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Ex-CHC member shocked at the ‘fanaticism’ of Kong Hee’s followers

Posted by temasektimes on June 29, 2012

Some years ago, I was invited by one of my City Harvest friends to attend a special service where an American speaker is scheduled to preach. The sermon was about submission to authority. The key point was submitting to your leaders even when your leaders are doing questionable stuff. Just obey and submit to your leaders and God will bless you.

If the leader was wrong, then God will be responsible to deal with him and the followers have no right to question. This doctrine is the core of City Harvest. This can’t be biblical though the eloquent speaker is able to quote extracts from the bible.

Just like all false teachings, they appear flawless but with just a little thinking, you would discover they are just lies. This experience is further enhanced when I met the cell group leader. You can just sensed how eager he was to impress you with his success. Obviously, he won’t tell you directly.

Though subtle, he will show off through his branded appearance. He wore a branded watch and drove a luxury car. As much as my friends and his followers adored this guy, my gauge through some chatting was I found little trace of intelligence, just full of loyalty to Kong Hee as if he’s God.

Throughout the years, for every question on Kong Hee or his wife, the church will always have beautiful lies to shoot back. One question was how was Kong Hee able to fly to USA every fortnight, possibly on business class? The answer was the wife had a multi- million music contract so they could well afford it. Now we know where the money comes from.

The last question yesterday or rather a comment to my friend was Kong Hee was staying in a $9.3 million dollar sentosa penthouse. I was shot back, the house is not his and he’s been so misunderstood. The fanaticism is scary.


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times.


27 Responses to “Ex-CHC member shocked at the ‘fanaticism’ of Kong Hee’s followers”

  1. Bernard Deng said

    Only the gullible and superstitious believe in his craps.

  2. grandfather $$$ said

    He learnt it VERY FAST and PUT IT INTO PRACTISE.



    WOW !!!!

  3. grandfather $$$ said

    Yea…. Kong Hee Fatt Choy or Fa Cai !!!

    But CHC members are helping Kong Hee to Fatt Choy !!

  4. grandfather $$$ said

    Snake ang rat live in same cave. 蛇鼠一窝。

  5. The Mighty Pen said

    It has been about 34 years since the followers of the Rev. Jim Jones passed cyanide-laced grape drink around to his cult followers as part of a mass suicide-murder that left more than 900 people dead in Jonestown, Guyana. It was the largest such event in modern history and resulted in the largest single loss of American civilian life in a non-natural disaster until the events of September 11, 2001. Let us not have a repeat of that incident in Singapore. You may want to visit the following link for the details of that terrible tragedy,

  6. Singapuraboi said

    The bible says the last days will be marked by false prophets. These wolves adorn themselves in sheep’s clothing and tell us what we ant to hear andanipulate the gospel. The speaker is not far wrong that God wille mete judgment on Kong Hee if he is found to havens led the people. However there is also reprieve for the foolish ones who follow him. U will also be punished and ignorance is not an excuse. I would urge that the CHC parishioners pray for God’s enlighting blessing and pray that God open their eyes to the truth. On the flip side they should also consider that what Kong Hee and his accessories is going thru is part of God’s plan. If they have not sinned, then this God’s challenge to strengthen them so pray for strenghth but is they have sinned, this is God’s punishment. So CHC parishioners instead of hitting back it is time of deep reflection and meditation of the Word of God. Prayer is the only sustenance at this time. Remember man may fail u but God never fails.

  7. Jabber said

    Blind faith…..and ignorance make people stupid.

  8. grandfather $$$ said

    Money, money, money
    Must be funny
    In the rich man’s world
    Money, money, money
    Always sunny
    In the rich man’s world
    All the things I could do
    If I had a 50.6m money

  9. eugene said

    The fanatic members of CHC should go on a full scale donation drive and try to purchase or rent space outside Kong Hee’s exclusive residence, Changi Harvest Condo.

  10. load of crap said

    Why isn’t that bitch charged? Letting the devil off the hook?

  11. Some of them even believe they are not only helping Kong Hee but also that almighty god. Does an almighty being need help?

  12. your father said

    some people prefer to live in denial.

    like this one

  13. tshace said

    This is a human being’s nature.

    If we invest a huge amount of $$$ in a company and suddenly the court declares the company as bankrupt, can we accept it?

    Of course not, because we would still hope to get our $$$ back and perhaps with some interests!

    This is similar to many CHC members’ strong support from behind Kong Hee.

    As there’s no way for the CHC members to get their donations back, their hope now is only Kong Hee to come out clean of this trial, so that they can live with good conscience.

  14. Some Singaporeans are so gullible. They are the weaklings of this rugged society hence they have to be led. Sor chai in Cantonese u all let this scum bag fool you folks.
    He is not god just a con man. Penthouse suite is being prepared for him at Changing.

  15. Experienced that personally, during the times when i was younger I did question my friends about the unreasonable teaching and his lifestyle. But turns out the Cell Group Leader would step out and praise his success is due to his unconditionally loyalty to God, and it is God’s gracefulness that he manage to attain so much.

    And his wife is a world-wide famous singer, so they can afford to have a better life.
    Well, well. Now we all know. We THOUGHT SUN support’s KONG lifestyle, now the arrested happens and the story goes KONG support SUN’s career with >23million.

    Now, Kong is arrested and im proved to say; It’s God’s Will, to punish those that don’t realize their mistake, when along the years God had send him friends and people, strangers and members to question his lifestyle and belief.

    I have a blog posted regard to this matter as well, you may wanna take a look via the link of my username.

  16. And that was how dictatorships began…

  17. MT said

    One of KH’s loyal servants question why the fuss from the public when the members do not think there’s any problem with how KH use the church fund. I agree with this person. I say we should let the gullible loyal servants of CHC serve their master blindly. For those who use their common sense just a little, they will know something is fishy when a pastor live the high life. Let them decide if they should quit or stay in CHC to pay for their paster’s lifestyle. No need to spend tax payers money to charge the wrong doers. Let these idiots who worship their “great” leader bear the consequence of their own decision. God give us choices, it’s up to us to make the right (or wrong) choice.

    • john chia said

      we have seen this in North Korea,South Korea[remember the Moonies] Nazi Germany[Hitler] ….& the list goes on & on.there will many who cannot see.Matthew 7:13….broad is the way that leads to destruction & many are those who walk on it.

  18. kaypoh said

    Oi u believers, donate some more, then he can buy whole Singapore & rename it SUN-gapore & u can elect him PM for life….

  19. i5htar said

    What if Pay & Pay hire this type of people to run the GE for them???…hahaha

  20. Naivety said

    It is a great pity as Kong Hee would make a great Opposition MP if he were to stand for election & I would bet no Papaya MPs dare to compete & stand against him including the PM as well as DPMs.

    Especially with his tremendous genius ability to convince & appeal to more than 33,000 followers & believers so easily without much efforts, he will win the election hands down lah!

    • DIY said

      If you mix politics with religion something more portent will happen. The scenario will be worst than the hydrogen bomb dropped into Japan.

      The Maxist Plot in the 1980s revealed that Vincent Cheng of the Catholic group ever proposed to form Ministry of Religion. Then believers of other established religions will be under the purview of the new Christendom. There will be ‘army of God’, ‘servants of God’, ‘wealth of God (tithes)’, ‘missionary of God’, and many other ministries that can be replicated from the secular government.

      This is exactly the manifestation of a structured Catholic church in the Vatican. The only difference is it can then be created in Singapore and not Rome.

      Aiyo, please S.O.S. (save our soul). Singapore’s ideology is multi-existence by nature.

  21. TT Durian said

    How can I apply for a CHC franchise? :p

  22. GTE said

    The reason so many fanatics inhabit CHC is these practices filter out people with brains.

    • Eric Tan said

      Some foreigners always said we people in Spore are “foolish”…..Is time we need to think why they make such statements.

      Why do you need to give so much money to the church when they are supposed to live simply and build treausre in heaven ?
      There is nothing new under the sun, everything is like a flash, nothing will remain forever but we must not do illegal things for sure.
      Even though there are not proven guilty yet, but from the way it goes, it cannot be too far out, they knew what they did and of course,
      God knows it.

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