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Kong Hee receives standing ovation for 10 minutes from 6,000 CHC members who rally behind him

Posted by temasektimes on July 1, 2012

Disgraced founder of City Harvest Church (CHC) pastor Kong Hee may be in the public spotlight for the wrong reasons lately, but he still commands strong support among loyal CHC members, judging from their response during a church service yesterday evening at the Singapore Expo Hall 1.

Over 6,000 people packed into the hall with a capacity of 5,000 as they listen to Pastor Kong Hee defends himself against the charges slapped on him.

Kong Hee was charged together with four others for misusing up to S$50 million dollars of the church’s funds to further the music career of his singer wife Ho Yeow San which was strenuously denied by him.

Speaking to his flock yesterday, Kong Hee maintained his ‘integrity’ and said defiantly that he is waiting to have his ‘say’ in court next month.

As he spoke on stage, his supporters below unfurled banners with the words ‘We love Kong Hee!’ and shouted in unison – ‘Pastor, we love you!’.

After he ended his speech, the crowd gave him a standing ovation for 10 minutes to express their support for him.

According to some CHC members we spoke to, many of them genuinely believe that Kong Hee was ‘wrongly’ charged and it was simply a ‘misunderstanding’ which will clear up with time.

CHC has rallied around Kong Hee by issuing an official statement earlier on its website that they stood behind him and he will remain a senior pastor at the church, in stark contrast to the measures taken by Buddhist charity Ren Ci which removed its founder Ming Yi from its Board immediately after he was charged for criminal breach of trust.

The strong show of support from CHC appears to unsettle some in the establishment with PAP MP Sam Tan coming out to soothe frayed nerves, saying that he ’empathized’ with CHC members and that their support for Kong Hee is ‘understandable’.

When Kong Hee was first charged on Wednesday, over 200 CHC members turned up outside the Subordinate Courts to express their support for him.

As CHC continues to stand firm behind Kong Hee and rally the ‘troops’ on his behalf, more will expect to step forward publicly to defend and protect him in the days to come.


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36 Responses to “Kong Hee receives standing ovation for 10 minutes from 6,000 CHC members who rally behind him”

  1. Gina said

    What is the point of having this earthly glorification, it’s only temporary?
    One should be concerned about what happens in the afterlife, having abused the trust of others, using the name of God.

  2. Now im wondering, do they worship God, or Pastor Kong Hee?

    Now Im wondering, do they love God, or Pastor Kong Hee?

    Where is Jesus Christ and God?? Both of them are everywhere, but definitely not anywhere near CHC. Cause they praise and love Kong Hee +____+

  3. Dodo said

    Wah, this is getting scary. Will the huge amount of support this Kong Hee has influence the outcome of the trial?

  4. farah said

    hee should be charged for contempt of court.

  5. Pantatko said

    Stoopig fools

  6. Singapore Talent said

    I am stunned beyond words…..

  7. Annoymous said

    The top pic reminds me of the Wong Fei Hong movie the “bai lian jiao” cult.

  8. Cancer said

    If he is proven guilty of all charges, I think his blind followers are willing to go to jail to be with him. They can have their own cell meetings too.

  9. Gobsmacked said

    Are they worshipping God or are won over by a charismatic speaker? Soul searching time. Sad.

    • DIY said

      It is charisma.

      Pastor Kong Hee is a manifestation of the late American evangelical priest Billy Graham. His preaching style was ‘God Wants You’ and the Yankees went to war.

      The version has been improvised to ‘You Pay Me’. I’ll do the best of your money.

  10. spotlessleopard said

    good for him…atleast he know 17% of his 33,000 flock of sheeple tookthe trouble to show their support … the end of he day…the Court will decide his guilt or innocenc…
    .meanwhile alll those parents who are in anguished that their chldren contributed their hard earned money whilst not giving any allowance to thier natural parents are “praying” these Church Leaders be found guilty…
    and the church supporters will pray equally hard that Pastor Kong is vindicated…
    Long live jutice.

  11. Sheep March said

    Kong Hee and Sun Ho can lead their army of sheeps to march down the streets and protest. Go! The useless police cannot do anything.

  12. ttt said

    The same has happened to Ming Yi and Durai. Before the trial started, all their supporters including some VIP’s wives were supporting them. Once the dirt begin to flesh out in the court, all these supporters will know that they look stupid and quietly fade away.

    • Mr Oohlala said

      Well said Ttt!
      I strongly agree. On the other hand, I’m really glad the Government have stepped in to investigate!

      Once, somebody from a cult approach me outside Paya Lebar MRT station and told me the same thing. He started by asking if I have any religion…I told him I’m an Atheist. He then “Advise” me to convert to Christianity and claims that the Armageddon is nearing and we’ll be cast-off to hell if we don’t convert! Some kind of Scare tactics! What utter RUBBISH! I told him off but being very persistent, he followed me like a shadow all the way to Jurong! That Jerk is a real insult to anyone’s IQ!

      Religion is a “feel-good business” and it is BIG Business in the US….they are so rich and powerful and have the ability to influence the American congress…imagine that happening in Singapore! Christianity is growing like an out-of-control Cancer tumor. Most likely our ISD must have sniffed out something fishy…some conspiracy to de-stablise our country perhaps?! Usually shits like this will lead to more shits being dug out! Our “shit-diggers” are rally formidable you know!

  13. voice of the people said

    ISD..please do your job.. ever since Singapore’s independence.

  14. benight said

    Evolution, why have you forsaken humanity….

  15. Wicked Brain said

    Pack the hall just to listen to what they want to hear.
    Hope they don’t get to hear more lies…

  16. alibaba said

    lol they are worshipping Kong hee not god

  17. Organised religion is not the same as God said

    6000 Singaporeans are brainwashed.

  18. Logic 101 said

    If they asked Kong Hee why would a God need incest for human to get to the third generation. He created a pair they have children now how did the grandchildren comes about. God does not have clear sinless plan for his creation and you want a good prosperity plan.

  19. weak justice said

    cult mentality! the gahmen will not tolerate this, i’m sure they will put a stop to this soon!

  20. Concerned about terminology said

    I wonder how someone is disgraced when they are charged and yet to be convicted? If that is the case, we do not need the judiciary system, just charge them and that is enough.

    He may or may not be guilty, we can only conclude after final judgement isn’t it? Be kind to those who are charged, cause some are really innocent like some time ago a man was charge for molest but found innocent, simply the girl taking revenge on being wronged.

  21. DIY said

    This pastor Kong Hee is really ridiculous. He is only a spiritual leader and 4 others who were about to be put on trial on 25 July 2012. Since the venue is at Hall 1 of Singapore Expo, he had created a religious exposition.

    The products you exhibit are your charisma, CD and blind faith followers to show your Liberal form of the church.

    The crux of the matter was that a member of CHC challenged on your scheme to use the church fund to promote Sun Ho’s career in the music industry. There was no transparency when CHC member Roland Poon objected to your cause.

    Yet you threatened him with a law suit. You demanded a public apology to refute the accusation to be advertised in the newspaper. The second public apology was to feel sorry and retract back what had been mentioned in CHC meeting. Your ego really put yourself to be in a position as God.

    The poor Roland had to borrow from friends to pay for $32k newspaper ads. Roland left CHC and pray at other church.

    I believed those who sided with Roland Poon being the aggrieved party complaint to the State. The arm of the law (CAD) took 2 years to track down your business misdeeds.

    Now on 30 June 2012 Pastor Kong Hee put up a charade. What a blind show!

  22. pngkueh_forever said

    This is personality cult worshipping, NOT christianity by any definition.

  23. Voice from the Genuine Singaporean said


  24. BECAUSE said

    You cannot worship the same God outside of CHC.. it is DIFFERENT!!!

  25. Bernard Deng said

    It is pointless to defend himself in his backyard. He must establish his innocence in court. Anything short of this is a farce.

  26. denzuko1 said

    As my recollection goes, he is on trial. Should he be refrained from speaking out about the case? Shouldn’t this be an offence?

  27. jf said

    Kong Hee is in a dilemma. Follow God’s will or follow his children/members wishes. Is he preparing this speech, ” God forgive my little children for they know not your will for me. I will go to any depth that your many faithful servants had gone through as is mentioned in your Word. I would thank you as Brother Job had thanked you. And praise your name. And so on….I really believe You will return 30, 60, 100 folds. Glory be to You, God”

  28. JW said

    I think ppl has lose the focus of this drama with so many words being throw about in the media.
    He is caught because there is “mis-management” of funds and there is no problem if they are NOT registered under the Singapore law as charity organisation. CHC members are right when they say they give out of their own will and believe the money is put into good use. The only issue here is that the leaders have step over the law and they will have to abide by the law and pay their due.
    “give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and give to God what belongs to God.” Mark 12:17

  29. dred said

    As they say..any publicity is good publicity. Well done, CHC ..because your leadership has generated more blog discussion and front page activity than anything else I have seen coming out of S’pore about Jesus for years. I guess when you cannot open the eyes of the blind, cause the lame to walk, open the ears of the deaf, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead and have a gospel for the poor to preach, to generate the headlines…then an alleged financial scandal and alleged fleecing of the rich will do.
    However I still prefer Jesus’ way of generating publicity…miracles , signs and wonders with good news that demands no tithe or offerings except for the five loaves and two small fish from the little boy, because his disciples had nothing to offer. Indeed, they (the disciples) even tried to make out that the fish and loaves were theirs, but thank God,for Andrew who was honest enough to admit that the loaves and the fish came from the little boy.How is that for integrity
    Jesus did not have to cross over to bring in the celebrities…they came flocking to Him , because they needed healing, not financial blessings.
    Please there must be some CHC memebers who have been healed of their serious illness by your senior pastor…for did not Jesus say,” I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing..?” Get on the blogs now, CHC members and testify how your pastor healed you just like Jesus used to do when He was here. This is the perfect time to grow your church …there are tens of thousands of cancer patients in S’pore waiting for the good news….your pastor can do miracles just like Jesus because he has faith in Jesus. Proof of faith.
    but nevertheless…hey, well done. You can only work with what you have,as Jesus asked the twelve,
    “What do you have?”

  30. mosestan said

    Forced to the corner, Kong Hee is now subtly involving CHC members to fight his way out to show that he is innocent. By saying that he has integrity and denying that he has done wrong, he is subtly rallying for mass support from all his 30 or maybe 50,000 CHC members. Before the court hearing, if he continues to rally support in this manner, he is playing with fire and this can be dangerous. Many of his supporters are like ” kena kong tau ” and will believe in everything that he is saying. Can you imagine if most of his supporters turn up at the coming court hearing to render blind-proactive support.

    Pandemonium will break loose and it will be …… “Seow Liow, Seow Liow “.

    He is now acting like a desperate man who has lost sight of the very basic teaching of Jesus who once said — “Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.” With Kong Hee’s eloquence and charisma, it is now so easy for him to (mis)interpret everything from his personal perspective to confuse the issues and the members. When he starts talking to his thousands strong supporters in a frenzy and emotionally charged atmosphere, it is also so easy to mobilize them to follow him like the Pipe-piper of Hamelin.

    The issue now is should he be allowed to address his congregation every Sunday in the way he wants it?

  31. Dogmeat said

    Kong Hee’s war is not against the government or the charges, it is against losing his “flock” that will continue to give him everything he need even after paying a fine guilty, or time sitting in jail.

    He is a smart man. It is not important to defend himself in the courts, it far more important to spend 101% of his effort to keep his “sustenance” flowing, or to put it crudely, “DURACELL”.

  32. jf said

    God ask Kong Hee, will you go to prison and preach to my people there full time for a while? My power cannot penetrate the thick walls and hi-tech barriers. You pledge to follow Jesus. Now the door is open for you to follow Jesus to prison legally. Go my beloved.

  33. sunhub said

    Do not test the patience of pap with this shit chc matter.

    This con hee is not going to see many familiar faces but a group of tattoo ah beng and seng. He can open his mouth to preach to them, hopefully his ass hole will not been violated.

    Welcome to changi hostel.

    Durai tried to take on sph. He was so carried away that he drags his buddies into the mud. Chc must know, the nuclear bomb turban lawyer is somebody you do not mess with. Otherwise your gods will not be able to rescue you.

    All mother of hell will be made public and you will end up spending 20 years behind bars to reflect on your stupidity.

    My final parting word, pay your dues by spending time with tattoo buddies whilst your sun ho can party with the blacks in USA.

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