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Singaporean asks Goh Chok Tong: Do you understand the consequence of opening the floodgates wide to foreigners?

Posted by temasektimes on June 26, 2012

Dear Mr Goh,

Your statement implies that you and LHL opened the immigration floodgate without really understanding the full 360-degree consequences.

The issue is not skilled immigrants v/s locals. Locals are skilled too but they are being marginalized in competition for jobs created in Singapore.

The issue is – no other country including immigrant friendly countries such as US, Australia, Canada allows reckless immigration without any consideration for its own citizens which has nearly destroyed core social fabric of the society.

We are human beings and not just economic digits for elite economists.

These foreigners don’t have roots in Singapore whereas our families depend on our livelihood.

Have you considered the impact on our young generation due to the paranoia that their parents are going through?


*The above was first posted as a comment on Goh Chok Tong’s Facebook. 


31 Responses to “Singaporean asks Goh Chok Tong: Do you understand the consequence of opening the floodgates wide to foreigners?”

  1. CKMPD said

    Good question, Jack.

    I suspect the pap, LHL and GCT included, have no clue that cheap foreign labour will bring severe social problems to Singapore. They are blinded by money and economic growth at the expense of longer term problems.

    • PAPPY STYLE said

      goh chop tong who brough in so many foreign trash shd shut up from now. he is one of the worst leaders in the world.

      • CKMPD said

        SG went downhill after GCT took over. LHL continues with GCT’s mismanagement. SG is unfortunate to have PMs like GCT and LHL.

    • bb said

      That’s why when old man defend LHL foreign talent policy, his explanation looks awkward. He does have any logic in his explanation , when sg ppl suffers as a consequence.

  2. Jack said

    Singapore needs to grow our economy, however, we need to also consider the impact to the people of Singapore, a more targeted industry skilled workers quota would be a better solution. Mr Goh, What do you think?

  3. Crap... said

    Do u think he can hear you from way up his Ivory Tower? Even if he does, it is fundamentally against PAP’s principle to genuinely care about Singaporeans.. so i suggest u save your breathe, my friend. Just do the right thing for u and you family in 2016.

    • Saycheese said

      “…it is fundamentally against PAP’s principle to genuinely care about Singaporeans.. ”

      Where even a 17 year old kid can be so frustrated by a DPM’s attitude while 60% of adults cannot grasp the truth in the above statement.

  4. Jardel said

    Dear Mr. Lam, you will be tracked down and locked up under ISA acts. Beware of what you say and going to do. They have done it before in the 80s and will have no qualms about doing again now or in the years to come. If you are unhappy, just vote them out and hope for the best. Thank you,

  5. pap said

    lao goh administrator read your post, then delete your post

  6. hihihi said

    Unlike household products and machinery, the usefulness of a politician or the damages he/she does will take many years to be seen.

  7. FR said

    He was “quoted out of context” as usual.

  8. Ron said

    There should be studies to compare HK and Spore. HK has not allowed foreign labor except for maids and certain number of expats in mainly senior positions. All construction workers are HK residents, not even Mainlanders. All taxi and bus drivers are HK residents. And HK does not have pharmaceutical, petrochemical, refining industriies. Yet it is thriving despite the many challenges.

    And it has a smaller government, certainly not the abundance of Secretaries (their equivalent of Ministers).

    So, why is HK doing well and Spore seems to think that only foreign workers are the solution? And also HK citizens march on the streets very often to protest this and that and yet there is no political upheavals. Makes me wonder whether Singapore Inc needs to look more deeply into its set-up and operations.

  9. Wolfglare said

    These PAP can’t be bother about us Singaporean as long as Singapore GPD continue to grow than they can continue to collect their million dollars salarys that all they care about

  10. voice fron the origin singapore said

    These ft esp Pinoy bastard are disgusting

  11. spotlessleopard said

    ONLY one thing will change the PAP…and that is they get VOTED OUT in the GE2016….

  12. Kiang Doh Ho Mai Geh Kiang said

    You think they really bother?
    Look at their paychecks
    Look at their increments.
    Look at their bonuses.
    Look at their policies.
    Look at our taxes.
    Look at our FINE city.
    Whatever happens, WE THE CITIZENS OF SINGAPORE will bear the brunt of it
    You think it actually affects them based on the above
    Their sector got NO competition from FT, so they don;t & won’t even understand what you’re trying to tell them!

  13. Victor said

    All I can conclude is whatever the Government is doing, they are testing Singaporeans’ limit and tolerance. If Singaporeans still vote for them in 2016, then it sends the clearest signal to the PAP that they can do all they want and still stay in power.

    Is this what we want? To vote them back into power again in 2016? To condone all their mistreatment of Singaporeans and flawed policies?

    If not, I guess we should know what to do in GE2016. For the sake of our next generation, vote for a total change!!!!

  14. Seraphim said

    I get around 2k+ after a year of working and the roof wages for my profession hit the roof at 3k+. I cannot increase the treshold, unless I have a degree and join the rat race.

    I learnt to live within my means, but at the same time, I need to save up for my future and possible retirement. I need to cope with the increased cost of living and support my parent. I get taxed and there is no rebate or susidise for people such as myself. The current policies of Singapore does not care about its citizen’s right or survival as long as you abide by the law and pay your taxes. The policies however seems to favor the FT, hence many of the FT prefers to stay PR than to convert to Singaporean.

    These are the following questions I asked myself…

    1) Do I really wish to live until the age of over 65 with no one by my side?

    2) A single illness within my family that requires surgery will basically wipe out my hard earned savings, am I really prepared for disaster?

    3) Can I really stay in this job and not get replaced by FT and request for increase wages?

    4) I wishes to further upgrade myself, but the local university in Singapore refuses to admit me, while private university cost too much.

    My target is to retire at 65 and will be able to enjoy my golden age without any worries. Is that possible with the current situation? I am very sceptic about it and I am just being practical about it. I am a hard worker and do not take medical leave unless necessary. The only thing my boss told me is ‘This is expected from you’. I know I am slightly better paid than my ‘foreign talent’ colleagues, but at the same time I still felt exploited because I am unable to save up and no future prospect in my current job.

    My target is possible over-sea even after the high taxes. I may suffer some ‘racism’, but aren’t I living as a second class citizen in my own country right now?

    I am a Singapore born Chinese Singaporean. I intend to migrate to other countries after meeting their requirement and my profession allows me to do so. Some people may call me a ‘Quiter’, but I worked my arse off during my poly years, working part-time and studying at the same time. I served my NS faithfully and after that I had to compete against foreigners for jobs with them having the advantage due to the government ‘non-welfare state’ and ‘reckless’ immigration policies.

    My question to the government, why should I stay in Singapore when my livelihood and rights were not protected?

    • P Koh said

      What you have described is a really frightening scenario and if not addressed, I am afraid there will be many concerned and unhappy Singaporeans around who will find other escape routes to ensure that they can secure a decent life when they retire at age 65.

    • Seraphim, what you said is most probably what all middle income and low income workers are facing. There is no security in our future. With such high cost of living, low savings, low welfare situation, we do not know how to survive after retirement. The only solution is to take out all our monies in CPF, sell off our flats and move to a country with lower standard of living.

  15. Clown of the year said

    Sometime it is better to shut up than trying to contribute any comments in this messy situation. Take your million dollars salary, hide in another corner and you will be a lot safer.

  16. A G Young said

    Local jobs are reserved for Singaporean, that is an assurance given through the Press. But take a look around these days. PRC is manning the Singapore Pools counter. Pinoy are manning Singapore Post counter. Mass Communication (Feedback Unit of Singapore Bus Service Transit) is answered by Pinoy. PRC girls are engaged by Translink to man the Translink counter at Bus Interchanges. Just to name a few. Where are our young Singapore girls gone to? Are they not qualify enough to man these posts? Or at least our 45 odd aunties and uncles can manage these jobs. Why derive young Singaporean girls, our uncles and aunties from these jobs?

  17. Charlie said

    Dear Government, admit if you make mistakes. More importantly, correct them. Thanks!

  18. Anthony Tang said

    before election, they give carrot to sweeten the people and make empty promises(which they never keep). After election, the abd news surfaces.

  19. solaris8899 said

    Have you ever worked with FTs as peers or your bosses before?
    I always wondering, r they really FTs?
    Do they really have valuable contributions? they seem to come here on work permit to learn and then replace us?
    Why not let our ppl do our jobs instead of open up gates for foreigners?

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