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City Harvest Church issues warning: We will ‘deal’ with the media in due course

Posted by temasektimes on June 29, 2012

Singapore’s largest church City Harvest Church (CHC) had issued an ominous warning to the media for portraying its beloved pastor Kong Hee in a negative light.

Kong Hee was charged on Wednesday of three counts of misusing the church’s funds to further the music career of his singer wife Ho Yeow Sun.

In a statement issued on its website, Bobby Chaw, the pastor in charge of missions at CHC expresses his disappointment with some of the media’s coverage so far, particularly in relation to the COC inquiry.

“In some instances, they seem to have pre-judged us. We will be dealing with this in due course,” he says, without elaborating on it.

Meanwhile, there appears to be a concerted efforts by CHC members to counter the negative publicity online by speaking up in defence of Kong Hee and CHC on social media.



133 Responses to “City Harvest Church issues warning: We will ‘deal’ with the media in due course”

  1. denzuko1 said

    the church should ask its member not to buy and read MSM as a punishment.

  2. DenC said

    wow, the photo looks scary.

  3. Talked like ganagster now ?

    • Blind supporter said

      May be thats their true colour. Any way, TT should continue to expose the wrong doing of CHC and not bow to their ganster threatening act.

      • MoneyNoEnough said

        Kong Hee is crumpling… He looks like the “369” gang leader of the ’70s

  4. CHC = Cash Harvesting Church said

    Wah, CHC so scary indeed! 35,000 members leh! I sooo scared sia!!! Somebody call my mama ~~~ =DD

  5. edwin said

    dear bobby. learn from tt durai’s experience. that man got the backing of some of the highest in the land. he was suing left right centre anybody who cast aspersions to his character and the way he ran (or used the funds in) nkf. his luck ran out when he sued the straits times.

  6. Small issue now becomes real BIG.
    A man’s fault and mistake is able to turn the whole community upside down.

    If his innocent, all of us shall repent and ask for forgiveness for our judgmental behavior.

    If his guilty, what can you or all of you do to anyone of us ???

    Not to state a challenge, but hope everyone cool down and wait for the result in due time.

  7. denzuko1 said

    Interesting that this article can find a picture of Kong Hee looking like a criminal or most evil.

    May be the Church member will pray to their God to punish the media by spitting fire, solar flare from the sun to kill off technology and burn the printing house.

  8. jack said

    for the first time, an organization more powerful than our mass media

    • denzuko1 said

      ST is going to lose 35,000 readership. 35,000 less people going to watch TCS dramas……

      • pinkie said

        ST is gaining more readership than ever before due to this Kong Hee ‘ issue!
        Even primary school children are curios to find out WHY a church pastor did such

  9. bb said

    Maybe sg gov blow up this issue to distract sg ppl on important issues such FT, housing, crowded trains

  10. Singaporean said

    please go ahead and deal with ‘them’. If mission successful i go join member also.

  11. Yayrhah said

    The true evil face of the Demon reviewed!

  12. Naivety said

    CHC & its hardcore followers…I dare you to call a revolt!

  13. Ken Lee said

    how to become a leader? when you don’t know what is right and what is wrong?

    • ace said

      when a person cares only to manipulate and use others for his own purposes, do u think he cares about what is right / wrong any more?

  14. Law said

    well said Bb, maybe to distract ppl.
    later they might either stand out to be the HERO to win the 35000 votes for the coming 2016 hahaha
    OR, they might gona lose out the 35000 votes if they dun standout to defend.

    A plot to win votes?

    haha, let’s wait n see what comes.

    but really either way, ppl shd really cooldown the fire for a while, can’t just keep biting at him, let him breath a while to cope the case.

  15. Jaded said

    deal with the media by calling on lightning to strike them? LOL

  16. Andrew said

    The smallest dog barks the loudest. If CHC really believes their “pastor” is innocent, then there is no need to bother with what the media has to say. What can you actually do to the media? Sue them? Everyone should remember the names of all who spoke up for this brilliant deceiver for I assure you that they will all vanish once the appropriate verdict is handed down

    • Terence Chong said

      Not only vanish, let’s see how quickly the gang of 5 will turn on each other when the noose gets tightened. These people are nothing but charlatans and crooks.

    • kinman said

      NKF’s TT tried to sue SPH. Remember what happened?

  17. Lollapalooza In SG said

    Scary.. CHC is behaving more and more like a cult or triad. I wonder if what the pastors said are representative of all it’s 30k+ members? This news is not just reported in local but international media as well so I really wonder what can they do. And the pastors are instilling hatred emotions into their followers to the public who are stating facts on the case but not to their liking, is that what the bible teach?? Seriously, I am beginning to doubt what they preach in CHC, I was still supportive of CHC (not the accused) earlier but now.. So instead of reaching out to non-christians, it really turn people off now.

    • Mr Oohlala said

      Religion is a “feel-good business” and it is BIG Business in the US….they are so rich and powerful and have the ability to influence the congress…imagine that happening in Singapore!

  18. spotlessleopard said

    How UNCHRISTIAN can they get?….Another NKF type saga unfolding…?

    • kaffir lime said

      i guess they don’t believe in forgiveness or turning the other cheek. quite different from what jesus preached. but then he dint preach about money either, except to point out tt it’s easier for a camel to go thru the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven. wonder if they’r aware of that.

  19. CHC SHEEP said

    “In some instances, they seem to have pre-judged us. We will be dealing with this in due course,” he says, without elaborating on it.

    WTF…Who does this Bobby Chaw chap think he is? Got the gall to Issue threats! What do you expect the media to report?
    The evidence is so overwhelming.. took 2 long years to investigate & uncover the elaborate attempt to cover up the fraud by the CHC coterie led by Kong Hee.

    Today’s ST reported that CHC’s executive pastor Aries Zulkarnain said the church (all the 33 00 members?) will “stand with” its 5 leaders charged for CBT.
    Can someone explain the implication of “stand with”? Condoning the fraud of $50.6 million by the 5 criminals?

  20. Ron said

    Well if CHC maintains they are innocent, why wait for the court hearing? They can file a defamation suit immediately against the Government. And have they forgotten they exist because the government has given them a license. They are behaving like thugs and warning everyone …watch out… we have the money to come after you small fellas.

    I maintain that Singapore’s image is now being badly damaged by the series of scandals. Credit to the government that they are bringing such culprits to Court. Spore needs to review its laws and regulations and make it more difficult to commit crimes.

    • Keit said

      They can’t exactly sue the government for defermetion yet, coz if they did and the verdict comes out in favour of the CAD then the church management will be in trouble of a counter sue by the government… And we all know how that would turn out if anyone try to be funny with them.

      I doubt CHC will risk doing that if they do not plan to lose all assets that belongs to them.

    • score said

      CHC no doubt has LOADS of $$$$ to sue anyone, but I am rather shocked (but would like to see them take the challenge too) they would come out to say so.

      I wonder who indeed had they been serving all this time – God or Money!!

  21. Kong Hee said

    First and foremost, do he know the media is under which party care? This Booby Chaw CB will be invited for a coffee session very soon.

  22. Singaporean said

    sound so scary!!! is COC a church or gangster triad

    • Blind supporter said

      Wow. Sound like 邪教. Somebody suggested that govt ban CHC. Otherwise when it grows bigger, it may influence or even overturn the govt. So scary. WORSE THEN 1987 Marxist plot.

  23. Kong Hee said

    35,000 members vs the goverment. Wooo!! Nice show coming, better grab my pop-corns and coke.

  24. 龙的传人 said


  25. Big AL said

    Cool it guys. Its clear what he meant was the media has been bias(he is entitled to this opinion) and that they will deal with the issues…most probably by issuing some counterpoints. He did not say ‘deal with the media’. Calm down people.

  26. CPO said

    Interesting organisation. First it was a welfare organization to help that poor and needy Ho woman become a superstar( MAS must be angry as this organization drained this country of $23M to the USA , Obama happy though) but that become a non event for that Ho woman. Subsequently, it become the adopted father and mother for 33,000 people. Now it is purely a thug organization.MAFIA?

    • Cp said

      Wow, King Kong found the means to raise $26 million to pay back city harvest bank and now they claim it is good enough for them. So, if not for this scandal, city harvest bank would have raised andadditional $26 million to spend on themselves instead of a back to a zero sum game on account of king kong and his ho. What a waste of money.

    • Mr Oohlala said

      Religion is a “feel-good business” and it is BIG Business in the US….they are so rich and powerful and have the ability to influence the congress…imagine that happening in Singapore! These people are no different from the Islamic Extremist! Evil Cult in disguise!

  27. judgement day said

    don’t understand why the church member want to protest this protest that …

    at the end of the day, their GOD will judge them, not the media …

    • Blind supporter said


  28. John wee said

    The behaviour by CHC members makes it feel like their religion is not Christian but actually Kongtian with Kong Hee being their almighty.

  29. J said

    Lets work hard and hv a honest living done w our hands and not follow Kong Hee and his pastors in CHC regardless of the final hearing.

  30. whatdouthink said

    Jim Jones!

  31. andyng81 said

    wow… deal with them?! by what? sending G*d’s wrath on them?

  32. TT Durian said

    Reminds me of TT Durai incident!

  33. Yeow Hui said

    Maybe they really thought Kong Hee was Jesus brother…

    • not brainwashed said

      They are brainwashed within 20 years. FOR ME , I’ve been to church some 30 years ago. The more i go, the more i scared the way they promote the christianity.

      • DIY said

        So be careful between traditional religion and liberal form of religion. It all started by the American religious propaganda machinery ‘God Wants You’

  34. Kill Bill said

    well down Bobby Chaw, onward Christian army! i thought christians must “fight persecution” with humility. don’t know how to conduct PR go and get a professional PR firm how to fight the PR front LOL

  35. seiya78 said

    I think have to check the background of those standing by this Kong Hee, how many have taken his money from the church

  36. I love satan said

    city harvest is a satanic cult lor … where got christianity. bluff one lar that church.

  37. Disgusted said

    His eyes were filled with anger. True colour of his comes through at this low point of his life.

    We can compare his responses with the other two CBT men.

  38. not chen show mow said

    I am suprised that most of the people including we websters are only talking about Mr Kong Hee Ms Sun Ho.How about the other 5.Why are they not getting any hatred remark for doing the wrong.Its not that they did wrong,they could have pocketted some money too.Ms Serena Wee(not charged) has a 3 storey house in upper changi road.The other board members could have owned a landed property and a merc/bw too.Why are they not targetted?

    This is not fair to Kong Hee and Sun Ho to take all the limelight.Whole board must be exposed and modus operndi should be revealed.Its not just one-man(kong hee) effort to con so many people.

    • sunhub said

      Hopefully they would not be so damned silly for sph to activate the nuclear bomb turban lawyer. Ahmah mah, mother of hell will explode.

      Maybe 100 members from chc will be in the loop…

  39. John Kwa said

    In God we Trust , The other Pay Cash …

  40. Born again said

    The Bible teaches us to love your enemy. The writer is obviously not a ‘born again’ believer. The Bible did not teach Christians to take vengenance. If your enemy slaps you on your right, you should pray n love him. Where Are these attributes inthe writer?
    Whatever it is now, let the law takes its own course. If the five has committed the wrong doings, they must face up the consequences. The Bible also teaches us to obey the law of the land. Christians should pray n wait upon the Lord instead of defending what others had hit at CHC. This is the time to show the world that Christians are different. By defiance, it demonstrates that you have lost the grace that God has given you.

    • not brainwashed said


  41. CHC SHEEP said

    One of Kong Hees lawyers in his legal team is PAP MP for Moulmein-Kallang GRC Edwin Tong. I understand there are PAP ministers & MPs in CHC. S’pore’s judicial system is put to a real test ….

    • Wow said

      This is getting very interesting…
      Politics and religion should not mix together?
      Wonder what the wise old man will say?

    • not fair said

      I think kong hre may not put to jail like the Ren Ci monk although kong hee commited is a very serious crime.

  42. Wake Up said

    The empty threat of a shallow man. Do you guys know how young / hot-headed this person is? If he were any smarter, he would have consulted lawyers. Try dealing with the media as you say. Social media will tear him to bits first.

    If there were Ministers and MPs attending CHC … you don’t think they would have the common sense to change to a less controversial church soon? It isn’t their fault that they chose to attend CHC, you know. As if they knew what’s been happening at the top.

  43. Ron said

    What is a Charity? What are its obligations? What are its limits?

    Someone did attached some requirements but still they appear to be very broad. Some Charities are just deeming that once they have collected the money, they can decide on what they want to do and it is not the business of the COC to regulate their usage.

    So, it may require setting a Committee to establish more stringent rules. Also, the method of fund-raising needs to be looked at. However, with the Christian churches that are using group persuasion even persistent pressure, it is not easy to draw the line on what is the limit.

  44. Priscilla said

    The church is making a fool of themselves – making empty threats, like some hooligan. They should gracefully keep silent and let the entire saga take its course.
    Not surprising too – as if in the end, it s proven thy $59 million was indeed pilfered, contrary to what the church is now claiming that the $50 million was returned…’s reputation will be severely tarnished, as it will then expose their lies.
    Whatever, if thir followers want to remain blind to the glaring facts, let them prove their filialitiy by emptying out thir savings to pay the legal team who are defending their beloved pastor Kong and his fellow schemers.

  45. pngkueh_forever said

    Scary, Threats …most unbecoming from a Christian. Horrible image …….. looks like anti-Christ, here in Spore

  46. Voice from the Genuine Singaporean said

    i do not understand why so many pastors support KH..

  47. GTE said

    It is not a frightful warning because they have no substance to back it up. All reports have been very careful to say “alleged..” and “charged with..”.

    So any opinion is unstated and left to the reader, and if CHC thinks that is called pre-judging, hey can go and f___ t________.

  48. MONEY cheater kong hee said

    seriourly i pity the 35,000 members from chc church.. the reason why i pity the 35.000 member bcos all of them have been brainwashed badly by monkey kong kee… their brian have been fully damage already… what did money faced kong kee saying the 35.000 must listen and following what did money face kong kee saying…
    so funny brain damage… seriourly i am feeling that the 35.000 followers are kong kee dog.. good doggly come say by kong kee.. 35.000 doggly come give me all your saving to me i need to buy new house and more cd for my wife… hehehee 35.0000 doggly…

  49. MONEY cheater kong hee said

    seriourly i pity the 35,000 members from chc church.. the reason why i pity the 35.000 member bcos all of them have been brainwashed badly by monkey kong kee… their brian have been fully damage already… what did money faced kong kee saying the 35.000 must listen and following what did money face kong kee saying…
    so funny brain damage… seriourly i am feeling that the 35.000 followers are kong kee dog.. good doggly come say by kong kee.. 35.000 doggly come give me all your saving to me i need to buy new house and more cd for my wife… hehehee 35.0000 doggly…whateveer.//

  50. MONEY cheater kong hee said

    seriourly i pity the 35,000 members from chc church.. the reason why i pity the 35.000 member bcos all of them have been brainwashed badly by monkey kong kee… their brian have been fully damage already… what did money faced kong kee saying the 35.000 must listen and following what did money face kong kee saying…
    so funny brain damage… seriourly i am feeling that the 35.000 followers are kong kee dog.. good doggly come say by kong kee.. 35.000 doggly come give me all your saving to me i need to buy new house and more cd for my wife… hehehee 35.0000 doggly…lol..

  51. coldsad said

    mr bobby, i am one of the media, are you going to deal with me when i die? with the power of god or devil? hope god can punish you!

  52. Julius said

    A sin is a sin. City Harvest Kong He should just ask for Gods forgiveness. Not have the church “deal with the media”.

  53. gerec said

    can i just use 10% of my pay, buy some lamb meats and offer to god instead?

  54. Helen ng said

    All 5 have no problem taking out 500k cash for bail. Really very rich ppl.
    Such a clever idea to make money and make people listen to him. Kong hee really know how to brainwash his follower. The police surely have Proof then can charge them. Y these followers still so stupid believe they are innocents. First time seeing a pastor head to toe all branded, including his home.

  55. Neutralite said

    I have mixed feelings over this issue.
    Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves (Philippians 2:3). As a pastor of the Church (provided if the charges are true) I believe that he should be HUMBLE, mindful of his own decisions & be a role model for he is the messenger of Christ, a preacher of His Gospels, an instrument of God’s Love. Not purchasing luxurious houses or pursuing materialistic lifestyles (as read from the articles) as money is the root of evil (1Timothy 6:10).

    The former preach Christ out of selfish ambition, not sincerely, supposing that they can stir up trouble for me while I am in chains (Philippians 1:17). I’m not against Pastor KH but I believe that Christians do need to be reminded that Saint Paul’s letters to the Philippians already warned of preachers, whose intentions were ungodly. So, supporters of Pastor KH may need to take notice of this possibility as one will never know what is flashing across others’ minds except the Lord (Job 9:4) – although it’s not entirely wrong to trust their pastor in this case (because KH maybe innocent). May God do justice.

    If only you had paid attention to my commands, your peace would have been like a river, your righteousness like the waves of the sea (Isaiah 48:18) Hence, always remember that if one doesn’t follow our God of Mercy & Justice’s commands, he will do punish you accordingly. Therefore, let’s pray that this CHC case will resolve as soon as possible 🙂

  56. tsktsktsk said

    wow ~ look at the devil face. go watch some porn. maybe it will enlighten those brainwashed freak in there.

  57. GarlicBagels said

    Hey, go ahead and sue the media, i smelt that history will be repeating itself, just like the NKF’s golden taps, fat juicy bonuses , 600K peanuts and first class travels!More can of worms awaiting to be opened!Popcorn time!

  58. JLK said

    I know where he’s going after he dies. =D it ain’t a wonderful place, it ain’t filled with glory and grace.

  59. rk23 said

    He will say, Jesus must die, he cannot come down from the cross, because he knows his death will save millions and millions of people who believe in him………
    the story goes on, can never lose, even defeat also has a way to become victory…..however the lies live in its believers only.

  60. ANT said

    Deal with Media are CHC trying to compare who have the most funds…Do act like gangster…

  61. What the fuck does City Harvest think it is? It is nothing more than a damn organisation ‘preaching’ some damn religion. The media, a secular entity is way more powerful than them.

  62. I am not a lallang said

    leave him alone, sycophants!

    • elvis loves kong hee said

      no worries pal, they will leave Kong Hee alone once he checks into Changi Heartbreak Hotel.
      shall we organise a group visit to this hotel? i heard it rocks man !

    • Neutralite said

      Hey, the public may probably eventually speak lesser of or even leave him alone in the near future. Just like the NKF Durai, Father Joachim & Reverend Ming Yi cases.

      But as for now, you’ve got to understand that his widespread news (even to other countries!) of Pastor KH’s alleged misuse of Church funds stirred up quite a hassle these few days. Many non-CHC Christians (including Catholics like me) are outraged at how Pastor KH had allegedly used the Church funds (supposed to be used for Church purposes or Gospel preaching) to support his wife’s music career – which apparently has adversely affected the image of Christianity in our homeland. What statements the Church makes do not totally account for the whole case of thorough investigation as the alleged covering up and falsifying accounts are SERIOUS criminal breach of trust. If there’s nothing to hide, the allegations are untrue & everything’s come to clean, something will be done to counter the defamation against CHC I believe 🙂

      However, do take note that this CHC issue currently may have become coffee-talk everywhere, even a handful of non-Christians criticised Christianity because of this shocking news. Additionally, the preaching by other Christians against the CHC members may not end till the final MORTAL judgement has been issued on him & the other 4 members as I have aforementioned.

      Don’t worry, I understand that it’s not entirely wrong to stand by your pastor, but there may be this possibility that the allegations are true. But you may need to know that thorough investigations by the governmental organisation are only conducted with the presence of concrete evidence – that there’s something wrong with the handling of any donation funds.That’s why groups of people get so agitated over this issue; since there are already in the past letters written by Saint Paul to the Philippians which warned of preachers who preach out of ungodly intentions. ‘The former preach Christ out of selfish ambition, not sincerely, supposing that they can stir up trouble for me while I am in chains.’ (Philippians 1:17). So I hope you would understand why there’s so much conflict between CHC with other Christians and the society presently.

      As we know the Lord is a God of Mercy, we must also remember he is also a God of Justice. So whether KH is right or wrong, I know our Loving God will avenge and set things straight 🙂

  63. gym tan said

    Excuse me. I am flying in to Singapore tomorrow. Is Singapore duty free stocking some “China wine”?

  64. KNN said

    Now I know what bible teaches us. Must con other to believe in me. Me m messenger of GOD.
    Once I manage to con others. I can b rich and influential. KH and gang, thanks for teaching me what is christianity.

  65. Kim said

    His face is full of Botox.

  66. Singapuraboi said

    Wow that sound like a threat. It is time to stand up and be a real Christian. Ur behaviour is unchristian. Jesus never threatened or spoke badly of his persecutors. Instead he prayed and forgave them. Why can’t u learn from Christ’s example? If this happened to other traditional churches there would be great remorse and deep reflection. Unless of course u have never worshiped God or Christ but worshiped the devil in disguise who hid behind the mask of christiandom. The govt should ban such non traditional and non-denominational churches as many are cults and One good other example is Churh of our saviour which is an Anglican church not accepted by its own brethren and functions on the fringes of church tradition.

    • Neutralite said

      The one near the back of Gan Eng Seng Secondary? I chanced upon the terms which Anglicans use to regard something about the church liturgies being Catholic-based or Protestant-based & stuff in UK, so is it because of that difference why that Church is not accepted?

      Just curious 🙂

  67. itstime said

    Bobby Chaw – god is dealing with Kong Hee and other CHC fraudsters right now. Don’t worry about the media, start praying.

  68. stevenado said

    The Blind leads the blinds, both will fall into the pit.Supporting someone who is wrong is also wrong.God is gracious! God does not encourage people to misuse $$$$.If something somehow somewhere is wrong,IT IS WRONG!.IT IS ALSO WRONG for supporters to support their wronged leaders openly.They are sending the WRONG message to the others.Just pray for them quietly lah.
    There were so many cases of religious leaders being worshipped as God.God is God.Human Being is Human Being!.Even after the golden tap and $30k watch sage, many more will be exposed.This CHC saga is no different!

  69. Foxy said

    Oh look at the picture of him, so evil look! Think he for got to put on his mask! Hee Hee

    • MoneyNoEnough said

      It would be interesting to know that journalists are digging into Kong He’s closet to find the skeletons. Neither will Sun Ho’s closet in the US be spared either. Offend the PAPies and receive their retributions. The PAPies have all the resources in the world to know how many hairs Kong has on his chest or any tatoo on Sun Ho’s butt. Even TT Durai and Joachim Kang knows too well to keep their mouths shut.

  70. just curious said

    More powerful than PAP and WP put together…

    • MoneyNoEnough said

      “King” Kong dares threaten the media? The media is PAP. Stupid fool!! They will not let you off the hook. Never ever threaten the media or PAP

  71. knn said

    Now I know. Religion is about lies and money.
    You will see the pope jumping into the picture soon.

    • Cardinal Sin said

      Which Pope…as all Christian Churches & especially CHC do not come under the umbrella & purview of the Roman Catholic Church & certainly Pope Benedict XVI.

      CHC is a non-denominational church which does not belong to the 15 denominated Christian Churches such as Baptist, Methodist, Pentacostal, Anglican, Presbyterian, etcs & even the other denominated Christian Churches & group do not recognize them.

      City Harvest Church is therefore, just a Cult Group & Organization, understand!!!

      • Neutralite said

        Just adding on: Do take note that the Roman Catholic Church is a Christian Church (one of the earliest christian churches) while the rest are generally Protestant Christian Churches with their own separate denominations 🙂

        Yes, CHC is a non-denominational church that focuses a lot on Pentecostalism & Charismatic ways of worship.

    • MoneyNoEnough said

      CHC reminds me of the Divine Light Mission in the US. It is classified as a cult. I attend their Bhajans in Singapore way back in the 80’s but decided to give it a miss altogether. It has sinced been banned from Singapore. It is about brain washing and donating your money and property to the group and it goes into the pocket of Guru Maharaji. He lives in luxury, married his secretary, has private airplanes, yatches and luxury fleet of cars. Kong He is the same. Branded clothes, Sentosa Cove Penthouse, Luxury cars, fine dining and wining..

    • Mr Oohlala said

      Religion is a “feel-good business” and it is BIG Business in the US….they are so rich and powerful and have the ability to influence the American congress…imagine that happening in Singapore! Most likely it is our ISD… they must have sniffed out something fishy…some conspiracy to de-stablise our country perhaps?! Usually shits like this will lead to more shits being dug out! Our shit-diggers are rally formidable you know! 😉

  72. senght said

    With all the comments here calling him a criminal before the court has even ruled on the case, there is no wonder people have been saying Singapore has a long way to go before being a mature society.

    • CHC SHEEP said

      S’poreans know how PAP govt works.. it won’t charge anybody without concrete/solid evidence. Took 24 months of tedious investigation to sort out KH and his crony coterie’s
      cunning “round tripping” to cover up the $24 million CBT. Foregone conclusion.. KH is a first-class criminal, a glib-tongue snake-oil salesman, wolf in sheep clothing (innocent looking red jacket). Mentally prepare FOC Changi ‘Mansion”; no need to pay $28 000 p.m. rental.

  73. boy26 said

    The last thing CHC has to worry is the media because something worse than that is waiting for them – the wrath of God.


    china wine, china wine, drink more china wine, cuz the only thing you’ll be drinking for the next 10-20years is changi wine!! KONG HEE FAT CHOY!!!

    • MoneyNoEnough said

      The CHC members will be visiting him in Changi Prison with the most expensive wines and cavair weekly. He wont eat prison food nor sleep on straw mats.

      • sunhub said

        Aiyo, that’s remind me of jack neo. The dirty old man (DOM) screwing 18 years old girl all over sg car parks.

        He is from that chc and bundle well with the con hee with sun ho on tow… Good combination….

        They act well too… Jack neo loves to screw young tender coconut and sun ho blackies rubbing her ass.

  75. Gobsmacked said

    Reckless. He wants to calm CHC’s congregations with lies? Where is his integrity? Speak untruths to be self-serving? Is this the type of pastor you want in your church to lead you, your children? Where is the honour?

    • MoneyNoEnough said

      Kong is stirring up the CHC members to create a riot. For sue the ISA is too well aware of it. It is a matter of time some of them will be under detention in Whitley Centre. Remember how the PAPies did that in 1987 with Soh Lung, Vincent Cheng and other members?

  76. Laws of Nature said

    Interesting video on “Properity Pimps” This American pastor should have a debate with Kong Hee on “prosperity gospels”:

  77. Kri Kan Kri Kan said

    Hey, what happened to the Indon Chinese who donated $600,000.00 to CHC with his right hand and took back more than what he gave with his left hand?? Chinese Indons are real cunning and crooked. Involved in vice, gambling, smuggling, loan sharking, bribery, etc.

    • church harbouring conmen said

      president bambang and his people are well aware of the ill gotten Billions stash in SinCity and the safe haven given by old fart and son.
      it begs the question, is he one of those on the list ? i doubt this rich indon chinese will donate 600K with no interest in return. LOL

    • Laws of Nature said

      ConHee’s accomplice must be hiding in Indonesia! Don’t believe only 5 cheats involved… more must be involved.. mega sum involved, $50.6 million.
      SunHo must be arrested too.. if not something very wrong/mysterious.

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