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PAP grassroots organizations prepare to ‘celebrate’ National Day

Posted by temasektimes on June 28, 2012

Though National Day is still a few weeks away, PAP grassroots organizations are already preparing to ‘celebrate’ the event.

About 200 activities will be held to promote ‘community bonding’ with some aiming to smash ‘world records’ such as the efforts by grassroots leaders of Ayer Rajah division to create the world’s largest cupcake mosaic, using 20,000 cupcakes, to celebrate National Day.

They also want to set a new Guiness record. The current standing Guiness world record, using 5,000 cupcakes, was set in the United States.

Speaking to queries from the media, Chairman of Ayer Rajah Youth Executive Committee Ricky Lin said:

“At the community level, we want to excite and inspire the youth to contribute back to the society using this world record first ever youth celebrating national day. I believe this is the first of the many projects in terms of baking because CommuniBAKE is where the community comes to bake, care and share.”

As for Marine Parade division, it will be gunning for the largest number of people eating popcorns while watching a movie.

All grassroots organizations in Singapore are under the auspices of the People’s Association, a supposedly ‘non-partisan’ statutory board headed by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.


28 Responses to “PAP grassroots organizations prepare to ‘celebrate’ National Day”

  1. Jack said

    These are very good bonding activities for the Nation. May I know where is the source of fund for these activities coming from? People Action Party?

    • Compatriot said

      Quite true,celebrations and festivities with the right spirit in mind are good for the body,mind and soul where compliments are extended to eachother in fashion

      Movements of the PAP grassroots in any activity they are holding costs lots of money and must come direct from their organisational grassroots account and must never come from the STATE FUNDS (taxpayers monies)

      If the expenditures being paid comes direct from their own grassroots movements account,then I will make my tribute with a salute only to honour the State flag of the FIVE STARS and its CRESCENT

      If the funds comes from the STATE,then I say,”Majulah Singapura Is Dead”

      • Blind supporter said

        You only know where the funds come from when PAP is downfall. At that time then we can scruntinise their accounts and see whether there is misuse of taxpayers money.

      • DIY said

        First take courses on the Art of Leadership, Organizational Skills, Toastmaster, Public Speaking, Secretarial and Computing, etc,etc. joint the CC, CCMC, RC and you will be surprised at the grassroots level how well you can connect and Man Management a community.

        A D.I.Y. course of asking questions on the citizen journalism is not sufficient. Its good to be critical thinkers.

        At the end of the day life in the CC. etc; etc; must goes on.

      • Compatriot said

        At the Parliament sittings,the Opposition MP’s (WP) must ask for the accounts of the PAP grassroots events and activities to be transparent and audited by the office of a non-affiliated account auditor

        PM LSL has said he would work for an “Inclusive Society” then he must honour his words.To set the record straight and dont short-change Singaporeans

        Otherwise,as what the North American Red Indians has said
        “You Speak With A Fork Tongue”

        Singaporeans deserved to be served with honour of their birth rights especially when they voted the PAP into office to be the ruling government of the day

        If you want them to fight for Singapore without hesitation they will fight for Singapore.But if you dishonour us,we will fight you all the way

      • DIY said

        Yes Compatriot is right. Opposition MP can query on the issue.

        In fact i can anticipate the answer. All CC, CCMC, RC, etc, etc are under the purview of People Association. The PA is a semi government organization.

        So my last statement is exactly correct that ‘at the end of the day life in the CC, etc, etc; must goes on’.

        Imagine what is life in a war-torned countries, just like James Bond movie ‘Die Another Day’.

      • Compatriot said

        There is a matter of principle which is involved.Why do countries declares war with one another if not because of pinciple or unprincipled integrity and honour

        There must be a fair playing field,The PA is of behest to the PAP and beholden
        PAP,a registered political party now as govrnment of the day,its injected grassroots movements can unmistakably been seen as Partizan (a faction ) instead of Apolitical

        A government who is voted for,is BY the people,To the people and FOR the people

        Where is the fair playing field,perhaps the Peoples Association ought to be disbanded because it delved in partizan politics

      • DIY said

        The fair playing field is the General Election for every once in 5 years. Witnessed the Jasmine Revolution started in Tunisia on 15 Jan 2012. The domino effect in the Arab world was very clear. Those countries never hold GE for 2 decades.

        The result of the Egyptian’s 51% majority votes in the recent GE was uncertain. The president was sworn without a parliament.

        When Compatriot mentioned ‘A government who is voted for, is BY the people, To the people and FOR the people” was actually declared by Abraham Lincoln in 1824.

        The 3-in-one concept of democracy is in real sense RULE by the people.

        But people rule cannot rule other people. You have to form political parties. From the various political parties leaders emerged. Their duty is to form an elected government with a parliament

        I read ST article 2 months after GE2011. There was loud demand in social media that Opposition MPs can also run the grassroots organization.
        The journalist had clearly explained why only the MP from the ruling party can be the adviser. Their role is to explain government policies.

        The Venn diagram clearly illustrates his explanation.

        There are three concepts to governance.
        (a) Political Parties
        (b) Parliament
        (c) Ministries of Government

        Formation of the government.
        (a.1) After a GE, the political party with the majority votes has the mandate to form the government. In this instance the PAP secured 60% with 87 seats in Parliament.
        (b.1) The WP won 40% votes with 6 seats becomes the Opposition MPs.
        (c.1) MPs from PAP were sworn in to become Ministers of the various Ministries of Government.

        From the Venn diagram, where the three concepts had overlapped then it is called ‘The Government’. The 6 Opposition MPs sit in Parliament to debate issues and provide alternative versions. They can query the role of government or semi-government for that matter.

        Question arises on the role of PA. This is where good leadership play their part. Members of the public participate in PA activities when they see the standards of governance is excellent. At the end of the day life in People Association must goes on.

        Majullah Singapure. See you in NDP 2012.

  2. heart of singapore origin said

    We still got national day to celebrate meh we sold our country to Pinoy soon.

    • Annoymous said

      Our land going to be China new province soon, any name suggestions?

      • DIY said

        Don’t ever dream of teaming with China, and asking for new names.

        You want to become a communist state?

        China has always viewed S.E.A. as their vassal states. The history goes back to 5000 years old. China regard themselves as the middle kingdom and the rest as their territories. They claimed that South China Sea as their ‘Great Lakes’. Now China is pushing around for oil and claiming Spartlay Islands, Scabobough Atoll and many other islets belonging to China.

        Mind you although China adopted the capitalist economy, but they retain the communist ideology as their trump card. The late Chairman Deng Siow Peng ever said with an analogy. It does not matter whether it is a white cat or black cat; as long as it catches the mouse. What does it mean?

        The truth is government to government has nothing to do with party to party basis. That means if any political party in Singapore has a tinge of communist ideology in their manifesto, then worst time will come. Armed revolution is the name game. Mao Tze Tung ever proclaimed in 1960s that “The East is Red”.

        I like to quote from William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar – ” Cry Havoc and let loose the Dogs of War ”

        Be careful of what you have in mind.

  3. freedom said

    got free medical check up like pinoy national day?

    • mahbok tan. said

      Ha ha ha …TAN KU KU lah… meh “FREE” check up by any GOVT Institution or bodies…???

      Yes our national day will be called INDEPENDENCE DAY as of 2012…..?????

      Ayo yo yo ….. money come from where arh…..GOVT lah not our grandfather money wat……wat du u tink…????

      For peasant like us we have Citizen Day and lets all where manchester city blue or Chelsea Blue and have a sit-in at marina barrage or east coast…..TT dare to organised….????

      • mahbok tan. said

        typo error – lets all wear (where) manchester city blue or Chelsea Blue

      • Compatriot said

        A splendid suggestion for every Singaporean to organise and hold to honour the “SINGAPORE CITIZEN DAY”

        That day to come will tell the whole world,young or elderly alike,man.woman and child,who,without any affilation to any sect whatsoever can embrace gracefully with one another.Kindly count me in for this

  4. dada said

    Wah popcorn, maybe sponsored by HLH. Corn no Business liow, if got share hlh should sell quickly.

  5. Kim said

    May I know if cupcakes and popcorn money come from taxpayers or PAP grassroots?

  6. singkey said

    who paid fo

  7. singkey said

    who paid for the durians and etc? dafties?

  8. Law said

    Aiya, i wun be surprise “IF” the Stadium is FULL, they shall be made up of FT Celebrating NDP for their “NEW” Invaded Home.

  9. Daft Peasant said

    wah……so early planning to celebrate liao ah…….

    so they are calling FTs only…..

  10. Gaba said

    Hah an opportunity to the grassroot ‘supporters’ to get their payback, because the community organisation will use the member’s companies for services. You want to see even more corruption? Just start investigating how the grassroots distribute the money man!

  11. Jillian said

    Will there be a food fight after the mosaic is completed?

  12. icefire said

    only PAP area will have this fund to buy vote … to feed the dogs an make them loyal to the master … but the question where they get the fund ? if is from tax payer money why only the selected pple get to benefit ? just because they vote papaya ???
    if there is pple checking the papaya fund i believe the CHC news will because a small issue … look at the wealth collect by CHC and our filthy rich minister … no fight …

  13. jaded said

    bloody waste of money. why not give to poor and needy?

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