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Concerned parents attend City Harvest Church’s service with their children

Posted by temasektimes on July 1, 2012

Following negative publicity in the press on the fund raising methods employed by City Harvest Church, some concerned parents attended its Sunday service this morning together with their children.

According to Yahoo News, several adults were seen accompanying their teenaged children during the service but remaining seated and silent throughout the service.

In an interview with Yahoo News, one 56 year old parent said:

“I’m still okay with my son going for service at CHC – he’s grown up and it’s his choice, but I was worried when I found out you could make donations through credit card – he uses our supplementary card and I’m not comfortable with him donating to a church that I personally wish was more accountable.”

Another parent 48 year old Sally Low added:

“The newspapers are saying one thing, but my daughter says it’s not true. So I’m here to make sure my daughter doesn’t anyhow (sic) believe everything she hears.” 

CHC found itself in the spotlight of late after its founder Kong Hee and four other members were charged on Wednesday for misusing up to S$50 million dollars of the church’s funds to further the music career of Ho Yeow Sun, the singer wife of Kong, a charge which he had strenuously denied.


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23 Responses to “Concerned parents attend City Harvest Church’s service with their children”

  1. funkymonkey said

    wow, two adults of different ages, saying exact words verbatim ? What sorcery is this !

  2. Hmmm.. Both parents said the exact same thing, word for word?

  3. Teo said

    Are you blind? Or did your editors take a sabbath? Those are two exact same quotes from exactly the same person who appears to be both 48 and 56 years old at the same time.

  4. 2012 said

    2 parents said the same thing??? Telepathic.

  5. vick said

    both the parents mentioned in ur article said the exact same words??? ‘Yahoo News 56 year old parent’ and ’48 year old Sally Low” ???

  6. DaWolf said

    How accurate is this piece of news? 2 concerned parents saying the same thing with same text? If this is a typo error, Temasek Times should rectify it quickly.

  7. Gobsmacked said

    MAS please note – if you can disallow gamblers at our casinos to use credit cards, I think you can review the use of credit cards for paying tithes. This boy that used his supplementary credit card … shouldn’t CHC do the right thing, and say those who are not earning an income don’t have to contribute? What is the teaching in church? Everyone must pay tithes, to be blessed by God. I am flabbergasted.

  8. Nick said

    Very common in CHC. Sometimes, the parents get ‘rowdy’ and CHC security teams will move in to escort them out.

  9. Justice Be Done said

    I would like CAD to produce evidence of Sun Ho’s stream of income as a singer over the years. She must be able to back it up. Also to prove her monthly expenditure including the rental of her mega property. The it becomes black and white, totally undeniable the flow of funds. I also wish for the courts to publish the funds flow into her bank account in the US. Then I think those who blindly believe that there is no wrongdoing would be able to shut up and admit they trusted the wrong person, or were misled by a pastor they love.

  10. Snoopy Says said

    Hope to see parents come forward to share their shocking experiences after attending the service with their kids. I am waiting to read them.

  11. spotlessleopard said

    The average age of CHC members is 24years old…..I am surprised that these young educated people are so Sheeple….many of them donate “tithes” to their Church and yet suck up to their parens for money and housing….shame on them ….for being so fnancially irresponsible whilst handing out money to an Organisation yet living withe their parents, not paying any part of the upkeep of the house or giving zero to their parents….shame shame shame.

  12. Ron said

    Someone wrote about his church whereby even tiny donations of 20 cents will be issued a receipt. And there is full accoutability of expenditure.

    The use of GIRO and credit cards for church donations should be banned. All donations must be recorded. Those donation envelopes should have the names of the churchgoer. Anonymous donations should be taxable. COC should reserve the right to assign scrutineers to witness the counting of donation receipts for designated charities that they have reason to require closer scrutiny.

    Churches must set up a Donation Account similar to the bank whereby a summary of donations are recorded. Sums exceeding certain amounts must be in the form of a checque to enable traceability. This itself wil create jobs for senior citizens.

    If political parties have to make full accountability of donations received, all charities must do the same.

    Also, teenagers cannot donate above a certain amount as they are not deemed to be earning. Adults can donate unlimited amounts but all donations must be accounted for and a summary of donations must be sent out annually.

    And there must be auditing involving COC approved or appointed auditors. Charities have become a big tax loop-hole. If we do not watch it, someone may create ways to use it for money laundering too. Tax exemption is a privilege, not a perpectual right.

  13. Lim said

    Wonder why ST has an interesting headline today `Scientologists ‘creepy,’ says Murdoch on Tom Cruise “?

  14. jf said

    Relax people. It is only money and God is the source of all money. CHC is under Singapore Law. So management must account for the money under Singapore law. Just follow lor. Get it?

    But Kong Hee gives his life to God. So let God take care of Kong Hee via Singapore law at this point. Even if God take Kong Hee to his side, CHC members will not be orphaned. Do not grieve. Do not beat your breasts. Do not shoot daggers at the law makers. God and Kong Hee would not like members to do that. Members should sing praises to God and Kong Hee. Together they have a new project. Jesus was in jail before going to heaven to be with God. Kong Hee may follow Jesus footsteps closely.

    Do not spoil God’s plan for Kong Hee, if it is God’s plan. Have you no faith in God? Read the whole Bible yourself “O, you of little faith!” And do your own thinking. Do not be lazy and depend on others especially those of you who are no longer babies. Kong Hee cannot give you milk forever.

    God put Kong Hee in a penthouse, in a great Hollywood house. And soon in a mansion with many servants? Kong Hee will go where God say so. Do not obstruct. It is not easy to be a resident in the mansion. God’s will be done. All praises to God. Amen.

    Imagine what would happen if Jesus called on God to destroy the Roman conquerors. Then Jesus would not be cruxified and therefore no “rising from the dead” and ascended to heaven. No beautiful Good Friday and Resurrection hymns.
    So let God do his job.

    And becareful what you pray for. HYS is now more famous than before because of your prayers.

    • pikachu said

      “It is only money and God is the source of all money”

      Money may be theologically God’s, but it is also the “pagan” parent’s hard earned money. If youths go to church are led to believe that “God is the source of all money” and week after week preached to act upon this believe, guess how the parents will react? Thankful?

      God’s plan for Kong Hee has nothing to do with individual members’ decision to continue funding his extravagant lifestyle and questionable teaching techniques. If God wants to keep him in the mansion, God will let him strike gold somewhere else, but intelligent and rational members should take their donations else where.

      Who even care about HYS fame? Although CHC fanatics tracks HYS “fame” like the stock market index, praised God when she is cashing in, bought multiple of her CDs to support her sales, but most other Christians do not even care if she is famous, or sells a few million CDs.

  15. Jassel said

    Dear Parents, please be concerned.

    I do not have anything against CHC, but being a Christian myself and having read much about this, has made me very concerned about the teachings of CHC which honestly seem somewhat unusual and foreign to what I know of the Christian faith.

    In fact, if anyone has been following this City Harvest saga, then you may know that a person, Phil Pringle, is closely related to City Harvest. According to CHC’s own website: “He sits on the Advisory Committee of City Harvest Church, Singapore, as the advisory pastor.”, and is also undergoing a process to obtain a permit to preach at CHC. He has made many many speeches in front of the audience (including the recent ones this weekend), and CHC’s official comment worries me:

    “The CHC Advisory Committee, comprising Dr Phil Pringle, founder and Senior Minister of Christian City Church in Sydney and Dr A R Bernard, founder and CEO of Christian Cultural Centre in New York, will continue to provide spiritual leadership. Both pastors were appointed advisory senior pastors over CHC.”

    So why should you be concerned?

    Apparently, Rev. Dr. Phil Pringle is the founder and senior minister of Christian City Church, Oxford Falls, but his infamy is far greater. In fact, it seems that the church he had founded, “Christian City Church” or C3, is equally problematic so much so that the people have even created a watch group! Their webpage is here:

    A quick search of Phil Pringle (which somehow seems to trigger a lot of stories about him associated with False Prophecy), returns a video which suggests that many people are also wary of his motives, and his speeches bear a very striking resemblance to someone.. :

    The C3 church watch has hopped on the matter quickly, even though this has happened in Singapore and not in their country. If they are concerned, we might need to also:

    Best Wishes.

  16. Neutral said

    what Rev Pringle said about giving our portion to God first is true
    however, there should be a control that he is not benefiting from all this
    by having a high salary, staying in expensive abode and lavishing on earthly things

    • jck said

      Guess Phil is picky on scripture and forgot conviniently about this

      1 Tim 3
      1 This is a true saying, if a man desire the office of a bishop, he desireth a good work. 2 A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach; 3 Not given to wine, no striker, not greedy of filthy lucre; but patient, not a brawler, not covetous;

      • Neutral said

        A pastor asking the congregation to give freely is not being greedy of filthy lucre provided he ensures the money is properly accounted for and used for God’s work. In addition, the pastor can demonstrates he isn’t greedy by staying in a modest 3-room flat, taking public transport and continues to draw a 3k monthly salary for a family of 4.

  17. Geogoh said

    LOVE of money is the root of all evils

  18. SH said

    Maybe Jack Neo is there too…. Young parents.. watch out for your 18 years old daughters…. That dirty old man (DOM).

  19. Eddie Tan said

    This professional conned pastor will be going to the jail soon…!!! His wife is very smart and is staying away from him now…, and that was why he had to apply to the court to allow him to fly to the US to look for her…? If this conman is smart he will never come back to Sg anymore…, with all the other millions stash away he can retire in the US the rest of his life and will be laughing at those idiotic brainwashed donors to his church, BUT Lord Jesus Christ is always the Greatest and he or his wife will receive the retribution for dirtying his clean and pure name of God…!!!

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