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CHC member writes to Chan Chun Sing accusing COC of ‘defaming’ church in statement

Posted by temasektimes on June 28, 2012

A member of City Harvest Church, Christopher Pang has written to Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth & Sports Chan Chun Sing accusing the Commissioner of Charities (COC) for ‘defaming’ the church in a statement on the arrest of its founder Kong Hee and four others for misuse of the church’s funds.

COC had earlier said its inquiry discovered financial irregularities of at least S$23 million from the Charity’s funds, and that these funds were used with the purported intention to finance Sun Ho’s secular music career to connect with people.

However, Mr Pang claimed that the statement is defamatory, and demanded for an apology from the Commissioner of Charities, adding that as a society, the church does not owe members of the public any account of how its funds are used.

CHC members have largely rallied behind their beleaguered pastor with more than 200 of them turning up yesterday at the Subordinate Courts to ‘protect’ him from the media.

CHC is the largest mega-church in Singapore with a congregation of more than 33,000 people. There were no immediate response from the Acting Minister.



55 Responses to “CHC member writes to Chan Chun Sing accusing COC of ‘defaming’ church in statement”

  1. Adrian said

    Only individuals can be defamed, not entities or organizations…

  2. heart of singapore origin said

    Talk cocky so much for what. No ball to take any action.

  3. Piratetoon said

    Christopher Pang – please remember it was your member Roland who raise it many years back. How you going to explain and compensate him now. ? You don’t own the public but you own your members n explanation or are you saying that 33000 of you are agrreable to his wrong doing?

    • Blue Nights said

      I do not think this is about wanting an apology. Me thinks the power shuffle have begun and this guy is positioning himself for a starring role.

  4. That is the point, CHC members had take it too hard and unable to accept the blow.
    They can’t believes that their spiritual leader will do such thing, to them, to the church or to the community.

    It is getting too personal, Pastor Kong is a individual and he seems to be worship by his followers.
    Now may I ask, CHC members believes in God or Kong?

  5. Fatt Choy said

    Don’t apologize then how? Want to sue and sue izzit?

    Go ahead.

    Make our day to see more drama.

    Free entertainment in previously boring Sinkapoor now getting more interesting and dramatic by the day with so many baddies hauled to court.

  6. Greg said

    This Christopher Pang is a joker who blindly believe in Kong not God saying that “adding that as a society, the church does not owe members of the public any account of how its funds are used.”

    If he donate his personal money and all the money siphoned, surely he will question it but if other people money, he being so defensive. People like him really disgrace.

    • Kill Bill said

      Grow up lah Christopher ! r u on drugs or just brainwashed? if u want to continue to believe a conman its ok but what abt the innocent who gave innocently and now they discovered their money have been mis-used. if you can’t even uphold the good values of Christianity, shame on you and don’t even claim to be a Christian.

      • PAPPY STYLE said

        fake christian who believe in evil.

      • AY said

        Who is claiming now? CoC!!
        If a person pray for 4d and strike first prize, he went back to the temple and give his partial winning as a form of gratitude, so do you think he will bother how the owner of the temple going to spend his donation? will you?
        Why we take religion? think, it is not the matter of the mis use fund by kong and his member, they answer to God not COC since we are talking about religion here

    • PAPPY STYLE said

      could it be he is one of the beneficiaries of the fund misused?

    • AY said

      Not truth, there are ppl who donate because they got bless by god, in return they give money to church or his service to Him in a form of gratitude….. example if a man pray for 4D, and he strike, he will give partial of his winning to the temple which he pray from….. and will not demand how the owner of the temple going to spend,his money, will you?

  7. Pantatko said

    Complaint to him for what?…what can he do?…

  8. Geo said

    It’s the law, the way it’s written and approved by parliament……on Charities, on Companies…..for good or bad……maybe we should have a committment to re-examine… And CHC didn’t do it correctly….ah!

    Even under companies act…..if you transfer money away, owner(s) can be charged even it’s his own money put into the company!!!!!

  9. asd said

    Christopher Pang: please pray harder.. maybe your “GOD” will grant you your demand

  10. Ron said

    This guy is so ignorant. The charges are against the said individuals. CHC has not been charged. What crap is he talking about.

  11. muimui said

    Because charity organizations are meant to do charity work, that’s why it is non-taxable. In this case, if Christopher says that funds need not be accountable to the public and that it can be use in any other means other than charity work, then it is not charity organization anymore. SO, does this mean Kong Hee has been evading income tax?

    • PAPPY STYLE said

      yes. if it involved evading tax, then it is involving public interest. because we lose out all this public money.

  12. Kill Bill said

    “Kong Hee Kong Hee” this evil pastor is going to jail and to those blind supporter who still regard him as Jesus Christ should do some serious sould searching & repent. Nobody likes to see another person go to jail but if a wrong has been committed and especially by church leader or any religious leader its amplified because these guys are supposed to impart the “right values” then shame on them and they deserved a heavier punishment than ordinary folks . To spend that kind of money money on your wife using churchgoers money is evil and i dont’ care if your wife is as talented or beautiful as Madonna or Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston. No woman is worth spending so much money on and only merits will get them there.

  13. Please note that City Harvest ‘s declared status is as also as a CHARITY and as an IPC, not just as a society – Under the Income Tax Act, that allows them to be exempted on tax provided 80% of the receipts goes out to CHARITABLE objects in Singapore (not KL, not US, not Hollywood) ; otherwise as merely a Society under the Income Tax Act they would need to account for taxes already since most of your receipts come from non-members (in this case membership in a society comes from persons who are entitled to vote at the general meeting of the body at which effective control is exercised over the affairs of the club or similar institution, that obviously preclude most of your congregation who are not members in the sense of the word herein) . As a CHARITY , included under the Duty Of Care And Prudence of the Governing board members must:
    (a) act in the best interest of the charity and be actively involved in the management and decision making process, and jointly make decisions as a Board on policy matters;
    (b) exercise strict control over financial matters of the charity:
    ensure the charity remains solvent;
    ensure charitable funds and assets are used reasonably, and only for the furtherance of the charity’s objects;
    (c) avoid undertaking activities that will place charity funds, assets and reputation at undue risks. In addition , CHC’s Services Association is registered as an Institute of Public Character , which is entitled to issue tax donation receipts on the condition that they maintain their duty to Donors :
    – Any information provided to donors or to the general public is accurate and not misleading.
    – Disclose the name of their organisation, intended use of funds raised (includes the cause and/or beneficiaries) and whether any commercial fund-raiser has been engaged in soliciting the donation.
    and regarding the Use of Donations :
    – All donations have to be used according to donors’ intentions.
    – If such intention is not specified, donation must be used according to the purpose communicated to the donor during solicitation. There are so many level of cares that your Board choose to bring on to your Church that Christopher Pang obviously does not demonstrate awareness of when he says that CHC do not owe members of the public any account of our how your funds are used. You cannot have your cake and eat it at the same time, when you ask for tithes and offerings from your congregation which include non-members and yet the same time operate in the manner of a soiety that claims that its funds come from members only

  14. Singaporean said

    MarketPlace Agents for God

    It’s all about the money! And who’s enriched handsomely.

  15. Follower said

    Christopher Pang, even though it is not the public but only CHC members who contributed to the building fund. The fund shall only be set aside for the purpose that it has been called for, the church can’t simply use it for other purposes, just because the money is already in their account.
    Please understand properly before you send in your writting to the acting minister. It seems like you are still blinded, are you sure that you are following Jesus?

  16. denzuko1 said

    So is there any potential of Sarin event in Singapore judging from the level of fanaticality at present? wil the CHC members be the first to carry out a mass protest that will shake the daylight out of PAP?

  17. Realist said

    Some members in CHC cannot face reality and making a fool of themselves.
    Accept the consequences and life goes on.

  18. Blind supporter said

    I heard that many of the MediaCorp artistes, singer Eric Woo, director Jack Neo are also the embers of CHC.

    • Realist said

      Including some PAP ministers.
      This shows all humans have weaknesses.
      Everyone have skeletons in their closets and whether it will be opened for public scrutiny depends on how your social status is.

      • Expensive Price said

        A return of 10X to 60X wud appeal to many in Singapore – never mind the truth when a good salesman/conman does the pitch, greed fueled by china wine will trump whatever inhibitions – Huat Ah!

  19. Anthony Tang said

    Christopher must be illiterate to sprout such nonsense. He cannot even read the charges properly. He is blinded by ‘King’ Kong’s lies.
    Shut up and do not show your ignorence by opening your gap.

  20. George said

    Minister of law can you speak up for you fellow party member not to interfere with the law. He should shut up as the case has been mention in the court of law. Thank you.

  21. SicknPoorian said

    1.Continue to believe its right for pastor to do wrongs, or
    2.Admit they are suckers.

  22. Martin said

    Christopher Pang’s letter is a testament of the arrogance of the City Harvest culture. Some years ago, I was invited by one of my City Harvest friends to attend a special service where an American speaker is scheduled to preach. The sermon was about submission to authority. The key point was submitting to your leaders even when your leaders are doing questionable stuff. Just obey and submit to your leaders and God will bless you. If the leader was wrong, then God will be responsible to deal with him and the followers have no right to question. This doctrine is the core of City Harvest. This can’t be biblical though the eloquent speaker is able to quote extracts from the bible. Just like all false teachings, they appear flawless but with just a little thinking, you would discover they are just lies. This experience is further enhanced when I met the cell group leader. You can just sensed how eager he was to impress you with his success. Obviously, he won’t tell you directly. Though subtle, he will show off through his branded appearance. He wore a branded watch and drove a luxury car. As much as my friends and his followers adored this guy, my gauge through some chatting was I found little trace of intelligence, just full of loyalty to Kong Hee as if he’s God. Throughout the years, for every question on Kong Hee or his wife, the church will always have beautiful lies to shoot back. One question was how was Kong Hee able to fly to USA every fortnight, possibly on business class? The answer was the wife had a multi- million music contract so they could well afford it. Now we know where the money comes from. The last question yesterday or rather a comment to my friend was Kong Hee was staying in a $9.3 million dollar sentosa penthouse. I was shot back, the house is not his and he’s been so misunderstood. The fanaticism is scary.

    • Ron said

      Brainwashing is so dangerous and sadly this has happened in many groups (religious or even fanatical). Years ago, there was a mass suicide of USA relgious followers… they all drank poison. In Tokyo, the Aum Shinrikyo spread sarin poison in the subway trains and many died or were injured.

      Religious groups have the power to brainwash because of repeated captive audiences. The best way is to monitor such groups and to have strict monitoring of their finances. I fear this is not the last charity scandal for Singapore.

  23. realty check said

    i believe whether the behaviour of the 200 CHC supporters will turn uglier or not will depend on kong hee. kong hee can pray as much as he wants to but i hope he will issue a statement encouraging his followers to respect and allow the due process of the law to take it’s course and not take matters into their own hand like what some did by deliberately obstructing reporters from doing their work. there will be more court appearances by kong hee & his co defendants. will there civility or mayhem outside the courts in the near future. i am confident the police will handle the situation well. but i believe the key to civility or mayhem rests with one man- KONG HEE. i hope he makes the right choice.

  24. sfng said

    Reminds me of those “fans” and devout followers of Charles Manson!

  25. pngkueh_forever said

    Yeoh, oh, oh and a bottle of rum. Modern pirates. Christopher don’t just talk and write to Minister. Simply pluck your courage and sue. You may get 50million folds in return for damages. Enough dough for lawyers’ fees etc. Soon the fives would be sent to a great bountiful harvest behind stone walls. Kong is not God, he merely has the glib of tongues to interpret the Bible for his own materialist greed. Only fools believe in him. He is just emulating the such from USA (Jones) and South Korea (the moonies). God really acts in His own mysterious way. Hard to comprehend. You will indeed harvest what you sow. So if you want a bountiful harvest just sue and sue. Remember, a 50 million folds in return.

  26. It might be of interest to CAD and CPIB to also investigate Christopher Pang 2 c if he is insidiously connected in any way with Kong Hee and his gang. Of course, he may be just a fanatic or brain-washed member. But is there something more beneath all this brouhaha??

  27. Why said

    Isn’t it illegal for more than 4 people to gather at public area?

  28. Ghost fighting the Ghost, with all stringent rules in the Government Departments misgiving still exist what would one think of organisations with one who is that as ignorant as this guy who say this gas got nothing to do with anyone on how he like to do with the funds. SO SHOULD THIS GUY BE HAUL UP FOR SCRUTINZATION AND THOROUGH QUESTIONINGS.

  29. Power said

    It’s scary to see how human minds can be manipulated to the point that they cannot tell the difference between good or bad, right or wrong. This is not an issue of Religion; it’s about human mankind. I hope more people can be critical in their judgment.

    Seen too many bull shit in the world using the name of God. How disappointing to see man can indirectly corrupt religion.

    If God is great, let’s all wait and see the outcome.

  30. LkySi said

    Bozo Christopher Pang, sue the Acting Minister and have CHC’s Pandorra’s box opened with a can of scandal,sex,lies betrayal, Kong Hee’s illicit relationship with female parishioners, Sun’s tryst in Hotel 88. Remember when TT Durai sued Singapore Press Holdings for defammation over National Kidney Foundation’s lavish perks, it backfired. CHC’s entire building fund must be kept in escrow account administered by the Commissioner of Charities. Thus far the building fund has been Kong Hee’s personal ATM.

  31. edwin said

    dear mr pang. you said that as a society, the church does not owe members of the public any account of how its funds are used. church members and ex-church members who has given money to the church expect the money to be used for useful, purposeful church activities. since it is their money, it is their right to know where the money goes. there must be transparency. the CAD is doing its part to uphold the right of your church’s members, past and present.

  32. voice of the people said

    brain-washing-guru AKA konghee… AT HIS BEST!

  33. eek said

    What was it they said about fools and their money?

    • Thunder said

      Kong Hee makes TT Durai and Shi Ming Yi look like amateur boy scouts. Sun Ho makes William Hung look like Elvis Presley.
      Christopher Pang makes Joseph Goebbels look like a role model. CHC members make zombies look like Einsteins and rocket scientists. CHC makes Enron look like a respectable church. Thunder makes readers look like Solomons. Thunder sleepy now, got to sleep …. zzzzzzz

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