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‘Proud’ CHC blogger wrote: What’s wrong with my Church using its own funds?

Posted by temasektimes on June 28, 2012

A female blogger by the name of Daphne who proclaimed herself as a ‘proud’ member of City Harvest Church (CHC) for the past 15 years has defended her beleaguered pastor Kong Hee on her blog and lashed out at his detractors.

The 47 year old founder of CHC was slapped with three charges of misusing the church’s funds to further the music career of his wife Ho Yeow Sun which could see him spend the rest of his life in prison.

Despite the gravity of the offences, many CHC members continue to support Kong Hee including Daphne who was surprised at the ‘fuss’ over CHC using its ‘own funds.’

In a blog post today, Daphne wrote she didn’t understand the criticisms hurled at Kong Hee by Singaporeans as CHC never solicited funds from the public:

“First of all, what I don’t understand is the vitriol and venom that’s coming from all the people who’ve never given a single cent to the church. Unlike other charities, the church has never once solicited funds from the public and all the money has come in from church members who believe in a cause and gave out of their own free will.”

She asserted the funds were contributed by church members to serve their own purpose:

“I mean, I don’t come into your family and lambaste you for how you’re spending your money. If you decide to build your kids a bowling alley in your basement, that’s your right. Or if you decide to splurge on a Breitling for your dad, or a Prada bag for your second grandaunt’s cousin’s daughter, that’s entirely up to you.”

Though the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) has found evidence that Kong Hee had ‘diverted’ at least S$50 million dollars of CHC funds to help his wife’s career, Daphne continues to trust him completely:

“I have absolute trust in the fact that none of the money was embezzled for personal gain. I believe in the Crossover Project and there was certainly no intent to deceive, as had been alleged. Pastor Kong and all the other 4 individuals on trial have not breached the trust of the church members. I make no apologies for giving every dollar that we gave and we will continue to do so knowing that the funds will not be misused.”

With so many ‘loyal’ members like Daphne around, Pastor Kong can rest assured that his ‘good work’ in CHC will survive his expected ‘holiday’ in ‘Changi Chalet’.

Read Daphne’s post here


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91 Responses to “‘Proud’ CHC blogger wrote: What’s wrong with my Church using its own funds?”

  1. spotlessleopard said

    I believe this woman is entitled to her views which is personal…..I also respect the views of cocerned “Parents” whose children have become SHEEPLE in CHC which by all ways and means washed the young peoples’ minds to the point where they do not care for their Own Parents and siblings and instead pay a “protection” money or “booking” fee of 10% of their income on the promise of a place in Heaven?

    She is entitlted to her views…I am sure when she falls seriously ill her Pastor will pray very veryhard for her but I doubt they will pay a cent towards her Medical Cost….God bless her.

    • Snoopy Says said


    • lau chiao said

      Problem is kong xi fa cai gets the money thru CHC, which is registered under the society acts and have to be regulate and govern by the law. I fully understand the lady, but maybe she should have just GIVE monies to Kong Xi Fa Cai personal account, then all these fucking shit wont happen.

  2. Low said

    I was a member of CXXX Comm Church for 7 years. The church always collects offerings during weekly cell group meetings and during the service. While I am not against the collection as the church need cash to survive and sustain their weekly services I had an encounter which I felt I was not treated fairly as a faithful member of the church for 7 years. Once, I was call up by my cell leader to help to wash dishes at a new open cafe along East Coast . After washing the dishes, I thought I could leave but one of the person in charge one of the fellow church leader suddenly hold me back and told me to mop the cafe before I go. I feel quite shocked but I did as I am one of the good sheep. In the end they did not even thank me or offer me a drink. Furthermore the day was raining and they require me to reach the church within 20 min. My cell leader MXX Lee expected me to reach on time. So I had no choice but to drive my OPC car and pay $20. This is not one of the only time when I was mistreated. I guess I have no choice but to remain as a non Christian as I felt mistreated by fellow church leaders.

    • bernard tan said

      u have to understand that not all christians are like that…….

    • @Low said

      Sorry to hear about your plight by your ex-church. There are still good churches here with loving brethren to fellowship. Don’t give up hope.

    • mark lim thiam seng said

      some are born to be used by,some are here to make use of other.

    • Blind supporter said

      may be u can consider to convert to buddhist.

    • Jhuniuo said

      Man fails man but God doesn’t. Looking towards God does eliminate those troubles. Perhaps you could also have voiced your concerns to them.

    • Ray said

      If you choose to disown God because of how humans treated you then you really are not fit to be a Christian. Right move.

      • ahbeng said

        if u are rich and willing to pay 10percent of ur salary to the building fund, then u are fit to be christians? hypocrites

    • Freedom said

      Low, once you choose to except Christ, you are always a christian. Hope that you can find a suitable church somewhere. I left chc 20 years ago. My experience is there are still a lot of good churches with good followers out there. Don’t just look at how the church and service was packaged, you must feel the sincerity of the Christ followers. Focus on the One above, He will lead you.

    • Fruit tree said

      Sorry to hear that ………… but know that not all christians are Christians and not all churches are Churches. This is where CDC causes the biggest damage to Christ our Lord. They professed to be serving and converting people to Him ……. but they just served to people to show Christ as a mercenary. Our Lord paid dearly for our sins and salvation volunteerily ……. He only wishes that we show our love to Him by loving others as He did ……… without charge or discrimination.
      Think of Godly people like Mother Theresa and her mission ……….. they clearly showed God’s love through their work. I remembered once she sticked her hand out and asked for alms from a Hindu shop-keeper who spat into her hand. She smiled, retrieved her hand and extended the other one and said ………. “that was for me, now what would you give for the children?” …….. he shop-keeper was so astonished that he gave and thereafter became one of her greatest supporter.
      See the fruits of the tree ……….. if the fruits are good, then the tree is too.

  3. Wide-Eyed said

    Will she have the same conviction as she did for last year’s GE as she did her church? Replace every “government” with CHC, and see if she has double standards.

    • Blind supporter said

      She wrote such a long thesis but with no substance. not worth reading at all because her thought was so childish. know nothing of our political history yet can write about politic. Just look at her photo. She is a material girl. only go for material church. her aim is not for christianity but for entertainment. I suggest she close her blog. dont come and fool oir intelligence. Her 4000+likes ate likely all belong to her church members and are all material people. i look down on these people.

  4. Tru Blu Sinkie said


    You can do whatever you want with your money,


    Don’t call yourself a church, don’t register as a charity. Call yourself Sun Ho Fan Club, Kong Hee Fan Club or whatever, then you can do whatever you want.

    • Janet Yong said

      For the huge amount collected for “charity” if everything cents goes into it, do they pay taxes?

      • P Koh said

        Many followers perhaps are emotionally moved to think that they can use money to buy “Salvation” on the route to Heaven. Charity comes from the heart not the pocket. Giving a portion of one’s salary is called “Charity” but giving
        what you do not have is called ” Sacrifice” and that woud be a greater cause for Mankind. So, if members of the CHC want to do Charity they should do more Charitable Works not just giving money as a convenient way to redemption of their souls.

    • Blind supporter said

      very we said.

    • SicknPoorian said

      Like ! well said.

  5. Naive and stupid comments. Buddhist monks beg for food. They do not live the high life in Los Angeles. Mother Theresa will rock from her grave.

    • Ray said

      Some Buddhist monks can have big house and even horses in Australia. Go talk to Ming Yi.

      • ahbeng said

        well at least Ming yi admits his mistakes and ask for forgiveness, unlike some con man who pretend to be God’s messenger who insist he done nothing wrong and his followers also insist he done nothing wrong ,thats what u call blind faith or plain stupidity…

  6. Gobsmacked said

    She has 4,131 likes on her FB page Would be interesting to see by the end of the month, how many Likes she has left.

    • observing said

      the problem here is you expect the LIKEs to fall when it will actually increase as people will have to like her page just to leave comments – likeable or nasty.

  7. Joe said

    No cure for stupidity.

  8. FR said

    This pseudo logic should be sufficient for CHCers to rally around. Any similar piece tossed them by Kong Hee on a regular day usually is…

    …but it does not stand up to logic for the rest of us.

    If you need them spelled out, I’ll oblige you:

    I’ll start with Kong Hee’s trumpeted marketplace theory which takes pride of place on CHC’s website. I see not how the “brightest and best” in your Church can stand this trite and banal theme harped to death over the years.

    Incidentally the above marketplace theme encourages Christians to further God’s mission by being involved in Government. This is ill advised, to say the least.

    Kong Hee’s stand that you should pay to worship in a nice house. Logical until taken to ridiculous extremes, to the tune of millions and eventually embezzled. How much is too much?

    Kong Hee’s admonishment of those who contribute the lower of “unequal amounts” and make the smaller of “unequal sacrifices”. Accepting the prosperity gospel’s mantra that sacrifices beget returns makes these sacrifices voluntary, and small sacrifices nothing to be ashamed about.

    The Church’s dismissive attitude to all critics, constructive or not, with the stated refrain that “any big organisation is bound to have critics.” Again logically sound until used to dismiss all criticism.

    The Church’s stand that interaction with people outside the Church, even with Christians of other Churches, is undesirable as outside parties may encourage the questioning of the Church’s prosperity gospel and proprietary teachings. It should stand to reason that belief in a healthy system can only be strengthened by questioning.

    The City Harvesters I have met are grasping at straws in the form of logical-sounding maxims trotted out by the leaders, taken to ridiculous extremes. They do this to give positive overtones and meaning to their lives dedicated to the Church’s teachings and to the positive experiences, religious and secular, emotional and social, they have had in your Church.

    I have been to your Church and I have experienced all the above. And I am ashamed to have given in my member friend’s entreaties to pay the Church even that short series of visits.

    I will add:

    Change comes from willingness to confront mistakes.

    Not just under the law but in the minds of Church members.

  9. Time Survivor said

    OMG, church members are not defined as public than who is????? So long as it is not related it is considered public. Goodu!!!!!

  10. ice said

    i just dont get it… how the pastor hv such a glamour life where he encourage rich and poor people to donate or to give… is not reflected in his life.

    2ndly, i just dont get it, where the source of his income to have such luxury life… i might be fool but not dumb enough just to calculate simple math….
    let say to buy a ‘house’ for 9 million, with downpayment 20%, its about 1.8 million + stamp duty n the laywer fee might close to 2 mil.
    80% of 9 million is 7.2 mil, installment for 30 years
    30 years x 12 = 360 months
    installment per month is $20.000, this is very high number for an salary, but this is not salary instead this is only basic expenses, so i believe the monthly income is much more than $20.000 (yealy $240.000).

    I’ve no idea how much actually average pastor income… but if this is the roughly figure, i might change my mind to become 1 of them 😉

  11. godisblind said

    If nothing is wrong then u all bloody idiot better keep quiet when ming yi was sentenced!
    U eat kangtang too much liao? I think u need a deep shaft bottom up to clear ur mind!

  12. P Koh said

    Such is the power of Faith or rather ‘brain-washing’ to the extent that what is right or wrong has no direction. Yes, I
    fully agree that she can do what she likes with her money and whether it is a worthy cause or not is still her perogative.
    We outsiders not being Church members should mind our own business. Let the law take its course and if what is done
    with the money is not unlawful, then let there be Peace.

  13. Annoymous said

    “I have absolute trust in the fact that none of the money was embezzled for personal gain……….”

    This Daphne is a very good example of how serious they are being brain-washed.

  14. pngkueh_forever said

    Great conviction, lady. But don’t quote the Bible to further your selfish, materialistic benefits. Whatever, soon somebody is going to reap bumpy harvest within stoned wall room…. a return of 50 million folds perhaps.

  15. Annoymous said

    Such easy money from all these noob followers, I want to start a church too.

  16. Godsila said

    Halo daphne, if I am ur father I rather jump floor die. Ur parent work so hard feed u and u come out work, never give more money to parent but give 10% salary to this satan? GST 7% cry father cry mother. 10% say u willing give one! Go hit wall die lah.

  17. TT Durian said

    Is she Ms Ho? :p

  18. Chinn said

    The fact that this case is one of governance and check and balances is often overlooked in the midst of so much noise. Even though funds were raised by members but some behaviors/actions have national implication. If the behavior of a select group can waiver the general goodwill/faith the rest of us have in charities or religious organization then action must and should be taken. This is not going to be easy but because other charities and their ability to raise funds may be affected altogether, and we in SG don’t compromise our social cohesiveness because a select group (Christian, Buddhist, Muslim or otherwise) decides this is something they want to do and do it their own way. In short your action will affect me even though we never have nor will ever meet.

    My bowling alley may bless the entire community who gets to bowl for free at my expense but if it is causing your house to rattle every time I bowl, I think you appreciate some kind of action taken too.

    Yes we are born into a family (and a church family) but we LIVE in a society and we have neighbors, friends, relationships that form this entire community. It helps when you look out and you’ll realize you are the only family living on this street. Thank you.

  19. jacque lee said

    Most human beings don’t like to be duped and appear stupid. This is the same for followers of CHC. After spending so many years of efforts and money they have to justified nothing was wrong. They will now come with all kind of logical reasons to convince themselves they are not wrong. It is very obvious the people who were charged especially the ring leader is first class con man. It is a very clear criminal breach of trust on a scale and over a period that NKF or the buddhist monk case appear very minor and petty. CHC is an entertainment organisation that appeal to people whose weekends are boring and need socialising. The charismatic charmer is duping his followers like OSama Bin Ladin where the followers are willing to die for him. After he has spent 15 to 20 years in jails, hopefully his followers wiill be matured enough enough to realise the scam.

  20. Aiyo yo said

    She qualifies to be the defense lawyer of the bunch of crooks – for as long as remains brainwashed and hypnotised

  21. Aiyo yo said

    Just read her views of the GE. Isn’t all that she finds bad (and I agree) with the current government found in CHC as well??!?!??!?
    “1. I want a government that knows how to man up and say “I’m sorry” when they’ve made a mistake.” Those crooks made no apologies and will likely make no apologies but continue to demand their subordinates to worship them.
    “2. I want a government that really listens.” They didn’t or choose not to when Roland Poon brought this matter up years ago.
    “3. I want a government that’s accountable.” Do I need to make any comments here?
    “4. I want a government that rises above the need to resort to threats in order to get votes.: Her CHC govt got $$$$!
    “5. I want a government that understands the value of humility and servitude.” Her CHC govt clealy don’t understand that. All of them got screwed – and they still deny …..

  22. Lim Oo said

    Daphne the way you proclaimed yourshelf as ‘proud’ member of City Harvest Church not because you believe in God you love be close to Kong Hee ‘Man of God’ that is what you believe. Keep it to yourshelf don’t let Ho Yeow Sun find out. You are naive and stupid to give this type of Comments.

  23. Big Daddy said

    STUPID GIRL!!!!!!
    Very stupid girl, if this bitch is my daughter, I will punish her very hard with nipple clamps.

  24. Blind supporter said

    likely she is not a true christian and doesnt know what christianity is. she talk church service is to provide entertainment like what CHC is offering. what a pity.

  25. Stockholm said

    I would use the analogy of the stockholm syndrome to justify why the public is justified to comment and judge the situation. CHC goers may be giving the offerings voluntarily, but the existence of possible branwashing from the anitcs of CHC may therefore question the the very idea of “volunteer” behaviour. Its like seeing your good friend going out with a scumbag. She loves him blindly, but he is scum. How can you just ignore that?

  26. jaded said

    this is getting interesting LOL

  27. Archangel said

    CHC members are so generous in feeding PK’s luxurious expenditures and promoting his wife career using members’ contribution. They even pray for his well-being despite the evidences are against him of misusing of funds.

    My 13 year old son who is also a Christian, said to me this noon: “Ma, when i grow up, i wana be a pastor in CHC too so i can live in a $9.3mil penthouse in sentosa cove and sponsor $2.3mil to my family members for shopping and overseas vacation!!” I was so shocked when i heard that, but then i realised he was just being sarcastic. WHEW!!! Thank God!

  28. iai said

    It can be axiomatic that chc has influential followers in the highest strata of society such as legal, police and politics. We the people have to observe closely at the coming court trials that must be seen as justice is done and seen to be done with no favouritism. On the ground, their church leaders and followers are already making strident statements. The real challenge is whether the authorities should put them in place when they have crossed the lines of law and order, sedition and unlawful assembly to name a few. A group of catholic people were put in jail as alleged as marxists. Now this chc saga is seeing a congregation going against the authorities by openly challenging them such as the unruly mob outside the court. They are like cancerous cells lying low and when found out, the disease and damage have spread and prognosis looks uncomfortable to the law and order agencies.

  29. crappy said

    she sure using own money anot. 10years ago at the then hot and stuffy boon lay bus interchange, on every saturday can see the members asking for donations, and urging others to join their church while making snide remarks about other religions. For people who are in their late 20s or more, and who often go down jurong point via bus will know.

  30. SicknPoorian said

    If it is nothing wrong, I would have set up an area ask for donation by the name of some higher power, and spend it on a long vacation at Maldives.

  31. muimui said

    First thing, can she differentiate the word between “personal use” and “charity purposes?” I feels that she cannot and does not know the meaning of those two words.

    If you look at how other people spread God’s love through music (for instance, the case whereby Eric Moo sang Christian songs at a concert), you’d have realised that Sun was not helping to spread God’s love, but her own for a singing career.

    However, if you are still blinded by their (KH and Sun) sweet talks, and think of $50M as nothing (this could be used to fund alot of charities like old folks home, helping single and needly families, those who do not $ to seek medical assistance…etc), then I have nothing to say. You’d rather see your $ being used on someone’s lavishing life than lend a helping hand to society. This is not how God spread it’s love.

    • RC said

      Yes I Agree! Just watch her MTV on ” China Wine”!
      All I hear her repeating ” China Wine, China Wine, China Wine!”
      What does ” China Wine” got to do with God’s words and His teachings?

      $50M can help the Tsunami Victims of Aceh and Japan… and can save many many lives… God will be happier to give these money for the poor and needys..

  32. i5htar said

    don’t want loose face…keep cover up!!!

  33. justme said

    yeah.. that’s not even a church..

    you’re solicted unconsciously.. all in the mind. don’t even know when you CHC people will wake up ur idea.. continue your sleep in your dream land…

  34. Concerned Singaporean said

    Something for the good Christians to note. By Yves I-Bing Cheng, M.D., M.A.

    Matthew 7:21-23

    “These people used Jesus’ name. They called Him ‘Lord’ and they said that they did many things in His name. Jesus rejected them and called them ‘evildoers.’ Depart from Me, you evildoers. In the gospel of Luke, in the parallel passage, (Luke 6:46), Jesus said, Why do you call Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I say? An evildoer is a lawless person who just does what he likes. He does not do the things that Jesus teaches. You are an evildoer if you live in your own way, doing whatever you want to do, without considering the will of God.

    Notice that in Jesus’ teaching, an evildoer is not necessarily somebody who is guilty of murder, or adultery, or robbery. You may not have committed any of these sins but in God’s eyes, you can still be an evildoer. God looks into your heart because sin originates in the heart. He looks at the root of all sins. And in the heart of any sinner, there is always this inclination to go his own way, to do things the way he wants, without any regard for the will of God. You may claim to do spectacular works in your ministry, yet your works are works of evil if they are not done in obedience to the will of God.”

  35. Martin said

    This city harvest saga is getting dramatic and disgusting. The response, from their members to the latest response from the executive pastor and overseas supporter, Phil Pringle, another ‘pop star’ flamboyant character, demonstrates their sheer arrogance. No one needs to be a Christian to be know that laws are to abided. Even bible is crystal clear on obeying the laws of the land. These members’ defense of kong hee and others on how much impact and good work with no personal gain have been achieved are just revolting. I visited my friend working as a volunteer in Cambodia under a Christian organization. Inspired by his sacrifice, I sponsored some children at the orphanage he’s working. Each child’s sponsorship is US$ 20 per month for education and basic food. Looking at the amount of money city harvest have collected say $ 20 million, a whopping 1 million lives can be touched and taken care of for one whole month. That is impact, certainly in a good way. Who doesn’t know $20 million dollars in our capitalist world can make a impact, good or bad? Part of that can even buy a number one spot on some US billboard music chart. Lots of children, from orphans to abandoned ones, are prostituting or dying on the streets in Cambodia. We have not even talked about Africa yet. Churches which are good at collecting money and claimed that they have too much money on hand and need to invest and even employ investment managers, are just liars and moving from the straight course and true purpose of a church. What is no personal gain when you drive a luxury car, live in a $9.3 million penthouse, fly business class? For any supporter of kong hee, please consider the poor, and we don’t even need the bible to tell us that.

    • P Koh said

      My friends and I are embarking on a project to drill wells to extract drinking water from the ground for poor villagers in Thailand and Cambodia using windmill technology which a friend has developed. If there is excess funds from CHC, it would surely be very good if some can be channelled to us to do this worthwhile project. Every cents spent will be accounted for and all works done will be above board as this will be done through the banner of my Lions Club in Singapore in concert with Lions Club in Thailand. I pray that our dream will be answer.

  36. Regime Change said

    There are two kinds of faith: true faith and blind faith.

  37. LkySi said

    I am a member of CHC. Daphne is a sycophant, who will stoop at nothing. She has a convoluted mind bordering on the insane. She should be declared non compos mentis. Everyone in CHC knows that Kong Hee is the Messiah and that Sun Ho is the worlds next evangelical singer. So we all contributed to their material happiness. On their own Kong Hee and Sun Ho are vagrants and scavengers in CHC’s totem pole.

  38. load of crap said

    one thing that I can’t understand- Why Sun Ho wasn’t charged. Even if she wasn’t involved in covering the trail of money from the church to finance her failed singing career, how can she honestly believed that millions handed to her by her husband came from a legit source? It is more than likely she knew the money came from the church.

    Even if she makes the ridiculous assumption that her church is willing to finance her career, how can it be morally right for her to accept the money when there is nothing in relation to Christianity in her music videos? On the contrary, her videos seem to promote the wrong kind of values contrary to her religion. For her to say that the crossover project is to reach out to non-christians is blasphemous.

    She is the real devil in this whole debacle.

    • DIY said

      Sun Ho is ‘non de plum’ woman. She can influence her husband to finance her singing career.

      Load of Crap is curious ‘Why Sun Ho wasn’t charged?’ Trouble is that the law is vague.

      The answer is she can be charged under abetting. It all depends on how DPP handles this case.

      One good thing is her passport was confiscated by the police.

      • load of crap said

        Law is not vague. If a person is not able to reasonably believe that money or even goods received came from a legit source, you’re breaking the law by simply accepting it. Very common for people to be charged under this.

      • DIY said

        Vagueness was being challenged by Roland Poon as member in the CHC. He doubted the transparency of promoting the church’s fund to further Sun Ho’s career in the music industry. The whistle-blower was threatened with law suit by Pastor Kong.

        Whats more he had to publicly apologized twice in the newspaper to retract back his accusation. He had to borrow from friends to pay the $32k advertisement cost. Roland left CHC and prayed at other churches.

        I believe that those who sympathized with Roland had doggedly probed the matter further.

        The aggrieved party complaint to the State and CAD went into action lasting 2 years.

        If you read the Evidence Act the essence of vague must be substantiated with facts and evidence. The presiding will weigh the matter being put up by DPP as ‘prima facie’ case.
        In legal terms means beyond reasonable doubts.

        The mass followers of CHC at present is distracting the case in social media as if the State is interfering with religion and doubting the process of law.

        Take up a short course study on law if you have the time.

      • DIY said

        Oops….typo correction “The presiding judge will weigh the matter being put up by DPP as ‘prima facie’ case.”

  39. P Koh said

    If all Preachers follow the rules of the Lord, the present problems would not have surfaced. I also do not see anywhere in the Bible that God asks His followers to donate 10% of their income to Him so that He could use it to go on holidays, buy expensive cars and penthouse.!!

    • DIY said

      Jesus went to the temple. He saw a poor woman putting all her money into the box. Then came a wealthy merchant who also donated into the box.

      Jesus explained to his disciples that the woman had given the most.

      The 10% tithes is standard ruling after Jesus had died.

  40. Speechless said

    dumb ass… u are praying to ur GOD Kong.. while ur GOD kong is praying to the Money God!

    if the boss embezzled his own company’s money, he is also guilty lo. coz he needs to be reliable to the investor or board of directors…

    CHC got to b reliable to committee. if the funds can be used like tat (using member’s money), wat the hell we work so hard for having to vie jobs with ft? we all go own a Church lo…

  41. Me said

    If I may paint an analogy.

    CHC pastor has “saved” many (spiritual) lives… or so it was said. A doctor too, has also saved many (flesh and blood) lives in his career. One day, the doctor decided to steal $50M from the hospital’s account and gets caught. Does it then make him a bad doctor? No. He’s still a good doctor. But he has done something wrong and he has to admit to it and be punished for it.

  42. Me said

    Do all CHC members really believe that money can be used anyhow, as the pastor wished? That it is perfectly alright for their House of God to produce music that sang of “Love, Sex and Murder”? Then how about letting the whole church sing-a-long to Sun Ho’s “Kill Bill” or “China Wine” song during their service to celebrate her music?

    I wonder if it hadn’t been the pastor’s wife… and that it had just been an ordinary member of the church… would CHC all agree to sponsor the music career?

    I believe there are those who thinks that it was wrong. That their hard-earned money went to waste on the kind of songs produced by their pastor’s wife. But no one dares speak out for fear of being labelled by the rest of the church as being a “Betrayer”. At least I hope there are some in CHC who have some sanity.

  43. Angel said

    Dear Brothers & Sisters in City Harvest , when 1 part of the body hurts , the other part of the body will feel the pain too ….. If one part suffers, all the parts suffer with it, and if one part is honored, all the parts are glad.1 Corinthians 12:26

    As the facts are being brought to light …Your pastors are being officially charge , lets wait for the verdict instead of rallying behind Men blindly ( men are prone to sins , hidden from men but known to God ) . When we repent of our sins sincerely , God will provide a way …but we will still hv to bear the consequences . It is not abt your church , we are a Body of Christ , when 1 church pastor fails , there are many brothers & sisters in the Body of Christ to receive you in LOVE ….It is abt the Kingdom of God , not just a church with its members . Church is not a membership club ……Christ Body is a Heavenly Kingdom . His Kingdom comes , His Will be done not His church comes , His will be done ….

    Look how far you have fallen! Turn back to me and do the works you did at first. If you don’t repent, I will come and remove your lampstand from its place among the churches. Revelation 2 :5

    If man fails you ,,,Do Not be discouraged as Our Faithful Lord never fails .

    He will place us in a local churches led by a Righteous Men of God , so do not forsake the gathering of saints ….

    Dear Bros & Sisters , it is now the time to seek the Lord in your prayer closet & ask for wisdom & revelation of the truths in this case … why not let our Almighty God who is higher than any Judge or Pastor on earth speaks to you Himself….. Be still & know that He is God …..

  44. Ken Lee said

    the 60%!!!??

  45. Time Survivor said

    People who are physically blind would like to see the world and those who are deaf would like to hear the sound of the world BUT unfortunately some of those with good eyesight choose to be blind and those with good hearing choose to be deaf. What a wonderful or a sad “world”.

  46. RTC Crisis said

    Many believers will try to rationalize Jesus’ absence by pointing to his famous statement in the Bible, “Happy are those who have not seen yet still believe.”

    If you think about this statement, what you realize is that it creates the perfect cover for a scam. Let’s say you are Jesus, you are a normal human being, you realize that you are going to die and you want to cover for this fact. Here is what you would say: “Happy are those who have not seen yet still believe.” What you are saying is, “I exist, and the way I am going to show you that I exist is by not showing that I exist.” For every other object in the universe, the way that we know it exists is because the object provides evidence of its existence. If there is no evidence for an object’s existence, we call it imaginary (e.g. Leprechauns). But with Jesus, the lack of evidence is turned into evidence. Quite clever, but obviously a scam.

    You simply need to look at the evidence and accept what it is telling you. If the resurrection were true, then Jesus would be answering prayers as he promises in the Bible. He would also appear when people pray to see him. The fact is, as we saw here and here, there is definitive evidence that prayer accomplishes nothing. It is also obvious that Jesus is not appearing on earth today.

    While we are on the topic of the resurrection, have you ever thought about how odd the whole crucifixion story is? Imagine the all-powerful, all-knowing creator of the universe sitting on his magnificent throne in heaven. He looks down onto earth and says to himself:

    Those evil humans down on earth. I hate what they are doing. All this sin…

    Since I am all-knowing I know exactly what the humans are doing and I understand exactly why they commit each sin. Since I created the humans in my own image and personally programmed human nature into their brains, I am the direct author of all of this sin. The instant I created them I knew exactly what would happen with every single human being right down to the nanosecond level for all eternity. If I didn’t like how it was going to turn out, I could have simply changed them when I created them. And since I am perfect, I know exactly what I am doing. But ignore all that. I hate all these people doing exactly what I perfectly designed them to do and knew they would do from the moment I created them…

    So here’s what I am going to do. I will artificially inseminate a virgin. She will give birth to an incarnated version of me. The humans will eventually crucify and kill the incarnated me. That will, finally, make me happy. Yes, sending mself down and having the humans crucify me — that will satisfy me. I feel much better now.

    It makes no sense, does it? Why would an all-knowing being need to have humans kill himself (Jesus is God, after all) to make himself happy? Especially since it is a perfect God who set the whole thing in motion exactly the way he wanted it? The story of the crucifixion is absurd from top to bottom if you actually stop to think about it. By combining the crucifixion story with the resurrection story, you can see the truth — “God” is a mythological creature just like every other human god. The entire religious domain is make believe.

    Daphne, you are a well educated lady with a good family. Please Wake Up and please do not waste your life couple with illusion and fantasies!
    For your kids sake, get out of this cult group!
    CAD officers are highly intelligent and well trained chosen people. Sun Ho, Kong Hee and his gang enjoys all good and luxury at the extreme things in life.

    • dred said

      If you are really interested in Jesus, read about Him fully in all the four gospels and the book of the revalation…you will find that 1.He, the second person of the God head was killed before the foundation of the world to pay for the future of sin, which is ineveitable, since God chose to give man the gift of free will.What is sin? it is disobedience to the command God gave you….not disobedience to a set of religious rules , is a sin for a jew to drink blood, it is rightous for a christian to drink the blood of Jesus. it is a sin for a jew to listen to Jesus, which is why the Apostle Paul killed and imprisoned Christians before Jesus spoke to him directly. It is a sin for a christian to listen to Moses,( but most christians do not know this) for the command from God on the Mount of Transfiguration to peter, James, and John in the presence of Moses and Elijah is..”This is my son, whom I love.With him I am well pleased. Listen to him.’
      There is so much misunderstanding about Jesus because no one is taught to listen to Him.
      For yourself, read about Jesus, test his word for yourself…so that when you do meet him, and you will, you can say whatever you want to his face. He is man enough for all of us to take whatever we have to throw at him, for from the cross…he forgave his enemies and died for the salvation of his enemies.
      You might die for your family and friends..even your country…but to die to save your enemies? Who would do that?
      As for me, I am who I am because Jesus raised me back up, and for 22 years, I have failed to proof his words to be false.
      I have seen the blind see, the lame walk, demons driven out, by his believers as He said they can.And that is starters. By the way, He also said you cannot serve God and mammon, you will hate one or love the other. The problem here is over money…not over miracles. How different it would be, if the scandal was over 26 million miracles, used to bolster the singer’s career…how different would the story be, it the pastor was found to have lavished 26 million miracles to do the crossover. how different?
      The World would not be interested.
      I hope you will have your personal encounter with Jesus, and not judge him by what his lazy, unfaithful ignorant servants do. Really..the servants do not reflect the master. I know

  47. think said

    Daphne – you’re asking the wrong question. The right question is why does god want Kong Hee to be arrested and jailed? Think about it, if god doesn’t want that outcome, it wouldn’t happen. So please don’t complain and respect the higher authority.

  48. Virgorian said

    Daphne, u threesome with kong Hee n sun ?

  49. Please advise hom many people is allowed per visit to attend Kong Hee Patt Choy performance of Jail House Rock at his Changi Cove Prison?

  50. bngkuey said

    It is true that outsiders shouldn’t question how kong hee wants to utilize the fund from his church…but once there is an effort to cover up the movement of the money then there is fraud involved. It is obvious that those who are going to be brought to court were aware that what they had done back then was a crime and hence they were finding ways to cover their arsh….this is pure personal greed and I don’t see any religious element in the equation.

  51. Investigation has been going on for 2years or more, not 2 days, not 2 weeks, not 2 months.

    IS 2 Fucking long years OR MORE, who would wanna bother with your lifestyle and money spending unless its truly going against the interests of the public.

    So, CHC members claimed that outsiders or Gov shouldn’t interfere with their money spending, so some day CHC decide to have a mass killing festival, kill all non-christian upon sight, so GOV also cant their hands in loh?? Bcos its CHC’s community action, we cant interfere. What kinda bull shit is that?

    And further more, the more Kong Hee reacts, and the more he asks for supports clearly shows that his guilty. Did he ever claim in the name of God, that he is innocent??

    • stephen says walk the talk said

      So far did Kong Hee swear publicly on the bible that he is innocent ?
      I look forward to him doing so when he appears in court.
      If he is worthy of what he claims to be, then he should up the ante and proclaim he deserves 10 times the sentence if found guilty by the court.

  52. Laws of Nature said

    Daphne, your pastor ConHee, says there are 2-sides to a story.
    Maybe you want to watch & listen to the other side of the story re. “prosperity theology” :
    Tithe $1000 and it will multiply 30-fold, 50-fold, 100-fold. Wow!
    Just wondering how much KH tithed to receive so much to buy a $9.3 million penthouse at Sentosa Cove?

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

  53. P Koh said

    Let us not judge, assume and speculate and start drawing religion and God into the picture. It is plainly a matter between the CAD and Pastor Kong and the truth will be out when they face each other in court. So let us be patient and let the process of law takes its natural course. Let there be peace.

  54. Linda said

    WRONG. aren’t all Christians one family? Or are you saying City Harvest Church is a family of it’s own and NOT accountable to other Christians? If you go by the name ‘church’, and if you call yourselves ‘Christian’, if you profess to be worshiping the same God (unless oops you worship Kong Hee/ money instead then sorry I’m mistaken!)…then you are claiming to be in the Body of Christ that we are also in. Therefore, what goes on in CHC…is also our business. CHC calls itself a church yet does this prosperity gospel thing and have pastors that steal money – what image of Jesus, of Christianity will people have now? What will people think of churches now? That the part is like the whole, that since the church is supposed to reflect Christ, is it that Christianity is all about money and swindlers?
    Thus for Christians to speak up, that is fine.

    And why, you say…are all these non-Christians butting in? I as a Christian say they have every right to. Look, we are always preaching the gospel to them. We are always trying to show them, Look at Christ in us, look Christ makes us different. Look at the light in us. Come believe in Christ too. We are putting our lives on public display. Given how aggressive CHC’s evangelism tactics are, probably many non Christians have been asked to come to church by CHC people at least once in their lives in Singapore. Therefore…when something goes terribly wrong with CHC’s testimony…is it not right for them to question it? You want them to come to church…yet they cannot interfere and quesiton your church affairs. How strange…get. it. right. Jesus came to build a church without walls. Our lives are open to all. If something doesn’t match up, we have only ourselves to blame if they point to our wrongdoings.

  55. CHC Detractor said

    Daphne, you are indeed a deluded Naive Nut.. when the $$Millions of tithe are tax-exempt, then the general public got very right to know how the funds are used.
    CAD and CoC personnel are not daft and know their duties well…
    Your comments leave an after taste like sour milk and urine combined. Disgusting!

  56. two cents said

    My two cents of opinion….personally I think the programs from CHC is very effective. They have managed to combined all those high octane power seminars programs into a church perspective. Indeed it has become a very successful model whether for business or otherwise. The sad thing is that, this kind of mind altering and manipulating programming is really very bad to the society as a whole. I fear for my children’s future where such programming tools were to fall into the hands of the unscrupulous such as what we are seeing now.

    As a Christian, my church encourage us to tithes. Indeed the old Testaments of the Bible teaches about the “first fruit” and tithing where the Jews gave their first produce as an offering to GOD and they are also commanded to pay a tenth of their INCREASE and such tithes are to be put into the storehouse meant for GOD’s people and a portion of of given to the priesthood as they have no inheritance or means of income (contrast this to Christ and the apostles in the new Testament where Christ was a carpenter and apostle Paul was a tent maker). In fact, the apostle have to work and earned their keeps (wages) although the apostle did received love offerings.

    NO such commandments of tithing was given to the Christians in the New Testament. Can any of the proponents of the so called laws of harvest show us that such commandments of tithing was given to the Christians in the new Testaments?

    Well, many Old Testaments prophets were indeed blessed by GOD. But were there any apostles in the new Testaments became rich for preaching the Gospels? Did the apostles enforced the tithes?

    If the laws of harvest is true, does that means Jesus Christ died on the cross for nothing? Isn’t that Jesus died so that we may have life and life in abundance? (That doesn’t mean if we just sits idle God will prospers us. We are need to work hard to earn our wages and GOD will bless our hands)

    Is His grace on the cross useless to us since we can do it by our own efforts i.e by tithing? Does that means that the rich in world comprises of Christians who tithes only?

    Are Christians Jews? If so why not Christians starts to practice all the laws of the Jews and Torahs? Shouldn’t then Christians be circumcised like the Jews? In fact, the Muslims who adopted part of the old Testaments did better by adopting some of the laws of the Jews by circumcision and not eating pork! THE FACT IS THAT TITHING IS FOR THE JEWS but no such commandments was given to the Christians.

    If any Christian is reading this, please search the Bible and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you. Tithing and giving your offering is required of every able Christians to support the church and its ministries. Such Tithes and offerings are given to the church and not given to GOD per se. It is not a commandment in the Bible as Christ paid it all on the cross. If Christ is not enough, then what else is enough?

    We should give generously (within our means) to the church and the church should donate wisely to support charities and for the poor and needy. These monies are NOT meant to be used to support any other activities (pastors’ worldly business, secular singing career of pastor’s wife included, etc).

    My GOD JEHOVAH is a GOD of Justice, of grace and full of mercy. I hope Christians reading this would continue to be loving to the world and continue to be strengthen and give to the poor and needy (within our means) as our focus is on CHRIST and not on any worldly idol (Kong Hee included) no matter how indebted you are to the church.

    Also, your Pastors do not need live to be a poor church mouse neither are they suppose to be living an extravagance life from your tithes and offerings. True Pastors will bless others with the excess given to them (living in a multi-million penthouse is excessive comparatively and is not of good stewardship to GOD’s blessings.

    Remember, we are the church but the church and its pastors are not God. Test the spirit and see the fruits of every leaders as we are living in the end times where the angel of darkness may even appear as the angel of light to deceive many.

    May GOD’s peace be with you, even so for Kong Hee and CHC members and all those Christians traumatized with the subtle indoctrination of the principles of tithing (whether the law of harvest or otherwise).

  57. Fruit tree said

    Yes, you can and should do whatever you want with your organization’s money ………. that’s true. However, this is not the issue now ……….. the issue is that CDC is registered as a Church and the funds collected are under charty and hence had to abide by the laws on its usage. The fact that money was used not in accordance with the law makes it illegal …….. and oh, by the way my dear, its not your money nor Kong Hee’s …………. CDC is a Church right? So, the money should belong to God and the last time I read the bible ……….. I doubt Jesus could sing …….. coz it was never mentioned. Neither did he preached about wealth or rewards or made fiery sermons. He preached repentance and salvation ………….. he preached love for God and man as a way to salvation. Love = charity ……….. but its charity from the heart which makes one act humbly, lovingly and generously to the poor, the afflicted, the lonely, the sad ……..

  58. Ale Emec said

    At dinner last night, my Christian acquaintance revealed that he belongs to Kong Hee’s church, and regularly contributes his 10%. When asked if he was happy that the money goes to pay for, among other things, Sun Ho’s slutty outfits and the $28,000 a month rental, his response was, “I’m a Christian, of course I must pay… Even if I am a member of another church, I would still have to pay. What they do with the money is not my responsibility.”

    Then he fired his salvo, “You are a Muslim. Surely you also have no choice but to give whatever is due from you to the mosque.”

    I responded, “If any mosque were to fritter away money they receive, I would stop my contribution. As example, I would not contribute to the Assyafaah Mosque in Sembawang. That mosque has a koi pond that needs to be maintained regularly, and a rusty iron minaret – features that the cash-strapped Muslim community can very well do without. Instead I give my money to LBKM (Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday Fund), where needy students are given financial assistance from money collected from donors.”

    Kong Hee’s follower became quiet.

    I ended our discussion on the matter by saying, “As a friend, I hope you will at least reflect on where your hard earned money end up. Of course as a good Christian you want to do your duty, but surely you want to give it to people who will use your donated money properly.”

  59. Merc said

    This gal is beyond redemption!

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