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SPH hits back at CHC’s remarks: They may be seen as ‘interfering’ with judicial process

Posted by temasektimes on June 30, 2012

Singapore’s sole and only print media company Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) has hit back at City Harvest Church (CHC) after it issued an official statement two days ago threatening to ‘deal’ with the media over its ‘unfair’ coverage of the ongoing court case involving its founder Kong Hee (pic left) and four others.

Kong Hee was charged on Wednesday for misusing S$50 million dollars of CHC’s funds to further the music career of his singer wife Ho Yeow Sun, a charge which was strenuously denied by CHC which vowed to stand by its side.

In a statement issued on its website, Bobby Chaw, the pastor in charge of missions at CHC expresses his disappointment with some of the media’s coverage so far, particularly in relation to the COC inquiry.

“In some instances, they seem to have pre-judged us. We will be dealing with this in due course,”he says, without elaborating on it.

A lengthy article published in the Straits Times today questioned the intent of CHC to issue the statement dismissing the allegations.

It also quoted some lawyers as saying that the statement may be construed as ‘interfering’ with judicial process which could see CHC Executive Pastor Aries Zulkarnain being investigated for ‘contempt of court’.

SPH’s stance appears to contradict that of PAP MP Sam Tan who ’empathized’ with CHC leaders, saying it is ‘understandable’ for the church to support Kong Hee.


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26 Responses to “SPH hits back at CHC’s remarks: They may be seen as ‘interfering’ with judicial process”

  1. Mike Zeng said

    Sounds like the prev case of the NKF scandal which started with CEO TTDurai suing reporter Susan Tong and the SPH for defamation.No need to elaborate as we all know the eventual outcome. Will it be sama-sama? We can only watch and wait.

  2. jack said

    SPH can fixed TT Durai, no problem fixing CHC, don’t pray pay.

  3. kong man fuck sun said

    Where is love from talk like that

  4. Annoymous said

    SPH hits back? This show is getting more and more exciting than sex. Get ready more pop-corns and coke.

  5. Annoymous said

    In case you don’t know how a devil looks like? Look at the top pic.

  6. waswer said

    Maybe this is power struggle.. between 2 large factions

  7. Daft Peasant said

    HOOT LAH~~~~~jangan cekap banyat la……….

  8. spotlessleopard said

    The real KH appears in the picture above…..looks like another NKF Saga….I hople it does not drage to 2016….the next GE year…
    Looks like NCC Church Joseph Prince ( A Baiyi turned pastor) is keeping mum over all this….
    As long as there are gullible SHEEPLE there will be “Shepards” to guard and guide them and to tell them part with their Money for the blessings of Jesus and God..
    Ifeel really sorry for the Parents of all these gullible and vulnerable young people who attend these Rock Concert Churches….

  9. weak justice said

    hope the judicial system steps up and rope the entire heads of church and those who are speaking up to court!!! we want to see heads roll!!!! yea!!!

  10. Bai Hu said

    CHC trying to be funny? Dun forget that last time, our NKF’s TT Durai tried to get even with SPH’s reporting by suing SPH & it’s senior correspondent Susan Long. Then later ended up with even more hanky-panky being exposed.
    SPH people all wear bullet-proof vests. Dun try to be funny with all the talk-cock-sing-song actions.

  11. Anna Chan said

    Why does an MP need to comment on this matter, especially since there’s nothing “understandable” about this whole matter. This case is dealing with sensitive areas – Religion, an institution who is not a defendant yet choose to get involved, possibly indirectly putting pressure on it’s huge number of followers to defend all as one. If we allow emotions to ride high, soon you will see supporters & family members of every person who’s brought to court try to interfere with the judiciary process – cos it is “understandable” to feel upset.
    Whatever’s the intentions or motives or possible vested interest behind every high profile statement & comment, I hope nothing can make a mockery of the Singapore laws, that in the end the innocent will be vindicated & the guilty punished. Don’t let me down as a Singaporean.

  12. Pai Sei said

    When u (founder) r wrong doing…just admit it n apologise. Most ppl can accept that.

  13. Electromus said

    If City Harvest is really innocent, why resort to that issue of warning?

    They could have just done it in a more diplomatic way like having a conference with the media journalists and stuff. Don’t they know that their ‘hard way’ of telling us that they’re defamed by media will only probably cause more speculations on this issue with regards to the Church system and management; not just by our society but also by the world outside Singapore’s perimeters (as this news has been reported in other countries).

    This is especially so when the outcome of the trials haven’t been issued (which the supporters & members usually tell others not to judge Pastor KH and the 4 others because the final sentencing is not out yet). They have to take note that their account of NO LOSS of funds do not totally take account of the whole alleged case of MISUSE of funds, which is a SERIOUS case of Criminal Breach of Trust by law.

    And because of this alleged case, it has apparently affected the image of Christianity adversely in S’pore, based on the nasty remarks and constant preaching against CHC members by local Christians. Hence, they themselves do need to know why there are so much speculation these days.

    • srsly... said

      local christians can comment how nasty they want…jus rem tat one day, they will be judged the same way…by God….so foolish srsly…why go judge and criticise? it only hurts our own ranks…these ppl…nvr use much brains…even if kong wrong…who are these hypocritical ppl to judge? No sins? Perfect? so can just shoot their mouths off making even more ppl think bad abt all of christianity…dont say no they wont, yes they will…based on psychological principles…the more they say the more they make public think abt….

    • ellery chua said

      There is a distinct loss of 23million plus – it was spent. There was alleged an operation that diverted another 26 million from the building fund – i.e. new money contributed by church members not from the pockets of the people alleged to have used the first 23million, to seem like bogus investments matured and principle plus profits were collected. So in truth 50 mil was siphon out from what was given to a building fund. There is no such thing as the CHC did not lose any money – it lost the first 23 mil, the next 26mil was in a way lost and found again to hide the fact that the first 23 mil had gone missing.

  14. pngkueh_forever said

    Aiyoh, CHC, don’t just talk and talk. Simply sue SP and we will be seeing lots of dirts thrown out. In the first place, the gang of 5 should be suspended from service, like what they did to Durai and Ming Yi. How come the different approach when the amount is so large.

  15. Clearly mp Sam Tan doesn’t know his job commenting as he did. He shd rightly stand for justice, without fear or favour, to state categorically that the law must run its full course, as SPH is doing. By being equivocal, it shows he doesn’t know the law – sad for a parliamentarian. Or it cld be he’s doing fence-sitting, being fearful of taking s stand – again, sad for a mp.
    The fireworks going forward wld be riveting for their interest if Kong Hee’s ‘church’ and SPH spar in court.
    I’ll be cheering for SPH for sure!

  16. fox said

    Jangan banyak cakap! Just investigate him for contempt of court, and ask who’s next?

  17. Bao Ching Tian said

    I would be very interested to know how CHC intends to `deal’ with SPH. Sue them in court just like how TT Durai sued SPH?

  18. anon said

    CHC should learn from the case of T. T. Durai. Don’t anyhow threaten SPH.

  19. Laws of Nature said

    Even before the court convenes, PAP MP Sam Tan is already extending conciliiatory overtures to CHC. Why?
    The huge number of KH supporters from CHC were unruly outside the courts recently. Were they charged? No. Conciliatory?
    CHC issued a “warning” to ST; another senior member of the CHC coterie asked the Commissioner of CoC to apologise to CHC.
    The suspected criminal KH, charged for CBT of $50.6 million of church funds, used the pulpit to whip up support and
    the emotions of his thousands of followers, declaring his “innocence”! The authorities and govt handling this KH-CBT Case, unprecedented
    in scale, must ensure the utmost fairness and transparency… regardless of the “power” (in terms of numbers, finance and “kuansi”) of CHC.
    Whether we like it or not, very often religion and politics do mix. It’s not just Singapore, the whole world is watching.

  20. Josephus said





    To find out further, go to

    Taken from Zeitgeist.The thing is even with the evidence in their face people
    are still blinkered. Do the research for yourself. Work with facts and draw
    your own conclusions. Demand answers. Maythetruthbeknown

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