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Malay rights group Perkasa protest outside Singapore High Commission in Kuala Lumpur

Posted by temasektimes on June 26, 2012

Protests may be banned with an iron fist by the Singapore government, but there is little it can do to a group of Malaysians holding a protest outside the Singapore High Commission in Kuala Lumpur.

Nearly 300 people from Malay rights group Perkasa staged a 30-minute protest yesterday outside the Singapore High Commission in Kuala Lumpur against Singapore ‘interfering’ in the domestic affairs of Malaysia.

They had accused Singapore diplomats of ‘participating’ in the recent Bersih 3.0 rally in support of electoral reform on 28 April and called on the Singapore government to issue an official apology to Malaysia as well as recalling the three Singaporean officials involved.

In a press statement issued last week, Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) had clarified that its officers were at the rally as impartial observers, adding that as part of their normal professional diplomatic duties, officers were expected to be updated on the host country’s developments and to understand sentiments on the ground.

With the ruling coalition Barisan Nasional facing a tough battle in the coming Malaysian General Election where the opposition may stand a chance of forming the next government, Singaporeans should expect tougher rhetoric and more ‘Singapore bashing’ in the weeks to come to divert public attention from Malaysia’s own internal problems.


16 Responses to “Malay rights group Perkasa protest outside Singapore High Commission in Kuala Lumpur”

  1. jason said

    isn’t it ironic that protest is ban in singapore while officers from MFA attended the bersih protest in kl. pse clean your backside first before meddling in other people affairs.

    • PAPPY STYLE said

      when singaporeans went to observe chee soon.juan’s protest in our own country , they are arrested by sin govt. and yet they can go to other country to interfere others internal affair. i just dont see the logic.

  2. Gordon said

    They had been using Singapore as their punching bag for years whenever they are about to have their GE. Good effort in trying to divert their people attention away from their own internal affairs such as this.

  3. denzuko1 said

    I only have one question: Don’t they have a job? I mean today is only the second day of the week and the protest was called in short notice. So do companies in Malaysia so reckless in approving leave so that people can join in the protest?

    A short follow up on this Perkasa organisation also seen its continuous drop in integrity until thre is virtually no suppore from Malaysian of its cause. No wonder when it cannot stir anything up on the opposition in the country, it redirects itself to foreign issue.

    I really wonder how many people support their call against Singapore.

    On a logical point, there were more than 100 thousands attended the Bersih 3.0, can 3 women stir anything at all?

    • SueM said

      If everyone follows your logic of going to their jobs and not going to protest rallies and demos, the blacks will still be in slavery in the US, the freed arab countries will still have to put up with their dictator rulers, many workers will still be exploited by their employers. To answer your question – yes, 3 women can make a difference because everything starts with one, and then it grows. Revolutions often start with one isolated incident, and history has taught us that one person can make a difference and change the face of history. At least those 3 women stood up and fought for their conviction. What did you do? Sit there on your ar** and mock others who have the courage to do it?

  4. pap said

    Can any minister come out and explain why we trying to interfere in malaysia’s politics?

    • Annie said

      US, UK, Australia, etc also sent observers to Bersih rally. So they are also interfering in Malaysia’s politics? Look up observers in the dictionary!

      • StandupforSingapore said

        I really do hope Singapore stands firm and dont go appologise. If not damn xia suay man!!

  5. Protest Note to Msia said

    Like this page to express displeasure of Malaysia bullying Singapore!

  6. SINKIE said

    Why our Abangs all so violent one.. 😦

  7. Jack said

    Looking for a common external enemy for internal gain?

  8. Frankie Tan Kim Cheng said

    These goons from the cesspit always, yes, always bash Singapore when things are going sour for them. After the next election, we might see a new government taking over the running of the country and they are desperate, real desperate. So some kind of diversion is necessary.

    While these brainless nincompoops are busy bashing us, we ought to bash their Ringingit which is coming close to 2.50 to one Sing dollar.

  9. DIY said

    Blogger ‘Udin’ wrote in Malaysiakini :
    Elementary, my dear Watson. The three Singaporeans were at the rally just to look-see, not to participate, but Perkasa is doing this only to earn its keeps. It’s bankrolled by the man who despises Lee Kuan Yew and anything to do with Singapore, because he can never go up to LKY’s level, nor could he think of how to bring Malaysia to Singapore’s level, as he was, and still
    is, only good at cheating, deceiving, and stealing.

    ‘Udin’ is dead correct. Dr MM is stirring up from his retirement and using diversionary tactics all over again. I remember some events. It happened this way:-

    1993 – The Malaysian economy was booming up fast and the GDP was ahead of Singapore. Dr MM came to Singapore University for his alumni. Reporters posed a question about his early days. He said he wanted to study law but the British government insisted a Certificate of Suitability before enrolling into their universities. So he had to settle for Medicine and became GP. This is the entrenched hatred for the British.

    He sniped (at LKY) that a lawyer can either be a lawyer or a judge. But a doctor is always a doctor. He was proud at himself.

    1994 – An uproar from Malaysia when LKY spoke at an overseas press conference that if Singapore economy is lagging she might consider re-merger with Malaysia based on by their terms.

    1995 – Dr MM rebutted that Singapore can never have merger with Malaysia. He referred to the marginalization of Malays in the Armed Forces.

    1996 – Singapore refuted the accusation and not to use us as bogeyman.

    1997 – Dr MM used his trump card and threatened to cut the water supply from Johore.

    1998 – Cooling off period. Finance Minister Daim Zainuddin signed a package agreement with LKY to shift the Malayan Railway to Johore Baru and added an inclusive new agreement for the supply of raw water until 2060.

    Dr MM disputed the POA that the package agreement was not an agreement. He said the supply of raw water until 2060 must be treated separately. His to-ing and fro-ing negotiation on the cost per gallon of water was actually a delaying tactic.

    Dr MM suffered another blow. Tengku Razalie challenged Dr MM for the UMNO presidency and lost with a slim majority of 41 votes. Ku Li brought the case to High Court. He claimed that bogus voters should not be counted. Magistrate Hashim declared UMNO an illegal society. It was not a registered society!

    Dr MM formed UMNO Baru and Ku Li adopted Semangat 46.

    So we can learn that Dr MM carry baggage of history. The moral of the episode is ‘Human is a prisoner of history’. You can now sense that Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa is the runner.

    • StandupforSingapore said


      • DIY said

        If StandupforSingapore wants to read more of this stuff, just visit our NLB. There is a a section for books on South East Asian Policy Study. Reading the annuals will gain insights to an objective views of academics contributing towards the Socio-Economics well beings of Asians.

        Previously there were political tsunamis in Thailand and Malaysia. I am eagerly waiting to read on the Report for 2012, especially the fallout of GE 2012.

      • DIY said

        Typo error ….” I am eagerly waiting to read on the Annual Report for 2012, especially the fallout of GE2011.”


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