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McDonald Singapore changes tack and now gives 2 units of sauce for ‘free’

Posted by temasektimes on June 28, 2012

Following a massive public cry at its ongoing trial to ‘reduce wastage’ ostensibly by charging customers 30 cents for an additional sauce, on top of what they are already given, McDonald Singapore now changes tack and offers one more unit of sauce for ‘free’ to placate angry Singaporeans.

In the latest post on its Facebook, McDonald declared:

“Hi everyone, many of you have written us with questions on the current Nugget Sauce trial and we appreciate all your feedback. This trial is currently ongoing in some of our restaurants in the north of Singapore, and our aim is not to sell sauce, but to find a way to reduce wastage. For example, if you order a 6pc Chicken McNuggets you can still get 2 units of sauce free, but if you want 3 or more units there’s a small charge.”

However, the change was not welcomed by many customers who continue to lodge complaints on its Facebooks

“Lol… i ordered 9 pc nuggets and they gave me 1 Curry sauce and i requested for an additional 1 and they said NO… -.-
6pc nugget 2 curry sauce? U sure?” – Thiang Soon Jie

“just now i buy 2 x 20 piece mcbites, I was given 1 x curry sauce, i asked for another packet, ur staff say 1 customer only one packet else got charge, except nuggets, so am i right to say if I buy 10 sets of mcbites I can only get 1 curry sauce cos I am 1 customer? Or I need to queue up 10 separate times to get 10 packets of sauce, one for each set? Please clarify. @ Khatib branch. thanks” – Benjamin Zee

“Is it limited to only curry sauce? Bought a nugget value meal, was entitled to one curry sauce, but when I request for sweet n sour sauce, the sales staff said there is a charge, so who is right?” – Marcus Leong


13 Responses to “McDonald Singapore changes tack and now gives 2 units of sauce for ‘free’”

  1. morningstarkar said

    I have a friend who likes about 7 packets of Curry Sauce.

    To counter this strat, we take turns and rush the objective, like how we did in the old days in Counter Strike.

    • Zep said

      You think they know what CS is?
      McDonald already over charging and at the end of the day they throw all their excess food in the rubbish without giving it away to the staff nor others who needs food for the day. So what piece of crap McDonald is saying ‘reduce wastage’. Dope!

  2. Meena said

    Aiya just don’t buy Mac anymore lor .. See how they like it !

  3. Godsila said

    KNN go eat roti plata lah! So much curry for u! Dunno why u all like curry so much. Really Curri neh.

  4. Johnny Goh said

    Go to JB lah.

    The give you as many packets of sauce as you want.

    Meals are much cheaper too!

  5. Dr.Arsch said

    Nationwide boycott of McD’s till we get free curry back 😀 😀

  6. jaded said


  7. kaypoh said

    Who needs McDick sauce? Vote with your $$$ ! Go BK ! 🙂

  8. tintin said

    boycott ….. McDonald …

  9. lau chiao said

    Boycott macdonald

  10. Pantatko said

    It’s because McDonald curry sauce cooking centre is neighbor to PRC n can’t cook lots of curry…later pig PRC complaint smell of curry how?…

  11. eek said

    why are people so greedy? How many packs do you actually need? Do you rather Mac just increase the cost of the nuggests themselves to pay for all these sauces they are handing out? Would you like to subsidise others who take too much by paying more for your nuggets?

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