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Overwhelming support for Pastor Kong Hee by CHC members

Posted by temasektimes on June 27, 2012

Despite his arrest for criminal breach of trust which made the headlines yesterday, founder of City Harvest Church Pastor Kong Hee continues to retain the support of the majority of the church members, judging from their words of encouragement and support posted on his Facebook page.

Kong Hee was arrested together with four other CHC members – John Tan Yee Peng, Lam Leng Ham, Chew Eng Ham and Sharon Tan on Tuesday and they will be charged in court today.

The Commissioner of Charities (COC) has also suspended Kong Hee as well as governing board members, trustees, employees, agents and Executive members of City Harvest Church under the Charities Act.

In a post on his Facebook hours after his arrest was made public, Kong Hee maintains his faith in God:

“Tough day … I trust in You, Lord Jesus … Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done!”

The post garnered more than 500 comments with the majority expressing their support for him:

Judging from the influence and respect commanded by Kong Hee among Christians, it is likely that he will do a ‘Woffles’ and be let off with merely a ‘kiss’ on his cheek.

In 2010, another pastor Rony Tan of a 12,000-member Church was let off with only a ‘kopitalk’ session with the ISA after a video of him making disparaging remarks about other religions went viral in cyberspace and sparking a massive outcry among Singaporeans.


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65 Responses to “Overwhelming support for Pastor Kong Hee by CHC members”

  1. Mike Zeng said

    The blind shall lead the blind and they will all fall into the ravine and perish.
    Now we know how and why the 60% voted for the PAP!

    • 龙的传人 said


    • Helen ng said

      This is very scary. It seems like its going to become a cult activity soon. People fast not to eat for 28 days to pray for kong hee. Now he become their god. Look at the way sun ho dress herself, did god ask her to dress as little as possible when she sing to the world to spread Christianity. Rubbish! Look at the shorts she wore, might as well ask her don’t wear better.

      • Mike Zeng said

        Nothing shocking…The bible had already predicted the appearance of false prophets and you get them from everywhere in the world. First to appear were the television-evangelists from USA…Jimmy Bakker, Benny Hines, Oral Roberts etc etc. They developed mass preaching to a fine art using TV media and now the Internet.
        I view modern-day Christianity as a lucrative business to get into. Not only you get to save lives or rather souls, you also enrich yourself in the process. From 5-room HDB to Sentosa-cove penthouse in just 18 years?
        Rest of us lesser mortals can only dream….

        But if you look from a different perspective….both TTD and KH (assuming he’s convicted) really worked hard and were gifted with charisma and gab to draw their thousands of donors. They brought in hundreds of millions…1% for them as reward also cannot meh? Didn’t Ms Chua of Singtel and Ms Saw get $4-5 million per year as reward? And how about our PAP ministers? I quite agree with Mrs GCT….$600k is chicken feed for them!

  2. Reason said

    This is what religion does to your rational mind. You are brainwashed to act and think irrationally and believe that what you are doing is right. Your power to reason and think is surrendered. This is the sadness of religion.

    • Ron said

      Agreed, LKY was right when he took firm against the Catholic Church many years ago when the church pulpit was used for making statements against certain government policies. The same stance applies to any other religions where priests, pastors or imams can preach to a captive audience. Passive listening can easily brainwash the audience over time.

      Years ago, Christian rallies were widely advertised and the World Trade Center was booked for massive rallies. All these have not disappeared and we no longer see such adverts.

      Those who still stand by this crooked Pastor are fools. The amount collected is obscene and the Government may have to review its charity laws. They are being abused to collect huge sums and evade taxes. There should be a limit to tax free donations. Beyond which taxes have to be collected and these can be channelled to the Community Chest to benefit the poor and needy.

  3. Ponders said

    All go in and squat with him in the same cell la.

  4. heart of singapore origin said

    Clean brainwash

  5. Singaporean said

    Is Chinese New Year is coming?
    What’s all this coverage about “Kong Hee and Fatt cHOy?



  6. spotlessleopard said

    There are PEOPLE and there are SHEEPLE….

  7. hihihi said

    Durian also got peanut support.

  8. Realist said

    Pastor Kong Hee abused the funds but used it indirectly to reach out to non-Christians maybe a mitigating factor. This is like the end justifying the means but in the eyes of the law it will not be tolerated unfortunately.

  9. mahbok tan said

    Ayo yo yo …. like this arh we all better go tell him to sOs or sMs god for urgent help…coz CAD oreadi charging him…!!!
    Its not that we feel like we are fools coz we cannot rationalised ourselves between what is rite and what is wrong…!!! A BLACK is BLACK , WHITE is WHITE…..even GREY is GREY no inbetween…!!!

    Tot SGporean are well educated and can think for ourself…..but alas ….. no wonder they still vote for PAP…..just like the herd mentality…follow lor….BLINDLY some more…!!!

  10. Support him by going to jail with him la. Talk is cheap.

  11. Annoymous said

    Yes, support and pray for your Pasta Kong, continue “donating” your hard earn money for their lavish lifestyle.

  12. No future said

    Never underestimate the “power” of religion….

    • the Other Hard Truths said

      Never underestimate the power of “religion” …..@No Future, you had put the quotation marks in the wrong place 🙂 🙂

  13. muimui said

    Dun understand these people…. What are they supporting? Are they supporting that he is doing the “right thing,” or that God forgives him and he can scam the $ again, or they willingly let him scam?

    A mistake is made and as a responsible man, please shoulder it and dun avoid! Hello, $23 million is a lot of $. It is a lot more $ compared to cases like, TT Durai and Ming Yi. However, if Kong Hee is innocent, the facts will speak for him – which in this case, all the evidences are pointing towards him. A slap on the wrist is too light, considered the huge amount and efforts to cover their tracks. This was a well-planned scam from the begining.

    • Cool said

      I dun think he is innocent la ! It take 2 year to investigate, cannot be wrong la…his supporter are blind la…

    • Helen ng said

      Singapore police force cad is not a stupid unit. They won’t find trouble to charge him first then say sorry they catch the wrong person. This is Singapore not third world country le.. They police 200 percent got proof then can catch him. Ag chambers will also screen thru the facts and edvidents then can charge them. These followers are so stupid to believe they still innocents. Y doubt our Singapore police force ability?

  14. CPO said

    Not bad, not bad. If I donate 10% of my salary to King Kong and his mate Ho , I can chose to get a guaranteed return of 30x or 60x or 100x directly from the Bank of GOD. What a great deal. Stupid me. How come nobody told me about this earlier?

    Who is to say that he does not deserve to take the $23Million. Probably donated $230 and claim back $23 Million. Special pastor in-house return of 100,000x !!! God is kind , you know.

  15. Suprisingly suprise there are such people even to extend of supporting the wrong doers, after proven. Don’t they have minds of their own. Or have their minds been pluck out of their heads by now. Unbelievable absolutely unbelievable. What God is this preaching all those believers to believe what is not right even after proven wrong.

  16. KOmae said

    We have seen many such cases unfolded in recent year but yet there are people like Kong continues to fool around with public donation. He probably think that he is above the law and can only be judged by the decree of God. He has forgotten as long as he live, he will be subjected to the same secular law like any ordinary folk.

  17. Keit said

    A true man of god does not need material wealth to live a good life as the Lord provides for him…. this case obviously shows us that kong hee isnt true to the Lord but using His name for his own selfish gain.

    Matthew 6:24
    “No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.”

  18. Victor said

    I guess the people who are showing support are mostly members of CHC are all still in the DENIAL STAGE. Keep an open mind people. He is only human and not GOD.

  19. justme said

    muahaha.. this is the biggest joke i ever seen

  20. the Other Hard Truths said

    In latter days, the people will have itching ears, and turn away from the truths. They seek instant gratification, self glorification… love to hear doctrines and words that appeal to their carnal lusts, ….then come sudden destruction.

    May the good Lord rain fire and brimstone on this fella for the blasphemy

  21. A Buddhist said

    I am a Buddhist and I have to say that one has to be clear that CHC’s issue is about the mishandling of funds by the management. The name of religion, in this case, Christianity, should never be labeled by the public as the center of attention. They are totally two aspects (man vs religion). Leaders of religious organizations should never make use of religion to achieve their personal gains. Followers and members should not be shy to question if he/she sees something that act against the religion faith or community welfare and should never follow blindly.

    • Ron said

      Nobody is condeming Christianity or the Bible or any of the mainstream churches. This case is outright fraud doing it under the guise of preaching the Bible and exploiting human weaknesses. It brings shame to the Church at large and even causes much confusion.

      For those who have donated much money which could have gone to help their aged parents, the poor etc. they will go through the anxieties of withdrawal. I feel sorry for them.

  22. Power said

    It’s amazing to see there are many supporters even when Pastor Kong committing criminal breach of trust. Somehow it reminded me of Adolf Hitler. The effects of a charismatic leader even if you are wrong or guilty.

  23. morningstarkar said

    He’s arrested?

    Oh wow, let’s send him in again right after he comes out. We’ll show him there is no God.

  24. GeeGes said

    U all die already even god will laugh at u why u so stupid !!!

  25. Singaporean said

    One of his supporters said she believe in his integrity. Just blind faith.

  26. elephantman said

    It’s God’s will that he goes to jail.

  27. What Do You Think? said

    These Christian fundamentalists always think they are right. Even when they go around murdering, they will claim they are doing it for God. Remember the AWARE saga where a group of aggressive Christian aunties hijacked the management so as to advance their own agenda regarding homosexuality?

    • Chiang said

      Sorry to say, the group of ladies did the right thing to intervene because AWARE was going wayward and was stealthily promoting homosexuality as normal and natural…I am not fundamentalist, and I am not against LGBTs, but I do not think it is right for them to covertly promote it our younger generation. We have to view it as a different topic altogether, as in this case, AWARE had a hidden and highly dangerous agenda as well!

  28. pngkueh_forever said

    Support for him ???? wonder if these supporters would also stay in prison with him for the next 10 years ????

  29. FR said

    The penalty for Criminal Breach of Trust is only imprisonment for up to three years, or a fine, or both.

    Damn disappointed.

    • Mike Zeng said

      But CBT as a servant still carries a life imprisonment max penalty.
      If convicted, my guesstimate is he will get 10 years or so. Life has never been imposed by our courts for CBT as a servant. This severe penalty was inherited from our fmr Brit colonial masters penal code.

  30. Aiyo yo said

    Some of these people are probably highly educated, but look at them…. pathetic! Still blinded by ‘love’, still in a trance, still foolish!

  31. god's will said

    These Christians should listen to God instead of Kong for they must always remember that Kong is not God. It is almighty God who wants to put him on trial for misusing God’s name for his own benefit. That’s all. Nothing more nothing less. Nobody is above God, not only Kong. As a servant of God, Kong must put his fate in the hands of God who wants to punish him now.

  32. Foxy said

    Believe in God? But this situation is the God is in the judge’s hand! Kong Hee you dead or alive is in the judge’s hand not in God! Understand?

  33. angel said

    It is not abt following man , it is about following the truth , for following a saviour of the world is the truth , way & life . when comes to giving , God gives us wisdom & discernment , not impulse buying into a man ideas , we can wait upon God for revelation who to give , where to give . As a christian business owner , I will continue to give for the advancemnt of God’s kingdom , to preach the gospel , to set the captives free , to serve the poor & needy community . It is about building meaningful relationships in mankind , not building bigger barns , bigger churches , buying more church properties . ….

    I will do this: I will pull down my barns and build greater, and there I will store all my crops and my goods. And I will say to my soul, “Soul, you have many goods laid up for many years; take your ease; eat, drink, and be merry.”’ But God said to him, ‘Fool! This night your soul will be required of you; then whose will those things be which you have provided? So is he who lays up treasure for himself, and is not rich toward God. Luke16:18-21

    Faith to a True God is still the only answer to a man existence on earth . Seek God , not man …

  34. jk said

    Give thanks with a grateful heart, give thanks to the Holy One. Give thanks, because He gave us Jesus Christ. Heaven and earth is created by Him. Surely our true and just God delivers us . Amen Thousands of lives were transformed thru the servants of God. No money can buy the inner joy, peace and life transformation from glory to glory. We rejoice and prsy for God’s will be done. The church will continue yo become richer… blows the minds of people why we give to church. It is not thru human effort BUT thru the Holy Spirit that men do not understand. Hallelujah

  35. Da Vinci said

    If there is enough evidences and he is proven guilty, but still let off with a kiss on the cheek, I bet there will be a big group of disgruntled society and netizens who will be very unhappy! In other countries, there will probably be a strike if such situation exists… But in Singapore? No one dares to strike, or protest. Kong hee is a human, and he should face up to all punishments equally meted out to any other humans who commit the same crime of the same nature.

    Kong hee is not god. He is just a everyday, human who needs to eat, who needs money, and needs faith like us. The only difference is that he abused the trust and misuse his followers, with his mouth and figure of speech. While the rest of us work with our hands and legs, sweating for money.

  36. CHC SHEEP said

    This KH chap has attained cult-status. Despite the over-whelming evidence detailing the $50.6 million CBT including the $26.6 million spent trying to cover up the earlier CBT, (“round-tripping”), the charged-criminal-ConHee still has a big following as seen from FB and Twitter who openly declare their “trusts”, “belief”, “love” etc for him. This is unlike many mega cult groups in USA who are either brained-washed or driven by greed to believe their charismatic leaders.
    Interesting article & photos by Business AsiaOne:
    From $127k HDB flat to $9.3m Sentosa Cove penthouse

  37. There are still perceptions that Kong Hee great unblemished records,integrity and honor are nothing.Kong Hee is a Rafflesian guy,well educated.If the perception was,the Police wouldn’t make a mistake,all the more Kong Hee will never make such mistakes as alleged.

  38. jeannie tan said


  39. jeannie tan said


    • frankie said

      Kong Hee always has a reputation of integrity.Anyone with a low IQ can see those charges against them very weird and very funny.
      1,The Church invest Funds in private companies and went back to Church’s account,that is known as MISUSE?
      2,Sun Ho can sing,and she has merits.We believe in MERITs.Can she sing?Everyone agreed.So everyone put her to Hollywood,and everyone support her.Is that wrong,base on MERITs,or is it on corruption or siphon of funds when it is approved by the Board?
      3,Everyday Funds are directed to three or 4 places and then reach customers,an industry practice at times because of regulations and Industry practice.Would you called that misapropriations?..some people are braindead,but it is definitely not me!!!!If Funds is siphon,how is all the BOARD is nab?The Authority Board who is empower to approve of Funds are also nab..and you slap CONSPIRACIES?Consipiracies to do what?..Conspiracy to do Sun Ho’s career,or the Project?..The next time you also cannot use Funds set aside for projects,or Management who set Funds for Building Funds also cannot use to do maintenamce and or painting or repairs!…Then what is the use of setting Fund for Building Funds when you cannot do building Funds?…

      Whic company which launch a project after board meetings and agreed,cannot use appropriate Funds to do the project?Instead we can called that as MISUSE and MISaaproriate?…Are you an IDIOT or what?

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