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PHOTOS: CHC members pray for Kong Hee during Sunday service this morning

Posted by temasektimes on July 1, 2012

CHC members pray in unison for their founder and pastor Kong Hee during a Sunday service this morning.

Below are some snapshots taken from CHC’s ‘LIVE’ telecast of the event on its website:



27 Responses to “PHOTOS: CHC members pray for Kong Hee during Sunday service this morning”

  1. SCARY.

    • jacque lee said

      i totally agree. the followers are naive & blind. by the time the followers wake up one fine day, they will realise they have sacrificed for nothing. all these overseas supports which CHC got recently were from similarly cult group, who repressent an neligible portion of their society. in the developed world, religious belief is in decline. i was told only 13% of British are christians and churches are closing down for lack of supports. it is the same with other developed countries. only third world countries where you have large population who are religious as religion give them hope oout of their poverty. i am not against an religion but they should be pratice with moderation and not extreme. it is very scary as a big group of our young are influenced this way. we should not allow cult group in all our universities as it helps the cult leaders to attain theirgreed.. they should not be allowed to monopolise the young minds before they face society. i hope followers realise the people who are charged have know this is coming and been practising their defence over the past 2 years of investigation especially justifying their Crossover Project. practice make perfect and become very convincing. i appeal to followers to wake up and ask themselves why great majority of people round the world do not belong to their type of cult group.

    • 龙的传人 said


    • hachoo said

      Scary, dangerous and satanic to some extent. The defiant displayed shows a bit of anti-establishment. I really hope the long arms of Law will get to the bottom of this sooner than later.

      Just imagine KH should form a new party to rule the country, it will be a real disaster !!

      I pray for the CHC followers and all Christians at large. They should close rank and rebuild their image by condeming this perceived act by KH and partners.

  2. Hope our leaders are not afraid of them , otherwise…

  3. Jassel said

    Dear Everyone,

    If anyone has been following this City Harvest saga, then you may know that a person, Phil Pringle, is closely related to City Harvest. According to CHC’s own website: “He sits on the Advisory Committee of City Harvest Church, Singapore, as the advisory pastor.”, and is also undergoing a process to obtain a permit to preach at CHC.

    Apparently, Rev. Dr. Phil Pringle is the founder and senior minister of Christian City Church, Oxford Falls, but his infamy is far greater. In fact, it seems that the church he had founded, “Christian City Church” or C3, is equally problematic so much so that the people have even created a watch group! Their webpage is here:

    A quick search of Phil Pringle (which somehow seems to trigger a lot of stories about him associated with False Prophecy), returns a video which suggests that many people are also wary of his motives, and his speeches bear a very striking resemblance to someone we may have seen.. :

    Please be careful everyone!

    • Beware said

      Please write to the government. I don’t wish to have a seemingly questionable foreigner pastor who come from a different cultural (cowboy) background to influence the Singaporeans on our turf.

    • Ron said

      Here is an extract from the site provided by @Jassel….

      Personally, I am deeply concerned about some of the unbiblical teaching I have heard taught at C3 Melb about tithing, prosperity and divine health. Some of what is taught is simply not true, and it upsets me hearing it preached as gospel truth!

      For Example: I do not belive that if you do not tithe to the curch, you are stealing from God and therefore under a curse! Rather, I believe in the gospel, and as such I believe the law was done with at the cross and that we are free to be generous as we feel led by the Holy Spirit.


      Glad to come across this site. My family and I left a C3 in Perth nearly 2 years ago, after having been members for just over 2 years, completely fed up with the unbiblical teaching, manipulation for money, hierarchical top-down ‘power and authority’ nonsense that’s spouted as ‘leadership’. We longed to hear the simple Word of God being taught and expounded and, particularly, we did not want our young children to be continually exposed to an environment where a parody of Scriptural teaching and doctrine existed.

      Apologies if this is personal, so please do say so if you cannot respond. Are you a former pastor/elder/member in c3, or do you still attend?



    • Ron said

      I strongly recommend readers to check up the two sites provided by Jassel. The comments about brainwashing, faith for prosperity, etc. are written by Christians who attended and left the Pringle church in disgust. I have long had my reservations and I am glad to now find a sitte whether other Christians say the same.

      Thanks to Jassel.

  4. Wicked Brain said


  5. alibaba said

    lol they are worshipping kong hee not god

    • SuPeR said

      Yes mann… their lips is always Pst Kong Hee.. this Pst Kong Hee that… truly put me off… Eeeee…

  6. Pantatko said

    Hypnotized…this is dajjal’s army

  7. Chinese said

    Even if he is jailed for a lifetime, his believers will think it is one of the test presented by GOD. Religion is dangerous

  8. Busybody said

    God’s Kong Hee will be next PM soon, look at his prowess n his supports…

  9. fpap said

    this is just like kim jong il

    glorifying one person

    might as well call him a saint

  10. Gina said

    Let him enjoy his luxurious Sentisa Cove. Very soon he will be baking in the sauna that is Changing Prison. Heard that there are no ceiling fans even!
    And Sun will be left a merry grass widow!
    Such a conscience! Ask his congregation to downgrade from 5 room HDB flat to 3 room and donate proceeds from sales, yet he kept upgrading.

  11. pngkueh_forever said

    Scary. It is more like the moonies of Korea. It is a cult glorfying personality and not God. If CAD were to lose this case, it merely means our government is not efficient enough.

  12. Snoopy Says said

    Shameless idiots! Stop using god to defend your despicable acts. People like u have done so much harm to those who put their faith and trust in you. Have you ever notice that you look juz like a devil when you look at yourself in the mirror?

  13. Foxy said

    CHC members pray in unison for their founder and pastor Kong Hee, I tell you if pastor kong Hee can walk out of the court with not being found guilty, I will salute our Singapore law!!!!

    • jacque lee said

      he is a crook and rightly deserve to go to jail so that no one will try this trick in future. if the law let him go free then there is a serious flaw in the law.

  14. Ron said

    I thank Jassel again for websites. I have found a few more and it makes me sick to read of a common thread: falsely preaching that God will punish you severely if you cheat on tithings, collect and then use the money to lavish on mansions, etc.

    I donated to that bastard Jimmy Swaggart at one time too. Now I know he indulged in porn.

    I am not implying that CHC has gone to such extremes but the recent charges truly troubles me that many may have been deceived into donating in the belief their money will be put to good use. Read some more here…

  15. Lancheowwei said

    Studies done on the effectiveness of prayer show that it is mostly useless. See and google for intercessory prayer

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