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Pinoy ‘FT’ mocks at Singaporean working at McDonald’s

Posted by temasektimes on June 26, 2012

A pinoy ‘FT’ Rosario Garcia Tenorio has mocked at a Singaporean working as a Crew Leader at McDonald’s Clementi Mall.

In a comment posted on McDonald’s Singapore Facebook, Rosario noted sarcastically:

“She should study more so that she wouldn’t end up in MacDonald serving me fries.”

A graduate from the University of Northern Philippines, Rosario is currently working in the F&B industry in Singapore. She has also been observed making snide remarks about Singaporeans on Facebook.

Due to the government’s pro-foreigner and ultra-liberal immigration policies, large number of pinoys have flocked to Singapore to find work in recent years, making it one of the largest communities in Singapore.

The pinoy community recently celebrated its ‘Independence Day’ at Suntec City last Sunday with generous support from Singapore organizations such as SingTel and NUH as Singapore becomes gradually transformed to yet another province of the Philippines.


155 Responses to “Pinoy ‘FT’ mocks at Singaporean working at McDonald’s”

  1. fpap said

    i think papigs should merge singapore with phillipines to become another province of phillipines since the pigs
    like the trash so much

    i know pigs likes trash
    that is why we have so much trash

  2. Bai Hu said

    If PAP fucked Singaporeans’ future with a huge influx of pinoys into Singapore, then i think we should all fuck PAP back in upcoming GE2016 elections.

    • Angry Bird said

      no more i think, you think. We MUST F**k PAP out! Don’t be a chicken, be a LION.

    • mahbok tan said

      Yeah … this KNNBCCB pinoy are the ungrateful lot of people … have learned to be arrogant just like the PAP guys….!!!
      Just hope that she do not cross my line in this life….god bless u rosario with your arrogant attitude.

      • Anthony Tang said

        Because they both think alike, that is why they are supporting each other.
        If the PAPays continue to make us 2nd class citizens,and it is quite obvious that is already happening, and I think as such,they don’t deserve our vote in 2016.
        Maybe the can go to philipines and form the Pinoys government, since their country is full of negative factors, like corruption and unemployment. Then unemployed Singaporeans will be given work permit to work there.

    • All for Singapore said

      But by the time 2016 arrived, we’re all gone Liao. And miw would have made billions and left for good.

      • For Singapore! said

        They WON’T leave, with millions$$$ more to grab. They will continue to suck us dry. Must kick them out come 2015/16

  3. shiroiluke said

    A disgrace to Filipino in Singapore.
    Majority of the OFWs in Singapore from Philippine are Domestic Workers working hard for their families back in their homeland.
    Singaporeans, please do not judge the other OFWs/FT because of this black sheep.

    • Sythmimzy said

      this is not an one off snide remarks.. happened so many times, by so many FT (mainly pinoys and prc) and i know this will still go on until some trueblue singaporeans get pissed drunk and react, putting the law watching from the sidelines.
      black sheeps im fine.. wolves in white sheep’s clothing (wwsc), a BIG NO! and i know some wwsc in real life.

    • Sporean said

      I’m sure we Singaporeans girls are not educated to do anything below the belt in order to get a good post.. Keep up the hard work Ling Ling and stay away from working unprofessional odd jobs.. We Sporeans are independent individuals who just completely lucky and you should be proud of who you are…!! You are young and intelligent & stay away from married customers who is trying to be naughty with you…

      • hi i am a filipino and honestly i got upset the comment of that girl ti lings lings in behalf of filipino community im asking for forgiveness….and i also want to remind you guys that maybe that girl is upset now of what she said….thanks and have a nice day

  4. Janet Yong said

    Are you so great to be served fries by Singaporean? If you are so great, you would not be eating fries. Go and eat truffles or abalones served in posh restaurants. Or go back to your country to be served fries by your folks… You don’t need to come here to insult us… we don’t welcome you…

  5. New Guard said

    This is bull crap.

    What has our society degraded into?

    FT hitting us, Old guards hitting us, We hitting ourselves…

    Bull crap…

  6. n0yPi said


    • Eric Tan said

      Thanks for the remarks. U r just being honest in your statement and felt disgusted by the words used by the phinoy. I admired your courage to stand up as this is just a minor one instead of compared as a whole.

    • Singapore Girl said

      If she don represent the entire filipino com, then you are?
      If not you are just the same nationality as her and as the same nationality styaing in Singapore, this means you are here to affect our community. I advise you to not comment here better.

    • Josh said

      Dude talangka ka kagad, 100% sigurado ka na pinoy yon nag comment na yon. Baka hindi ka rin pinoy

    • fpap said

      it is people like you we welcome, be humble and integrate, behave like a singaporean, eat like singaporean
      shit like a singaporean, die like a singaporean, and hate the pap like a singaporean

  7. wtf is happening here.. said

    the account is aboviously a clone for trolling, created on june posted all picture on the same day and commenting to all anti-pinoy site, if this is a legit account she wont dare to show her picture for everyone to see and mock her..

    wtf is happening TT, cant get any better article than this?

  8. Fence Sitter said

    din this Ling Ling found her passion? If she is happy serving fries so be it, why is this brainless woman from a country I have never heard of making such comments. Maybe this so called FT been happily moonlighting spreading her legs to make easy money.

    • PAPPY STYLE said

      Likely. Such moral and thinking do you think she is highly educated person? Could it be PAP running dogs who come and spread hatrate in our country so that they can prolong their political power?

  9. Angry Bird said

    What is wrong working in Mcdonald? This filthy sarcastic mouth Pinoy thinks her degree is of great value. Don’t be too proud unless you are a graduate from Yale, Harvard, Oxford uni. Anyway I suspect your degree is a fake one.
    You are hired not due to your credibility, because you are DIRT cheap you hear that.

    • mel said

      Yes just dirt cheap and know how to suck-up their superiors. ‘Yes Sir’ and ‘Yes Ma’am’ that’s what they’re good for. Our Govt treats them better than us that’s why they become big-headed.

  10. Ren said

    Graduate from University of Northern Philippines?? Hahaha…
    Almost none of the colleges/unis are worldwide recognised from Philippines…
    Please don’t mock at others when you had it easy…

  11. MT said

    “A graduate from the University of Northern Philippines, Rosario is currently working in the F&B industry in Singapore.”…F&B = Service, I don’t understand why she mocks at others when she’s in a worse state, considering that she has to come to a foreign land call Singapore to find job in order to feed her big mouth and her family? No wonder her country never progress!!!!

  12. leedavid said

    When u do ur u-degree in Singapore, it cannot be cheaper or equally price in Philippines, so do USE UR BRAIN, before u use ur mouth.

  13. spotlessleopard said

    It is really ironic that she dispenses “advice” so freely….which is good since it will apply to the more than 15million filipinos who live below the poverty line ….Sad fact but true…filipinos like her ( I feel sorry for her Parents) really give Filipinos a bad rap….
    Fortunately; Most filipinos are actually very freindly (regardless of their position in life)

  14. katkit said

    probably works of phinoy haters…same on you.

  15. Sg Capri said

    The Marcos and Lee families – what a great merger!

  16. voice fron the origin singapore said

    Fuck Pinoy bastard,All Pinoy go hone

  17. RU YI Gee said

    Rosario is currently working in the F&B industry in Singapore and she not only eat fries serve by Singaporean Ling Ling .Let be humble on your comments and if you in F&B line is to serve the folks old,young & even your own country guy…so why point at Ling Ling ,as she is proud to be in this industry or any grown industries to pick up skill for enhance your future experience..Just see your own eyes ,where you are heading or your country Pinoy is doing here.

    Shame on your comments.stupidity.

  18. Dr XYZ said

    3 letters as remarks. knn

  19. edwin said

    this is what happen when you speak without thinking. if she had just thought for a few seconds, she would realise that thousands of filipinos and filipinas are working as waiters & waitresses and as maids cleaning the shit from our children’s and senile grannies’ butts. there are filipina prostitutes working in s’pore. are there singaporean prostitutes working in manila?

    • i say what i think only... said

      pesos are not worth it. i suppose local prostitutes working in europe countries keep a lower profile than noisy pinoy ones, who fart with their big cb

  20. Singaporean PMET out of job said

    Her friend, Ethan Shen-Wen, called us “childish troublemakers.”

    Rosario Garcia Tenorio
    Someone called up my company HR to complain about comments i made on facebook =(
    Share · 44 minutes ago via mobile ·

    Ethan Shun-Wen
    childish troublemakers.
    30 minutes ago via mobile

    Mod’s reply:

    Please take a snapshot of the conversation

  21. Protestor said

    Rosario Garcia Tenorio: Ling Ling is working as a decent job n earn our respect at her young tender age. At least she got to go London for the major coming up event. Pls think twice before u make any comments to our follow Singaporean. Are u sure u are a graduate or graduate with PIG BRAIN? Go back to where u belong to!

  22. RealityCheck said

    I will be honored to be served fries by a fellow Singaporean who is inspired to do her best. Besides I like fries……..


  23. sweetbean said

    She served fries by Singaporean women while her Filipina compatriots serving other goodies to Singaporean men. Perhaps they should have also studied more then they don’t need to serve in Orchard Towers, Orchard Plaza, Boat Quay, online etc. etc. Glass house syndrome Rosario!

  24. Speechless said

    can pinoys just dun kao pei kao bu!

  25. Maia said

    Sorry to read about this, that remark was really uncalled for. That comment from a fellow filipino would have gotten her ass kicked even in the Philippines, and I feel bad that those kinds of insensitive comments and behavior put other decent filipinos in a bad light.

    • SINYoobi said

      Please instruct your fellow filipinos to SHUT UP and stay low profile while working or studying in Singapore.

  26. Guyver said

    pinoys, get lost! we dun welcome u! dun shit here, shit elsewhere

  27. Ron said

    National Day is coming…. Stand Up for Singapore. Now, if the Manpower Resources Minister is not taking firm action on this insult to a Singaporean, then we might as well sit down on National Day.

    The work visa, employment pass or even Entry Permit (for PR) comes with the obligation (not expectation) to honor the values of Singapore. To insult the citizens, more so a local born Singaporean is to throw shit right into the face of the Government. And if the Government can tolerate such shit-throwing and not punish this Pinoy, then please explain to us which is meant by Majullah Singapura.

  28. i say what i think only... said

    u are also working in F&B, also serving food. shouldn’t u study harder as well? instead of buying your bangala pinoy degree printed on low class paper.

  29. Yayrhah said

    All this pinoy Bull S!H!IT! in SG is getting out of hand.
    Why the hell are all those company still hiring those pinoy garbage!

    We must have a campaign to take firm and clear action against those pinoy trash!

  30. Walao Eh said

    checked her facebook… Somebody called up to her company’s HR and made a complaint on her rude comment.. Her company eventually wants her to delete her facebook account after this incident..

  31. Whyhasitcometothis said

  32. Sinkapooh Cowboy said

    Fuck this Pinoy bitch. Find out which F and B outlet she is working at. I am going there as a customer and making myself really a nightmare to serve. And I will be a regular and absolutely difficult customer.

    That will teach her never to look down on the citizens of Singapore where she gets her pay check to remit money back to the banana republic.

  33. Get a private investigator and track her down and you folks can do what you think is within the law of the land. No violence please.

    • Andre said

      Are you for real? is there really a law that was broken here? Does being sarcastic carry a jail term in Singapore?

  34. Fuck your Pinay whore said

    witchhunt this pinay prostitute, gut her like a pig and fuck her with a broom stick. hang her head at changi airport to warn all the fucking pinoys strolling into singapore, hang her headless body in lucky plaza.

    fucking bitch!

  35. Uneducated said

    I love fries being served by my fellow Singaporean. Now, all pinoys just fuckk off!!!

  36. Carrie said

    on her FB, she said what she did was to advise people to study harder, otherwise they will end up flipping burgers..

  37. LoneR said

    This is “Rosario Garcia Tenorio” FB,n theres ppl supports her.Saying sporeans take things too hard.PCB…!!!!!/Rosario5432?sk=wall

  38. Boon said

    She looks completely like a whore…she definitely have the talent to become a super top notch whore and should be able to provide a good blow job with the kind of mouth she possessed!

    BTW, did you know this scum actually post in her facebook that Singapore even organized a Philippines Day to celebrate their national day (as though, it was organized by their embassy)…and she went on the claim that it is because Singapore loves pinoy shit! What kind of thick face these pinoy trash and scums have really?

    • jj said

      Boon – I agreed … she really looks more like a whore than a graduate …
      Anyway, even if she is working in McDonald, I don’t think she is capable to be selected to serve in London 2012 Olympics !!!

      • Well said. But she won’t be serving at McDonald’s though. She’d be too excited to serve all the Caucasians there. By spreading her legs wide and sucking their cocks.

    • Dr.Arsch said

      Guys I tried searching for her FB but seems like she closed the account. Unless I was looking at the wrong one. Anyone can help paste the link here? Wanna see what a 10-dollar cheeb@i frm Manila looks like.

  39. Kill-the-bill said

    Fuck all that who serves who bullshit! If we take pride in the job we do regardless of the job, who’s to say any different? Respect others for what they do, and in return we’ll get respect for ourselves. Why even bother to judge? Live and let live.

  40. Kenny said


  41. solaris8899 said

    recall last week, I went out dinner with my colleagues from prc and pinoy. They keep boasting about themselves and their countries. They claimed they were better than us.
    I don’t understand why our papa allows this type ppl here replacing us by giving them work-permits and taking $$ away from here.

    • jj said

      I also don’t understand … if PRC and Pinoy keep boasting about themselves and their countries; claiming they were better than us, then why come here … what a shame !!!

  42. FR said

    Whatever qualifications the McDonalds staff has, I am sure they are real.

  43. Zam said

    Me and my family will never ever vote for PAPigs.

  44. Jason said

    She’s just that jealous on having such outstanding YOUNG crew leader working in the F&B industry. This pinoy works in F&B industry and I doubt she has such achievements working in Singapore here. Ever industry or jobs needs to service to guest or customers. So whats the big deal LingLing the crew leader work in Macdonald’s? So in the other way round, Philippines’s Macdonald’s are all old ladies and men! Stupid.

  45. Me said

    Every job is an honest job. Nothing to be ashame about. Studying is a mean of gathering knowledge anyone can do it. Refine characters comes from spiritual refinement obviously this particular pinoys has none.

  46. Lash said

    Is this the way she was taught in Philippines? Some more in F & B industries? EQ so low how to entertain the guest or manage the club or whatever?

  47. Which FNB place she work??? I want to go mock at her when she serve me food.

  48. What’s the big deal… its not race related comment.

  49. Bway song said

    National Day no longer has any meaning for the pure Singaporean. We hv been compromised, y still celebrate national day where it is no longer our day? better go holiday…

  50. patin said

    These are the … raising well behaved beast .. the local government thought that these animals .. to develop an obedient dog …

  51. the cake is a lie said

    pinoys should know their place. they should be clearing our trash bins at the ground floor of hdb flats.

  52. uchihade said

    Pinoy read this and get this in your straight.
    Bill Gates – who is he?
    So you are saying you are smart is it… My Ass.
    Compare you to him is just peanuts and he didnt even finish high school.

    Respect people

  53. Jasmine said

    She should really know that the CEO of McDonald’s in Australia (I’m in Australia, I don’t know about other regions) used to be a mere Crew Member earning $1.77 an hour. Try mocking the CEO too then.

  54. fade said

    pinoy why u not at road side waiting to be FXXX, got time to eat fries….u need to be Fxxx by a few guy b4 u can afford the fries hor….

  55. Eric said

    What’s wrong with working in Mac Donalds?
    If there is no crew serving you, you expect the fries to fly into your filthy mouth?
    Come on, pls respect all occupation!

  56. CyberFlames said

    Lol, Ms Rosario Garcia Tenorio, one don’t have to study more to work at McDonalds and certainly one who works at McDonald is not necessary ‘uneducated’. I have a degree and work in McDonald cos I like to be in the service line and you as a fellow collegue in the F&B line make such comments shows that you don’t deserve that ‘degree’ you had in your homeland. I bet someone else will say to you, “If you really are that good to have a degree, you don’t have to come to Singapore and serve us in the F&B industry. Maybe yr grades are not good enough for you to make a decent living in your homeland?”

  57. Andrew Chua said

    Don’t even heard of this fucking university.the certificate must be buy from the money she earned from standing in geylang.this kind of people can also work in Singapore. What is the pig and pig doing. Vote them out in the next GE

    • Even if it does exist, only degrees from universities like San Tomas and Ateneo Manila can be trusted. De La Salle is a second tier. The rest? The “degrees” can be used to wipe the backside.

  58. Charlie said

    Pinoy, you can leave anytime if you are tired here.

  59. Come on, a DEGREE from the Philippines is at best an equivalent of our POLY DIPLOMA. Even my neighbour’s maid claimed to have a degree in Computer Science. But she has no clue how to even create an Excel Worksheet.

    That’s why they don’t have jobs. Too many fake degree “holders” around. This Rozario cunt and her big mouth — nice enough to suck all those cocks huh? — Pinays are very lucky Singaporeans are a civilised bunch. Or we’d not hesitate to spit at and hammer them in public.

    Bloody hell, Rozario, you are making me do exactly that to your Pinays. Cheebye.

    • Rustatin said

      Frankly a degree from the Philippines doesn’t come close to….. I say, hmmmmmm, PSLE……..hahaha…….

  60. Anti FT said

    I totally agreed with u!! High 5!! The next GE I will definetly make my vote meaningful.

  61. Dr.Arsch said

    Well it is time for us to start giving it back to those Pinoy bitches and start showing them who really owns this country. Your days are numbered filthy Pinoys.

    China should just drop a multi-megaton nuke on Manila and enslave all those bitches.

  62. Anti FT said

    Btw you r mocking at your very own mate. There r Pinoy serving fries too!!! Lol. Idiot bitch!

  63. Sporean said

    seems like more & more of these girls would charm their boss in the office with their cute talks rather than appropriate intelligence… More bars for them to work on too… And more marriage problems as they are desperate to get a new passport from man with boring sex lifes.. Me bitch? Go out there and c how many of these cases happens …

  64. Rej said

    Dear Rosario Garcia Tenorio,

    You must be living really well (as you claim) in Singapore to be able to afford (pardon the pun) French fries from Mc Donald’s.

    The French fries (and burgers) from Singapore must be really nice that eating them gives you a certain level of adrenaline high every time, to make your head (and ego) swell and bloat disproportionately.  

    I resent it when I read disparaging remarks generalizing Filipinos based on mere conjectures out of their limited knowledge, false impressions, single experience or misrepresentations (by the media) of the Philippines or the Filipinos. But I resent it more when people like you give others the opportunity to do just that and attack the Filipinos as a race rather than reproach irresponsible individuals like you.

    Respect begets respect…and you are not entitled to it. Whether it be from Singaporeans or a fellow Filipino like me. I wonder what societal level you’ve come from in the Philippines that mere fast food can transform you into a disgusting air head? What bad air in Singapore did you ingest that made you think you can act as if you’ve got it made and put other people down that way? This smugness must be based on the false belief of your “high importance” in the society where you’re at right now. But fact is, you need Singapore more than it needs you. The hard truth is: you are not indispensable (neither in Singapore nor in the Philippines). Your negligible significance in the general scheme of things in either society should constantly remind you to be more humble and more grateful. You seriously need to get your act together.

  65. sk said

    even pinoy maids in Singapore are university graduates, that is how useful pinoy degree is… to clean homes and cook

  66. lau chiao said

    Putant ina mu

  67. This is what happens when there is anti-foreign sentiment in the first place. They will fight back, and they will find ways to do it.

  68. Ron said

    Great for the Opposition Parties, each time TT and TRE puts up such articles, invariably the arrow of condemnation is aimed also at the PAP government for allowing so many FTs into Spore. It maybe isolated incidents or even a small minority that are causing the problems. but the news contnue to inflame Singaporeans.

    Not sure what the government will do. The social media is certainly not pro-PAP now. And all the Opposition has to do is to select their candidates for 2016, be united and we will see the results then.

  69. joker said

    fcuk pinoys

  70. phan said

    Who do we blame for the present dilemma of being criticized as being singaporeans, we voted the government party that is ruling singapore, with their open policy to foreign talent and blaming singaporeans for not producing enough babies. This all talk no action will eventually be said and forgotten. Just do your part in the next election, vote for the opposition lah!

  71. Operation Spectrum was launched on May 21, 1987 by Singapore’s Internal Security Department (ISD) using the Internal Security Act (ISA). In this operation, Vincent Cheng, a 40 year-old social worker for the Roman Catholic Church, who had once studied to be a priest, was among those arrested thus causing some friction between the Roman Catholic Church of Singapore and the garment. If anything, the Catholic never forget their humiliation and embarassment in this episode. They’ll take their revenge in no time and the time is now. Their strategy? Divide and conquer. The garment humiliated the Roman Catholic Church back then and now its payback time. More Filipinos Catholic are invading Singapore so as to take over the country to destroy it internally and slowly. Never try to go against the Roman Catholic Church. They’ll destroy you like they destroy Russia and other European Monarchies. They’re 1 billion members strong mind you. They can’t be trifle with. We’ll die in their hands. That’s why Filipinos in Singapore are so brazen and arrogant because they know its their duty to come here to destroy us internally with the blessing of the Church and the open arms of our ignoramus garment who forgot that they had done to the Roman Catholic Church!

  72. ahboy said

    if the pinoy “Rosario Garcia Tenorio” can comments on the young lady should study more so she wont serve them fries here,

    Then this pinoy should look for alternatives in her career elsewhere rather then slog like a cow for Singapore? ya?

    I think back at her hometown, her degree or something could not be recognise thats why she applied work in SG.. and SG hired foreigners not because of their degree in whatever shit, but because its cheap and they are despo for work..

    LOL… pitiful Pinoys

  73. Cool said

    After all those, let see the next election, how many % vote PAP will get..
    Wake up PAP

  74. Chiang said

    Here’s another link which shows this pinoy bitch’s offensive remarks against Singaporeans. In this link (which highlight Singapore as one of the 1000 places to see before you die) her comments was: “So glad im living here. Such a nice country. The people have to improve thou. Lol…”

  75. Maybe said

    No wonder..Rosario is currently working in the F&B industry in Singapore…. maybe she’s good at F & B industry( get F.cuk & B.ang) by her employer….

  76. MisanthropyPure said

    screw these ccb’s at least we singaporeans are doing a job that we can be proud of, what do the FT whorebags do? moonlight at orchard towers spreading their legs for extra cash. get off your high horse man.

  77. 01dsk001 said

    Whatever work other people do, respect them. Whatever race they are, they don’t have a choice in the matter. When humans treat each other like humans, that’s good. That’s leadership. That’s humanity. Be good, be human, many will follow you.

    When people don’t treat others like humans, don’t accept it.

  78. Its just TRASH talking TRASH. Congrats to our SG girl for going to the Olympics. Although not in sports but one of the NATIVE Sporean representing the country at a world stage

  79. Rustatin said

    The pinoy MUST realised that they are 4th class citizen meaning TRASH……….

  80. Singaporean said

    Our pap govt better stop these pinoys from coming. I am really angry with their policy. Everywhere I go, I see those pinoys. Now I am starting to boycott restaurants that employ them. Now I visit restaurants who employ Singaporeans like the Soup Spoon. Really fed up with those pinoys. Let me tell u sme/restaurants, your business will not grow if you continue to employ those pinoys because we are frustrated with them. pap, please listen to us Singaporeans else if all of us migrate, you be left with only pinoys which will be bad for u cos most of them are not that hardworking to begin with.

  81. LobangGurl said

    the losers here are those who believe that this alleged “phinoy FT mocking a Mcdonalds service crew on Facebook” really happened.

  82. Hello and good evening to all. It seems that the war of words, whoever started it, has left both the Singaporean and Filipino sides culpable – no one is without fault.

    Because of such situation, I would like any reader to consider my suggestions:

    1. Filipinos should stop bickering at laughing at Singaporeans. Singapore is hosting them. Therefore, they should treat Singaporeans as if when they enter another person\’s home.

    2. Singaporeans should avoid hitting Filipinos, too. Filipinos come to Singapore with the hope to work and are willing to take \”lowly\” jobs. But every job, as long as its thoughtfully done, is honorable.

    3. Nothing will be resolved if both sides are angry. Things can be negotiated the peaceful way. Distance yourself from hate, racism, and prejudice. Not all Filipinos do bad things. Not all Singaporeans do bad things. For the person who do bad, we have to forgive them (and maybe hold them liable in the future). Remember the holocaust, the apartheid, and all things terrible that happened because two peoples hated each other.

    If we do these, listen more to each other, and negotiate calmly, then there is no limit for cooperation and coexistence. After all, there is no race but the human race.

    • Dr.Arsch said

      Lol stop dragging in the apartheid and Holocaust Pinoy! Those were directed at minorities who had as much right to the land as everyone else. Situation over here is different. You guys are unwelcome outsiders who DON’T belong here, are practically a nuisance to those who belong here, and hence don’t deserve any rights whatsoever. Take your crap back to Manila!

  83. April said

    We can’t please the world! No matter how well someone is doing their best, in the way they can. There are always someone who think otherwise. We can’t stop how people think, how they want to comment. We just cant please everyone. Be it Singaporeans or Foreigners. We are just human. We all make mistake. We all have our differences. Family background, upbringing. Some are luckier ( because they are born in a better family) while some may not. Eventhough, she is working in the service line. At least she is earning a decent living. She is not stealing or committing any crlme. Even if someone is a maid, a toilet cleaner we shouldn’t mock at them ( we should count our blessing that someone is helping us in the way they can). Cant we put aside all our perspective and treat each other abit better or even kinder. Every country have black sheeps.

  84. Anthony Tang said

    Dude talangka ka kagad, 100% sigurado ka na pinoy yon nag comment na yon. Baka hindi ka rin pinoy

    WRITE IN A LANGUAGE WHICH SINGAPOREANS CAN UNDERSTAND, YOU FKG PINOY, so that we can understand and retaliate.

  85. Anthony Tang said

    Please show a photo of the pinoy ‘FT’ Rosario Garcia Tenorio (or she is damn ugly or scared) and her place of work, I will lead a team of Singaporeans to stone her.
    I will also vist the outlet that she is workng and see HOw good her service is like?
    Bloody cu.t

  86. Sean Kong said

    Pardon me, but I don’t see the clear logic in her comment and her being a pinoy. If it was a Singaporean who said that, would Temasek Times still feature it?

    Sorry, but I think this is a very poor and desperate attempt in trying to link something like that with the foreignt talent policies. It’s even sadder that the readers are so easily swayed by such an article of little logic.

    Buck up temasektimes. I used to think a lot more highly of you.

  87. hong gan quan said

    ur mum should study more so they don’t have to be maids in Singapore

  88. Mr Nuh said

    I’m shocked and disgusted at Singapore government way of importing so-called foreign talent.

    Rosario Garcia Tenorio graduated from University of Northern Philippines (http:// This is an unrecognized or extremely low-ranked university that it’s not even listed among universities in Asia:

    Rosario is a defective foreigner who is devoid of integrity both moral and education. She should be sent back to Philippines.

    I urge any Singaporean with dignity to lodge police report and bring attention our Home Affairs and Prime Minister Office to take action.

  89. hi guys i am pinoy, i have a lot of Singaporean citizen colleague and friends here in middle east, working together , respect each other and sharing what we have to share . no racism. race is not the main point here nor the issue, we are both human and came from one man, we are all brother and sister in GOD. every person has different personality and attitude and is not right to say one is equal to all on other hand fault of one is not fault of all. if this article is really true then Ms. Rosario act unethical way. no matter what degree and where university you are graduated if your attitude is not right then education is non sense. education is matter to us but if you are really educated then show it by your action.

  90. Diana Prince said

    Rosario is a stupid-assed bitch. And she is an embarassment to the country. What a moron.

  91. Diana Prince said

    I am appalled at the viciousness of the comments of these Singaporeans. None of you guys even considered that Rosario is NOT the entire Philippines and you are all so eager and easy to condemn the entire Philippine citizens. YOU who are all commenting so rudely here are the most biased and prejudiced Asians I have ever seen.. You all do not deserve the image your airline, which i love by the way, symbolizes, THERE IS NO GRACIOUSNESS HERE. You are all narrow-minded racists. You are appalling and abhorrent as Asians. We, Filipinos are not trash. Judging from the dirt coming out of your mouths, YOU all are the TRASH. What a bunch of racists!!

  92. fs said

    screw you PAP

  93. Uly said

    I am one of the Filipino who has been working here in Singapore for 3 years. All i can say is Ms. Rosario is such a disgrace in Filipino community here in Singapore. Not being mindful but intentionally targeted the humble Singaporean in the comment.

    Shame on you Ms. Rosario

  94. TP said

    Rosario is an idiot.
    She happened to be one of the luckier ones and she dare to look down on others, much less a Singaporean.
    She should comment about her own country and countrymen and how fuck up her country is.
    She does not deserved to be given a chance to work here and should be returned to php so that she can learn how to be a good person first.

  95. Katherine said

    I am sorry guys for her stupid mouth. I am a Filipino myself but I know where to place myself and how to be grateful. There will always be rotten ones in any race and one of ours ended up in singapore. I always hope for a peaceful co-existence with any race and it shouldn’t be an issue anymore but it is her type that makes things difficult. 😦

  96. wtf said

    this is a racist site?

  97. Max Killian said

    You can bring your culture in a foreign country but not your ugly behaviour/attitude.

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