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Ex-MOE teacher recalls ‘dehumanizing’ experiences of trainee teachers

Posted by temasektimes on June 28, 2012

I have seen one attempted suicide during my stint in NIE. Very few people are aware about the dehumanizing experience of being a trainee teachers, especially during practicum.

During my practicum many years back, I was forced to write at least 16 pages of lesson plan each day. Many of my classmates have gone through the same thing. That is to say, you have 1.5 hours for each page of lesson plan provided if you stay awake for 24 hours everyday. I have heard horror stories of even much worst practicum supervisors.

Very often, a practicum students are taken by HODs, who use them to reduce their already very little teaching hours. HODs are generally the more noxious staffs in a school. They will use whatever ways to put somebody down. My HOD taught 4 hours a week after he has given me his class. His monthly salary is close to $10,000. So that make his hourly rate $625.

MOE is atrocious enough to know that many people will quit given the system sucks big time. So every teachers are indentured to MOE for 3 years. If you break bond right after you complete NIE, most likely the penalties today is greater than $50,000 if you are a graduate. A few NIE students may find despair and hopeless given the above obligations. This may be a significant reason trainee teachers choose suicide.

The HOD can fail someone with no reasons at all. I knew people who failed even after interventions by NIE supervisor and school co-supervisor. Of course, HOD will pull in the support equally noxious principal or vice-principal, who will collude willingly. Going back to NIE after practicum, those who have failed will meet a certain “A” (years back). Officially she is supposed to understand what is going wrong. Actually, the meeting with her is a sickening rebuke where she will sing praise of the whole system and put all failed candidate down, even if everyone know there is serious institutional problem in MOE.


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times.


54 Responses to “Ex-MOE teacher recalls ‘dehumanizing’ experiences of trainee teachers”

  1. Be Nice, Endure…


  2. Who is HDD… why such system exist… maybe this is the reason for PRC trainee to jump…

  3. Fuck Ho said

    Another corrupted shithole in pristine Sinkapore. Kill the source of misery before you kill yourself, want to die, die together.

  4. i5htar said

    dark side of NIE???

  5. theanonymous said

    well, i think that it is clear that Veritas isnt an English teacher.

  6. Ong said

    Please don’t bullshit. You sound like you are just typing the article as a feeble attempt to smear NIE/MOE, that, or you were trained many decades ago. In that case, many decades ago, the education institution was called the TTC, not NIE. And now, trainees in NIE no longer “write” lesson plans. There’s a thing called the COMPUTER. And I don’t think you will find any trainee anywhere which needs to do up a 16pages lesson plan A DAY. And please don’t make it sound like trainees were forced to sign bond. We didn’t have to pay school fees and were given allowance, do you expect that for free? Everyone had a choice, right? If you don’t want to be in bond, then don’t sign! Simple as that! If no penalties are given to trainees who break bond, can you imagine the loss that will be made? I don’t know HOW MANY YEARS AGO was it when you were a trainee, but I was a trainee (graduating this year) and I had worked with a few HODs and they were very willing to teach and help during my practicum. Taking a degree is never easy and an education in NIE was never smooth-sailing, but I don’t think it is enough to drive anyone to suicide. So please, don’t bring your obsolete ideas and experience in just for the sake of giving NIE/MOE bad names. It’s really distasteful to read such article. Especially when it comes from a so-call “ex-moe teacher”.

    • Veritas said

      My article never mentions I was trained decades ago. NIE got its name in 1st April 1973. Even I enrolled many decades 3.9 decades ago, I will still be entering NIE.

      Please ask around how many pages of lesson plan average practicum teachers are writing today. My NIE supervisor L commented mine was too short when I submitted a lesson plan of 12 pages. She has asked me to write longer. She was considered to be a kind and gentle lady among students, even by such standard.

      How about those HODs?

  7. Thinker said

    “During my practicum many years back, I was forced to write at least 16 pages of lesson plan each day. Many of my classmates have gone through the same thing.”

    What a liar. 16 pages of lesson plan? Did you use font size 30? LOL! This is extremely preposterous! I had been a trainee teacher and my lesson plan is only a few pages long and I don’t even need to prepare them for every lesson. Now that I’m an experienced teacher, my trainees do not write 16 pages of lesson plans daily too. Either you’re plain unlucky to meet a HOD who sabotaged you or you’re simply telling lies and exaggerating. I hope you’re no longer a teacher, Veritas. You sound like one who can’t make it and is now badmouthing the system. I agree that MOE is not perfect. In fact, no system is but your complaints are simply ridiculous. You mentioned about being ‘bullied’ by an HOD. Welcome to the real world of working life. If this is your first job, then you really haven’t seen it all. The private sector could have it worse. Office politics and power struggles are common in all types of organisations. Survivors the fittest and apparently, you’ve failed.

    • SueM said

      Just because someone has a different experience from you in the system does not indicate that person is a liar. It seems you have been well-trained and indoctrinated by your MOE employer. You even carry that dismissive tone and arrogant air so well.

      • Thinker said

        Unless you’re in the service and wrote 16pages of lesson plan and met an HOD who had only 4 hours of teaching periods, Ms SueM, I am pretty sure Veritas was lying or exaggerating about his/her plight. If I carry the dismissive and arrogant tone, well, you carry that sarcastic tone and misplace your ‘sympathy’. When things went wrong for me during practicum (no, not the 16 pages of lesson plan lol), I knew how to set things right for myself so in a way you’re wrong. I’m not ‘well-trained by MOE’. I overcome my own adversities instead of whining about my plight, the system and exaggerate matters here. I have mentioned MOE is not perfect. Perhaps you missed that point altogether. But I still think Vertias being ridiculous.

      • Dr.Arsch said

        @Thinker – Very well said! There is very strong support system over there trainees could use to sort out their issues. Veritas was hired to mould the young ones into independent future thinkers. How to do the job if you can’t think for yourself lol?

    • Teacher said

      I’m glad that your practicum has been enjoyable and you probably had good CTs, SCMs and supervisors, but Veritas might have got a CT who is blatantly taking advantage of him. Although it seems quite excessive, 16-page lesson plans are not uncommon for mother tongue teachers as their chinese characters take up more space than English characters. Including teacher-talk and probably some diagrams, 16 pages is not difficult to reach for a 3-period mother tongue lesson. I personally know of a course-mate who has been specifically told by the “acting-SCM” that he is expected to produce lesson plans spanning 12 pages for every single lesson, only for the SCM to override that instruction right after. There was obviously some bad blood between the SCM and the “acting-SCM” of course, just that my coursemate was infortunate enough to get himself in the crossfire. Just a different perspective from a different locus of experience. Cheers.

    • Dr.Arsch said

      I think she did what I was doing in my first week of Practicum. You guys remember those pedagogy modules will require a column for Teacher Talk, rationale and all that heavy stuff? I think she must have thrown every damn thing into the LP without realizing its actually a shorter version trainee teachers are supposed to be doing in school. No need that much of detail. But damn, I used the envy my CTs though. They had the shortest LPs I’d ever seen,

    • Veritas said

      MOE is not just not perfect, it practice the survival of the most wicked. Generally, I have observed the most old HODs are not popular among students. Frequently, a enthusiastic young gun from NIE would win over students. I observe school management are concealing their jealousy. I do not know whether such is the origin of plight of young teachers. Very often, the system often acts to crush all sorts of idealism. Young teachers who are passionate get burn out fast. Only the most cunning teachers stays on.

      I am now happily in private sector, where there is merely 10% of backstabbing compared to MOE. The boss in private sector, however imperfect, will need the help of smart people to make monies. That weeds out a lot of office politics.

      • Thinker said

        Veritas, I seriously wonder what kind of school you’re from. Perhaps you haven’t observed enough?

        Whether teachers/HODs, young or old, students like/dislike them based on their ability to engage students. While it may seem to be true that the older you are, the wider the generation gap and thus the lesser your ability to engage students, the other way may be true too. The younger you are, the more inexperienced, the more students could tell you’re not as good as the experienced teachers and the lesser your ability to engage students. So what are the ingredients here to engage students? Certainly not one’s age! I don’t think you’ll ever get it though especially since you’re not in the service anymore.

        Anyway, regarding the part about younger teachers burning out and only cunning teachers stay on. There is some truth. At least in my school, the school management is actively looking into this and trying to ensure a more equitable load based on teachers’ substantive grades. The part about cunning teachers staying on is one that irritates me. Unfortunately just like the private sector, these people will continue to stay on if the management is not ‘sharp’ or fair. Your stand may be to whine and complain about them. I rather join them and beat them later on and this is my personality whether in the public or private sector.

      • H Lion said

        The private sector managers are accountable to their mistakes. Principal Leonard was let off-hook by MOE despite his conduct was unbecoming of an educator.

  8. RU YI Gee said

    I did said on my previous comments on other subject,there is more to come in Singapore on this kind of life….face it

  9. pay said

    Suicide? Be brave and expose all these inefficiencies instead. Stand up for yourselves cause no one else will.

    • Dr.Arsch said

      More people are dying from suicides thanks to the casinos. Every week we seem to be getting new astronauts jumping off some building in Marina Bay. Noone seems so worried about that. But we worry about attempted suicides by MOE staff. You don’t need to be a teacher to commit suicide, you just need to be weak

  10. Jerome F Main said

    Veritas…..for a teacher, your English is atrocious.

  11. whatever said

    no wonder Veritas is an EX-teacher. obviously doesn’t have the passion.

  12. LIAN HUAY said

    if u find NIE trainees treatment inhumane, they are even more inhumane to the current teachers especially those who are in senior grades. If they are not performing (I’m not referring to their teaching duties), they will be shamed/humiliated by their supervisors in the hope they will do more to bring glory to the school. Equally as many trained teachers are pushed to despair-depression and even suicides…TR care to investigate?

  13. choc said

    MOE is such a huge organization that it is hard to find who is accountable for all the mess in the system.
    No one takes responsibility for it, although they get paid so much, even when feedback is negative.

  14. Chacha said

    My friend did go through writing the lesson plans in this computer era. Think it happened last year for his practicum. Horrendous experience.

  15. brenteo said

    hi, the teaching fraternity doesn’t need whiners like you. so, thank you for leaving the service. I believe that you are one of those people who saw this profession as just a means to get by and not guided by an actual passion to teach. not once in this article did u talk about your main “job scope” which is to teach.

    so please, don’t smear the system for something that you aren’t able to cope with cos at the end of the day, no matter what sh*t u get, seeing the joy in your students’ faces and imparting knowledge and values that lasts a lifetime should have been more than enough to give you a sense of fulfilment and “job satisfaction”.

    I can vouch that the things that you wrote have been blown out of proportion and completely untrue in today’s context.

    once again, thank you for leaving our children in better and more capable hands.

    • Veritas said

      In better hands like those parasitic HODs who are teaching 4 hours a week, giving their classes to practicum students. I wish you good luck and I doubt your intelligent if you are not able to smell a fish here.

    • Thinker said

      Totally agree with you Brenteo. What Veritas has written really has blown out of proportion.

      Veritas, I don’t know about Brenteo’s intelligence but your language is indeed a problem like others have highlighted here.

  16. Anon said

    another example of anonymous people putting in baseless and no proof to back it up accusations ….. tsk

  17. bb said

    I think the suicide may have mothing to do with NIE or MOE. Maybe bf and GF relationship problem. Let’s wait and see.

  18. Teacher said

    You guys missed the possibility that Veritas might have been a mother tongue teacher

  19. Teacher said

    Anyway, having just graduated from NIE myself, I have just completed a 10-week stint of my final practicum. I acknowledge that I have it easy as my cooperating teachers, school coordinating mentor and my practicum supervisors were generally very nice and understanding, making my practicum experience rather enjoyable even though sometimes the going can get a little tough. However, many of my other coursemates who were posted to other schools were not so lucky. Some have been taken advantage of and given responsibilities which they are not supposed to take on, yet they do not have the courage to reflect this to the NIE practicum office or MOE simply because it is the cooperating teachers, school coordinating mentors and the practicum supervisors who will decide whether they pass or fail the practicum in the end. The story of the 16-page lesson plan is very real, although not very common, as sometimes CTs like to make use of their trainees to add to their own pool of resources. What’s worse, whenever there is an internal struggle between teachers in the staff room, the trainee is often used as a proxy the same way the USA and Russia used Vietnam during the Vietnam war. In a nutshell, very often the school management neglects the welfare or even the very existence of its trainees, leading to them being abused by the more domineering senior teachers in the staff room, and when that happens there is really nothing much the trainee can do about it, rather than to just persevere and count down the 10 weeks with grit.

  20. Dr.Arsch said

    I was a trainee teacher who dropped out too, but I have to really disagree with Veritas. My reasons were related to personal issues which did affect my work at NIE to a certain degree. I won’t say it’s an easy course, you have to put in the work and the time and you need to be committed. And well, if that is the job path you choose, why in the bloody blazes will you NOT BE WILLING to do any of those I mentioned above? Veritas, you forgot one important thing. MOE is government service and it’s up there along with other institutions such as the SAF, SCDF, SPF. The training periods encountered in those are way tougher, be thankful a teacher’s role is purely academic and you don’t have regimentation or routines at NIE. Besides, if you had bothered talking with those people at the Foundations Office they would have directed you to someone in authority who could help you out. The key to it is communication. You always have to keep them updated if you are facing any problems, not wait till you get arse-kicked at Practicum and bitch about it later on the Net. Please, you are simply painting a very negative picture about the entire Institution based on just your OWN negative experiences. Well you know what? I had the very same problems in my own Practicum. Even better, I blanked out in front of the supervisor. I wasn’t berated or insulted one bit. In fact she exhibited alot of concern, got my CT to take over and asked me to go back to NIE and talk to Prof Wilma D’Rosario (she’s not a Pinoy guys, don’t worry). I was given every assistance possible and there was plenty of guidance too. Some of those I actually employ at my current job. So no, don’t come here telling us that there is no support system. There is an excellent one in place. If you don’t take advantage of that, then please don’t complain.

    Wait, maybe u might have kena bad experiences. Were you one of those smart mouths always in a habit of trying to teach your professors how to teach? I had one guy in my class like that. Pretty much pissing everyone off. I know he had quite a hard time with the lecturers haha.

    • Thinker said

      Agree, Dr. Arsch. There are indeed support systems. When I had a nasty CT for one of my subjects, I boldly approached my NIE supervisor and I survived. The last I heard, this nasty CT is already not in the service (reason unknown) but it’s good riddance. So…who says the system doesn’t work? It’s not perfect but it’s certainly not as atrocious as how some have put it.

  21. Anonymous Singaporean said

    This is disgusting on so many levels.

    Firstly, you want to complain about being “indentured” for 3 years? The government pays you to study at NIE and gives you allowance, to the tune of $2000 dollars. You would want taxpayers to be perfectly happy with paying you to study and for you to happily, and without contributing anything back to society, just leave NIE and move on to another job? Does that make any sort of sense to anyone here?

    Secondly, the HOD use practicum students to reduce their teaching hours? Excuse me, but this is a gross misrepresentation. If you are undergoing practicum, obviously you have to teach classes; if you’re going to teach classes, obviously you have to take over some teacher’s classes. Did you expect the school to organize a few students to attend a class created just for your practicum? Were these students going to materialize out of thin air? So what if the HOD teaches less hours; they have many other duties in the school like organizing the department for one, and the entire purpose of practicum is for you to experience being a teacher and teaching a class.

    Thirdly, people can be failed for any reason at all? This is a gross misrepresentation, considering that I had just been hearing about how hard it is to fail a teacher. I highly doubt that if your NIE supervisor is intervening that you will be failed, considering that it is NIE that gives you your grade. Neither is it supposed to be easy to become a teacher. Did you expect this job to just fall into your lap, after you’re being paid an allowance? Which other job in Singapore pays you to study and prepare for it?

    Fourthly, 16 pages of lesson plans is ridiculous, for obvious reasons. I honestly doubt any person in Singapore would want to read 16 pages of lesson plans daily.

    There are very real problems with the system in MOE, and obviously there are ways to improve teacher education. But to call it “dehumanizing”? Excuse me, were you in Guantanamo Bay? Were you physically tortured, or your religion insulted in front of you? Having work to do is not being dehumanized. Overworked trainee teachers; okay, maybe a fair representation. But to sensationalize it? That’s just a ridiculous assertion and a disgusting method to try to criticize a system.

    • Veritas said

      The 3 years indenture is more like a purposeful design by MOE. Students elsewhere in the world who go into college with a normal school could choose to minor a degree in education in parallel to his major.

      Why not allowed students from NTU enrolling in NIE modules so that they would qualify as an educator after their first degree? I bet 90% will quit first day into practicum. Such students who are free of liabilities would resign whenever the pleases, will be more vocal. MOE know
      precisely such will be a destabilizing force that counters parasitic elements in schools. MOE does not like it.

      HOD are already taking very few teaching loads, without CCA. Their hobby is meaningless meetings. Of course many like the sadistic pleasure to able rank someone to the bottom like a Caesar.

      I do not see how much a trainee can learn from them. And besides, there is no excuse of teaching 4 hours a week, after transferring his class to practicum teachers. Many of them are widely loath by students. Even my former HOD admits students like young teachers. The gross failure of old teachers are not because they lack experience, but a overarching lack of zeal after years of politicking in schools.

      As for all your other denials, go and do more field studies of practicum.

      • Dr.Arsch said

        Wrong again! I was posted to a school at Clementi under a HOD and that lady had way more teaching hours than you described and was known to work till late, staying in school even after 5pm. “Such students who are free of liabilities would resign whenever the pleases, will be more vocal. MOE know
        precisely such will be a destabilizing force that counters parasitic elements in schools. MOE does not like it.” – The damn bond is the money invested in our training, salary and CPF, all of it coming from taxpayers, who are fellow Singaporeans all over. And you are pretty good with your conspiracy theories. Really, you sound like the type that claims Israel or the US itself bombed the Twin Towers and blamed OBL for it. Nowonder you got fired. You must have been teaching some real weird crap they are not supposed to be learning.

        As for politiciking, u ever worked in banking/finance or sales? I’ve worked in those before too. Way worse. I did my NS in the SAF and I was posted to a division HQ, which was filled with regulars ranking higher than Lieutenants and 1WO mostly. The politicking was so bad I started thinking less of them as soldiers and more as schoolgirls. It’s in every industry. Don’t plant this one on the government and the system. People are born to bitch and we do what we do best.

      • Crab said

        In my school, a HOD got average loading of around 8 hours every week. It is uncommon nowadays for a HOD to get above 10 hours.

  22. debluez said

    Imagine being bonded for 3 years and stuck in an unhealthly working environment for at least 2 years before one can ask for a transfer to another school. It is going to be really unhealthly for everyone; including the students because the teacher feels depressed and stressed out.

    If the system can be revamped, the school higher management can rethink and reflect on how to manage where workers will be happy working in the school environment and be retained in service. Money incentitive is not really holistic approach. This is more realistic approach. Rather than forcing teachers to stay in service for 2 years in a school. Do note that there are hod who pushed teachers inappropriately and there is nothing much they can do about
    it as they have a bond to keep or unless they do not mind the d grade.

    I do hear of teachers being ‘pushed’ to perform but as an educator system,

  23. debluez said

    But as an educator system, it is also about nuturing teachers, especially beginning teachers to be all-rounded individual. Often welfare of teachers are overlooked. If onfferee welfare isnt well, how to take care of others? I have bern through contract teaching, maybe it is just my school but there seems to be alot more politics than i was working in private sector. Teachers who react differently towards students (doing their duties) when hod is around and some hod who see only this apple licking stuffs…

  24. Jonathan said

    Hope you are not an english teacher.

  25. Veritas said

    Thank folks for all the attention given. Say whatever you want to say here. Thanks for helping to further my objectives by such interesting discussion. All these help to raise awareness on what is happening inside MOE.

  26. debluez said

    Well, no system is perfect and obviously there are some flaws. To be fair, there are good or bad hods. The point is how can we prevent abuse to trainee teachers? Veritas is just stating out what she has seen which maybe true. Maybe you have not experienced it but it does not mean it did not happen.

  27. Ah Yo said

    Sounds like a whining loser.

  28. Kabal Sin said

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
    ~~No 1 whinner Mahatma Gandhi.

  29. bb said

    Teachers are all suffering in school. They are being badly mistreated by the school. Many teachers don’t dare to speak up and pretend they are fine…because their job is at stake. Because if they quit or kena sack or break bond, they have to pay more than $30,000.

    Teaching is probably the WORST job in Singapore. Why do you think there are so many complaints about “teaching” and rarely do you find people complaining about other jobs?

    Teachers please continue to speak up.

  30. Also an ex-teacher said

    When I saw this article, I had to reply.
    I was a teacher which meant that I went throught the NIE and schools route. I left after being appointed as a HOD but that’s a different story. (I can attest to that a HOD is no where close to 10k.)

    I must say that studying in NIE wasn’t a breeze, practicum was a challenge, writing lesson plans tiring. However, it is exactly because of these lesson plans that I improved as a teacher. I spent hours on them, but reaped their returns when I taught my classes and saw how much they enjoyed the lessons. Teaching is not an easy job and we teachers need to spend time on it, going into teaching with the mentality that you get paid just by talking off the cuff is wrong. It is often very clear to me who in NIE were there for the wrong reasons, exactly those who whine about long preparation hours and badly behaved students and just about everything else. For me, teaching is a passion and when it is a calling, you will spend time and effort on your work. Thinking that you’ll just breeze through is not doing yourself nor your students justice. I think the writer got into education for the wrong reasons.

    2nd, a HOD is usually assigned to a trainee to help them improve. Even though the HOD might not be teaching the class, he/she is ultimately responsible for the class once the trainee leaves. What the writer fails to mention is that for every lesson plan he/she wrote, the HOD had to read it through and discuss with him/her on how to improve it. The HOD also sits in on the class to assess the trainee. It is really not fair to tarnish the supervisors like that. You may have gotten an irresponsible supervisor but there are many around who take their work very seriously. Sometimes, it is also up to the trainee to put in the extra effort.

    I enjoyed my practicum, had very little sleep, learnt a lot from my mentor as well as the NIE assessor. What was more important was that the feedback for my classes is immediate. A teacher walks out of the classroom knowing that he has done well simply from the reactions of the students. Nothing else matters more. But before anyone jump and suggest that I had an easy time, I did my practicum in a neighbourhood school, a rather notorius one. I did rather well for practicum too, I was lucky as the effort put in could be seen by all but most of all it was the bonds that I formed with my students that I hold true till today. Even till today, my practicum students remember me and greet me when they see me in the streets. That always bring a smile to my face.

    I’ll just end by saying that teaching is not for everyone and that one must enter because you want to teach and want to make a difference in shaping the lives of youths. (not because you can’t find another job because of the economy or that you think that the starting pay is high which is so not true.)

  31. Ryvyan said

    My ex-HOD recalled what happened to him when he was a trainee teacher and it was exactly as you described. However, even he acknowledged that the current work review system put in place by MOE has made pulling ranks on subordinates a thing of the past.

    Recent and current trainee teachers and beginning teachers experience a vastly different range of stress and workload. Negative as well, but just different from what you described. Depression is common among all teachers, but to attribute a higher rate of suicide is hardly something you can state without providing a source.

    I recently left the service during my contract teaching period (before heading to NIE) after a whole semester of being bullied by my cooperating teacher. I was on the verge of depression and I was crying every day (not at work; at home). It is not my first job. It is not even my first school. I work well with other teachers and my HODs.

    I love my kids in a non-creepy way, and I felt heart-broken when I made the decision to leave. You’d expect educators to know and behave better, but they don’t and we can’t change that.

    There is also a lot to be said about expectations of teachers and their workloads, but some non-teachers in Singapore are such a$$holes and think that they are free to leave at 2pm every day with no work to bring home. It used to be discouraging to think that the teaching profession is no longer respected, but now I’m just angry for my friends who are still there.

  32. debluez said

    It is good to have different perspective falling in – the good and bad but to dismiss ‘the bad’ rather quickly, is appalling because chances of Investigation and addressing concern is being derived. Instead of the fittest survive or rephrase “the cunning survive in a workplace”, It should also be helping one another to progress. I do feel the vocation of teachers are very unique because they are educating our children mind and also the heart (morals). If the system promoting selfishness and killing idealism of young teachers, this is something that im concerned. Anyway in my personal experience in a school, i have seen teachers really unhappy in the job due to lack of support and amazingly there was some office politics that is actually demoralising. Why is there so much politics? Simply, one of the reasons, teachers have to serve the 3 years bond and do not have a choices to quit. If this happens in private sector, the management will think of ways to improve the system and welfare. This in turn increase productivity. Teaching should be about passion to make a difference and this idealism should be protected by this system. It is about nuturing teachers, especially teachers with a good heart to make a difference in students’ life.

    • Thinker said

      Debluez, how do you know schools’ management aren’t thinking of ways to improve the system and welfare like the private sector? I know mine do. You are quick to dismiss the ‘good’ too.

    • Thinker said

      For these new teachers still serving bond, there are many support structures in school (at least in mine). The school management made sure that they do not have that many teaching periods, keeping it to a certain no. of hours that’s lower than experienced teachers and even equivalent to that of some key personnel in school. They also provided mentors to these new teachers to guide them in coming up with teaching resources, induct them to the school etc. My school management also conscientiously kept records of every teacher’s workload and try to ensure that there’s fairness and that they are given appropriate workload according to their ‘grading’, years of experience and ability. HODs were even reprimanded for overloading new beginning teachers by the school leaders when discovered. The three-year bond is nothing if you have the passion to teach. I don’t remember counting my years in the service simply because I enjoy my job despite all the office politics. The moment I enter the classroom, the students make me smile and forget about office politics. It’ll be such a waste of resources grooming new teachers if after all these trainings and practicum, they just quit after a year or two and hence I think the 3-year bond is not all that bad. With all that I’ve written above, how can the school be not about nurturing teachers with the heart to make a difference in students’ lives?

      • Hanibal Singh said

        North Korea has better support group that meet weekly. These groups are headed by a more senior officials from the states. Every adult citizen belongs to at least one of these groups. The groups make sure citizens have feed back channels and all grievances are address.

        I do not understand why newspapers elsewhere subscribe to conspiracy theory that North Korea is under tyranny. You guys must be mad.

      • samsingh said

        hello, are you from another planet ? did you forget your thinking cap?

  33. Hanibal Singh said

    I am from the world of “1984” working for ministry of truth.

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