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Kong Hee’s family ‘upgraded’ from 5 room HDB flat to Sentosa Cove Penthouse

Posted by temasektimes on June 28, 2012

In less than 20 years, founder of City Harvest Church Kong Hee managed to ‘upgrade’ his homes a few times from a modest 5-room HDB flat to Sentosa Cove penthouse where he is staying now.

Kong Hee was in public spotlight lately after he was charged with four others for misusing the funds of the church to further the career of his wife Ho Yeow Sun.

Kong and his family started with a five-room HDB flat in Tampines, which they bought for $127,000 before selling it for $420,000.

They then bought a Horizon Towers unit in River Valley with a private lift, two living rooms, four bedrooms and a compact kitchen.

In 2010, they sold this apartment and moved into The Suites at Central on Devonshire. It was reportedly sold to them for $2.6 million.

Now, they live  in a luxury Sentosa Cove penthouse which cost $9.3 million dollars.

Ms Ho also rented a $28,000-a-month Hollywood Hills estate during her stint as a singer in the United States where she lived with her son, an assistant, a nanny and some relatives.


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77 Responses to “Kong Hee’s family ‘upgraded’ from 5 room HDB flat to Sentosa Cove Penthouse”

  1. Bai Hu said

    Wow!!! This should be reported in the show at Channel 5 “The Incredible Tales”.

    • God fearing said

      prosperity Christianity! worship God like what “kong Hee fatt choy” did and you will attain the same wealth on earth! i don’t know what happens after life!

  2. Kong H is truly a master kon-man to kon so much from his flock thru tithing using God’s Name to feed his lust for money. He shd confess to his congregations and seek forgiveness from them and God than try to obfuscate the truth further that he’s leaving the outcome of his trial to God. Unless and until he repents and pays for his odious crimes, he wld not hv atoned for his misdeeds, and the court shd impose a proportionately heavier penalty for his recalcitrance. I pity the already marginalised members of his church who still tithed to pay for his and his wife’s high living when they need every cent of their earnings for their bare subsistence. Yet so many of his deluded members still can support him in his wrong doings. Sad.

    • john chia said

      2 Corinthians 4;4 states……’ the god of this world {Satan} had bilnded their minds so to keep them from seeing the true light of the gospel of Christ…’ This is just what’s happening to Kong Hee’s deluded followers who may not be truly born again believers.They are Kong Hee’s followers & not Christ’s followers.
      2 Timothy3 :1-9 also mentioned of fakes who lead many astray.In verse 6 it states that how such deceivers enter households to capture weak women burdened with sin & led astray by variuos passions.
      Remember 1 John2;15.16 when the true believer is warned against the lust of the flesh,the lust of the eyes and the pride of life.It’s obvious that Kong Hee & Sun Ho were completely filled by such lusts They forgot that the love of money is the root of all evil [1 Timothy6:10 & forgot the biblical injunction to be contented with whatever circumstances one’s in.[Philippians 4;11]
      Galatians6:7,8 state that a persons reaps what he/she sows.Now that this scandal had reached the courts of law ,let justice takes its course.Let God worked thru our legal system to effect justice in this scandal.The saddest thing in this despicable episode is that the church in singapore is horribly stained by this group of crooks.May all church goers& attendees search the scriptures {Acts 17:11]to test whatever that’s preached in the pulpits against the Bible.
      I’m a Christian & hence both sad & angry over this saga.
      The most effective way to avoid this matter again is for believers to be grounded with the word of God i.e the Bible{Psalm 119:9.11]

      • candy said

        Who are we to judge, brothers and sisters in Christ? Do not involve yourself in this matter . Be careful not to sin. The word of God is there to guide us, not for judging. Don’t be Pharisee…

      • john chia said

        search the scriptures to double check your words.there’s room for judgements ….judge rigtheous judgement…these words were mentioned during the sermon of the mount.with regards to Pharisee please study carefully the gospels what they did.Don’t be too judgemental youself.

      • Angel said

        And Candy believies the money came down from Heaven for Kong Hee and no wonder Kong Hee is Fatt Choy now.

  3. P Koh said

    H a l l e l u j a h – Praise the Lord for the good tidings.

  4. Fatt Choy said

    Walau eh, so good one ah.

    I also want to be a pasta and will take up study of teologi so that I can move from my one room rent hdb to the sail pendhouse.

  5. spotlessleopard said

    As long as there are enough SHEEPLE….there will always be pastors like him….to lead them to Heaven…

  6. Ponders said

    Blissfully sponsored by a bunch of idiot followers. lololol

  7. Daft Peasant said

    he is one of the most successful con-man in $inkapore……

    Who is better? James Phang or Kong Hee?

    • ghost of tehcheangwan said

      Lee Con You is the grandmaster, no horse run lah!
      Every con job done is legal, something Kong Hee can only do in his dreams. lol
      Can you figure out how much the HDB conveyancing fees amount to bearing in mind 80% of the population live in HDB ? Ever wonder why the estate duty was suddenly discarded ? lol

  8. leedavid said

    I remember seeing a signage that read ‘IN GOD WE TRUST , OTHER PAY CASH’ so to say, NOBODY IS RICHER THAN GOD, but he did not TELL u to give, u gave willingly.

  9. leedavid said

    And to SEE ALL THIS DIRTY LAUNDRY only after someone launched a complaint, OH SINGAPORE

  10. wtf is happening here.. said

    This is the day, this is the day.
    That the Lord has made, that the Lord has made.
    We will rejoice, we will rejoice,
    And be glad in it, and be glad in it.
    This is the day that the Lord has made.
    We will rejoice and be glad in it.
    This is the day, this is the day
    That the Lord has made.

    Everybody sing…. one more time with feelings…..

    And Dont forget your donation … 🙂

  11. Judy said

    He would have less dignity if he continued to stay in a 5-room HDB flat. It’s a big loss of face for a pastor of a 33,000 member church to be living in HDB, while his millionaire kakis all live in bungalows or overpriced condos. If God stayed in a tent instead of a grand temple, people may start to show less respect to God.

  12. Faithful follower said

    why are u guys so pissed with CHC…this is our money and our pastor is doing his best to save souls. What is 23 million, or even 10 billions if it can reach out to the world and bring them to heaven.

    Haters pls go away

    • Gobsmacked said

      The statistics of CHC converting more non-Christians to Christianity is a startling one. And it’s no easy feat. However, it doesn’t mean that you pray to God and accept God for the wrong reasons that you are a true Christian. On Judgement Day, for worshipping the wrong values and forgetting the true meaning of the Bible, you may be turned away from Heaven’s Gates. Don’t be so foolish.

    • WhatDoYouThink said

    • The end times said

      They have eyes but do not see, ears but cannot hear. Wake up lemmings– Kong is like Judas Iscariot who betrayed our Lord for a bag of coins. Jesus sacrificed hmself for nothing if money can bring about salvation.

    • Annoymous said

      You should donate whatever you have(sell house sell car etc) to let him “save souls”, which those souls are high class food & wine, big houses etc for him and his wife to enjoy.

      Faithful follower? More like faithful dog.

      • dog lover said

        I disagree, dogs are more intelligent, These CHC people are sheep, to be fleeced, then slaughtered…

    • mahbok tan. said

      Agree to disagree…..yeah its your money rite……but hor this is our society……!!!!

      We have to inform others of any wrong doing by the so called leaders , teachers , pastors or whatever you want to name it….!!!! even church members have made a complained many2 times and yet you still do not get it…!!!

      If the CNB chief , SCDF boss , school principal have been haul to the court for wrong doing , why can’t a pastor being called to answer the charges ;laid before him…., if he is not guilty then fight it in court……god bless you….!!!

      In the meantime pray hard ya….!!!

    • Facepalm said

      Saving souls with what? Trashy geisha music videos? Blind follower alert rofl

    • jaded said

      yes you are right. 23 million is just a bigger bag of peanuts

    • score said

      Ya, your pastor surely did his BEST indeed by preaching “prosperity christianity” and leading many astray.

      Jesus said in Matt 19: 24 : Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God.

      I wish you all could just start your own religion and not bring so much shame to christianity!! I hope the outcome of this case is that ALL your church’s donated money would be taken away by God and given out to many poor and needy in the world. Or maybe all be burnt away so that there will be repentance.

    • suckmyballsESTH said

      i am not a hater when i say, he broke the law. – just because he is a pastor non-religious laws don’t apply to him? / that ain’t right.

  13. heart of singapore origin said

    Afterall is his daft followers pay for him. Is free

  14. Annoymous said

    The more I see his face, the more his face looks like a devil.

    • preacher from hell said

      he’s just a little devil who is made to pay his dues because he is geting too successful in brainwashing, and brainwashing is the exclusive trademark of the MIW

    • Ex CHC said

      Including his SUN SET wife face. She is worst than the biblical prostitute Magdalene. At least the latter washed the feet of Christ. This cheap mortal with expensive materialistic taste can only wash her defiled mortal hubby arse.

  15. kaypoh said

    hooray! he made more than 23,000,000 folds return, better than Warren Buffett, praise the $$$!!!

  16. kaypoh said

    Dunno if he will downgrade to 1 room studio apt in Changi with 24-hr security later huh?? 🙂

    • ex prison guard said

      he will make many friends in Changi Harvest Condominium. but Kong Hee must bear in mind it is not easy to collect 10% from his fellow inmates, especially those who were ex ah long san, they will demand alot of interest in return…LOL

  17. Mikey said

    He is just a noob compared to PAP!

  18. Jack said

    that should be his personal life, nothing to do with the charges

    • how_naive said

      personal life? nothing to do with the charges? WAKE UP, once u kenna charge for embezzling this huge sum of money you expect pple to believe your 9.3 million penthouse got nothing to do with the scam?

    • ex prison guard said

      no worries Jack, KongHee can look forward to a even more spacious home at Changi Harvest Condo that comes with 24 hr security which even the multi millionaires cannot buy for their personal use.
      You can say it is really super exclusive and please bear in mind Jack that you have to make an appointment before visiting KongHee in his new home….ok ?

  19. Albert said

    Your pastor is not doing his best to save souls. Your pastor is doing his best to live a good life using your donations. How brainwashed can you get? If you are in need of motivation, go read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. At least that will only cost you $10, maybe less at a second hand bookshop.

    Your donations have been wasted on Sun, to let her chase after her failed dreams to be a ‘superstar’. Real stars like Jay Chou or Justin Bieber did it on their own, and did not rely on their church to pressure people to buy the CDs.

    Kong Hee needs to reflect on his actions, that many of his followers gave of their hard-earned money, so that himself and wife, and a small handful of close followers, can live an orpulent lifestyle.

  20. HolyisMe said

    The Devil In Him!!! $$$$$$ is only what he see’s if he were to preach is also about $$ I wonder does he sing $ praises? A layman can also see what he is doing! Look at the youtube very he preaches it sounded so wrong too. I do believe in Christ & I hope god will give the right & heaviest judgement ever sentence in singapore for misused of funds.

  21. Thou Shall Not said

    Suckers,donate more for your passage to HELL with the preachers. Do you think Jesus would con his followers with falsehood for self benefit ?

  22. justme said

    Everyone has to start realizing that there’s no shortcut to GOD especially through a religion. Everyone has to find their own truth, has to find their own unique path to GOD. All kinds of religion are just different ways of teaching on how to reach GOD.

  23. TT said

    Any one whose name is Kong Hee deserve to be Fatt Choy!! Kong Hee Fatt Choy everyone!! LOL…..

  24. Ron said

    We all recall the big outcry when the Old NKF scandal broke out. And then when the Renci scandal happened, another big outcry.

    This scandal was happening during that same period and carried on despite the outcries over the NKF and Renci scandals. That shows how brazen such scandals can be. There is no fear, not even fearing the wrath of God.

    I hope the Government will now appoint a new Management Team to CHC charity (not the church) and I also hope they seek to recover any stolen funds.

    There are enough capable and honest Christians who will volunteer for this task.

  25. realty check said

    halo faithful follower – just ask urself this question. if kong hee feels he has done nothing wrong in wanting to spend 23 million to help fund his wife’s music career, why didn’t CHC just write out a cheque direct from CHC to sun ho @ US of A. no need transfer money here, there & everywhere and finally reaching sun ho @ US of A. and because of this, CAD probably had to spent a lot of time uncovering the paper trail. so what do u think?

  26. unknown said

    Appropriate music to suit the topic:

  27. Eric said

    if u r a Christian, u profess to follow teachings of Christ, u would still want to enrich yourself financially through donations, n never think twice or feel paiseh u r living off other people’s hard earned money?
    this is what Christ would behave?
    shameless Kong Hee, without a doubt.
    this is the way to convince ppl of the life to lead?

  28. P Koh said

    Jesus asked his disciples to give up everything and follow him up the path to heaven. Kong Hee instead ask his followers to impart a part of their salaries to allow him to buy a paradise in Sentosa. The values system is so different and yet they call this religion.

  29. Geo said

    I think this is luxurious living, too much for a Pastor. I do not think Pastors should be poor….they shoud be blessed but not to this extend……understands he also drives a almost brand new 7 series BMW…….

  30. Martin said

    Conman Kong Hee you the can lah! I worked almost whole life also cannot live like you. I go to to your church you keep harass me to donate 10% of my earning, last time I was blind, now I can see so clearly! Hallelujah!

  31. fpap said

    i advised alll singaporeans to take up a pastor course and become a full time pastor

    it is better than being a doctor, a engineer, a teacher,

    i know some malaysian pastor who acquired some much wealth , bought so much properties

    that he lost count of his assets

    dont study like a fool like the cnb director, the civil defence chief,

    be a pastor and you live a life of luxury, and everybody love you, unlike our MM, nobody like him

  32. 'Mk Chin said

    Good business? Ms Ho also rented a $28,000-a-month Hollywood Hills estate…

  33. Thou Shall Not said

    With the support given there is only one word to describe the members FANATICS !

  34. Ex money giver said

    Such expensive property so that he can worship God in peace? With mountain behind, sea infront?
    Does he even practise what he preached? Divine authority my ass.

  35. Konamoto said

    GOD’s $$$$$$, must return lol !

  36. Iceman said

    Wow … What a role model … kong hee fatt choy : )

  37. Tell the truth said

    Obviously, Kong Hee remained his integrity to rip people off to fund Sun Ho “geisha” desire.

  38. Money sermon said

    I almost puke when I heard him saying believing Jesus is as good as dead without giving money to show your sincerity. You are a disgrace to all Christians ! You twist and turn the bible’s teaching to your own and senior members benefit. Judgement day is near for you son of SATAN and your fanatical members for believing such rubbish. Amen!!!

  39. Patrick Tay said

    Kong Hee a man of integrity hiding behind holy smoke.

  40. Josephus said





    Taken from Zeitgeist.The thing is even with the evidence in their face people

    are still blinkered. Do the research for yourself. Work with facts and draw

    your own conclusions. Demand answers. Maythetruthbeknown

  41. Wow, I can’t believe this con existed till so long. It’s almost like those ponzi scheme but without members expecting any payout. This is the ultimate ‘KongHee’ scheme!

    Another lesson to add. Once you start on the KongHee scheme and made your millions, go for plastic surgery and run away. Don’t stupidly spend your money in the country you got it from. Stupid.

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    get data regarding my presentation topic, which i am going
    to convey in university.

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