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One third of male foreigners renounced their PR prior to entering NS – Dr Ng Eng Hen

Posted by temasektimes on July 1, 2012

One third of male foreigners who became PRs under the sponsorship of their parents renounced their PR status prior to serving NS over the last five years, revealed Defence Minister Dr Ng Eng Hen.

National Service has been a contentious issue among Singaporeans who are growing increasingly disgruntled at the perceived disadvantage they suffer in comparison to the foreigners without NS liabilities.

Not only do foreigners have a two year head start in their careers upon graduation, they also do not have to go for IPPT or reservist training.

In an interview with the state media ahead of SAF Day, Dr Ng called on foreigners not to take up Singapore PR if their children  do not have the intention to serve NS:

“Better don’t take up the PR if your children are not going to do NS. It’s as simple as that. In our system if you don’t fulfil your NS liabilities, even if you choose to give up your PR, there are harsh penalties. I have received many letters from families that are separated and they cannot come back to Singapore,” he added.

Dr Ng also said there will not be any major policy changes as the Defence Ministry had taken into account the impact of Singapore’s demographic changes.

It will not be increasing defence spending, the duration of National Service, In-Camp-Training cycles, nor adjust recruitment of regular soldiers.



27 Responses to “One third of male foreigners renounced their PR prior to entering NS – Dr Ng Eng Hen”

  1. Singapore Talent said

    $10,000 fine is harsh?…..

  2. jack said

    Our govt is so smart in giving so much of our tax payer money to attract these foreigners to stay, and enjoy their life here till they migrate to else where.

    Of course, we also have an MP who need not even serve NS

  3. Post NS Hobo said

    If cant pay 10k fine and skipped NS, would do it, 2 years can earn twice the amount of the fine liao.

  4. Questionable Statistic? said

    Is the number quoted only those who have taken PR? What about those that did Not take up PR on parents sponsorship and did not do NS! I think that is closer to 100%?

  5. AntiPigs&Pigs said

    Why award PR status to the person, require that person to do NS, if that person do not want to serve NS, serve that person harsh penalties, so complex???

    Just make it complusory for that person to complete fulltime NS before awarding PR status, simple and direct!

  6. +60 said

    can our local bred pay 20k for not doing NS.

  7. AntiPigs&Pigs said

    If 10K or 20K can reliquish NS liability (fulltime plus reserve service), I believe not only those PRs but citizens will be more than happy to pay up,

    Is this so call “harsh penalties” adequate?????

  8. john huang said

    cb… PRs have the choice of whether to serve NS or not, whereas it is compulsory for singapore citizens to do so. what the heck is this?? double standard!

  9. spotlessleopard said

    So what do you think Chicken Minister?

  10. ace said

    A clause should be inserted in the PR ‘contract’ requiring male applicants to only able to give it up upon finishing NS. Put it in very very fine print, so that ungrateful prc/pinoys will get a shock when they try to renounce their PR status to escape NS

  11. Ron said

    Not surprised. Spore has lost its premier status as a place to work and to live. With China, Australia, other parts of Asean growing there are choices within Asia. And USA / Canada continues to attract the best talents.

    Many PRs…those who worked here for years… do have hard-working talented youngsters and who will venture overseas. The world is more mobile today.

    Do not agree that families are separated. They can always visit for short periods or extended periods. And the parents may even migrate out too.

  12. Teo CB said

    Can I pay $10k and shove it up your SAF ass also?? TeoCCB

  13. cyanosis said

    a foreigner with a son (both prs) once asked me what will happened if his son renounces pr just before he turn 18 to avoid ns. i told him about the fine and the possibility of not being able to come back to singapore. he said, that’s ok because he is planning to retire in his home country, india. so he was very relieved. next, he told me the singapore government is very generous but he feels so sorry for singaporeans. after that conversation, i wanted to report him to an authority for ‘gaming’ the system. however, who can i turn to?

    felt i should have told him, singapore will jail his son. then he’ll think twice about gaming the system. should penalties for such opportunistic prs be more stringent?

    • what do you think? said

      My work mate’s son, a M’sian with S’pore PR studied here from P1 to JC2, he gave up his S’pore PR to study in UK just before he was called up to do his NS, now he is in USA to do his PhD and highly likely that he will work in USA after getting his PhD degree.
      As a S’porean son, I felt that his son has taken S’pore for a ride but what do you think we can do to his son?

  14. MY said

    I am a Malaysian, my wife is a Singaporean, I live here but I don’t even want a PR or Singapore Citizen for my Children, there seems to be some conspiracy that my children is FORCED TO BE SINGAPOREAN. By some restrictions imposed by the Singapore Govt and Malaysia Embassy here in Singapore preventing immediate Malaysian Citizen for my children. Why is this so?

  15. charlie said

    The PR are out-smart the Singapore Government. What a disgrace…

  16. wz said

    well, there is no point to come back to Singapore, the world is so big. If the government don’t allow you, then so be it. To MY : oh yeah, it may be the hidden truth. Keep trying nevertheless. To all : I think it’s better to have a daughter than a son in Singapore. Females don’t have any obligation in serving the Army. They can make use of Singapore’s Economy to make more money.

  17. score said

    where’s the justice to defend your own country when it’s “invaded” by foreigners who only want to make use of our country’s resources or create social problems here?? And they get away with just a $10,000 fine????????? Too easy to escape.

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