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Pinoy ‘FT’ told to delete Facebook account by company after making jibe at Singaporean

Posted by temasektimes on June 26, 2012

Pinoy ‘FT’ Rosario Garcia Tenorio was told by her company to delete her Facebook account after an irate netizen called up to lodge a complaint against her for making derogatory remarks about a native Singaporean working as a Crew Leader at McDonald’s.

Rosario had earlier posted a sarcastic comment on the Facebook page of McDonald’s mocking at a Singaporean Ling Ling:

“She should study more so that she wouldn’t end up in MacDonald serving me fries.”

Her insensitive comment sparked a massive outcry among netizens with many condemning her for it.

Despite the furore, Rosario remained unrepentant and posted later on her Facebook:

“The only thing I said was to advise people to study harder if not they might end up flipping burgers.”

This is not the first time that pinoys have hurled insults at Singaporeans online. A few weeks ago, a group of pinoys jeered at Singaporeans struggling to find a job on Facebook.

One pinoy Marie Hilario asked Singaporeans to ‘f**k off’ as they cannot do without them:

“Without Filipinos in Singapore, you are NOTHING!”

Another pinoy Mickey Bebe boasted that Filipinos made up about 25 percent of almost all the companies in Singapore:

“if you hate us…then ask your government not to hired filipinos here… and im sure u can’t do without us… coz almost of the company half or 1/4 of their employee was PINOY’s…”

In other countries, foreigners are expected to integrate into local society, but it seems to be the other way round in Singapore with PAP leaders exhorting Singaporeans constantly to make the newcomers feel accepted, welcomed and happy in Singapore.


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111 Responses to “Pinoy ‘FT’ told to delete Facebook account by company after making jibe at Singaporean”

  1. heart of singapore origin said

    Tell all these Pinoy suckers get lose,go back to their hopeless country

    • Andre said

      Tell all these Pinoy suckers to get lost, and go back to their hopeless country


    • Alamak said

      Well, start by sacking your own pinoy maid, and chip into your own housework.
      Otherwise, what she said is true.
      You can’t live without a maid (helped by their mothers’ generation), and karma makes 1 big round.
      Is your pay back time. If you can’t deal with the ugly painful truth, then stop complaining.

      • MoneyNoEnough said

        Too many pinoys in Singapore…Hundreds of thousands of them, including their families and dependents. PAP should send them back to philippines so that can sell “balut’ over there.

      • God said

        No pinoy, still have indonesian maid mah

    • Cool said

      We hv so many FT in singapore here, but never hv problems b4, but why we hv so many problem with Pinoy, DO U KNOW WHY ???
      Because they are so many piney like U Rosario ! Talk…talk…talk shut,
      U work here, earn $$$ here In the other country, can’t u know to respect ,
      Our govement please wake up, those ppl never love sinapore, they earn $$$ here and still gve problem to us, I am a Singaporean, I love Singapore, no matter what happen, I will be here to support our Singapore,
      Those Pinoy will just take the $$$ n run home…. I support PAP my whole life, but very disported now….sigh…..

  2. Andre said

    This is getting to be ridiculous, I guess foreign worker trash or talent should just keep quiet and be invisible while in Singapore, then once back in your country you can go ahead and return the favor to the foreigners in your country as well.

    • It’s about common courtesy. When Singaporeans travel or live abroad, they’ll be expected to practice common courtesy too. It does point to one’s upbringing doesn’t it?

  3. mahbok. tan said

    See even these FTrash are pointing at the pro alien people GOVT….!!!!

    * The GOVT are not ashamed ? After being told off several times in the new media n those companies are equally at fault…!!!!

    * These FTrash are very thick skin and as if without them SGpore cannot survived! A very ungrateful lot deserved to be screwed….!!!!

    As for me its easy , do not cross my line n u are safe….!!!!
    Coz we have had enough of their antics….God bless those who know how to be .thankful

    • Julie Ong said

      Mahbok, I appreciate your comments. Like many other concerned Singaporeans we have to let off steam. Catharsis, if you like. Can’t keep all the bad and horrible feelings inside. Do keep commenting. It’s Freedom
      of Speech. I feel nauseous. The Singapore that I adore is wrecked by mindless greed and heartless action by the few elected representatives whose actual role is to protect and advance the interests of Singapore and Singaporeans. A great mistake when we again gave them the overwhelming mandate to govern Singapore.

      I am sure there are many good Singaporeans who can do a better job than this mob that we have voted in. In fact much better by far. Hopefully they will step up to the plate and put things back nice and straight. Truly we are in a mess because of these nonsensical ideas of the PAP.

      I understand the fear, hope and aspiration of Singaporeans. We all desire to live in peace and enjoy our families and friends. For that we must have jobs in order to acquire the creature comforts essential for the good life. I want that for all Singaporeans. I can only hope and wish as it is really up to the majority to decide our own destiny, i.e. to vote in the leaders to lead, guide and serve us.

      All the best. Please keep the debates nice and civil wherever possible.

      We Are First World!


  4. PinaySluts said

    this Ethan Shun-wen lackey is lapping up all her smelly pinay cunt juice?

  5. P Koh said

    Most people do not understand that when you make nasty remarks you can expect people to hit back at you. The rule is that if you cannot say anything nice, please keep your mouth shut. If you should really want to say something, please make sure that it does not hurt another person’s feelings because once said there is no way to retrieve what harm you have done. Think before you open your mouth or the flies will get in soon enough.

  6. hihihi said

    get out and get forked lah.

  7. kaypoh said

    Haha, I know better than to go FB & make derogatory comments

  8. Zep said

    Go buck to ur kontri and get lose, bastos putang ina mo!

  9. PinaySluts said

    This pinay slut looks like those in Orchard Towers with their bits out at 12am, dance around the pole, and a cock in the mouth at 3am. She’s a fucking 3rd world cheap prostitute. Mcdonald worker got more dignity than this pinay whore.

  10. bb said

    Low TK worker’s Party Head- can you promise all sg ppl when your party is elected as the ruling would you throw all Foreign trashes out then we sg ppl will vote for you for a change.

  11. Injustice and Inequality said

    Given the influx of such Foreign Trash, even graduates may have to consider ending up flipping burgers as they take away our jobs.

  12. Boon said

    Actually there’s another idiot by the name of Louis Poh who (was the first to) commented in McDonald’s Facebook that Ling Ling never study hard that why she ends up as a McDonald service staff.

  13. Marky said

    Im so sick of my fellow pinoys commenting like this.

    We are here just to work and to provide good life to our family back home because THE REALITY is WE DONT HAVE ENOUGH JOBS and HARD TO GET A GOOD JOB.

    Also, we are needed here not because locals are lazy it is just they needed FT or more workers because their industry and economy are booming. The stronger the economy the more workers needed. Just it. Period.

    • Anthony Tang said

      Makes sense. Good to hear from one sensible Pinoy

    • You, sir, perhaps should teach your Pinays to keep their big mouths shut.

      Apparently they are so well-behaved back in your country, to the point of being like Mother Mary. But once out, they truly behave like lose women with itchy cunts. Be they domestic helpers or office workers, they DO NOT CARE if the Caucasian Expat has a WIFE AND CHILDREN sitting with him.

      If not, someday, someone would be teaching your Pinays a very hard lesson. Please tell them that wearing tight revealing tops and super-tight jeans to Church is a sacrilege. Or are they out to seduce the Priests too?

    • sweetbean said

      Thank you

    • LOLLER said

      shut the fuck up pinoy dog and fuck off back to where you came from.

    • does ur government even create any new occupations or r they like”i don’t give a shit for all i care”?

    • A Singaporean Abroad said

      Marky is remarkable and I hope that more of you with good positive attitude are present in Singapore. You recognise the fact that you do not have enough jobs back in the Philippines and need to venture out to a more prosperous country with better economy to enable you to send money home to keep your family alive. There is nothing wrong with that at all but Rosario criticises the people living in the host country which provides her with a job and wages. Her conduct is just plain rude and shows extremely poor upbringing. Perhaps Rosario IS poorly bred. She does not seem to have any common sense or EQ at all. She just shoots off her mouth without engaging the brain. If everyone is a doctor, a lawyer or an accountant, who will be available to sell you goods at a shop, pick up rubbish on the streets, provide public transport or cook your food so that you can eat at a restaurant or the food court? Everyone has a place in society doing what they are good at.

      Rosario, there is no need to stoop so low and pass snide comments about others just because they are doing a job that you perceive is inferior to you. Note: the key words are “you perceive” and what you perceive is not necessarily right or acceptable to others.

    • A Singaporean Abroad said

      With reference to my post above, for the avoidance of doubt, I am not supporting loads of FTs coming into Singapore. I think that it should be controlled and their admission should only be limited to the barest minimum. Admission should only be permitted to those who are humble enough to respect to the host country, their laws and their culture, and are prepared to tow the line. Those FT who cause chaos and incite hatred should be dimissed from their jobs and deported immediately and in some seriouse cases they should be arrested on grounds of breach of ISA.

    • Amaze said

      Well said.

  14. Muhammad Rejab. said

    Heh, if they are good enough good help their own country.

  15. Anthony Tang said

    Ethan Shun-wen -You got no shame one. Are you a bastard Pinoy Singaporean or carrying their balls or ;iicking their cu.ts.
    If so please follow your FT back to Phillipine, where thety will further erode their country.( as if all their PMs are not doing enough damage)

  16. Singaporen said

    I think our government has failed us. I am now more determine to boycott f&b that employ pinoys.

    • ANGRY Bird said

      why do you say “I think”? our government has failed us and we are all screwed. in this present situation you still can say “I think”??? wake up please.

  17. Singaporen said

    Seriously, we have enough of these pinoys insulting Singaporeans and taking Singaporeans’ jobs. Our government must really reduce the number of foreigners else there be social cost. Angry ppl are irrational ppl. So sme stop complaining there are not enough cheap workers, if there are riots, u be worse off.

  18. Ken said

    what’s wrong with flipping burgers? can Rosario Garcia Tenorio even know how to flip burgers?

  19. wtf is happening here.. said

    account with no friends, never speak any single tagalog, posted in all anti-pinoy page, very legitimate account indeed, i pity the owner of the picture that this troll used….

  20. Singaporean said

    Welcome bananas, mangoes or whatever, swarm us Singaporean at Lucky plaza or even in retail, service, banking and even government sectors by taking up Singaporean’s jobs.
    Humble pies initially but became arrogant and lazy as time passed.
    Bring more fellow country maids (or mates) by boasting how good and hardworking they are but turned out otherwise when gotten here.
    Pinoys, pak your buck and go buck lah.

  21. peacenowar said

    Guys please don’t be xenophobic and our fellow FTs please be mindful of our plight.

  22. FR said

    Ethan Shun-Wen, you know better it’s an insulting comment.

    Know what’s coming.

  23. FR said

    Ethan Shun-Wen

  24. FR said

    Hi, my name is Ethan Shun-Wen. I’m a 29 year-old Singaporean male, currently in Singapore, Singapore, but I live in Hougang New Town, Singapore. I have 24 friends around the world.

  25. FR said

    Ethan Shun-Wen.

  26. FR said

    Ethan Shun-Wen.

  27. pinoys love to suck cock said

    When im in a pub, shld i tell those pinoy sluts who keep on pestering me, to study harder
    so that they do not have to open their smelly cunts for small change?

  28. hihihi said

    what to do? mee siam mai hum likes their cum juice.

  29. speechless said

    how u all know she worked in F&B? any idea which restaurant?

  30. dave said

    So Marky, can you have your people to hold a gathering and be taught on proper moral values you have? Y can’t these blacksheeps just stay away from here?

  31. MVF said

    Apart from china, vietnam and thailand, pinoys also made up 1/4 of the prostitutions industry in singapore as well. Well well, maybe indeed man can live without pinoys.

  32. this pinoy bitch should see that some teens work part-time at macs or BK, not all are “people who don’t study” . u want to put ur opinion out there can, but posts like this are meant to be kept to herself and she should try working at macs as an employee (not manager) first before she opens her mouth

  33. Rej said

    Dear Rosario Garcia Tenorio,

    You must be living really well (as you claim) in Singapore to be able to afford (pardon the pun) French fries from Mc Donald’s.

    The French fries (and burgers) from Singapore must be really nice that eating them gives you a certain level of adrenaline high every time, to make your head (and ego) swell and bloat disproportionately.  

    I resent it when I read disparaging remarks generalizing Filipinos based on mere conjectures out of their limited knowledge, false impressions, single experience or misrepresentations (by the media) of the Philippines or the Filipinos. But I resent it more when people like you give others the opportunity to do just that and attack the Filipinos as a race rather than reproach irresponsible individuals like you.

    Respect begets respect…and you are not entitled to it. Whether it be from Singaporeans or a fellow Filipino like me. I wonder what societal level you’ve come from in the Philippines that mere fast food can transform you into a disgusting air head? What bad air in Singapore did you ingest that made you think you can act as if you’ve got it made and put other people down that way? This smugness must be based on the false belief of your “high importance” in the society where you’re at right now. But fact is, you need Singapore more than it needs you. The hard truth is: you are not indispensable (neither in Singapore nor in the Philippines). Your negligible significance in the general scheme of things in either society should constantly remind you to be more humble and more grateful. You seriously need to get your act together.

  34. Dogmeat said

    FTs need to learn to be humble when they are receiving handouts from Singapore’s success, otherwise they will be back in their third world country making peanuts as plantation workers.

  35. nationalist said

    With pinoys in philippines, what do Philippines have . … A shithole!! They are so up themselves!

  36. Regime Change said

    The Philippines is a useless country full of useless people. Filipinos are good only at dancing, singing, cleaning and mopping. The country’s No. 1 export is cheap labour, No. 2 prostitutes and No. 3 coconuts.

    You can buy a Filipina in Orchard Towers. The going rate is about $3 per kilo of body weight.

  37. Time Survivor said

    Those who bite the hands that feed them will have his/her takes in different form and suffer the consequences many times far more than they received. This is Karma.

    The ultimate price that she has to pay is coming soon if not sooner. Thous shall know when to keep the mouth shut and not get into trouble. Paying kindness with wickedness..


  38. tintin said

    we have to root out the
    Filipinos evil .. deeply entrenched in out society .. let all look this motherfxxk and get out of Singapore.

    —————The govt must know that if they letting more and more foreigners into spore, we will lost our culture and lost our spore values.
    What is spore? How am I going to tell my children one day when they grow up?
    Govt are making a very serious mistakes.

  39. tintin said

    I am heartened to see Singaporeans standing up against ungrateful foreigners who insulted us. Some of them have landed in hot water and apologised. This is to send a strong message to all foreigners, be it New Citizens, PRs or WPHs, that if they want to stay here, they jolly well respect Singaporeans as the host. Otherwise, get the fuck out of Singapore and go elsewhere.

  40. What Do You Think? said

    Philippines is now sucking up to USA to help it to counter an assertive China. But allas! USA economy is going downhill and it simply does not have enough resources to divert to the Pacific to fight China. Remember that China is USA’s largest creditor! USA owes China a few trillions!

    • Boon said

      Ha Ha…but USA still cannot prevent tonnes of philippines’ bananas and mangoes exported to China but being held in China’s custom for more than a week, and when it was finally released, all the fruits were already rotten, and there’s nothing these pinoy scums can do about it. They lost almost US$30 million in total!

  41. 9314 said

    ‘FW ’ Rosario Garcia Tenorio we find u soon or later ..
    Orchard Towers, Orchard Plaza or Lucky Plaza ..

  42. mptc said

    Why we aloow pinoy here in the first place?

  43. tin said

    ” Only a NEW government can prevent such nonsense in the future!
    The winds for CHANGE are blowing strongly once again!! ” wake up 2016

    • MoneyNoEnough said

      For 500 hundred years, Philippines was under the Spanish Rule. For the next 200 years, Philippines was colonized by the Americans, It was mentioned in book I read, that for 200 years, Philippines was living in a brothel…….

  44. tintin said

    Not too long ago, Singaporeans’ call to boycott Courts produced a quick response from its CEO. Lets complain to MacDonald’s Sg. and to its US head office and see what happens. MacDonalds is much more easily affected than Courts as most of its customers are sinkie youngsters.

  45. tintin said

    pinoys are well-known to be an ungrateful ( Dogs ) …

    … today our Pinoys are your BesTEST friend . … tomorrow, they are your WORST enemy !

  46. people liberation army said

    F-SUCK PINOYS ( Tolerance – There’s a LIMIT to it! ) DONT FORCE THE LION JUMP OVER WALL !!!

  47. MoneyNoEnough said

    Many, infact thousands of Pinoys enter Singapore to work on S-Pass or even E-Pass with fake diplomas and degrees from Philippines. They usually fake their experiences in their CVs. Most of them dont even have any working experience in Philippines and they cant even get a job at MacDonalds even with their degrees or diplomas…. because there are no jobs for them in Philippines…

  48. kaypoh said

    She oso work in F&B ah?

    F*ck & Blow 🙂

  49. kaypoh said

    If she studied more she might end up earning $15k a month to spend on Kate Spade, and I think maybe she SHOULD exchange jobs with said $15k bimbo, maybe she would do a better job too! And spend her $ more wisely, since she would understand how hard it is to earn $. It’s not how hard u study, it’s who u know & wat lobang u have ….stupid pinoy bimbo dunno this simple thing still kpkb on FB.

  50. Chiang said

    Here’s another link which shows this pinoy bitch’s offensive remarks against Singaporeans. In this link (which highlight Singapore as one of the 1000 places to see before you die) her comments was: “So glad im living here. Such a nice country. The people have to improve thou. Lol…”

    • Chiang said

      Well, it looks as seem “FabricationsAboutPAP” had deleted the comments of Rozario, as well as postings made by many Singaporeans questioning what she meant by “the people of Singapore need to improve…”?

      Let’s not forget that FabricationsAbout PAP is a official PAPigs Facebook, and they will of course not want such embarrassment occuring in their Facebook. But I wonder why they did not question Rozario’s comments, but instead, 2 pro-PAP Singaporeans did indicated they like Rozario’s post…hmmm, traitors!

  51. yc said

    This pinoy made a sarcastic remark “She (native Singaporean) should study more so that she wouldn’t end up in MacDonald serving me fries” and this created considerable indignation among Singaporeans.

    But to fellow Singaporeans out there who are quick to react and point fingers, is such a mindset really that foreign amongst ourselves? How many of us grew up under our parents’ constant reminder to “study hard lest we end up as a road sweeper etc”? Such a mindset pins a person’s worth to the kind of profession he or she is in, and it stems from capitalism, elitism and intensive competition. There is so much more to a person than his or her monetary value, so I agree that the statement made by this pinoy is insensitive and uncalled for.

    BUT instead of leaping at every single opportunity to hurl insults at the foreigners in our midst, I hope to encourage Singaporeans to do self-reflection as well, and perhaps examine whether such a mindset is also deeply embedded within ourselves and Singapore’s very own system.

    • Julie Ong said

      Yc, thanks for your honesty. We were indeed told repeatedly that if we do not get good qualifications we will end up doing ‘low class’ jobs. This is wrong! There is a place for everyone whether he/she be a doctor, lawyer,garbage collector, kitchen hand, etc., etc.There is Dignity in Labour!!! If you rob, steal or cheat others then that is reprehensible.Those shameless, greedy American bankers who deal dishonestly leading to the world’s financial system nearly collapsing are really the scums of the earth.Sadly, we are following the American way: the top people get the lion’s share and the toiling workers the crumbs.As I have said repeatedly: We live in a society and not an economy! We must change our mindset and accept that all working people irrespective of their position are valued members of the Singaporean community. By the way I am an unwavering advocate for the lower socio-economic members of our society. There should be a living wage whereby they can live reasonably instead of having to toil, toil and toil for a meagre wage. To all the struggling workers: never give up. Things will improve. To the incompetent politicians: Improve and stop lecturing the public for your silly ideas and actions.

      That is all for the moment.

      • Chiang said

        Totally agree and support your views! The reason why our PAPigs government refused to implement a minimum wage law till now is because they want to attract investment and help companies to make money. In the process, they are sacrificing the lower income Singaporeans in order for them to achieve their KPIs, make investors happy and help the rich to be richer!

    • Zam said

      I guess YC is a old shit. Better you die early.

  52. sdfjhsdfuhsio asduiohiosdu said

    ask ur mum to be more educated so they no need to be maids in singapore.

  53. V said

    Erm…ok… and this Ethan Shu-Wen person i assume is a Singaporean? doenst sound like she is defending her own country…

  54. Cool said

    Whose ever this Stupid Pinoy boss, fire her and ask her fuck back home…
    Stand up for Singapore….
    PAP ! Stop import Pinoy here !

  55. Marky said

    I believe that, still, most of the filipinos here just want a decent job (even the pinoy prostitutes just want a peaceful job, if there’s such a thing in their field).

    I don’t know but “she” might not aware that majority of our fellow countrymen here works in F&B specially in fast food, like McDonalds, BK, BreadTalk, just like the one nearest in my place.

    Commenting like that will just back fire at us.

    Second to F&B, many of us work as FDW or maids.

    Even I a Filipino having a surprise every time i read comments like this.

    Or maybe they “they” were raised differently.

    You may not know but we can’t even run our own economy and country.

    PH companies are mostly owned by Chinese Filipinos.

    Our Billionaires are mostly Chinese Filipinos.

    Our 1st President was of Chinese ancestry.

    Our National Hero was of Chinese ancestry.

    Even our present president is of Chinese ancestry.


    Native Filipinos are from the very start working at the bottom.

    Again sorry, I’m just participating here because a few blacksheep filipinos are making a big negative impact to the whole filipino community here who are JUST WORKING.

    Thanks and sorry again.

    • Rej said

      Marky, you’ve made made your point in you’re very first comment. You should have stopped there and you would have earned my respect. But your next comments are borderline ass licking and pandering which are as uncalled for as this girl’s FB comment. You have no self- pride.

      The facts (if you can call them that) you’ve given are as blur and as irrelevant as you. Even the Chinese in Singapore can trace their roots from early migrants from China like those of the Filipino Chinese? So why bring those points up?

      Yes, you should be sorry marky. You should be sorry for yourself with the kind of GAPI mindset that you have.

  56. Marky said

    Also, im also encouraging everyone here or anyone here to report it, maybe through email or better be a formal letter to PH embassy for every single incident like this.

    Im sure that they are not aware and also assuming that we, being in a foreign country, are behaving correctly. Im sure that they will happily “remind” all FT what we are here for.

  57. SueM said

    In the recent past, pinoys in singapore were either maids, hookers or young girls married to old balding fat-bellied white men. Most often, they were known to be sweet and humble. Now they get promoted to do clerical jobs, they start to lose their humility and act like big shots humiliating others. I think there is a reason why God keeps most of them poor and starved in their country, so they can continue to be humble.

  58. precious said

    Pinoys based in Singapore or elsewhere are rejects… they could not get a high paying job here in Manila (which is few and already taken by the really good, intelligent and more competitive pinoys) that’s why they have to leave the country… most of them came from poor family (the rich ones doesn’t have to go abroad to work anyway) that’s why when they started earning singapore dollars it all went to their head. they feel like they are big shots now.

    So in behalf of Filipinos based here in Manila, we apologize to you our Singaporean friends if you felt offended by the likes of Rosario Tenorio… i mean what did you expect when you hired our junks?

    • Andre said

      Talaga lang ha, so it means a pinoy Managing Director who is working for Credit Suisse singapore and a former secretary of finance in the Philippines who did his MBA at Harvard, couldn’t get a high paying job in Manila?. Damn I wonder how good you really are?

      • precious said

        those cases are very few… most likely they are already working in the same company but only got transferred in Singapore… i doubt if he went to Singapore as a tourist and desperately look for a job in a few months that Singapore Immigration allowed like most of you did.

      • Andre said

        Hahaha, now your back tracking with your statement how many is a few? 10, 100, 1000? Would you eat c??k if I show you a thousand pinoys abroad who earns and well educated than you?

      • precious said

        if you can show me a thousand pinoys more educated than me, i’m pretty sure you’re not one of them. if you will use your tiny brain, the statement was in general. if you there are one, two or a few exception, it wont affect the general statement.

      • Andre said


      • Piolo said

        Your generalize statement is flawed you implied “ALL” instead of saying “MOST” thus your conclusion was challenge based also on our experiences. Dont pret too much about your AACSB certified school, some of us came from triple accredited schools also

      • precious said

        @piolo i read my first statement… i used the word most instead of all… so what are you talking about?

        i’m going to ignore Andre from now on… the truth hurts him so much he’s having a hard time to swallow it (normally he’s good at swallowing but i guess “truth” is a different animal”)

    • Pedro said

      I therefore conclude that working in a callcenter really improves your grammar,, case in point precious the tranny

  59. Sai Choo said

    I don’t buy the reason that only ‘the poor’ … ‘the rejects’ … where the only ones here in Singapore. In fact we are only hiring board passers like engineers and nurses! I heard many can not pass the board, those are the junks you talking about in your country! We don’t need an Einstein to be a maid, cashier and sales.

    And mind you we don’t discriminate people whether you are poor or not. What’s important in our country is we hire the necessary work force.

    We don’t need the most intelligent and most competitive pinoys that you boast in the Philippines to just serve our foods, we need well bred people who respect.

    And this Ms Tenorio ah, is she not a fool to comment to study hard so not to flip burgers when she in fact in F&B! Oh yeah she is not flippin burgers … she is washing dishes and cleaning the tables and mopping the floor.

    • precious said

      does any of the top 10 or top 20 board passers in the profession that you mentioned go to Singapore or Hong Kong? it’s either Manila or the US for those kind of people.. the Filipinos over there maybe board passers, but it doesn’t mean they passed with flying colors.

      You don’t need an Einstein to be maid, cashier or sales? yes, but the last time i check, they’re not the problem. Singaporeans don’t mind Filipinos working in those areas since you don’t want to get your hands dirty… it’s on the other areas especially in the corporate setting that you’re complaining.. sad reality is, you find it tough to compete with Manila’s rejects because as most of you stated, they are accepting lower salaries which in their view is already big and won’t be able to get it on Manila. (since they are in the lower part of the social class)

      Seriously, i was surprised that an acquaintance of mine.. who was a lowly HR back here in manila, earning 13k pesos a month.. and a graduate of some unknown university in the province… will get a pretty decent position there in Singapore with a 5K SGD monthly salary (around 160k pesos) and perks such as going to Europe from time to time. Man, your companies over there must have a low standard.. and i can’t blame the Filipinos for flocking your countries and at the same time i understand where all the angst against the Filipinos are coming from especially in this website.. that’s why i’m apologizing in my first post in the first place. 🙂

      • Andre said

        Sour grapping then? Maybe getting an education will benefit you.

      • precious said

        sourgrape? her salary in singapore is just a quarter of what i’m earning in a month. dude, don’t take my statement too personally… it’s obvious the way you’re attacking me you are affected with i posted. masakit ba? hihihi

        I have nothing against you and the rest of the Singapore based pinoy… what i’ve said, as hurtful as it may be, is the cold truth. Because of so many graduates, the competition here in Manila when it comes to high paying job is very competitive… you’re not good enough, so you have to leave and look somewhere else like Singapore. Commonsense will probably say that if you’re earning back home what you’re earning there in Singapore you wouldn’t leave. I mean why would you? Your family, your friends are all here… and you wouldn’t have to deal with Singaporeans looking down on you as if you’re a pest and a nuisance to their country. get it REJECT?

      • Andre said

        hahaha another troll, good thing this site is not blocked at your callcenter work, go sell some vacation plans. 600k a month? I have a lot of BIR friends who will be interested in meeting you

      • Andre said

        At 600k a month precious might be

        A. Doing illegal things like drugs, smuggling, (i hope you get caught)
        B. Corrupt govt official (i hope you get impeached)
        C. Mistress (hope wife #1 will found out)
        D. Nope she’s answering fon at peoplesups

        You wouldnt spend time here if you have even a fraction of MVP’s caliber, this site is for us who works here who are trash. Now give that angmoh of yours a buko juice

      • Josh said

        D, looks like someone who spent her nights at Havana chasing caucasians, or selling cars with free ONS

      • Piolo said

        D yan tol, baka college drop out sa probinsya na nasa call center

      • Rej said

        Precious my dear. You are indeed very lucky to have found a job in the Philippines that pays you around 20k SGD [based on your statement that your friend’s salary is just a quarter of what you’re earning] every month. Outrageous as it may seem, but Congratulations! You are one of the “rejects” who have made it in the Philippines.

        Firstly, you must do your homework before making conclusive statements, else it will make you look bad if not ignorant. Or at least, brush up your English to make you more convincing.

        I get the point you were trying to make in your first post. But the way it was stated makes you no less than Rosario herself. You are not helping the situation by putting down on your “kababayans” in Singapore. I congratulate you further, if never [even in your wildest dreams] did you think of going overseas to seek for greener pastures. Because truth be told, even the Einsteins [whether in the Philippines or Singapore or elsewhere] sometimes look on the other side of the fence. This is human nature.

        If it will help you kickstart your research, it will be good for you to know that there are a lot of Filipino doctors in Singapore working in private and public hospitals and polyclinics-almost everywhere in fact. Lawyers, engineers, architects are not scarce here either…and yes, from top universities. In fact, while the EPEC was in force in Sg, only graduates from the top 6 Philippine universities (according to their standards at least) were granted. Also, The great majority of Filipino Overseas Workers seek employment abroad not because they are suffering from dehumanizing poverty in the Philippines but because they perceive significant wage and income differentials between what they can earn in the Philippines and what they will receive if they work abroad. Quite contrary to your belief [and statistics can prove that], most of the Filipino Overseas Workers do not come from the poorest of the poor in the Philippines.

        As for the maids, cashiers, sales people, F&B workers- yes, they may not have been given the same opportunities like what you’ve had or is enjoying right now in the Philippines [assuming of course that your claims are true], but they sure are as brave as hell to charter an unknown country in order to look for opportunities that are not available for them where they came from rather than sulk and complain about their life-or even the government.

        Most of those who work in Singapore may not be topnotchers or have passed their board exams with flying colors or they may not even have as high IQs as the topnotchers, but they definitely have the high EQ to strive and look for ways to better their lives than to whine, rant and make excuses about themselves or their situation.

      • Andre said

        At 20k must be a drug lord, corrupt politician or a mistress

  60. stmar said

    goverment should bar her and her family from entering singapore ever again..

  61. You know, I’m fed up of hearing the same statement about “You are nothing(referring to Singaporeans)” if it weren’t for some nationality.

    Let’s get real here. If it weren’t for S’pore, you will be flipping garbage in your home town
    and having a huge garbage dump as your neighbor.

    Please don’t think so highly of yourself. You are cheap and you can be exploited.
    That is the only reason why you are here.

    As for our government, there are looking from an economical stand point.
    It’s about national interest. It’s not about you as a race.
    And as to why our employers employ you? They get a better run for their money.

    If it weren’t for Chinese, Indians and Pinoys from their respectful countries.
    Yes, our economy will fall. We would have to live more modestly.
    But don’t you think, we Singaporeans would still be far better off then you?

    Remember, we came up the same way as you did after the 2nd world war.
    Look at where you are now? Needing to go out of your country to work.
    That in itself speak volumes of how capable you are as a race.

    So stop this bickering, just do your job, make our employers happy.

    I just wonder, if the tables were turn, how would you react to
    Singaporeans going to the Philippines and taking your jobs
    to make your employers happy? Please think about it.


  62. SW Chang said

    Precious don’t be too self rightious leh

    You boast of the intelligent workers back there against the your own rejects here but your country still dont prosper.

    Then again your based in Manila and participating in this discussion where you are absolutely no idea or experience.

    Clean up your own window reject

    • precious said

      what does intelligent workers in the private sector has to do with the country not prospering? and why are you so affected… i understand my fellow Filipinos rejecting my statement.. how about you?

      Oh i know… you’re finding it hard to believe that your competitor in your job is just the rejects from Manila… rejects that succeeded in grabbing your jobs from you.. what a loser. LMAO!!!!

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