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Chan Chun Sing: Govt has been increasing ‘engagement’ with Singapore

Posted by temasektimes on June 30, 2012

Despite widespread criticisms of the PAP government’s authoritarian style of governance, it has been increasing its ‘engagement’ with the citizenry, said Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports Chan Chun Sing.

In an extensive interview with the state media to boost his national profile, Mr Chan, who was touted by some to be the next Prime Minister  acknowledges that the Government is still feeling its way and noted that there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

“While there are detractors who still feel that, in some cases, the Government has already made up its mind before consulting citizens, the key lies in finding a “sweet spot”, where there is agreement that it is at an appropriate stage for consultation,” he added.

Mr Chan also noted that, ironically, any dissatisfaction over the Government’s consultation efforts stems from its desire to constantly pre-empt issues before they snowball into problems.

Using the example of the building of eldercare centers in HDB estates which was met with stiff opposition from residents as an example, Mr Chan said:

“(We) could have avoided these issues politically by not doing anything in the short term. Then, one day, everyone will grow old and, suddenly, there will be a huge clamour for certain services to be provided. When the clamour starts, you will have no political problems, you will have enough political support.” 


7 Responses to “Chan Chun Sing: Govt has been increasing ‘engagement’ with Singapore”

  1. jaded said

    yes just like how the clamour for lower hdb prices and fewer foreigners is happening now?

    these jokers are more entertaining than an episode of the noose.

  2. kaypoh said

    Hmm, guess the same can be said of Kong Hee fatt choy & that famous underaged prostie?

  3. Descended said

    what problems were anticipated and prevented by the casino setup decisions? Unemployment reduced, suicides ?


    JUST STOP FT influx.. Including those in E Pass. Ask MOM to stop hiding strange policies…. See this article

  5. Liwejie said

    he is still an acting Minister. He has to prove that under his leadership there are improvements in his ministry KPI. One of them is Singaporeans, engagement. So that he can be promoted to a full pledge minister.
    To have a better assessment, it may be worthwhile for the government to call a referendum or polls randomly. Main stream media do not report the complete facts. Once again the prices of the hub are still rocket high and influx of foreigners are still coming in to fight with Singaporeans for the common jobs lin the PMET positions. Singaporeans are losing their rights and foreigners are still enjoying our hard earned benefits that we have built over the years. Another issues is the schools fees for foreigners in the state schools have come down but we are still heavily subsidising them

  6. Seb said

    Who are the “some” who touted him to be the next PM, I wonder? This guy, under his own steam, standing in a SMC would not have made it this far. If you agree, kee chiu! Looks from the picture he agrees.

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