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PM Lee: The PAP government ‘looks after’ all Singaporeans

Posted by temasektimes on June 30, 2012

The PAP government looks after all Singaporeans, regardless of ethnic groups, declared Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Speaking in both Malay and English at Muslim community organisation Jamiyah’s 80th anniversary celebrations, PM Lee lavished generous praises on the government’s ‘high quality’ social services, such as housing, healthcare and education, to develop Singaporeans’ potential and to prepare Singaporeans for good jobs.

“This national approach has worked well for us. All communities have progressed with Singapore including the Malay/Muslim community. People have made achievements based on merit and fair competition, so that every Singaporean can take pride in their accomplishments and progress and we have strengthened the Singaporean identity as we have improved our lives together,” he added.

PM Lee reiterated that though Jamiyah’s work is focused on the Malay community, it has worked with other organizations such as the Buddhist Lodge which reflected the emphasis on inter-religious harmony, as this strengthened racial and religious harmony.

All Singaporeans have been under the ‘tender loving care’ of the PAP government since the island state attained independence  in 1965.

Though Singapore’s income gap between the rich and the poor is among the highest among First World countries, it has one of the highest GDP per capita income in the world.


25 Responses to “PM Lee: The PAP government ‘looks after’ all Singaporeans”

  1. John said

    Uniquely Singapore.

  2. That’s why we have no freedom and no legal right to kill ourselves.

  3. Singapore Talent said

    They really do LOOK! Look look here look look there!

  4. jack said

    PAP government looks after ALL Singaporeans with different treatment

  5. Geo said

    Yes, agreed on the asset enhancement program, all citizens and PRs who had bought their HDB flats, or rather leased them got much value appreciation but problem is when you realized the money for retirement where do you want to stay?

  6. kong man fuck sun said


  7. Annoymous said

    Oh reallyyyyyyyyyyy??????

  8. Pantatko said


  9. Look After Me Please said

    Sir…. Can you give me a loan of $200K to buy a flat so that I can settle down and make lots of babies. My children will repay your money when they grow up. 200K is only about 2 months of your salary.

  10. Anak Singapura said

    The Charade Of Meritocracy By Michael D. Barr

    The absence of Malays from the SAFOS scholarships and their near-absence from the SAF Merit Scholarships deserves special mention because this is an extension of discrimination against the admission of Malays into senior and sensitive positions in the SAF that is officially sanctioned. The discrimination against Malays has been discussed in parliament and the media, and is justified by the assertion that the loyalty of Malays cannot be assumed, both because they are Muslim and because they have a racial and ethnic affinity with the Malays in Malaysia and Indonesia. Current Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has historically been a vocal defender of this policy.

    This discrimination hits Malay men hard, first because it deprives many of promising careers in the army, and second and more pertinent for our study of the elite it all but completely excludes potentially high-flying Malays of a chance of entering the scholar class through the SAF. A Chinese woman has a much better chance of winning an SAF scholarship than a Malay man.

    Yet even before the scholarship stage, the education system has stacked the deck in favor of Chinese, starting in preschool. Here is the heart of Singapore’s systemic discrimination against non-Chinese. Since the end of the 1970s, the principles of meritocracy and multiracialism have been subverted by a form of government-driven Chinese chauvinism that has marginalized the minorities.

  11. mahbok tan said

    Does GDP make me SMILE…..????

    KNNBCCB talking COCK only la this Lee…!!!

  12. Recent outsource of 525 mostly old singtel staff and almost all Singaporean transferred to Huawei (in fact forced to join Huawei is more appropriate) without a single cent of payout, benefit or compensation whatever you may want to call it. Is this taking care of Singaporean? I would like to know why SingTel can do this? Why they dare to do it even though it looks outrageously unfair, even to the point of testing the legal system of singapore? Are they protected by the PAP government? SingTel claimed that MOM and NTUC was informed? Well, informing MOM and NTUC is one thing, seeing the actual contract is another, I am sure MOM and NTUC did not get a chance to see the ridiculous contract spelled out by SingTel. Mr. Prime Minister, we all like to believe that the government care for all singaporean, especially old singaporean like us, we need your help desperately – please look into this matter personally. The initiator of this whole unfair practice should be dealt with promptly to discourage others from taking similar chances to get rid of old workers. In this case – “old singaporean workers”.

  13. Alan Lau said

    bullshit … they only take care of their wallet

  14. oliva ang said

    i believe that indeed the PAP has taken good care of singaporean citizens , just that when they took care of us people see it as insignificant but when all the rubbish comes to us we all took great blame on them. comparing singapore and some other countries we are pretty fortunate

  15. Audrey said

    The PAP look after the people who live in Singapore, not Singaporeans. You are only taken care of if you are rich, famous and vote for PAP i.e. Grassroots. In Singapore, the poor, underprivileged, the uneducated are thrown aside and ignored. This small island is a true example of tyranny and corruption within its country and with a great communication ministry, it is able to tell the world a pretty story. Dear fellow true blue Singaporeans, yes you! The ones who suffered the streaming system, the University quota, the NS, the loss of jobs to FTs and the ones who have lost their CPF and who paid a bundle for their shit holes!!!! What are you doing for yourself? Isn’t it time to speak up? Are we as blind as the North Koreans? Even communistic china has woken up. I cry for this land of mine which has been tarnished by the rich and greedy where the poor and the uneducated no longer have a fair chance. Where there is struggle in having a school to send your children, a home to come back to and food to feed the family!

  16. Sabrina Leng said

    Look after my cpf money your your bank account right?

  17. Theresanelephantintheroom said

    They only take care of ‘fixing’ us.

  18. solaris8899 said

    a bit of subsidiary here and there is already classified as looking after sg liao?

  19. spotlessleopard said

    Mr. Prime Minister ..obviously u are not doing a fantastic job in looking after all citizens….all I want is you look after those who are 55 and above and see to it they get FREE Medical Attention and that they do not SKIP Medical Attention because they CANNOT AFFORD and have no money….that tHEY DO NOT HAVE TO COLLECT CANS, AND CARDBOARD or work as Toilet Cleaners and Table Cleaners in Hawker Centres….

    So What do you think Prime Minister?

  20. David said

    Oh issit? Did you actually mean taking care of all foreigners?

  21. Kelvin Ong said

    What is religious harmony whereby Jehovah witness is being jail for up to 36 months in detaintion barrack? Due to their believe…

  22. mahbok tan said

    I am happy coz there are still 60.1% Blind SGporean in SGpore who voted for them…… so let them taste their own medicine…!!!


    I think the govt looks after PAP + Elite + Foreigners … MOM still allow Influx of FT

  24. first class citizen, but second class resident said

    Singaporeans may be first class citizen, but most of us are definitely second class resident.

  25. The Gardener said

    Nabeh. KNN. Kong jiao hwei. Beoy Tahan.

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