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Prominent U.S. Pastor A R Bernard defends Kong Hee: Facts and Truth are not synonymous

Posted by temasektimes on June 30, 2012

Prominent U.S. pastor A R Bernard has spoken out publicly in defence of Kong Hee, the disgraced founder of City Harvest Church who was charged in court on Wednesday for misusing S$50 million dollars of the church’s funds to further the music career of his singer wife Ho Yeow San.

In a tweet yesterday, A R Bernard called on Christians to pray for Kong Hee and insinuated that the charges slapped on Kong Hee may not be the ‘truth’ after all:

“Please pray for Pastor Kong Hee, his family, and City Harvest Church. And remember “facts and truth are not always synonymous.”

A R Bernard is the Founder, Senior Pastor and CEO of Christian Cultural Center (CCC) located in Brooklyn, New York, United States.

He is also the President of the Council of Churches of the City of New York representing 1.5 million Protestants, Anglicans and Orthodox Christians and sits on the NYC Economic Development Corporation Board; NYC School Chancellor’s Advisory Cabinet and served on Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s 2001 Transition Team.

His public pledge of support came after Head Pastor of Faith Community Baptist Church Lawrence Khong’s call for Christians to ‘stand united in love and stronger in prayer for Kong Hee and City Harvest Church.’


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28 Responses to “Prominent U.S. Pastor A R Bernard defends Kong Hee: Facts and Truth are not synonymous”

  1. Don't Be Blinded said

    Even if he is the president of the council of church in NY, he may not know the detail of how that church was ran. And a prominent figure like him shouldn’t tweet his opinion in public regarding this case if he doesn’t want to obstruct the law.

  2. Annoymous said

    Invite this high level US pasta for a cup of coffee, he won’t suddenly support him for nothing.

  3. kong man fuck sun said

    All the Same

  4. P Koh said

    Birds of a feather flock together. I think he gets a 30,000+ mileage in coming forward to support Pastor Kong but if there is misdeed, I doubt that prayers alone can erase or mitigate them. I prayer that he has not abused the trust that the congregation has placed in him and that the teachings of the Lord remain intact.

  5. David said

    How come pastor can run businesses and become CEO? shouldn’t they spend their time spreading God’s words and not to be too involved with money? Also, trying to understand why this guy defends Kong Hee? How much does he know Kong Hee? or was he trying to prevent people from losing faith in the religion which will have negative repercussions on him?

  6. jack said

    Foreign power interfering our Singapore legal system?

  7. weak justice said

    this fool must be on the take or part of the “crossover project”, american somemore…KNN!!!

  8. Bersih4 said

    Chao ang mo, keep ur CB mouth shut. U dunno? Let a horse prick shaft ur mouth.

  9. Singapore Talent said

    50M can get a lot of frens U noe

  10. Ron said

    Maybe he should be charged with contempt of Court. So the facts presented on the charge sheets are not truthful?

    Stupid play of words trying to confuse others. We have to remember Satan speaks with forked tongues.

  11. Think first stupid. said

    How can one who doesn’t know anything says that he is innocent? Or perhaps he knows it because he also made use of this system to cheat money? Would the Singapore government be soooooooo stupid enough to actually arrest and sue someone when they do not have enough/solid evidence? Don’t act all holy praying for your own kind, Mr “Rich Pastor”. Retribution will find all of you one day while you guys are saying and doing fake shit in the name of god.

  12. Makando1973 said

    Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!! Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebab Or Devil In Disguise? Fellow False Prophets Defending their Own Kind?

  13. Trellis001 said

    This is Singapore. You got no right to speak here. You white bastard.

  14. Trellis001 said

    No religion is above the law.

  15. Trellis001 said

    Interfering white apes. Get back to your zoo.

  16. Latonya said

    We all know that American people are the lowest IQ and EQ people in the world. The fact that people like George W Bush Jr can be their president do spoke a lot of their mentality. Not for forget that their market embraced top-class garbage like Beavis and Butt-head, Naruto and Jim Jones instead of promoting good learning like the past Square One TV etc really reflected their messy value. Even hooter girls can sing and dance better than horse-face Sun !

    • jf said

      Hey don’t knock Americans. They have great IQ and EQ and they don’t want to be the president. So that they can control the president. Hope you like the movie so far “Lost in the USA.” Hollywood is a cruel cruel place.( I need more money, CHC members).

  17. pngkueh_forever said

    Hi, Bernard, you just say it : facts and truth are not always synonymous. That very once instance of synonymity is enough to land you in prison to harvest your 50million folds of regrets. Do enjoy your stay there. God bless

  18. CHC = Conning Holy Church!! said

    Lol her scandal?

  19. Birds of a feather flock together to prey on the naive and gullible folks

  20. jf said

    In Singapore, Law is carried out by the book. First, your religious book. Here fact and “truth” are not the same. You need blind faith for ‘truth”. Fact is fact according to Law book for accounting records. Here we have many religious books, so many religions. But One Law Book. Taking money without following the accounts book is breaking the Law Book. Saying in public that your “Book of Truth” is better than other “Book of Truth” is also breaking the Law Book. And that is the fact and the truth.

    • DIY said

      In Singapore’s context we use the Act and not the Book. In the Evidence Act any vagueness can only be substantiated with facts and evidence.

      Fact is CBT had been committed. The evidences are the several people who manipulated the church fund, business misdeeds, threatening the whistle-blower with law suit and creating a ‘wayang’ exposition that you are innocent until proven guilty. The latter is just a charade.

      So on 25 July 2012 the accused and the complainant will appear in court for a hearing. If the accused pleaded ‘not guilty’ as charged and wants a trial, the presiding just will commence the case be heard in High Court.

      After that justice will prevail.

  21. NY shd investigate this lead US pastor to see there is anything remiss in his church, as, to quote him, the fact that his church looks ok may not be synonymous with the truth of his church being ok. Skeletons cld abound in his cupboard albeit hidden from the public view unless uncovered by NY polic. He may be perfectly right not to judge a book by its cover insofar as his own church is concerned, as he must hv given his view based on his own experiences with his church!

  22. LOL funny people...loves ranting vulgarities for said

    LOL i found it highly many “fake” christians here pretending to be christians, or non-christians, or maybe atheists shooting their mouths off in vulgarities, some even end it with god bless and so on…srsly…one will be judged the same way he judge another…, talking like pros…acting like saints…what he meant is tat, sometimes truth is nt truth, jus to quote u an example: In history there are instances set up by the govt, agencies or powerful rulers to create certain realities/”truths” but are not the facts…like how propaganda can be used….like how so many people actually think MJ was not dead in a simple death…etc

  23. Aaron said

    Huh…interesting. Slight background information on Pastor A R Bernard, listed in New York Magazine as one of New York’s most influential, speaker for Fortune 500 companies, a.k.a a motivational speaker who found religion (big whoop), and net worth probably in the millions. yeah obviously we know who’s side hes on.

  24. Mel Cameron said

    So A.R. Bernard sits with the “economic leaders” of New York. I don’t want to pre-judge him but if this exclusive NYC Economic Development Corporation includes the corrupt bankers now being exposed by Max Keiser and others, then perhaps A.R. Bernard should take a closer look at what’s going on in the world of finance in his own backyard. NYC has “zero tolerance” for street crimes but Kaiser, a former NYC trader, says Wall Street bankers regularly flout the law and get away with it. Barclays in London is the tip of the iceberg.

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