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CHC member on how he was ‘encouraged’ to buy Ho Yeow Sun’s album

Posted by temasektimes on June 28, 2012

When I attended a cell group in 2003, the cell group leader told everyone how sun’s music had touched numerous non-believers, he then continued asking everyone in the cell whether we should support pastor Sun.

Naturally, everyone in the group agreed that we should support her. Next the leader ask everyone how many album we would like to buy? He say we should buy more to give to all our friends and bless them. Hence, everyone start buying many of her albums because we said we want to support our pastor.

I bought one because I ‘paiseh’ and if I don’t buy the leader will keep asking me why. No pressure, we did it on our own accord, how not to? Hahaha..every time i go to his church, somehow its about give until your heart break so that God will bless you hundred folds..

When the building fund for the Jurong West 46mill building is on, they say there will be no more fund raising for the next two years when the building is completed.. Few months after building completed.. they ask for donation for extension building..when you pay your tithes, everyone clapped for you and you will get a free pastor Kong’s booklet. Happy boh?


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times.


36 Responses to “CHC member on how he was ‘encouraged’ to buy Ho Yeow Sun’s album”

  1. Anthony Tang said

    King of the Kongman with hidden agenda. Now he will have more time in Changi conning the other prisoners. By the time, he is discharged Changi Prison will have a branch of CHC there. Another avenue of income

  2. Lim said


  3. Singaporean said

    Wait – what are in the lyrics of Sun Ho’s songs that touch the churchgoers’ lives? Can someone please explain that? Listen to Mr Bill, one of her reggae songs. Dressing skimpily is OK for a pastor’s wife? Advocating killing is permissible in Christianity? About time the churchgoers remove their rose-tinted glasses, open their eyes and listen for God’s real words. As they say, if you’re not convinced, go for second opinions. If you even think with sensibility that what CHC preaches isn’t right, approach a more traditional church on the interpretation of the Bible. Love God. Not love 2 founders who seem to have materialism streaking in all facets of their lives? If people see their material wealth as a sign of success, then I think they are thinking very, very wrong. It’s a material world that they built with church donations.

    • Blue Nights said

      Actually I have kind of the same questions. I saw the video on “China Wine”. Can anyone tell me what it is about a pastor’s wife simulating group sex with BOTH males and females that count as godly. Also, this couple must be very liberal for one partner to live in California and another in Singapore over long periods of separation. For an Asian man to have a wife hanging off the arms of men other than himself, and paying for it all! What an interesting model for marriages within the church.

      • pinkocean said

        The song is based on Jamaica and their culture is like this… Of course we won’t be able to understand lah unless I live there long enough. Likewise, they also don’t understand Singaporeans. What’s popular among us is not popular to them.

        Ok lah… It’s not that indecent if you have seen gaga’s videos. Why so bias?

      • Rebecca said

        Pls do not compare her with gaga as she worship satan. Sun suppose to be a light that shines for God who loves mankind.. one who suppose to point people to God’s love, truth and light.. Pls read the bible for yourself to find out truth on how a christian shld live to glorify God and be found pleasing to Him. ” Without knowledge, the people perish” Bible.

    • MoneyNoEnough said

      There is no need to go to CHC for service and donate all your hard earned money to Kong Hee and HO Sun. I recommend CHC members read the book “Jesus The Teacher Within” by Laurence Freeman. The true teachings of Jesus is explained so clearly for the layman that even the janitor can understand and experience true light. I am one who does not attend church.

  4. FanaticD said

    this is what many people encountered

  5. Con hee .

  6. Piratetoon said

    Ask yourself are you happy after discovering this ? Please tell us. Do you still believe in him. If you still do than I think GOD cannot save you any more. After listening to the album – do you think she is a good singer? Got value for money?
    Please enlighten us.

    • MoneyNoEnough said

      Most of the major new age churches are about money and getting more and more donations. Churches are now run like corporations, Pastors are paid between $15,000 – more than $50,000 per month in salary. On top of that they also get 3 months bonus + other incentives. These new age pastors live in condominium and penthouses on Sentosa Cove. What happens behind these walls, no one knows. On the other hand, pastors from catholic churches get only $500 (five hundred dollars) in allowance. I remember one pastor from St.Mary of the Angels said in the media ” $500 is sufficient as he has nowhere to spend it” New age pastors drive mercedes benz, wear luxury watches and branded clothings and live in luxury. Did Jesus need all these?

      • Power said

        Wow… well said!

      • 60+ said

        I really cannot tahan religious teacher driving luxuries cars, wearing branded watches, eating in restaurant, shopping in mall etc.
        The monks from Sri Lankaramaya is a good example, carry no money and if you need his service, all you need to is pick him up at the temple.
        No money talk, all donation go to the maintenance of the temple fund.

    • Why do you say God can’t save them if they still believe?
      Are you God?
      IF this Kong Hee is fake, doesn’t mean God cannot save the people in his church.
      The only time when God can’t is when Kong Hee is greater then God and an stop him. But he isn’t.
      So who are you to say God can’t save them?
      Please enlighten me on how you know whether God is able to save them.
      Because I am a Christian, and I believe that God can save anyone who is willing.
      Just saying.

      • 60+ said

        who is GOD, Con Hee or ??????

      • Jacob said

        God is more than able to save anyone He is willing to save, but He will not just save anyone who is willing to be saved. If God did so, He would be a cheap god, then He is not God.

  7. leedavid said

    It is FUNNY, after this incident come to LIGHT , all those HAPPY moment come to LIFE.

  8. heart of singapore origin said

    Haha, cheapskate

  9. Solutionlist said

    A penny of my thoughts
    i think more rules and regulations should be enforced on charity organisation like :

    1.) Salary for Director or any position shall be Capped at $xxx amount(preferably less than 4k)

    2.) No Bonus ( I agree that charity should not have bonus as they are doing it for a cause, but could be change to for individuals who Safricse their time for such charity cause should be motivated which i believe having a cash reward not exceeding of a certain amount like eg. $500 to thanks them , it depend on whether they want to receive or not or to donate back to the cause)

    3.) Bank transfer to oversea or locally shall not be easily granted and need to be approved thus cases of transferring the funds to oversea to escape monitoring are greatly lower, thus i suggest a special bank account shall be allocated to them to place restriction

    4.) Annually External CAD auditors shall check the account of large charity organisation

    5.) Having a government officer for a position inside such large charity organisation preferably non believer or supporter of such group to monitor them

    PS: Well all these are just my thoughts as a Singaporean who are very concern of the recent high corruption arrest in these recent months, i believe blaming here and there is no use what we should do is to find the solution to cover the loopholes in the rules and regulations that those people are making use of. Al thought i don’t whether such steps are feasible or not but hopefully government officers who are reading these can take a look at these points and maybe improvise them etc

    • MoneyNoEnough said

      Pastors in one church I know off is paid $15,000.00 per month. The pastor of New Creation Church is paid $50.000 per month as reported in the media. I am dying to be a pastor rather than an engineer.

      • Solutionlist said

        That is why i believe their salary shld have a cap limit cuz i dun understand why pastor is allow to earn so much , their cause is to help people in the name of god to encourage them etc and monthly salary of $15,000 seriously what can they do with so much money, althought i agree that pastor are also humans which also like us need to feed their family but isnt it a bit too much where those kind of money can be use to contribute back to society .
        Somemore those money are raise by church goers i believe in their heart those money shld be use to help keep the church going and also to help those people who are in need which i think that those excess money keep be use to either :
        1.) Donate to other charity that are in need
        2.) Keep a buffer limit so in times of “rainy days”(economy is bad) to help keep the church going due to the drop in givings
        3.) Those excess money could be use for church people whose family are in need of money like sudden illness in their members of their family(provided the sick person must also be the member of the church) etc

      • Naivety said

        Aiyah…Christian Churches’ Pastors & Elders need lots of money to raise & support family & also wives for Hollywood Singing Careers & to live lavishly whereas Roman Catholic Priest only got monthly allowance of $500 because they do not need to support family & do not have wives lah!!

        What do you think???

      • 30s said

        U are seriously outdated about that news . N I really doubt u know much about that church pastor .. Please open ur eye big big ..

  10. Ron said

    Now the stories are coming out. This is always the case when someone high up is arrested. People become brave enough to speak out.

  11. Tru Blu Sinkie said

    Use Sun Ho’s music to reach out to non-Christians?? More like REPEL them.

  12. Put anyone in charge of MONEY anyone just anyone if they are not straight if they are the greedy ones all accounts can be manupulated to look good, THIS IS WELL KNOWN THROUGH OUT THE WHOLE WORLD IT IS JUST HOW THEY COVER UP THATS ALL.

  13. Mongoose said

    Not surprise at all! If someone gives me her album for free, I wouldn’t even want it. I really hope there will be more CHC members like you who will step out and speak to the public. Hope you have moved on to a better church.

  14. spotlessleopard said

    Thiting is ungodly….yet these Money grabbing Modern pastors use such methods to enrich themselves with threats of reprisals from GOD if the SHEEPLE do not pay up 10% gross of their income to “GOD”…..
    conclusion as long as there are Sheeple there will be Sheeple “Shepards”

  15. Fuck Ho said

    Sun Ho’s secular music career to connect with people??

    She looks like a prostitute in the MTV, so well connected indeed. This whore basically bought her way into fame by buying her own albums. SO FAMOUS INDEED!

    • 60+ said

      I agree, why she need to stay in a $28k house, must be partying when Con Hee is in Singapore. Ang Mo tua kee.

  16. Singaporean said

    This church operates like MLM

  17. Time is running out said

    Blind faith is the most scary thing on earth. CHC members really need to use their God gifted brain to analyze what is right or wrong. Religion is all out spiritualness and it shouldn’t be tied to any human or structural form. The most despicable thing a person can do is to use religion for their own benefit. Unless all the perpertators of the CHC are truly innocent of any wrong doings, God will bless them to survive this ordeal. But if they’re really guilty, all of them, especially KH should own up their mistake and take full responsibilities for their sheer greed that led them astray. At least all of them can still proof to their devoted members they still have some spiritual integrity left and they really believed in God and should never have had used God’s name as their tool of trade. If the group has to wait until God to use the law to proof their guilt, they would have wasted all their years of preaching and taken the path of Judas of no return.

    Time is running out for all of them…

  18. justme said

    listen to her songs and got blessed?

    what logic is this? so bullshit?.. con people also don’t know how to con people

  19. mel said

    Its a cult group, period
    wake up

  20. franc said

    Cheat Heaven Church = CHC

  21. RealityCheck said

    Previously i was against the makes and talents that gave us the quality (or the lack of it to be precise) of the music in this day and age. I thought none could be worse. Boy i was wrong with just 20 secs watching Sun Ho’s Mr Bill. So wrong…so so wrong.

    Even i cannot fathom how such music is suppose to reach out to non-believers and convince them to embrace God. To me, i trust no man except for the Son of Man.

    As for the churches (not all but a good number) these days, the exuberance are hard to ignore. Take heed people, remember the Tower of Babel, Only difference is while the tower was built to have his children closer to God and eventually scattered by His Will, these churches are going sideways (pockets) and bulging at their seams following smooth talking preachers.


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