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Why should I stay in Singapore when my rights are not protected?

Posted by temasektimes on June 27, 2012

I get around 2k+ after a year of working and the roof wages for my profession hit the roof at 3k+. I cannot increase the treshold, unless I have a degree and join the rat race.

I learnt to live within my means, but at the same time, I need to save up for my future and possible retirement. I need to cope with the increased cost of living and support my parent. I get taxed and there is no rebate or susidise for people such as myself. The current policies of Singapore does not care about its citizen’s right or survival as long as you abide by the law and pay your taxes. The policies however seems to favor the FT, hence many of the FT prefers to stay PR than to convert to Singaporean.

These are the following questions I asked myself…

1) Do I really wish to live until the age of over 65 with no one by my side?

2) A single illness within my family that requires surgery will basically wipe out my hard earned savings, am I really prepared for disaster?

3) Can I really stay in this job and not get replaced by FT and request for increase wages?

4) I wishes to further upgrade myself, but the local university in Singapore refuses to admit me, while private university cost too much.

My target is to retire at 65 and will be able to enjoy my golden age without any worries. Is that possible with the current situation? I am very sceptic about it and I am just being practical about it. I am a hard worker and do not take medical leave unless necessary. The only thing my boss told me is ‘This is expected from you’. I know I am slightly better paid than my ‘foreign talent’ colleagues, but at the same time I still felt exploited because I am unable to save up and no future prospect in my current job.

My target is possible over-sea even after the high taxes. I may suffer some ‘racism’, but aren’t I living as a second class citizen in my own country right now?

I am a Singapore born Chinese Singaporean. I intend to migrate to other countries after meeting their requirement and my profession allows me to do so. Some people may call me a ‘Quitter’, but I worked my arse off during my poly years, working part-time and studying at the same time. I served my NS faithfully and after that I had to compete against foreigners for jobs with them having the advantage due to the government ‘non-welfare state’ and ‘reckless’ immigration policies.

My question to the government, why should I stay in Singapore when my livelihood and rights were not protected?


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times


117 Responses to “Why should I stay in Singapore when my rights are not protected?”

  1. ANTI FT said

    I’ve a girl in JC 1 now. I hope that she can do well in her ‘A’ level so that she will be able to get sponsors from private sector for her to further her studies abroad. I want her to leave here for good and if possible dont come back. I love Singapore.. but I do not love our Government.

  2. joker said

    sg folks stand united – 2016 – CHANGE

    • mahbok tan said

      AGREE bro….for 1 I will ensure that we vote them out…let’s put our best effort today till GE2016 to get our fellow citizen to vote anything but PAP….Huat Huat ah….!!!
      I have 3 in my family by GE2016……let’s VOTE for a change….!!!
      The GOVT of the DAY already knew what are our objective and thats why they are doing a malaysian strategy to bring in lots of FT’s and give them PR and citizenship….., where the malaysian are supplying fake IC to the pinoys/indonesian and bangla in sabah…..ain’t our PM and x PM good friend of malaysian PM….!!!

    • Agent K said

      workers party…….WORKERS PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • ANTI FT said

        High 5 !! Workers party

      • Heed said

        So you think the WP can solve the problem??
        What if they can’t solve the problem when we vote them in then how?
        Kick them out again??
        I’m not pro pap.
        But I saw WP twist their words a few times Liao make me wonder whether they can be trust.
        You might disagree with me but it’s ok.
        No need to argue with me over WP just like paster kong followers protect him like he will do no wrong

      • mahbok tan. said

        Thats what DEMOCRACY is all about….the citizen have the right to change the GOVT not the other way round ….understand ka? Now it seems the GOVT are changing the citizen with FT’s….you agree…wat du u tink?

        Even our GOVT do not how to take care of its citizen and you are not worry about it….???? poor U !!!

      • IronMan said

        Heed – Did the PAPpigs not twist their words? They did it a lot more times than WP. No govt is perfect. But we do need a govt that really listens to the citizens’ plight regardless which party they belong to. At the moment, we have a chance with WP as it is being helmed by LTK. He did a great job for Hougang for 20 years. Just like CST for Potong Pasir. We need leaders like them. There will be hiccups in the process of a change in goverment. As long as SG is satisfied n content with the way of governship, what is there to fear or lose? We might achieve Happiness, Prosperity n Progress for our nation esp. SG not FTs.

  3. George said

    Forget about your wishful dream of retiring at the age of 65 years old. Sorry I have to add fuel to the fire. But that’s the damn truth. When you come to 55 years old don’t be surprised that the CPF would retain more of your money in CPF.

    • mahbok tan said

      Unless u migrate for good to other countries or else your CPF are your donation to the GOVT of the Day…!!!
      Bye bye my CPF……tan ku ku for my CPF..huhuhuhuhu….!!!

  4. Sigh... said

    You can’t touch them by saying you will leave Singapore when that is exactly what they wish you would do. Further, after going elsewhere, you will be living with 2nd grade status to the citizens of the new foreign land. Authorities elsewhere know how to respect their own people over outsiders. Singapore is a “unique” nation.

  5. MT said

    PAP run SG like a company. Residents (FT or citizen) are “customer” that pay taxes. They lure “new cutomers” with perks and leave the “existing customers” to rot because no need to do more since you already tie them down with a contract. For illustration – telco company offer perks to lure new customers to sign up for 2 yrs contract. Some of these perks are not available to renewal contract. Same tactics PAP apply to SG. “new customers” = FT, “existing customers” = citizens, “contract” = lifetime citizenship.

    In my opinion, when it gets too tough to live in SG, I’ll just leave. In the meantime, I’ll upgrade myself with the resource provided by the current company (ie. SG) and wait for opportunity elsewhere (ie. migrate). I don’t think PAP will miss me because they can replace me with cheaper, “hungrier” FT. As for the future social problem, that’s for the next generation of leaders to worry. The incumbent just take the big fat pay cheque now and retire in some swiss alps by then. .

    • mahbok tan said

      Wait a min bro….lets see the scenario after the LKY death…..and hope fully we can see some fireworks here and there…!!!! Only then we can raise up our white flag….aye aye captain Pritam….ur command is our mission….!!!

      • IronMan said

        U do make sense. The Old Man must kick the bucket. Wonder why it takes a loooooong time? Even Hell reject him? No God willing to take him? LOL……!!!

  6. Heed said

    You are always welcome to leave. Nobody is asking you to stay. Quitter

    • David Chow said

      Bravo Heed… you asshat.

      Take heed, if he chose to leave, he is no quitter. He’s a survivalist.
      Ask yourself, if he succeeds and be better off, what would that make you?

      Answer: A LOSER

      • Tia said

        100% agree with David Chow.

      • Heed said

        If he fail and worse off, what would that make me??

        Answer: a winner?

        Think you are very lame in differentiate winner and loser.

      • whatever lah said

        Whether winner or loser, the quitter definitely has a better life out there compared to his fellow countrymen here.
        Do you know that it is very hard to fail in Aust unless you have already given up yourself? There are many life lines throw in by Aust govt to help its people.
        In S’pore, what help do you get from pap govt?

    • sab said

      Didn’t you know? Quitters are known as Talents. Our own gov is going all out recruiting Quitters from all over.

    • sour grape said

      What is so good to be a stayer? Quitter so what? Better than those stayers who cannot be quitters.
      I am a new quitter and I look forward to start a new life in my newly adopted real 1st world country…

    • ASDF said

      Ya I might leave SG when i complete my Uni too.. You can stay here and serve fries to pinoys LOL

      • Heed said

        Where can you go? Europe is facing financial crisis, USA is facing almost 10% unemployment rate, china got too much ppl to take care of, Malaysia pay you less then here. The rest of the countries local will treat you just like how we treat the FT here or even worse. So tell me, where can you go??

      • tell us said

        Go Aust or NZ.
        How good pap govt treat you as a local?

      • Hokkien Peng said

        Heed, those are very general sweeping statements you’re making. How come I don’t feel a single thing of what you just described? We are living in the US now and we feel we’re treated much better here than we ever were in S’pore. Within every country there are variances. 10% unemployment doesn’t mean 10% nationwide and across all industries. It’s simply an average. Some states and some industries are doing way better than others. The same goes for Europe. Just because 1 or 2 countries are in trouble doesn’t mean the entire continent is going to crash and burn.

        You seem to be implying that it’s a bad decision for anyone to move anywhere. Following your logic, every other country has some kind of “problem”, so nobody should go anywhere. Why are there 1000+ S’poreans who renounce their citizenship every year? How many more are living overseas as PRs or on work visas? That’s a lot of people making “bad decisions”. I can say most of the people who have moved did not do it on impulse. I took many years to research and plan our move.

        You remind me of all those negative people who “warned” me of our move to the US. “HIgh crime! Natural disasters! Unemployment! Racism!” Yes, all those things exist here, but not in every city. True, living overseas is not for everyone, but for some, it’s the best decision of their lives.

        PS: in one year, roughly 1000+ Americans also renounce their US citizenship. If you factor in the total population of S’pore vs US, S’pore’s percentage of people giving up their citizenship is alarmingly high.

    • IronMan said

      To put it in another way, leaving is not a quitter. For those who have left and r successful, pls return to SG at the right moment n contribute to the society such as providing jobs, skills n experience. No more PAP bs abt foreign talent. It is local born talents groomed n developed from foreign countries.

  7. jeffrey mark said

    as a fellow singaporean like yourself, i totally agree…. i intend to migrate to other countries soon once i get enough work experience to carry me through…. i dont care to be called a quitter as its the govt policies which forced this issue. From my humble understanding, THERE IS NO SINGLE country in this world that treats its citizens like this.

  8. Protestor said

    Singapore is a competitive and practical society whereby everyone, even including taxi drivers are upgrading themselves to strive for a better living. How many years of working experience do you actually have? Even you have more than 10 years of working experience, you still need to upgrade yourself. The best is to take up some part-time courses while continue working.

    • mahbok tan said

      Alamak am i blind or what….????

      What’s your point here…still wanting to upgrade when the employer are asking for lower pay for all its employee…!!!
      Please upgrade and mobilised yourself outward but not in SGpore…..!!!!

      Allo fellow SGporean , have been there and done that , the end results is cheaper labor cost and so as to achieve higher ROI. So how to employ SGporean….think think think think think think…..any loopholes can masok or not…!!!!

      By the time u finish thinking , another question will come to you by the phucking minister….wat du u tink…???? Good heaven that u still have work and keep on working but pray hard that u are not being replaced by them……but when the time comes its too late for your opinion….!!! Its been 10years now and the practice is till valid in the GOVT and INDUSTRY.

      • Protestor said

        Then you should migrate to somewhere else since the environment does not suit you.

      • mahbok tan. said

        I will no worry to you or your family , coz when its U n ur family are the one being replace then u will realised …. how hard our fellow citizen are facing it rite now…..!!!

        In the meantime , please ensure that u have good saving and accumulate more CPF ya…..!!!

        As our fellow citizen (seraphim ) mention “They also pointed out to me that their government may be corrupted, but they protect their citizens should any foreigners say anything bad about them.”

        Do you agree to this statement…? Or its none of your business…?

      • anti protestor said

        Yes, took you advice and got my Aust PR visa recently.
        Aust, here I come…

    • Seraphim said

      I have no qualm about constantly upgrading myself, but where do I get the money from? A single part time course for my degree 15, 000 over SGD and goes for 1 year and it does not guarantee that I will have an increase in wages.

      While I struggle juggling between university, work and social life, what happens to my family? My father isn’t young and illness at his age is inevitable. My father still supports himself even though he is over 60 years old, but how long can he really work? My family had paid over 8k in money for surgeries for my grandmother, even after CPF reduction. I need to have some backup in case of a worst case scenario.

      Will I lose my job to FT while I upgrade myself? Will I be able to save enough with the time I have left? There are risk and concerns I need to take into account before I actually venture out.

      • Antixenoprobe said

        U keep talking about FTs yet have U actually loss your job to FTs for no good reason? I am in the IT line and at a managerial post. I have a number of FTs under me, all of whom are earning the same if not more then then their local counterparts. I hire the most suitable guy for the job and not hire FT just for the sake of it. There is a very wrong perception that if they are from India or China, they have to be cheap. The wage levels in major cities like Mumbai and Shanghai for skilled workers are on par with SG.

        The fact of the matter is whenever we need to look for someone new, I usually have a very small pool of locals who will turn up for interview and many of them do not even fit the job description. Should I hire him just because he is a local? Of coz not, but I still need to get someone in so that we can complete the projects in time. In this situation what would U do? Keep waiting for until a local turns up? The last time I tried hiring someone, a lvl 1 support guy, it took me more then 4 mths just to find the right person coz we were only looking at local candidates and that’s for a very low lvl job.

        I have spoken with a number of my ex-employers and the only reason why they hire FT is because they are unable to get locals and when they actually managed to get one, they’d be lucky if the guy doesn’t job hop within 3 mths. I have no doubts there are a lot of companies out there who hire FTs because they are cheap however once you work up to a certain level, the FTs are not only NOT cheap, they are more expensive then locals. If you want to get stuck at the bottom and compete with those “cheap FTs” you only have yourself to blame.

        Do not keep blaming FTs for your current predicament. Go improve yourself, upgrade your cert and make sure it is one in demand. If you get some weird certification in a market that is very niche in SG, you cant blame anyone Do not use FT as a convenient excuse. It is up to you to improve your own live. Whether PAP or WP or SDP is in power, it will make no different if you continue with this kind of attitude.

        No matter at what level you are, you will always have to upgrade yourself else you will become obsolete. Stop blaming others, stop listening to the losers in here and start doing something to improve your life. There are many govt subsidy out there for courses precisely because the government doesnt want you to compete at the low levels with the cheap FTs and ensure you are employable with constant upgrading

      • Seraphim said

        To Antixenoprobe,

        I did not lose my job to a FT, but I know of people who did. I have never said they were cheaper in any of the things I have written. The closest thing I ever written was ‘I was slightly better paid’ and please do not quote me out of context.

        You are right about the FT having equal wages from places like Mumbai and Shanghai.

        So why did they not stay back in their country and get equal wages?

        It is because many of them are unable to find job back in their homeland because of various reason.

        Many of my friends from Shanghai have also told me about their plight back in their homeland(No friends from Mumbai). They are not able to secure a job due competition, lack of ‘connections’ and some corrupted government officials. Shanghai have the same cost of living, but they have rural areas and the cost of living drop significantly and the quality of life is better than in Singapore.

        They also pointed out to me that their government may be corrupted, but they protect their citizens should any foreigners say anything bad about them. They can migrate within their country to a place where housing and cost of living are cheaper. Water, electric, gas, internet and mobile services are all significantly cheaper. They only have 1 party, but they can protest and basically ‘force’ their government to listen to them. It is unlawful to protest in Singapore. Their elderlys who live in rural area can have compesation when they grow old as they have contributed to the building of China. In Singapore, your money is locked up with a minimum sum of 131k and it was your money to begin with. Also, some people might not even have that much money in their CPF by the time they hit retirement age.

        They have the option to buy lands and properties back in their homeland with whatever they earn here. They can retire and live a decent life with no worries after that. They can see the light at the end of the tunnel before they even hit 40, but are Singaporeans able to do that?

        These are the basic framework of the plan 3/4 of my FT friends have.

        Work and suffer until the end of the contract. Be trifty and just save up what ever you have, buy a property in Singapore and make full use of CPF. End of contract, sell the property, withdraw all CPF funds, go back and enjoy life in a landed property. And by that I do not mean 20 or 30 years, I mean 10 years or so depending on where they come from.

        Just a side note, they are horrified to see so many people working at their golden age in the hawker centers. It is rare to see people like that back in China and the elderly normally choose to work at his/her age volunteeringly. For Singaporean, there is no choice regarding that matter for many of the middle/lower income group.

        To sum it up, many of them felt that Singapore is a good place to earn money, but not a good place to retire. It is also the main reason why they choose to remain PRs.

        I am not expecting myself to live in a landed property in Singapore, but I wanted a home that I can live in comfortably and not to have to worry about medical fees or other unforseen events by the age of 65.

        I have to work 9 hours a day for 6 1/2 days and more should it get busier. When I take the upgrade course, I have to go for it 3 times a week, and 5 hours each excluding travelling, will I be able to function at my 100% while I am at work? Will my mental status be adequate and not cause any errors while I work? When the company is busy, is my boss kind enough to let me go? The ‘bring home’ work and the course assignments had to be juggled as well. I had to go for resevice and IPPT and I had to literally beg my boss to let me go. Are these reasons good enough for you to understand my concerns about losing my job?

        I do agree that there are people out there that have work ethic issues. I also agree that we need to constantly upgrade ourselves. However, I disagree that you tried to imply that Singaporeans are not willing to improve ourselves and also people who have work ethic issues do not apply to Singaporeans only. And also, do you have a family? Do you think you can be replaced easily? Do you save enough to withdraw your money from the CPF by 55?

        Anyway, we are drifting out of point from the original issue.

        The comment I made from the above article was writing about my concerns and goals as a Singaporean. It states the impact that the policies the government made and its effect on me and what made me make the decisions I intend to do.

        It was an article about ESM Goh saying ‘more research need to be done on influx of foreigners’. If the a policy that have such major impact on a Singaporean’s life and it was not well researched, why did the government implement it?

      • Seraphim said

        To Antixenoprobe:

        It also includes how I felt about what the current government is doing. I do not feel protected. Take recent incidents involving foreigners, PRC ferrari driver had a car accident and killed 2 other people. MSM hailed him as a man that contributed greatly to the Singapore economy before it was shot down by the internet. It is sending me a message that ‘should a rich man kills me by accident, (A middle/lower class earner), he would be hailed as a contributor to Singapore, while I disappear somewhere else.

        My livelihood such as clerk (this is not my job) can be easily replaced by foreigners as they are considered ‘more hardworking, less demanding, with less commitment’ compared to a Singaporean.

        Now, they are more motivated to work because they know the intensive lifestyle will end in a stated time. After that, they can enjoy life they wanted it to be. While a Singaporean do not even know when they can really retire unless they constantly seek better work oppotunities.

        I can work equally hard as them, but it will lead to an early burnt out and there is nothing for me to fall back on.

        A foreigner can afford to take a crunch in their paycheck, as it cost around 200-400 (depending again on where they come from) to support their family back home in some country (I mean a standard family of 4 people) and live pretty comfortably, while a Singaporean cannot afford that. 200-400 is barely meeting ends needs. CPF contribution could become an issue as well.

        We start out 2 years late and have to go for reservices and IPPT and will get extra training should we fail. A human resource manager (I am assuming) such as yourself, will you consider hiring someone who needs to go training in the Army for an important position and requires frequent last minute flight? Will you consider hiring someone who has to go reservice within a certain timeframe that happened to clash with your project deadlines?

      • Zam said

        Antixenoprobe is a big bastard. Becoz of the fuckin PAPigs crap FT policies…you are able to hire a foreigner. Things will change in the next GE…You will be fucked off.

  9. Daft Peasant said

    you got no future and don ever even think of retirement……bcos that is only a dream…… not only you, in fact all $inkies can only work till dead…if the miw still in power…..

  10. CKMPD said

    Dear Seraphim,

    good and valid questions you asked. These are some of the questions most younger Singaporeans asked too. and your concerns and qorries are valid.

    do you think the pap cares abt you or Singaporeans?

    two solutions:

    1. stay and vote out the pap.
    2. migrate.

    the ball is in your court

    frankly, with the pap in power, singaporeans have no hope. with LHL and TCH in charge, dont expect nor hope for the pap to change

    • Sigh... said

      Totally agree with your two options. But putting myself in the writer’s shoes, i will choose not to migrate but stay on to vote the government out.

      • CKMPD said

        Yes, I have chosen to stay and vote out the pap. But I dont detest those who wish to migrate. I wish them well. I blame the pap for so many of our children who choose to migrate.

    • mahbok tan said

      I second that. AGREE !!!!

      Stay and vote them OUT or migrate….!!!

    • correction said

      I would prefer 3rd option:
      3. migrate first and then come back to vote pap out.

      • CKMPD said

        The best option is to stay and stand against the pap at the next GE. I wish more talented and capable Singaporeans will do that at the next GE

    • Kiev said

      Vote them out first ! If still lose then leave ! We need your vote !

  11. A man who stayed behind said

    Hi Seraphim,

    A good write I must say.

    Take my words,from a 60 plus male who is regretting for having faith in Singapore.Leave the country is my strongest advise.

    Why am I regretting?

    Because I grew up from the day PAP came to power.At that time I held a British passport.I had a choice of sorts.But my father believed in PAP and that Singapore is ours after the British.

    Than I grew up in a multi racial and multi cultural society.Never once thought other races are better or worse than mine.Than came the babtism of fire in NS.That a Malaysian Chinese is more loyal than a local born Malay.

    During my working life,racial preference and subsequently the Mandarin campaign took me to overseas to make a living.Thus I had traveled extensively.All my foreign colleagues who started worse of than I am are retired with grandchildren.Not to mention their wealth remained and multiplied.Whereas mine vaporized due to our high cost of living.

    Today,with bad health I can only end up as a security guard or cleaner.My wealth of experience of no use in Singapore where our very NTUC encourages cheaper foreign labour.

    Had I the luxury of internet social networking as you have now.I would have left for greener pasture long ago.As my very colleague who left for foreign countries are playing golf now.Whereas I am wondering where my next meal is coming form.

    Leave,for the sake of your children future.

    • Ron said

      Since you said you travelled extensively, how come you did not make the decision to migrate much earlier? You do not need the Internet. Newspapers and magazines carried enough information. As for being in poor health and presumably without savings are you blaming the PAP?

      Property prices and even stock prices boomed for a long time. Where were you? Spending it all? If you could travel extensively then I presume you had a good job unless you were a sailor. So, do not blame others.

      Spore is my home and I can afford to travel overseas and stay for extended periods overseas. It was Spore that gave me the chance to be successful. I see a need for changes but Spore is not all the doom and gloom.

      • New Guard said

        I see a need for changes but Spore is not all the doom and gloom. >>> Well Placed Statement.

        I believe all Singaporean love our nation. The diversity, the food, the culture, the way things are done.

        The Change! have to happen.

      • new Aust PR said

        Travel extensively then does not mean got to migrate.
        I have an Aust degree many years back but I only apply for my Aust PR after GE2011.
        Got an Aust degree then does not mean got to migrate then.

    • David Chow said

      I sincerely agree.
      It’s a gamble you will have to take. The opportunity for a better life is there and for sure you’ll not be any worse than you are now.

      Good Luck

  12. ft sucks said

    Pap only know how to protect FT and those SME bosses

  13. Ken Wee said

    Hi Seraphim,
    In Canada you will not be treated like a second class citizen. All your rights will be protected and 99.9% of Canadians regardless of race accord respect for each other. If you work hard and assimilate into the Canadian environment you will be accepted as a Canadian. I have lived in Canada for 23 years, had a successful business and now retired, I thank my lucky stars that I became a quitter and I love Canada and its people.

  14. i5htar said

    It is good question!!! My thinking is everyone in Singapore have the right to choose to stay or leave this red dot. When you choose to leave this place. I don’t think government is F care about you. You can leave as you like and government can quickly replace you with F.T. Yours job position, yours flat, your rights can easily replace by someone. ONLY one word to example on us >>> “”We are EXPANDABLE!!!””

    Not only you are suffering most pink IC feel the same…I also want to be a “”Quitter”” but if everyone is “”Quitter”” then who is going to vote in the GE??? Every pink IC with 1 vote can keep an “eye” on the government. A example is the past 2012 GE,,,where government start to “wake up” abit…So we must make use of our vote in order to make all pink IC’s life more better!!!

    As we may no faith in government,,,we must in faith with ourselves and our vote!!!

    • Seraphim said

      Well, from my understanding, you can still vote even if you are PR overseas as shown in the last election. Just that you need to make a trip down to the embassy to do it.

    • daft voter said

      Who say PRs cannot vote as long as he or she is still holding pink IC?

  15. i say what i think only... said

    correction: local uni is very expensive also. still 2nd class students. the gov ask u do not retire, so 65 is a foregone dream. for your questions, i recommend u getting medical coverage insurance (without any savings component) so the premium is much lower and affordable. Any jobs ir replacable by FT so all i can say is good luck. it is never easy to leave just like that with all family and friends bonds and roots here. I believe few would want to leave if given the choice and opportunity at our home. i harboured this thought for long but the uncertainty and family issue ties me down.

    i guess this is what locals are not comparable to people from overseas. they dared to venture to where they can get a better life and more adaptable.

    • Seraphim said

      Correction noted.

      As said before, ‘My target is to retire at 65 with no worries’, And as said before, I am also very sceptic about reaching my goal.

      Your warning of getting tied down by families issues has been taken as well. I broke up with my GF regarding this issue as well, I wanted to venture overseas, while she wanted to stay and take care of her parent, but I do not see it as a bad thing because of the differences in our point of view. In fact it lessen the burden.

      The issue about the surgeries is not about myself, but rather for my father and grand parents. I have medical insurance, but my grandparent and father doesn’t. Who is going to pay the outstanding amount for them? Lets just say my family tree looks like an upside down triangle.

      I know my own decision and the price tag that comes with it. The above ‘comment’ was actually saying about how the policies the government made and its impact on us. How we (me and my peers) think and our concern. It also highlight why some of their policies like trying to increase the fertility of Singaporean does not seems effective.

  16. Lim said

    The template answer from you-know-who and their lappies will be- no one owes you a living. Low skill workers are plentiful all over the world unlike sought after talents like them who must be paid sky salaries to lure them here. We have no natural resources and can’t afford welfare clutch mentality. You have to pay for everything – no free lunch. Go upgrade and retrain to be faster better and cheaper. You must have spurs stuck to your hide to compete and if you can’t afford a Ferrari – blame your own limited market value and uselessness. Livelihood and rights – JB is cheaper if you can’t afford old age homes here. Land is expensive here and we must sell it to the highest bidder in terms of billions such as selling reclaimed land for casinos who will overflow the tax coffers. So coming back one big round – no one owes you a living. nothing is free here.

  17. spotlessleopard said

    Renounce your citizenship, sell ur flat, so that you can withdraw every cent in your CPF Account…move to a cheaper country….and come back as and when you like as a Tourist….tell PAP good luck with all their new found foreign “talents”/”trash”

  18. Dono said

    Venture overseas for greener pasture (isn’t grass always greener the other side;) )but hold on to your pink IC…so come voting time…

  19. margaret said

    A very true feeling. I had work hard my whole life, I can’t even hit 1.5k a month at age 51, what else do I look forward to…? If there’s chance, I, too will pack & leave this no citizen’s right country….:(

  20. bb said

    May be 2 nd class citizens in foreign country is better than 2 nd class citizens in sg.

    • S'porean with Aust PR said

      Yes, at least in a foreign (1st world) country as a 2nd class citizen, you get to enjoy all social security benefits (education, healthcare, retirement and unemployment), freedom of speech, independent press, freedom of peaceful assembly, independent workers union, min wage, independent elections dept, no ISA, no mandatory death sentence.
      In S’pore as a 2nd class citizen, what do you have?

      • CKMPD said

        As a singaporean, you have NSF and NSman obligations. And your money in the CPF belongs to CPF Board because you can use it the way ypu want to. It is a curse to be a Singaporean. No wonder many Singaporeans choose not to have children.

  21. kaypoh said

    Yes, multiple choice question :

    a) GE 2016 F*** the motherf******s

    b) retire & become FT in China, Philippines, or Bangladesh…cost of living is MUCH lower over there 🙂

  22. Hokkien Peng said

    I am a quitter.I love my country but the version that I love is long gone. Even though my wife and myself are both degree holders, we were only merely surviving in Singapore. We did not see any future for ourselves and our family in SIngapore, so we packed up and left for the US. Now we don’t stress as much. We have a nice house with a yard for our dogs to run in, 2 cars, a 2 yr old kid and another on the way, and we can finally start planning our lives after retirement. True the tax is higher here, but believe it or not, we have a much better standard of living and do not actually spend as much as in SIngapore. Many things are cheap here vs the import/inflated price in S’pore. And, don’t believe what you hear about racism and discrimination. We’ve never had any bad experience with that, and even if it happened, we can sue the pants off whoever discriminated against us. Yes there is crime here, but it’s usually in the lower income areas and not if you live in the better cities.

    I don’t know if we will ever go back for good, or if we’ll renounce our citizenship should we decide to acquire citizenship here. Yes Singapore doesn’t owe me a living, but after all that we’ve put into our country, I really do feel very cheated and betrayed.

    • Quit s'pore said

      My elder bro too is a quitter.
      After doing his masters in the US, he got a job and never look back since.
      Now he is happily married with 3 born in America kids.

      • CKMPD said

        Dear Quit Spore,

        Your brother is wise

      • Hokkien Peng said

        I know what you brother went through. With a upper class honors US degree, and a lot of international work experience, I don’t see how different I am compared to many FTs (except for not being an Ang Moh), but I had a very hard time finding employment in Singapore, even though I was prepared to start from entry-level. If you want to talk about discrimination (age, gender and nationality), the job search process in Singapore is perhaps worse than any other country I’ve lived in. I ended up being self-employed doing my own small biz.

        I really hate those people who shoot their mouths off and say “Not happy leave lah!” Instead of wanting to understand what went wrong, they just want to chase away and avoid the problems. In this case, people unhappy with the current situation is the “problem”. First, not everyone is able to move overseas due to family or financial commitments. Second, I believe many people like us didn’t want to quit Singapore, but at the end of the day, our priority is securing a good future for our family and children. If Singapore could have given that to us, we wouldn’t have moved. That was the push factor for us. Those of you with kids will understand. Singapore isn’t the kind of place for our children to grow up in. At least now my US born children hold dual citizenships and will have the chance to decide for themselves when they reach age 21. We do miss Singapore, but we’re not young anymore, and don’t have the luxury of waiting another 2-3 elections for things to start changing.

    • William Ho said

      I really agree with you, cus I exprience it myself and if I got my green card. I were be with my family and my brother now a US citizen with his family of three children a big house with two nice cars. If my brother stay in Singapore he is dead, he can’t go to poly or JC he works for a few year. He went to US and start from college and competed with double degree and hold a MBA. If he were to stay in Singapore he can never get that far.

    • citizen said

      Dear Hokkien Peng

      I am very envy & interested of your life now. What have descript is what I have been dreaming in my dream.

      Can you please kindly share:

      a) What is the requirement & costs to migrate to US?
      b) Currently you are holding a “Green Card” am I right?
      c) Can I say holding a green card is still able to come back SG to vote?
      d) Which State are you staying now?
      e) How much is your house & car cost down there?

      After reading most of the comment, I am starting to plan for migrate as well. LOL

      • Hokkien Peng said

        Hey Citizen,

        Nothing to really be envious of. We are living a simple life, but it’s very fulfilling. We’re not stuck at work the whole day and have time for our family.

        I’ll try to answer your questions as best as I can.

        a) requirement:
        – find a job here. It’s hard to do that while you are physically not here. If you are already working in an MNC with offices here, you can try to request for a transfer. That’s how we did it.
        – The costs are your moving expenses, ie. air tickets, rent money, car, utilities, furniture. We managed to get the company to pay for our tickets, moving allowance, and a 1 mth paid corporate apartment, but had to pay for everything on our own the 2nd mth onwards.
        – some people I know chose to go to school here, then look for a job when they graduate. It’s a bit easier than looking for overseas jobs while still in Singapore, but no guarantees. If you have a lot of money to burn, you can start a company here (must hire US locals). Minimum startup investment requirement I think is US$500k.
        – do some homework on US immigration visas to get a better idea.

        b) yes, the company is getting green cards (permanent resident status) for us.

        c) green card holders are just PRs. We are still Singapore citizens and can vote at the nearest Singapore embassy or consulate. No need to physically go back to Singapore. Once you have the US PR for 5 years, you have a choice to apply for US citizenship. The US doesn’t care about dual citizenships, but Singapore doesn’t allow it, so you’ll have to choose to keep only one citizenship.

        d) we are now in the south east region of the US.

        e) Property prices depends on where you are. Obviously places like LA, SF or NY are very small and expensive. Our location is a bit “ulu” compared to the big cities. Something like Upper Thomson compared to Orchard Road. Detached single family homes here can be bought starting from about US$280K for a 3 bedroom with 2 car garage sitting on roughly 1/8 – 1/4 acre of land. As for cars, I don’t know what type you like, so take a look at and you can search for all brands new and used. The $90K COE in Singapore can buy you a nice 7 series or CLS here.

        Good luck with your plans. It’s not easy, but you’ll never know if you never try.

    • Citizen said

      Dear Hokkien Peng

      Thank you so much for your prompt & detail reply.
      After reading your reply, quite sad to say that it is very different for me to work on it as I am working in a SME instead of MNC. On top of that still under a local boss which make thing worst 

      Think I have to wait for striking TOTO & Big Sweep in order to come over LOL. Anyway from the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the Best & please send my regards to your wife & children.

  23. mahbok tan said

    OK OK OK I get it …. my opinion is , this is how our LKY wants to get rid of all fellow citizen of SGpore who are no longer productive to his country….but he just cannot say it out LOUD and CLEAR… he have to think outside his coffin instead of thinking from inside it…..?????
    Poor fellow citizen of SGpore , your hunger are no longer with you and your children and great grand children , thus you all are no longer able to generate more money for LKY for his children and great grand children and greatgreatgreat grand children… better fuck off from SGpore.

  24. bernard tan said

    in 2008, i had a triple bypass and a valve repair job done at the national heart centre…… My monthly income is about sgd3k……. Did not have to pay a cent after medisave and medishield……bought my flat for 300k 10 years ago, and i’m still living comfortably…… Live within your means and u’ll be ok…….

    • aust PR said

      I stay in a 13 yrs old EC, drive a 3 yrs old korean mid size car, have a maid for 4 yrs, double your income, also living comfortably, but I still went ahead to apply for my Aust PR after GE2011, I am now an Aust PR.
      It is not just live within your means, it is about me and my wife retirement and our children future.

  25. Chris said

    Hey i have looked through your concerns. To survive in this fast paced environment, have you considered getting insurance instead of other reasons?

    • Seraphim said

      As a matter of fact, I do have health insurance coverage and a bit of investment. (Short term).

      I used my father’s CPF money to pay for my poly fees and had to pay back 6k with interest after graduation. They defer the payment when I was serving my NS. And that basically reduced 90% of my savings from the last 1 year. However, I felt that it was unfair that I had to be charged interest for it as it was my father’s money and I had to be charged interest for something that is from my father?

      I also thought through about the possibilities about upgrading myself, but the returns are not guaranteed and it may even backfire. It cost quite a substantial amount of money and may land myself in debt and allow the interest to lower my quality of life.

  26. Eh said

    Ok please migrate and become one of the FT who steals jobs. You will be so loved for your cheap foreign labour. The citizens will then complain that you are in their country stealing their jobs and university places. Look at Australia. True story.

    • Seraphim said

      I am not exophobic, I understand why the Philippinos and PRCs are coming to China. Hence I am not blaming them for striving for a better life. Hence I blame the liberal migration policies of Singapore.

      The differences is that their government protects them when a foreigner bully them. What did our government do? The Australians protested in the streets and the government listened. The PM Julia Gillard says it is the duty of the immigrants to learn the cultures with the locals and adapt to it. What did our government do? True story as well.

    • aust PR said

      Before you become Aust PR, you have been asked to commit to Aust govt that you will live, work and play in the Australian way, meaning you have to integrate into Aust society and community not the other way round in S’pore.
      At least in Aust, there is min wage and social security benefits, what do you have in S’pore?

  27. oute said

    Why need to quit. Just vote them out this GE2016.

    Why are we suffering, when they are “happy with their CPF statement.”

    This country belongs to us, and not to them only.

    If you are serious, boycott this National Day and celebrate it yourself.

    • mahbok tan said

      Lets boycott this national day by having a sit in at east coast or somewhere spacious or marina barrage…wearing SG colours….good idea….any takers to organised…or lets call Captain Pritam…..!!!! Your command is our mission….!!!
      Huat Huat Arh

    • aust PR said

      Not so easy to vote them out in GE2016, at most they will lose one or more GRC or SMC.
      The true change will not come as long as they still hold 2/3 majority in parliament and this is the hard truth.
      So it makes more sense to quit early when you are still eligible to quit, remember your circumstances or quitting policies may change and nobody knows.

  28. Ben said

    u should stay because this is your home. what u can do is to vote out the people that hold on to our rights and vote in those that care for singaporeans. these ‘people’ that are holding on to our rights should go, not u!

    • Gone with the wind said

      This is definitely no longer my home with so many strangers around…
      The born and bred place which I called home has gone since someone took over in 2004.

  29. complicating small country said

    there are no more hopes from PAP anymore now ,Let save our country from this easy give away pro foreigner policy , vote them out if PAP can’t do better than this. let be united give Wp a Chance to serve us and also allow our next gen. not to suffer like us now , MY PAP they no longer call themselves good Gov from now. let forget about them ,their service is not doing good for our future , i can see they are trying to patching holes from a leaking pot with no guarantee will make it … order to do good for the country ppl we have to void some of their policy that they see good but bad for most. I love LHL i can see he is doing his best but too bad ,his fellow PAP are all trash !

  30. Pantatko said

    Pinoy are meant to b slave to singaporeans…we can’t do w/o them…hahaha…come doggie come to papa

  31. Melissa said

    Guess I’m one small step ahead then, I’ve pretty much migrated to another country already. I really feel 2nd class, or worse, in my own country which I used to love and never would have thought of leaving. So now, guess I’m 2nd class in another country, but it makes no difference as I am already one at home.

  32. Only losers will call someone a quitter. To me, its a new beginning, if the previous chapter need to be end.

  33. singaporean said

    Just a note, not all countries’ government welcome immigrants with open arms like how Singapore government does. You may still need to ‘join the rat race’ to get the right qualifications and/or land in the right professional that your target country desires.

    Do some research. You’ll realise how screwed we are.

    • aust PR said

      Yes, you must have the right qualification and you must be in the right profession to be welcome as a skilled migrant.

  34. Flora said

    I will ans question 4. By which ever way I will complete my degree in private school. After I finish I will move to other countries who welcome me. No point continuse working in Singapore when even local university reject me. But accep foreigner. This is longer mine country. Soon FT Will take over. And we shall just watch n see what will happen to Singapore in 10 20 years later. For your qns 1 2 3 u can actually buy insuarance to protect yourself.

    • Seraphim said

      Dear Flora,

      I understand that concern 2 can be migated by means of insurance. It is also the reason why I chose to invest in it at an early age.

      I do not understand why it is applicable to question 1 and 3 though.

      As investment insurance requires you to commit years of non-stop payment and there is no job security in Singapore. Should I stop payment for a single time, I stand to lose all my investment (majority of it) for the past few years. It also ties my ‘funds’ for the next few years. It also does not guarantee any returns as it may come back as a negative.

      I do not think insurance company will be offering insurances for your job and pay you when you get fired due to the simple reason that the insurance can be easily exploited. If you know of any, link me, thanks.

      As the current situation right now, I know of people who have been jobless for months. By buying insurances, it requires that person to demand an increased amount of salary as well. In another words, it reduces their competitive edge and lead to a lower chance of getting employed.

    • wmulew said

      Thousands of Aussies get rejected by their own Uni yet openly accepts foreigners. Heck just recently the aussie government flew a whole jumbo jet back with just 1 foreigner on Aussie govt expense just so he can get medical help. And U think SG is bad? The PRs in Australia can even vote the FTs in Europe get to leech on welfare of other countries so before you think of SG treating Foreigners better then locals, you should take a look around

      • Mel said

        I think those Aussie PRs who can vote actually migrated a long while back. The new ones coming in do not get voting rights.

  35. Hokkien Peng said

    It’s not easy to just pack up and go. There are so many considerations, such as elderly parents, children, and debt (car/housing/credit loans). I have many friends who are not able to leave the country for those reasons. For those like us who have left, it wasn’t easy too. It takes a lot of courage (and savings) to start off fresh in a new country without many friends, money or credit history. You need to rent or buy a new place, new furniture, car, insurance etc. Everything starts from square one.

    I would encourage those without any current burden to go and experience life overseas. It will be a real eye opener, and very valuable life experience. Not all countries are the same, so do your homework before you move. Even within a country, different states/provinces can be very different. In one place, people might spit on you, while in another, you’ll feel very welcome.

    Not everyone is suited for life overseas. I actually know a Singaporean who came to the US and really hated it. He couldn’t fit in and often complained to me about why there were so many options and choices for any single thing. He actually preferred the system in Singapore where they tell you what to choose. (Are many Singaporeans like this? Lazy or incapable of making informed choices/decisions?) He also felt that he didn’t have as much disposable income, but I guess he felt that way because, in Singapore, he was living with his parents, didn’t have a car, and didn’t have to pay for anything. After moving here, he suddenly had to pay for everything (rent, utilities, car payment, health and auto insurance). Well, he’s now back in Singapore and I hope he’s happy. He’s recently married and STILL living with his parents…

  36. PMET said

    What I see?
    Just to share my personal observations on a bigger picture. Our educational system trains us to be workers for the Industrial Revolution era but we are already in Mobile/Machine Age where IT innovations/machines can easily replace us resulting in scarcity of jobs. Singapore government must have seen it coming years back. That’s why MOE introduced critical thinking in schools and aggressively pushing entrepreneurship in recent years hoping that entrepreneurs can create more jobs.

    What I think?
    It only make sense to pursue a professional degree if you want to be a doctor or lawyer, else you’ll end up like many retrenched graduate PMETs from NTU, NUS in time to come. The old advice of “Studying hard and find a good job” from our parents is long overdue. The whole game has changed and so have its rules. Not everything that you wish to start requires paper qualifications. The internet offers you more up to date info than any textbooks can. Our educational system is forever a catching up game with little relevance to the real world which evolves faster than before.

    What We Should Do?
    Jobs are referred among “own communities”, that could explain why many locals find ourselves being left out unknowingly. To tackle this issue, we should also refer jobs among our own community. If you share the same vision of helping fellowmen, msg us @ We already have plans in the pipeline waiting for a few good men/ladies.

  37. Ron said

    Migration is a great idea if you can get a well-paid job in the next country. The realities may be harsh. Tell me which country now welcome foreigners with jobs (Spore is the exception perhaps). And if you land in a foreign country without a job, you can become depressed. Your savings are low and you do not have your friends and relatives there. Life can be miserable.

    My advice is not migration. Seek work overseas first and experience several overseas locations. Plan carefully and if you secure a good job and decide that migration is good, then act on it. Good luck.

    • aust PR said

      Most people who choose to migrate probably did not have the mentality of getting well paid job in their adopted country.
      Please do remember that your circumstances or migrating policies may change by the time you have decided to migrate. By then, you have just missed the boat.
      My advice is to plan and migrate early when you are still eligible.

  38. PatrickJB said

    I am a Malaysian living abroad. I used to visit Singapore regularly; at least 3-4 times a year. I went there just for the sake of sight seeing and recently trying my luck at the casino. Everything seems to be fine off course; but not really a place to live my life in the long run. Kinda stressful atmosphere. Not only you’re deprived off your liberty but also the people are very individualistic. There is nothing better than having a comfortable house (mo matter how small) at your plot of land where you can parked your cars and bikes, and even doing a break dance and fine-tuned your putting at the lawn; and plucking flower petals and fruits at your own backyard. That’s Malaysia. Anywhere you go you can shout your heart out… “Hey bro where in Hell have you been?” No one will turns their back at you. Kiasu??? What’s that? Singaporean are welcome to Malaysia.

  39. sadsingaporean said

    Lol, serve your NS faithfully!! LOL, I wonder if NS was volunteery. Will you serve faithfully? Btw I served mine and was on 5th cycle of reservist, if in case you think I am FT.

    • Seraphim said

      The obvious answer is no. So what you are trying to imply is that people are only faithful when it is optional?

      To me, faithful is something like a marriage. You are suppose to be loyal to your partner and do your part to make it work. And to NS, you fulfill your duties and trainings.

      I was a medic during my NS time.

      Have u seen people act sick during the assessment to tried get down-graded?

      I have seen alot. Alot of them were not successful, but they attempt again and again…

      Have you seen people getting/submitting MCs all day long throughout their service?

      I have seen alot. Some of them can even teach me how to ‘geng’. I have to process 1 person’s MC for 3 months straight due to ‘headache, diarrhoe, rashes and red eyes’, each about 1-2 days.

      Have you seen people AWOL?

      I have seen people like that too.

    • same era as Lee Jr said

      The idea of national service is noble but when you look around and ask yourself, who and what am I really protecting ? It does not make sense any more.
      It is rather similar to the situation for N Koreans, who are they actually protecting ?
      It has to be Kim Jr and his goons including their family members, right ?

      By the way, Kim Jr inherited the country from his father and it is the same with Lee Jr.

      Reflecting back, can sporeans claim they own their HDB flats, they have seen what their reserves are worth, they have the option to withdraw their CPF, they are well represented by 81 members of parliament, they believe in the national pledge ?

  40. Anon said

    I totally understand what they are saying here. I believe Singaporeans are really one of THE most hardworking people in the world. (arguably) but then due to the policies which the government has opted for, they have turned people into working cows constantly draining any milk inside them with all the crazy taxes imposed and miscellaneous fees, electricity and water which are not subsidized as in other countries, crazy housing prices, non welfare state and overly lenient immigration policies. IT IS PARTICULARLY BECAUSE OF THE NON WELFARE STATE CHARACTERISTIC, that makes Singapore so attractive to foreign talent and foreign wealth. The government is always seeking to broaden its tax base and increase tax revenue… I understand that surpluses are important to build reserves but not to the extent that it squeezes the middle income people so much so that they become over worked, jaded, do not have a positive outlook in life and can’t look forward to the retirement years. How much reserves do you want? For the low income group, the plight is even worse now, it’s as if they will not be able to come out of this social class unless they are somehow born a genius. Which is one every century like Albert Einstein.

    Transport cost (going to work) already takes up so much money. (public transport ain’t that cheap you know) and FOOD prices are soaring. The cost of living is so high that people don’t even want to have babies. And then this is what you justify your immigration policies by. By blaming Singaporeans for not giving birth enough. And you plead your case by saying that you give birth benefits. $10000? Seriously, after seeing a pediatrician a few times, it is enough to completely use it up. And the doctors can’t be to blame completely as well, their tuition fees like the rest of the courses are so high that they need to charge this amount to pay their bills. WHY DO UNIVERSITIES CHARGE SO MUCH? And what do they do with the money, they give it away in scholarships which the locals are not able to get. MONEY IS FLOWING OUT. SINGAPOREANS HARD EARNED CASH. You’re lucky Singaporeans are still willing to work at 60. Just look at Greece, the people aren’t willing to work anymore, and thus they are in deep shit. So you’re lucky Singaporeans are cooperating with you.

    Instead of spending so much in defense which is like almost useless if any major superpower wants to take control. They do not fear us because of our army. Instead, it’s because the only way they can stead to gain from us, is if we are still around and coopertate with them, since Singapore only has human resource to offer, no oil no gold, etc etc. hence, there is no point for them to attack us. When will the money be used to help the poor? I’m not talking about all the poor, only those that are willing to work hard. And when I mean help, it doesn’t mean a lump sum of 2000 dollars in the FAS we have in school, but rather to sponsor them to study as long as they are hardworking enough. CUT DOWN ON THE NUMBER OF FOREIGN PLACES GIVEN AND GIVE MORE TO LOCALS IF YOUR EXCUSE IS THAT THERE IS NOT ENOUGH PLACES. There are so many things you can do yet you choose to ignore this part and focus on the rights of foreigners and not the rights of your own people.

    Instead of focusing on how to attract even more foreign talent with IRs and GARDENS BY THE BAY, RWS etc, as well as focusing on the rights off maids etc, why not focus on the rights of your own people first, the freedom of expression for instance. I’m not saying you aren’t focusing at all on your people, but rather focus MORE! So much MORE can be done. This is not demanding, this is basic necessities. Foreigners love that Singapore has no welfare system so that they know their tax is spent on themselves and not the lower classes of society. HOW FLAWED IS THIS CONCEPT? If you really want the poor to be motivated to work hard and study hard, they need to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now the light is so small that they don’t even bother. SO MANY LOW INCOME STUDENTS CHASING AFTER SO FEW SPOTS AND SCHOLARSHIPS. how can that be motivating. They know that even if they work super hard, the fact is many of them will still not be able to get the scholarships. PROVIDE MORE FOR LOCALS. also, why aren’t ASEAN scholarships for locals to study at local universities? A bit funny don’t you think considering your own people are from ASEAN as well? Think about it

    To add on, Singaporeans and PRs have to serve army and use 2 years of their life which they could be using to build a career and save up for their golden years. Foreigners come take the scholarships, study and leave WITHOUT NS. and although, I know what I mentioned above is a lot of things that need to be handled, but you are one of the highest paid ministers of the WORLD, if you can take that kind of salary home, you better be able to handle this kind of shit and be able to bear the responsibility of solving ALL the problems associated with it. IN SHORT, YOU SIGNED UP FOR THIS DEAL, YOU BETTER BE ABLE TO TAKE EVERYTHING IN THE DEAL, NOT JUST THE PERKS BUT ALL THE NECESSARY HARDWORK AND HOURS OF WORK AS WELL. Even if that means working through the night. That’s what a million dollars is worth. Am I right?

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