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School fees raised for foreigners to better ‘differentiate’ them from native Singaporeans

Posted by temasektimes on June 27, 2012

In a move to placate disgruntled Singaporeans still feeling upset with the government’s pro-foreigner policies, the Ministry of Education has raised the school fees for foreigners studying in Singapore schools from January 2013.

The fees will increase by S$50-$80 per month for students who are PRs and by S$115-$250 per month for international students while school fees for students who are Singaporean citizens will remain unchanged.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) said the fee increase for non-Singaporean students studying in government and government-aided schools will further differentiate fees by citizenship.

The monthly standard miscellaneous fees for all students will be raised at the same time with an increase by S$1.00 at primary level, S$2.00 at secondary level and S$2.50 at pre-university level.


11 Responses to “School fees raised for foreigners to better ‘differentiate’ them from native Singaporeans”

  1. jack said

    Great, however, Kind of late, how did this happed in the first place?

  2. GodBlessSG said

    A better way to “differentiate” would be to decrease the fees for Singaporeans…

  3. George said

    It’s best to give free primary education to all Singaporeans. The PR will go all out to get their children to be Singaporean as soon as possible. I know some PR parents delay in obtaining the Singapore citizen ( enjoying PR status ) when both parents are working and have bought hdb flats & fully paid for it. I believe when their children needs to do national service the sent their children overseas . They have not done any wrong doings. If I had it my way I will never allow these run “away kids ” to work in Singapore for life. When these kids graduate overseas they come on employment pass & work in Singapore . They do come Singaporeans when they are convinced that they do not have to do NS. I am sadden by this as they have out smarted our revelavant authorities by skipping NS. I do not want to be sour Grape but I feel the school fees other than Singaporeans should be double the increase of 2013. Also I hope the primary education for all our Singaporean children in primary school be given free education. These kids would one day serve national service & do reservist training. Please give a serious thought for free education for Singaporeans only.

    • Julie Ong said

      George, you have brought out to the fore another loophole for foreigners to exploit Singapore. It is a fact that since the inception of national service there has been several deaths to our young men whilst doing their NS.

      I have never been one who is militant, but this loser policy, i.e. sellout of Singapore and Singaporeans to foreigners is akin to treachery. The argument put forward by the Prime Minister is also unconvincing put mildly. Rather than just criticize I would like the following:
      1. Stop the inflow of foreign workers unless absolutely necessary now.
      2. Build more HDB flats to beat/reduce the cost of housing.
      3. Public transport to be upgraded as a matter of priority.
      4. Singaporeans who have lost their jobs on account of the foreign
      workers can access government agencies for assistance in securing
      alternative employment.
      5. Health: Focus on the elderly. Also emphasise on wellness or well
      being through education on Living Well and Healthy.

      The above is only a few of the matters that need attention. Rather than talk
      Get Down To Work! That is what governments are for.

      I believe that the current state of affairs is not hopeless. Financial resources
      and manpower must be allocated to rectify/resolve the problems that have
      arisen because of the deluge of people into Singapore.

      To the government: Please proceed to make amends. No more unnecessary talk or lectures. Truth is not many Singaporeans are listening now.

  4. Crap... said

    Stop patronizing us! Make a real difference by STOP giving away free education and allowance to foreign students under the various govt and govt link companies scholarship schemes. Walk the talk PAP! Invest in Singaporean students for goodness sake! As borne and bred Singaporeans, the govt has the duty to take care of our children FIRST, NOT foreigners’ children!

  5. Heed said

    Surely still got ppl complain 1. You wait and see

  6. mathis said

    Don’t be miss-lead lah. The fee increase is not because of you “Singaporean:. It is to force the PR to take up citizenship. It well known fact that, most of the new citizen vote for the incumbent ie PAP.

  7. i say what i think only... said

    ya right what’s the differentiation? citizens did not get cheaper, others just got more expensive. we pay lesser than them but why compare? we are still paying the same amount. tell a family who can hardly afford to pay the normal school fees that they should be happy because others pay more. does it matter to them? still same amount what…

    if u want to differentiate, take the surplus others are paying and subsidise the local students. Why earn more on the pretext of differentiating the citizens and others? u earn more, the Pr and foreigners curse and swear at locals for making so much noise hence they need to pay more. overall winner? MOE. earn more, deflect all unhappiness towards citizens, who did not benefit from this. smart ah but locals know their primary school maths well enough to count this.

  8. bb said

    MOE should study and come with answers WHY allowed foreign students to come to SG to study. It is alright for PR as the parents are working in Sg. It is taxpayers’ money that is funding the MOE-so the authority owe sg ppl an explanation. How do they arrive at the school fees. Do they make a comparision with other countries. When they come and study are they allowed to buy property-Is there any restriction.

    All there have consequential effects- Opposition MPs-pl table in Parliament.

    • Change-Singapore said

      I believe MOE once mentioned that Singapore Unis do not became recognized without the international students admission.this issue about international students quota was brought up during the GE 2011 after several people aired why their children are refused admission.

      our counter-argument is to look at MIT admission model.MIT is ranked as the top 1 uni in the world,for engineers at least. The sch only admit 150 international students on a yearly basis as compared to the thousands international students in our local unis.

      How on earth does MIT gets to that top position with a real minimum number of international students is way beyond me….

  9. No future said

    No difference….The raise in school fees affects all, Singaporeans still have to pay the increase. It’s still not free. Differentiate what? I dun understand the rational behind this. If MOE really wants to do something, please give the scholarships to Singaporeans instead of giving it to those “scooted foreign talents” (somemore, no bond) like freebies! The money belongs to Singaporeans, shouldn’t it be our children first? Sigh….

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