or not said

      If god is indeed just and merciful, why some born in poor family or country and some born with physical or mental handicapped?
      This is karma from previous life, nothing else, unfortunately god also cannot help.

      • alwin said

        ahyo read the bible la, God give some people 5 talents, some 2, some 3 some even 1 only ! thats why got rich and poor, not karma, but even those wif 1 talents, they still have talents ! u think, u do good, u’ll be treated good also ah ? of course no la ! u do bad also u can be rich, be blessed and treated good !

      • sure or not said

        Why different people have different talents? Why you have 5, I have 2, he has 3 and she has 1? Is this fair? Thought god should be impartial?

    • observe not good enough said

      It is obvious you observe but cannot see, and even if you see, you cannot comprehend. Please try to attend the next sermon in CHC this sunday and don’t forget to bring your chequebook along or at least your atm card. I believe they can also process your credit card and giro deductions.

    • DIY said

      There is a game call truth.

      Pastor Kong Hee draw a line and throw money. Anything over the line belongs to The Almighty.

      He then dig a small hole and throw money. Anything that went in belongs to The Almighty.

      Finally he threw $23m into the air. Nothing was captured by The Almighty.

      It was harvested by CHC.

  47. CHC SHEEP said

    It took two long years for CoC and CAD to dig into “this mess” to gather the well-hidden $23 million fraud by “a man of god” and his perpetrators. Knowing how our S’pore law works, no arrest would be made if the evidence is not over-whelming and “Observer” writes, “…if KH is innocent”… Ha Ha Ha Ha!

    Either “Observer” is deluded, brain-washed or simply daft; maybe all 3 combined!

  48. CHC SHEEP said

    Errata: …to gather should be “to gather the evidence for…”

  49. ahboy said

    Christians always says, god will lead us through the hard and difficult times..
    Then ask god to take Ps KH out of this mess.. CPIB does not have evidence, they would not proceed with the charge..

    If god will lead through, then why work? ask god support can liao..

    or rather, ask a drug addict and smack a packet of ketamine in front of CNB office and shout ” god bless me, CNB dun catch me”
    If he passes lidat, then i belief god lead ppl through

    Oh my god~

    • boyboy said

      If my parents do not work and earn money, who put food on my table? Pastor KH or god? Should I continue to thank god before eating my food?


    I am reduced to a service staff because of religion. And will remain so, no girls will want me and no country will accept me. Now i am poorer but wiser, f**king c**ts.

  51. fran said

    finance a singing CAREER?
    CAREER need to be financed?
    finance a Singing CAREER?
    tot a Career is having income to finance children’s education and grandpa’s medical bill?
    if her singing CAREER need tens of millions to be financed, then her singing must be worst than crow’s shitting
    S Sun, T Chua, F Wong, get paid millions when they sing.
    Some Getai newbies, anyhow crow oso get paid
    it must be a real torture to watch her that they need to pay people to watch her.
    Husband and gang can think of all kinds of method to re-route funds to finance her
    Singing CAREER
    She rather get see people close to her get into trouble, then to stop her Singing.
    Or if is true, she want to reach out to non Christian?
    Then she should start a Temple or a Mosque.

    But like that oso good, if they to jail, then, they can start a mega church in prison,
    many are very rich, may donate hundreds of millions
    since there is no other entertainment, they might not mind watching her
    then she can start her singing Career in Jail.
    Guarantee $0 finance.
    Prisoners cant run or go anywhere, they have to hear her sing, except they will not be paid.
    So God is great, one stone many birds
    they can start their church in jail
    she can have her singing career without much financing
    prisoners will be able to take other form of punishment like a breeze
    if hearing her or watching her is such a torture
    than people will think twice before committing a crime

  52. T to the M said

    Pastor Kong has been consistently criticising pastor prince for being a cheap grace pastor; claiming as long as people are under grace, they have the licence to sin. Now, i REALLY see who has the licence to sin who has been a strong preacher of obedience! Now who is having the last laugh? PAstor Joseph Prince,hahahaaa.

  53. Believer said

    Excuse me everyone, for the Rev. Kong Hee believer and supporter, just a small question which I don’t quite understand. Which phrase or part or word in holy Bible: allow, support and legitimize Rev Kong Hee in channeling the mega church building fund to finance his wife singing career, lavish lifestyle and palace like mansion.

    I sincerely wish to understand why Rev. Kong Hee did that and would wish all the fellow believer of Rev. kong Hee to share with us why Rev. Kong Hee is innocent. Instead of criticizing and word battling here, please share with us with facts. Are of us here would be happy to sit down here and listen to you. Please.

  54. Josephus said





    Taken from Zeitgeist.The thing is even with the evidence in their face people

    are still blinkered. Do the research for yourself. Work with facts and draw

    your own conclusions. Demand answers. Maythetruthbeknown

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