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Ex-CHC member: I donated more than $10,000 to the church in last five years

Posted by temasektimes on June 27, 2012

Singapore’s biggest mega-church City Harvest Church (CHC) has come under intense public scrutiny after its founder Kong Hee was arrested with four other members for alleged misuse of church funds.

Kong was accused of falsifying the church’s accounts and diverting at least $23 million dollars to advance the music career of his wife Ho Yeow San.

According to an email we received from a self-proclaimed former member of CHC ‘Martin’, the church was very aggressive in soliciting donations from the congregation.

“At the end of every sermon, a bag will be passed around for donations and Kong Hee would remind us that he did not want to hear ‘jingles’ (coins). This is on top of the monthly tithe which amounts of 10 percent of our pay.”

‘Martin’ added that he had to give $10 weekly for ‘services’ given out during the cell group sessions as well as seminars. He also pledged $5,000 for the church’s building funds and there were quite a number of them.

“Kong Hee was very charismatic and knew how to woo the congregation to contribute to the growth of the church. That’s why CHC was able to grow so quickly within a short period of time.”

Despite being charged for a criminal offence which may see him spend some time in jail, Kong Hee remains a popular figure among CHC members with many expressing their support for him.


92 Responses to “Ex-CHC member: I donated more than $10,000 to the church in last five years”

  1. Leonard said

    he ‘had’ to give?

  2. CPO said

    He did not get any “return on investment” from the man upstairs for the $10k donated?

  3. Nationalist said

    Allelulia brothers and sisters, give me all your money! Lord love you give to charities! Amen Brothers and Sisters, Amen.

  4. P Koh said

    However charismatic this Kong Hee is, I never respect such a person who uses his charm to take advantage of the charity of others who honestly sacrificed their hard-earned money to promote the teachings of the Lord. This is an abuse of trust and I hope the funds can be recovered by the due process of law.

  5. Angel said

    He will reap what he sowed.

    • stevenado said

      YES! He will.Be it a golden tap,$30k watch or stock, investment.If God were to appear now,those religious leaders who abused and live very comfortably with $$$$ from worshippers WILL BE BURNED ALIVE!!!!.
      Those who support blindly will be having high fever every alternate day!!!That is the time they will really seek God!!

  6. Pantatko said

    Conman in disguise…

  7. soesg said

    Its a court case now. dont you think its subjudice to say anything here?

    • MoneyNoEnough said

      Kong Hee hired lawyers from a well known law firm. He is paying or the church is paying his legal fees? Remember the NKF saga? TT Durian had to pay in the end.

      • stevenado said

        Some angkat bodeh will start to collection donation from those who attend the church. lah.
        For sure, he don’t have to come out any single cents….As for lawyer’s fees…..i am not sure but…

  8. GeeGes said

    Martin, u are really “thum bye”

    • jf said

      I like “thum bye”. Have not heard this expression for a long time. Jack’s mum probably used the same term for Jack when he exchange the family(fortune)cow for a few beans. But many over the centuries were sold on this tale. The beans gave Jack access to heaven and riches.

  9. Chip said

    For good or for bad, for himself or for Him….I hope he confesses and seeks forgiveness.

    • Serious Troll said

      For good or for bad, for himself or for all the busybody singaporeans… I hope the truth of the ALLEGATIONS comes out and maybe people will stop asking him to seek forgiveness.

  10. Lim said

    Is this how God wants to be worshipped?

  11. Ponders said

    Maybe now he can ask to fuck with Ho Sun 100 times… ?

  12. George said

    Another T.T.Durai story ………

  13. LkySi said

    Remember Joaquim Kang, another Pastor who went to prison for 7 years, his case pales in comparison when compared to Kong Hee Fatt Choy. With Christians like him there is no need for Satan

  14. may said

    i pity this one and also even more so of the one who sold their flat to donate to the vain cause of the pastor and his wife. sick people!

  15. Anthony Tang said

    The more you give, the bigger your rewards in heaven will be-Amen

    • Annoymous said

      The more you give, the more Con-Hee and his wife will enjoy and the more you will go to hell cos the god doesn’t want stupid people like you.

      • Jonny Ive said

        Well said, but there are still so many stupid people attending City Harvest church. God should tell them not to attend this church anymore or at least not to DONATE any money

  16. One-Winged Angel said

    Psychological way of manipulating people to part their hard-earned money. It should be properly used, instead, it all fell to his disposal for his personal gain.

    What a shame to the Christian community.

    • Danzel Goh said

      Yes, there are alot more of such places. To them ,It is not about God. It is about success in material needs , status , wealth and also an outlet over the week end. You be surprised such places poisoned the minds of the weak about the expectation of God.
      Believe in Him and you will be saved. God is loving and kind but one has to earn our place in heaven by living like God in kindness and in a loving nature. Blessings will come in God’s own time. Not bt just believing in such Inidviduals.

      Msg to all Young and Restless and especially those who yearns for a place to spent their their week end, pse note that God is not only present in such places. If you have a desire to know God, pse refer to official Places of Worship, not convention halls, Homes, Semi Ds. And dont go only for Pastors that have looks or those with Gift of the GAP.

      Be realistic, this is a good case in reference. You may be misled.

      Dont jump into any free transportation ( free buses ) to such places. Thats how most young and innocent kids were conned to participate in such activiies. To them it is an investment, as they will go up and start giving 10 % with their first pay packet.

      I am sure God has forgiven them but dont continue to use God’s name in your defense. Imagine you have to face him one day.

      • stevenado said

        Well Said indeed.Many were bindly lead, so be it.God sure to forgive them but the law will punish them.There is no such thing as free lunch in this world.Everything got a price to pay.
        Please, for God’s sake,Danzel Goh spread your God given wisdom to those many lost sheep now still running around.

  17. 龙的传人 said


  18. Xero said

    How true is this Martin is? I been there before. I know that they won’t force people to give; but maybe pressure people by quoting verse from the bible by context. Also; tithe and offering and collecting at the same time; not seperate. TemasekTimes; I wonder how true is your sources is? This only bring lots of questionable doubts on your articles.

    • Snoopy Says said

      I’ve been there once. Wad Martin said is true! I refused to donate due to the way they pressured me. After that, I was questioned by the members!

    • PAPPY STYLE said

      you must be lying and likely you are ass licker. you may be one of the ones who is financially benefited from this misuse of fund.

  19. Haut Kia said

    Another name for the god they are worshipping “money”.

  20. Jesus said

    I’m a Christian and I hate churches who focused on the preaching prosperity. Feel the wrath of God now, suckers!

    • Gary said

      Im a Christian too and my church preaches about prosperity. However, never once my pastors coax us to give to the church. Instead one of the main reasons i joined this church was i heard the pastor preaching to the congregation that if we dont understand the meaning of tithing, dont give. The church dont need our monies. That really impressed me alot, something i never hear in churches before. So i can boldly testify here that not ALL churches that preach prosperity are for the benefits of themselves, but for God’s children.

      • Shalom Chen said

        Agreed. Tithing can be given for different reasons. Some give to objectify money and others give to glorify God. Understand why one should tithe before u tithe. It should never be an obligation or a set amount. We don’t tithe during our CG. Everyone chips in with some Makan for potluck at most. No minimum entrance fee. :p

      • Power of Grace said

        Possibly we attend the same church. Yes my pastor said that too which is so right. When one don’t understand tithing one shouldn’t be oblige to give. Otherwise it’s not tithing but ‘extortion’ if made to give unwillingly.

      • Gary said

        @PowerOfGrace, i believe we do…your name speaks it all 🙂 I changed church to our current in 2008 and never look back since. So grateful to the Lord for leading me to this church. Ironically i used to attend another megachurch (not CHC) and visited CHC twice as a guest, but what our pastor preached impressed me the most hence i stayed. Never heard anybody revealed the nuggets of truth in the Word like this.

    • Peter said

      “I’m a Christian …feel the wrath of God now, suckers!”

      I think you just contradicted yourself.

      The ignorance of the respondents to this post is frightening. may God have mercy.

  21. CHC Faithful said

    i will keep giving and giving to CHC so that many can be blessed through the ministry (helping the poor, elderly, needy, intellectually disabled, lost..etc)

    • Snoopy Says said

      Why not u give your eyes to the blind, since u have a pair of eyeballs but not using them.

    • Kill Bill said

      they say there’s a sucker born every minute n i dun believe it but now your dumb statement just turn me in to Believer! switch to another church which really serves what God wants or go out and help the poor and disadvantaged directly instead of “idolising Kong Hee Fatt Choy” and wake up to the real world

    • stevenado said

      It is people like you that landed his house at Sentosa Cove.Who benefit most from the ministry?A true believer will donate directly to the poor,elderly,needy…whatever..Spending $$ and monies to help others directly is what we called “CHARITY”.So many suckers believed that by giving $$$, they will go to heaven…Hahaha..Show me any chapter in the bible that mentioned that.By taking the easy way out by donating $$$ to those middleCONMAN….is just palin stupidity.Even if don’t donate $$$, but can constribute your time by doing chores for the needy is another sure way to Heaven.Sad to say,not many want to do it this way….Many excuses..easy mah $10,just drop it into tiths.Anyway, thank you for constribution that makes $25k rental per month possible

    • J said

      MY God! You are Blind!….. your brain misconnected?

  22. Kouz said

    $10k can’t even last her wife 10 days house rental…hahaha…serve u right

  23. fpap said

    to hell with religion, all of them are quilty of crimes against humanity
    people murder each other because of religion
    people cheated in the name of religion or god
    people murder in the name of god
    regiments instil fear in t he name of god
    priest sodomised children in the name of god
    pastor live a life of a king in the name of god

    thieves and murderer, rapist, cheaters , adulterers, dictatorship all are in the arms of god

    • Jonny Ive said

      Those are all the negatives of religion. Remember Mother Theresa?

      • 11th commandment said

        mother theresa was a true messenger of god.
        all the pretenders in the vatican cannot hold a candle to her.

      • Voice of reason said

        On Mother Teresa (btw “Teresa” is spelt without the “h”), I would not use her as an example of the “posiitives” of religion. Read Christopher Hitchen’s “The Missionary Position” on why Mother Teresa’s “Missionaries of Charity” are not charitable in the normal sense of the word. []

      • RC said

        Yes Jonny I agree with you! Mother Teresa is a Living Saint that clearly shows her Unconditional Love to the Poor. My Great Respect for her, that she does her missions never mention anything about “Money” but is All About Love!

        She is Truely a Wonderful and Respectful Leader!

        And the saying goes ” Charity begins at Home” and You don’t hear ” Charity Begins at Church “!

  24. pngkueh_forever said

    The wrath of God is near at hand for those who preach the Bible for their own materialistic benefits.

  25. PAPPY STYLE said

    I saw the youtube on how kong hee misintertret the meaning of the bible. god will punish him for his sin and put him in jail. Those who support him for the crime will also be punished.

  26. Kim said

    Check out the prosperity church in google and you will find almost all of them are very questionable.

  27. Ron said

    This is a tried and proven formula and in in future years more such pastors will appear and many more will be conned. This has been going on for decades and not only in Spore. Main stream churches as seen as been boring and out of date. People wants to be emotionally excited, to shout praises to God, to embrace strangers in Church. So a breed of pastors with glib tongues blending with lively songs and music appeared.

    The end result is always the same…. give me your money in the name of God. It is preying on human weakness to be loved, to be told that the future is glorious and that God wants the best for them. No one wants to be told that they should toil, should bear the suffering and be patient. The feel-good effect is multiplied by repeated church sessions. Soon all sense of reality is lost as money is given willingly.

    Not surprised that many still believed what they did was God’s calling even if the money was stolen for a decadent existence in Hollywood and spending $30,000 per month on rental of a mansion. That is God’s wish too perhaps.

    • Dave said

      Right on the DOT. Human beings, whether they are in monk robes, Alb, Vestments, Cassocks or just plain blue jeans…..all are subjected to human emotions..anger, greed, money woes etc.
      Its in silence and solitude that one can hope to feel some divine presence.. Feel the peace in a quite chapel, a long forgotten temple.

  28. Ron said

    I am a Catholic. “In His way..” is a quiet hymn. I live the Christian faith of caring for others but not for the Church or its Executives. I donate directly to poor families for they are also the children of God. I give my dues to support the running of the Church but not to enrich it.

    This business of 10% tithing has been exploited to induce fear of God’s punishment if you do not obey. And so many have been conned. The Bible is often interpreted to serve narrow or even wicked interests. The main stream churches do not dwell on the need to pay and pay. And they do not promise that you will be rewarded a hundred fold.

    For me, the best time with God is an empty Church when few are around and I can truly commune with my Savior. And it is not about money and reward.

    • RC said

      Yes I agree with U Ron! If you have peace in your heart, Christ is everywhere where ever you go. Further, God will NOT punish us for not giving our 10% of our salaries to the Church, that is never written in the Bible.

      Besides God’s love is an Unconditional and he is so merciful that he never expects you to give in return. Even you don’t Give, He will not put you in Hell.
      He only condemns the wicked and the greeds.

      Remember how Jesus Tears down the Temple and drives out the money-changers?
      This just reminds me of the storey when how Jesus Tears down the Temple =)

  29. Danzel Goh said

    I beg them not to use God’s name again in defense.

  30. ad said

    These people probably ‘spend’ more money on this crook than on their family!

  31. Alan Lim said

    Why that slut Ho Sun was not charge at all ? See her face make me sick !

  32. Singaporean said

    He preached Properity Gospel and this is what a lot of conservative Christian are reminded not to participate.

  33. Siew li said

    Stupid lor…and there are many dumb one standing outside the court!!!

    • stevenado said

      Not only dump but also apple polishers,ball carriers,whorshippers without soul(mortaged to kong & Co)

  34. Kong Hee Fatt Choi said

    Stomp posted this video 2 years ago. The way he coaxed people to donate is completely outrageous! Even chart out how much people give per annum.

  35. Truth you cant deny said

    Contribution to religious stuffs are optional, not compulsory. the amount should be based on how much people are WILLING to give and afford, not by ‘CONTRIBUTING 10% OF THEIR PAY’ and ‘HAD TO GIVE’ like they are being oblige to.

    • Lollapalooza In SG said

      I agree.. By making contributing 10% of our pay compulsory, this puts off the low wage workers who simply cannot afford. So instead of reaching out to non-christians, they are actually turning ppl away. And it also shows that they only want rich members.

    • mister 10% said

      So the appropriate name for him should be Con Hee or PassMe Ten Percent.

  36. tshace said

    He’s a “good” esample of Matthew 7:15-23
    15 “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.
    16 By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?
    17 Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.

    21 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.
    22 Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’
    23 Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’

  37. An Ex CHC said

    I attended CHC in 1999 that was when CHC was located in Hollywood cinema, near City Plaza. I was a undergraduate and my senior brought me to this church. Kong told the audience that they will be building a new bigger church to facilitate the members. He told people how to make more money. For student, he suggested they should get part-time job such as tuition.

    I remembered that he told audiences that when he was young , he was very poor . He had only left 50 dollar in his wallet, however, he said he loved GOD and he felt he should donate his money in a church. He told GOD, ” This is all I have” . Then after he donated, a few days later, somebody gave him a cheque a few thousand dollar out of no reason. He told audience to give what they have in their wallet , GOD will rewarded that more than they have.

    I also remember he said, Jesus died for us and he sacrificed his blood for us. Our money is like our blood. We earned it.
    We must also be like Jesus. Hence, we must donated our blood like Jesus.

    This is how he psycho people to donate. It up to you whether you want to believe his word. For those who believe him, it is their choice. They donated their blood to hear him motivate them. They are willing to believe.

    • Bystander said

      “Then after he donated, a few days later, somebody gave him a cheque a few thousand dollar out of no reason.”

      You gotta be kidding me? Is he talking to 3 yr olds? This seems an outright insult of his supporter’s intelligence but I think at this point, they have already “crossed over” so whatever he said is totally believable to them. He could have said the earth is really flat, not round and still have believers.

    • RC said

      LOL.. @ Bystander , this is a good one!

      An Ex CHC – No offence,pardone me, but is good you have shared what you have witness.and have awaken by now. Thank You for your sharing.

      and when you mention that “I also remember he said, Jesus died for us and he sacrificed his blood for us. Our money is like our blood. We earned it.
      We must also be like Jesus. Hence, we must donated our blood like Jesus. ”

      This sentence can be easily misinterpreted … Yes Jesus Died on the Cross for Us , that is True.
      The reason why he died for us cos People have Great Sins and he Died to sacrifice asking God to Pardon the Sinners on Earth. On the Cross , He Said ” Father , Forgive them for they do not know that they have done to Sin against You. ”

      Hence, it is very sad to hear from a pastor preaching that ” our money” is like “our blood” we earn it, we must also be like Jesus . Hence, we must donate ” our blood ” ( Money ) like Jesus!

      All I want to say is God is very merciful and kind, he will never abandone you or put you to hell if you don’t give even you have or don’t have money. He will only condemn and put to hell for the wickeds and the greeds. He will still loves everyone of us unconditionally even we give it wisely not to the Church but to the Poor.

      I am not preaching here and will never preach. I believe in my own faith of religion and respect in all other Religions. God treats everyone fair and equal and God gives everybody a Choice , so if CHC Pastor and his team had to psycho his congregations leaving “No Choice “but to give, than This is Not the Teachings of Jesus Christ!

      This reminds me of the story when how Jesus Tears down the temple and chase away all the money changers in the temple. =)

  38. KGB said

    LISTEN!!!anytime there is smoke there is fire!!!!i suggest each time you hear some big gathering and donations involved, put in SOME moles to see what’s going on. the KGB….no HARM,protect the people!!l

    • PAP WP said

      Do you want PAP to put in MOLES in WP meetings? Or arrest all Opposition on charges of missusing money/having sex/signing contracts etc.?

  39. The Rockford Files said

    CHC should be disbanded or de-registered once and for all…enough is enough…

  40. jf said

    The members of CHC are right. Kong Hee follows his god. And he encourages others to follow his god. Only he knows the correct way to follow his god. And one becomes rich by following his way to his god. So there is nothing wrong. No big deal.
    Everyone is free to follow Kong Hee’s god. There is a lot of wealth in Singapore. The God of Wealth also comes here often. So god definitely will prosper Kong Hee’s followers and other people who follow other gods/goddesses . This is a no-brainer really if followers think Kong Hee’s god is prospering them only.

    Kong Hee should have printed money. But he gets the money printed by the Singapore government.
    “Render unto Caesar, that which belongs Caesar”

  41. CHC SHEEP said

    Listen to a super snake-oil saleman using his glib tongue to con sheep…

  42. rachegoettin said

    Yes, with “Christians” like them there is no need for Satan or maybe they are Satan in disguise. Those super goondoo supporters still want to support them after they have been swindled to finance a no talent ugly pop star wannabe are really insane!!! Where do these loonies come from???? Oh my God! Crackpot Christian Crooks!

  43. Y.Mah said

    Very interesting, I was waiting for him to be arrest. There are many new churches who prosper themselves and their children. It is so sad that they were able to manupilate the teaching of God and prosper themselves.
    I will respect a church leader which do not give the leadership to their children and claim it was an answer from God.
    Their small children dress up in designer clothing and bags.

  44. SuPeR said

    It happen for a reason…. if God allows it to happen, He have a reason… only God have the answer…

  45. jf said

    We have all been deceived. The Great Magician has misdirect attention. Satan is Lucifer. Lucifer is the Prince of Light. The Prince of Light is beautiful, charming, charismatic, persuasive. It is the Prince of Light who dazzles many, full of material promises, lustful of bling bling….many enjoy the lights when they worship via the minions of Lucifer. Come worship the Prince.
    Not bleeding Jesus on the old wooden cross. Exchange them with diamond crusted cross. Bling bling

  46. Jon said

    Soon, this mother fucking con artist will be swapping his Sentosa mansion with prison cell 🙂

    I would start living under a bridge now like a homeless if I were Con Hee so that I could adjust to prison life soonest.

    Most like Ho Sun the ugly witch will remarry while Con Hee is alone in his prison cell studying bible. Poor Con Hee. May God Bless You.

  47. Someone who can attend PROPER MASS said

    It was said in the bible that one has to give up all possesions, pick up his cross and follow Jesus. YA RIGHT KONG HEE BUYING A MOTHER FUCKING SENTOSA MANSION. GIVE UP ALL POSSESIONS. I BELIEVE

  48. Leonard said

    “A fool and his money are soon parted”

  49. HF said

    Joseph Prince of New Creation Church is one of the best pastors.
    As for Kong Hee… Erm…. I’d rather not say. (I choose blessings over curses but I can’t find any good things to say about this man.)

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