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17 year old babe Yap Siew Ting sentenced to 2 years probation for extortion

Posted by temasektimes on June 28, 2012

A 17 year old girl Yap Siew Ting who was involved in a nude video scam has been sentenced to 2 years supervised probation for extortion.

She has been ordered by the court to serve 130 hours of community service. Her mother also has to post a bond of S$5,000 to ensure her good behaviour.

Yap allegedly stripped in front of a webcam to entice unsuspecting men to do so as well, one of whom is a son of a medical doctor who was extorted a total of $97,000 as reported initially over a period of nine months under the threat that the footage of his naked body would be circulated online if he did not pay up.

The man reportedly paid $97,350 via 89 fund transfers to different POSB savings accounts. However, Yap remained unsatisfied and continued to extort more money from him, eventually forcing him to lodge a police report.

Yap was charged along with her boyfriend, 21-year-old Soh Zhi Ren Alexander, earlier this year for the online extortion scam.

In mitigation, Yap said she was ‘coerced’ by her boyfriend to partake in the scam as she was afraid of losing him. Soh’s case is still pending.


23 Responses to “17 year old babe Yap Siew Ting sentenced to 2 years probation for extortion”

  1. sweetbean said

    is that a cross between exhaustion and extortion? Mod please change your headline to right spelling la!

  2. Jack said

    do whatever you want before 18, and you are protected

  3. P Koh said

    What is becoming of the society that we live in.? Where is the human decency that we used to treasure in the good old days.? Is the new generation of youths incapable of being taught human values and integrity? Is it the fault of parents or western influence or the lack of supervision and the innate need of youths to be different.? What has education system done to our teenagers for it is believed that the end of education is Character but why is this missing.? I may be wrong in generalizing but we are getting far too many of such uncalled for behaviours in youths.

    • Lee said

      Oh please, your opinion reeks of self righteousness. Yes, such acts cannot and must never be condoned, however such indecent acts/corruption and other evils have existed within society ever since men walked the earth. It has nothing to do with generation nor has there ever been ‘good old days’. Open your eyes and quit being naive.

      • Arjun said

        Well said mate.

      • P Koh said

        In my good old days our parents always teach us to have filial piety and to be kind and honest and not to do things that can harm others. It does not mean that there were no evils which you are right to say that they existed since men walked the earth. You may not have heard about couples being put in pigs-cages and drown when caught commiting aldultery and that was the time when morality runs high in society. Your eyes may not be opened then.

      • fries said

        I see something worth a read.

  4. Ron said

    The Court should have required her to undergo counselling also. Without proper guidance, what kind of community work will she be doing that will strengthen her character?

  5. abas said

    singapore is sinking in terms of morality the population. we get more and more absured cases of corruptions, extortions and who know what is coming.

  6. godisblind said

    She from CHC? Must be. Got such pastor got such follower!
    Nail her in cross and gang bang !!! I first in Q.

  7. Fuck Ho said

    This slut is not totally innocent also la, she will grow up and become a prostitute, stop giving excuses, a whore will be a whore.

  8. Ho! said

    This bitch should be rotan between her legs, 16 strokes.

  9. LkySi said

    She should be sentenced to solicit building funds for CHC so that Pastor Kong Hee and his wife Sun Ho can live comfortably

  10. kaypoh said

    So any diff btw this & SH acting sluttish on MTV & forcing members to buy albums?

  11. lsvop said

    “Afraid of loosing him” this kind of true love, we dun need

  12. muimui said

    So young and she started her career on conning people. Somemore, amount quite huge and if not for the victim reporting to police, she’d have con more $.

    Dun know why she was let off with a slap on the wrist only…

    • icefire said

      3 things can be done in singapore to reduce punishment …1 join CHC as they will forgive all mistake commit and the papaya will give face to these target grp and hope to buy their vote for the next GE, 2 pull down her skirt, our corrupted govt accept sex to exchange for favor, 3 be rich, our govt will stretch their hand out to help rich pple.

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