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SAF MO scolds sick NSman: You can only report sick if you collapse!

Posted by temasektimes on July 1, 2012

An NSman reported sick after feeling giddy during a Remedial Training (RT) session only to be told by the SAF Medical Officer (MO) on duty that he could only see him if he collapse!

The shocking incident took place yesterday evening at around 4pm at Maju Camp along Clementi Road. All combat-fit NSmen have to go for regular IPPT tests failing which they will have to go for compulsory RT sessions till they pass.

According to a lengthy email we received from NSman Mr Yang which was also forwarded to the Prime Minister’s Office, he felt giddy and was about to faint during the training and was told to fall out by his Physical Training Instructor:

“During and after the initial exercises, I felt giddy and was about to faint. Before I collapse, I decided to inform the PTI (Physical Training Instructor – Army personnel) about my status. I informed the PTI that I am unable to contiinue. I requested to ”report sick”. The PTI advised me to fall out and to see the MO (Medical Officer) just to be ‘safe’.”

When he was sitting at the Medical Center, the MO saw him and shouted at him rudely:

“I was sitting down on a chair when the MO walked directly in front of me. He looked down on me while he stood there and stared at me in a hostile manner. He then shouted, ”What do you want? This Medical Centre is not for anyone to report sick. You can only report sick if you collapse during training! You should have just told the PTI that you want to fall out!'”

After being examined by the MO, Mr Yang was told that he was feeling giddy because he was having a fever and was given an excuse from RT.

Before Mr Yang left the medical center, he was confronted by him again:

“Shortly after I walked out of Maju Medical Centre, the MO rushed out and shouted at me to stop. He then asked me in a condescending manner, ”What is your RANK and NAME? Are you unhappy?” He appeared hostile.”

A spate of deaths among NSFs and NSmen during training exercises and IPPT/RT sessions this year raise serious questions about the SAF’s training programme.

Unfortunately, with no genuine and credible opposition in parliament to hold the Defence Minister accountable, NSmen like Mr Yang have little choice other than to vent their frustrations online.

Read Mr Yang’s full letter here


117 Responses to “SAF MO scolds sick NSman: You can only report sick if you collapse!”

  1. Seraphim said

    Let’s face it… out of 10 people who resported sick in the medical center in SAF, 7 of them are not real cases especially when it comes to physical training. It not only increases the SAF MO’s workload for nothing, but increases the stress level as well…

    Maybe he woke up in the wrong side of the bed or having a bad day. I do agree he over-reacted, but lets just cut him some slack.

    • Seraphim said

      After reading the full article. I noticed that Mr Yang visited the medical center at 5pm on a saturday.

      In most medical center, there will be no MO there. The protocol will be to send Mr. Yang to the nearest medical center or hospital should he really requires it. Reporting sick for ‘giddy and having a runny nose’ is one of the most common ‘geng’ diagnosis to see the MO…

      The MO came back on his rest day to the medical center to complete the paperwork he had to deal with and had to do extra paperwork in order to ‘borrow’ medications. It means that he is not duty that day and his dispensary IC probably screw him up if he really need to borrow medication… By the way, the ‘glass-shielded office’ is the dispensary.

      To be fair, the MO was really rude and over-reacting, but lets me human and forget this matter. He did his job by taking Mr Yang’s BP and temperature and confirmed to him that he is indeed sick and provided the excuse letter. (It is suppose to be done by the registrating medic..)

      • Seraphim said

        Edit: lets be human

      • MedicSpec said

        The MO is doing a monthly FCC cover which is part of his regimental duties as a medical officer. This does not include his other small duty that he has to cover in his camp/medical centre or in some cases SMTI

        From your “the MO came back on his rest day”, you could be a MO yourself(maybe the one involved in this case) but doing your regiment duties on your off-day doesnt give you the privilege to screw anyone.

        You don’t see guard duty personals scolding regulars who booked in during the middle of the night or walk in early sunday morning. This is part of the “shit package” entitled to us as national slaves.

        Some MO’s think their 3 bars can rule the world. It is this “i think you chao keng mentality” or “this guy is only here for free MC” that is making all the medical protocols worthless.

      • haha said

        u are wrong here, the MO is on duty. It’s not his rest day. Every conducting of IPPT/RT session will have a medic/driver standby and a duty MO in cases for emergencies like this. Don’t give the MO a leeway just because it was a saturday. FYI RTs happen on both Saturday and Sundays to cater for NSMan timings. U think this is like a visit to a 24-hour polyclinic? Lol.. u probably duno watt’s NS

      • Seraphim said

        As long as there is a MO covering, training can occur. It need not be from the camp itself and can be from a nearby camp.

        Just curious, why is it a PTI that was taking Mr Wang’s temperature and not a medic?

      • Gecko said

        Don’t need to cut, he is already slack. Human, you said?

    • NS_MEN 101 said

      Stop with the cut him some slack thingy… A MO is a medical doctor. He/She need to act in a professional manner as a medical doctor. Regardless if the case is genuine or Keng… And he is judging the person before the patient is even checked. Simply said… he may be a doctor but he is not fit to be one.

    • Ivet said

      Let’s assume the stat that you provided (7 out of 10 not real cases) is approximately true.
      So what will happen to those 3 genuine cases under such a doctor – “You can only report sick if you collapse during training!” (assuming he did indeed say that)?

      Nobody is requesting him to be God, at least he should remember his medical oath and duty to the nation.

      • Arvin said

        Well said.

      • Naka said

        well said ivet.
        he has no right to be a doctor! so what if its not his duty or if his having a bad day or his tired?so what!? its better than causing someone’s death right.

      • Seraphim said

        I honestly felt that it is a moment of stress and anger that he blurt out such irresponsible words and did not really meant what he said.

      • GE2016 said

        SAF doctor take salary only.
        .if every solider he see are additional incentive charge into his salary
        think he will not say we are “chao-keng” to report sick

      • Seraphim said

        Precisely why you tend to recieve better services at your GP and private consultation. =P

      • Health said

        hmmm first u guys have no idea how much a MO get paid as compared to the outside world and the word *collapse* can mean even falling down or breathless . Its just that you people are not medically trained then assumed u guys know everything . If a guy can just go medical center because hes a bit giddy , first how many PTI u think a camp have to handle so many * giddy* case , second people that do not exercise regularly will tend to feel giddy during extensive physical training, third Duty to nation? how many of the Nsmen are training regularly to *prepare to fight for our country*? Do not use words so easily .

    • Blue Nights said

      When a person takes an oath to be a physician, he takes an oath to think of the welfare of his patient first. To assume that when someone calls in sick, he is pretending to be so and that it is the physician’s job to expose him on it is a travesty to the profession. No matter how tired a physician is or what might be happening in his person life, he is not to take it out on the patient. Those are his own shit that he needs to deal with it on his own. The patient should not even have to know about it, certainly not through a doctor acting out!

      This is another case of top dog strutting his power and mis-using power. A doctor’s job is to comfort always, heal maybe and to always put the patient first. I fear for the profession and our citizens who are exposed to such a person. Just because a person has more letters after his name does not mean that he can talk down to people. He puts the profession to shame.

    • InTheSameShoes said

      I truly believe in My Yang’s issue/problems as I ran into the same doc & problem in another camp just recently on my last day of ICT last Fri, so I can relate his feelings & frustrations.

      My left foot has recurring problems/pains for 1yr+, been on regular GP visits & had steroidal jabs done 2x, pain was unbearable after 5days on boots.Went medical center on day of out-pro to ask for referral to specialist @government hospital, 1st words out of his mouth was very very rude, telling me straight that referral doesn’t mean NSMen doesn’t have to pay a single cent and that I was trying to “geng”.

      Well, I told him that as a medical professional, he should be asking about my feet pain & symptoms & more medical issues rather than telling me abt $$$ & costs or me trying to geng. I told him straight in his face that his attitude & rudeness is not the making of a pro doctor. I had been enduring the pain since day 1 of my ICT till the last day(5days ICT) & I wouldn’t come see him on the last day of out-pro and I don’t need any MC as well. Just for the record, it’s my last ICT since I’m turning 40 in few months.

      Funny thing is, I took down his Rank name & time on a piece of paper, he asked me why I did that and his attitude changes after that(more calmer & slightly friendlier) and starts to talk more like a pro. I asked him what my problem was & the medical term my condition was so I can confirm with my GP for diagnose. He starts to apologies & said we’re on the wrong/different frequency & he said he can draft the letter to save me a trip to the polyclinic queue. This attitude & attention was what I needed in the first place

      This doctor seriously need to change his attitude and his mentality, not all NSMen are trying to ‘geng’ & also as a medical practictional or fellow human beings, we should be humble & be nice. I cannot imagine all the NSMen he’s seen and those people that got abused by him verbally. I was 1 of the victims I guess.

      With that said, I’m not going to be like Mr Yang to write to all, I’ll be following the proper procedures by going to the S’pore medical council(SMC), submit a statutory declaration and a formal complaint once I’m back from overseas assignment. Need time to draft the complaint letter due to busy work schedule.

      PS: I believe he’s a local & he’s young in his late 20/early 30.

      • Mr Yang said

        Hi ”InTheSameShoes”, thank you so much for your reply. Someone had shared it with me via social media.

        I noted that your incident happened on 29th June (Fri) & mine was on 30th June (Sat). It would appear that Medic Du Rui was spot-on when he assured me by revealing that this MO likes to ”gan” (screw) not only civilians but also NSF, regulars & even officers. Perhaps, he was trying to make me accept the fact that I am not alone in being intimidated, humiliated & bullied. Weird tactic, didn’t work though.

        I must say that is is a very similar story & I felt relieved when you described his unprofessionalism, hyprocriscy & unpredictable mood swings. Not surprised as the old saying goes, ”a leopard can not change its spots”.

        No wonder the medic was reluctant to supply a piece of paper to record down the MO’s name. 2 bombshells in 2 check-ups. This MO has a better strike rate than Messi.

        Since the incident, I have recovered about 70% of my health & fitness, I guess I should and will do the same as you: ”by going to the S’pore medical council (SMC), submit a statutory declaration and a formal complaint… …”

        You are doing the right thing by giving feedback to the authorities. If not, more will suffer in silence. Past victims will also have some form of justice.

        FYI, this doctor is 25 years of age, according to the blog featuring him. He is also from ‘Armour’ according to sources who probably wants to stay anoynomous to avoid collateral damage.

        I really do not know if SAF treats this as ‘noise’, a small complain, a scandal or cover-up. No official reply from any one (yet). Different story if I were the 5th civilian to die while doing physical training in a military camp.

        (4 persons have died during physical training in SAF camps in 2012. You can not list down all deaths thus far, due to lack of bandwidth.

        p.s. Thank you to all well wishes & Temasek Times for raising awareness on doctors mistreating civilians in Singapore’s military camps.

  2. David said

    Nothing surprising. The first impression that MOs or regular officers (like OCs or PCs) have when you want to report sick is that you are trying to keng (or malingering in Hokkien). Unless your father mother is somebody in Singapore, then the opposite holds true and everybody knows these people are called White Horse. Also no pt writing to PM. Your email will be screened by his PA and get deleted or forward to god knows where.

  3. fpap said

    this bastard must be a prc, who treat peoople worse than animals

    prc bastards are uncivilised

    i am not a racist, i refer him by the country he originates

  4. wow said

    wah reservist also treated like shit ah?

  5. TOMB said

    steady bo? reservice also kena treated like that? zhun bo? tot they treat reservice nsman very well?

    • Chao Keng King said

      Yeah, when I was a medic during NS and I sat in with the MO’s they always gave reservists what they wanted. They DO actually respect Reservists because they are older and because when they were NSF’s themselves, it used to be a lot tougher. I mean, all of them are old men with jobs and families, if NSF’s are under motivated, how do you expect Reservists not to be under motivated as well right? Quite a shocking story.

  6. ABCD said

    It might be grossly misrepresented. Please read with caution. Dr Wong Yi is very professional and competent, and he is not known to be one who shouts at patients like what the NSMan described. Many people who knows him and worked with him can testify.

    The world has changed and everyone thinks that by complaining, you can always get your way. This is a totally wrong mindset.

    • ABCD said

      Additionally, there may be a lot of details or unforseen circumstances which the NSMan may choose not to reveal, because these may be in favour of Dr Wong. The objective of this post/email is clearly to shame the latter. All of us are not aware of what transpired, and hence we should read with great caution. There will definitely be an investigation conducted to establish the facts of this issue, and it is not up to us to judge.

      • Ron said

        @ABCD, you seem to know Dr. Wong Yi personally and already you are glossing over the very detailed account of shouting, reluctance to examine the patient, the lenghtly conversation. You seem to be creating doubts in the entire version which has been sent to the PM, Ministers, MPs and other receipients. The NS reservist can be charged in a Court Martial if he was found to have concocted the whole epidsode, to have with-held material facts. A proper SAF investigation is required.

        Are you Dr. Wong Yi yourself and writing this post? Pls comment on the details of his long accusations and give us your comments.

      • GE2016 said

        @Ron, totally agreed with you,
        @ABCD, you think Mr Yang very free, out of no reason come with a lengthy feedback letter address to so many people, including PM and Mindef

    • Ivet said

      If it’s really what you claim, then Dr Wong Yi can go ahead and sue him for libel.
      If it’s not, then Dr Wong Yi should face the music.

    • Arvin said

      It is very possible for a person to treat his friends well but behave like a tyrant to others.

  7. Yeeloong Ong said

    “Medic Du Rui also shared with me that he is a Full-Time service man, a Singapore Permanent Resident from China. He said he served in the military to become a ”New Citizen” of Singapore.”

    This bastard confirmed to be China Trash

    • ABCD said

      Just to clarify, Dr Wong Yi is NOT from China. He was born in Singapore and is holding a pink IC.

    • Seraphim said

      it is ‘Medic Du Rui’, not ‘Dotor Wong Yi’… Please learn to read properly….

    • Health said

      Basterd? Do you even know wad it mean? do you even have a religion? if u have then shame on quit and throw away all ur moral values . Who are you to call people bastard? Ps: i am a Singaporean. You think they can just simply come Singapore as they like? u know how hard they work as compare to you? We dun even know whose the trash^^

  8. Bersih4 said

    Hey! Our country need to fight when war comes. A little giddy also can fight lah. If tomorrow u go holiday, will u see doctor today for little giddy? Keng siao keng pi. Really want to keng, learn from me lah! Permanent downgrade, forever no need reservist! So shiok.

    • Alexis said

      you blind bro? that guy had a fever?
      and yeah you sure can fight if you are sick, but can you fight well?
      brainless shit trying to act manly

      • Health said

        After running ur temperature doesn’t raise? blind? no la is you stupid bro? Stop trying to act smart : Alexis

  9. What is new? Lower ranks have always been considered as digits in the SAF. One more one less, it doesn’t matter to them

  10. IronMan said

    This MO doesn’t deserve to be a practitioner. From China moreover. Could be sponsored by the PAP govt with our taxpayers’ money. Congrats PAP !! Pls bring in more of this kind of shit to our land. A very “popular” move in GE2016.

    From my experience, after completing NS n 10 cycles of reservist shit, happens a war breaks out in Singapore, I always wonder who will kill more of us, soldiers. The enemy or our own SAF MO?

    This is just one example, even local MOs r reluctant or evasive in performing their duties. Very unprofessional compared to private practitioners. In those days, there is no social media that we could publicize.

    Don’t they have to make an oath when they pick up Medical practices?
    “To cure the sick and ease the pain n suffering of the injured.”

    • Ben said

      Are you Singaporean ? How the surname “Wong “be china guy ? Only Singapore Cantonese or hong kee will use the surname “Wong ” don’t always put the blame on all china lar ! I am Singaporean , but we must see the fact.

  11. kk said

    I tot LCP(NS) is bigger than any regular ranks coz we are civilians??

  12. Stanley Yang said

    this is the guy who sent the letter.

  13. Andrew said

    Well i think the MO is a little too much he should
    Not act in that manner just because he is a officer can do whatever he wants izzit. Full of nonsense

  14. pay said

    Wow, they import and float them as elitist now? Sheng guang fa cai?

  15. Cteo said

    Now is it not about whether we can pursuit the matter or not if it happen in military. Now is about the attitude and character of our Singaproe FUTURE doctor-to-be. Infact he is already a qualified doctor, but if he behave like this after he ORD, how will people look at our SG medical standard? with this type of crap doctor? think about it, and do something about this MINDEF!!!

  16. Lesterado said

    That was nothing. When I was doing my NS more than twenty years ago, the whole lot of us reporting sick were made to do push ups under the sun while waiting for our number to be called.

    • mel said

      exactly, i did my bmt 25 yers ago, those days when you report sick you’d better get something from the MO otherwise, kena tekan left-right-centre. Even if you get 1 day mc, they will make you ‘pay’ the next day. didn’t even know where/ who to complain to. the MOs used to get the medics to check our temperature before we get to see them no matter what you were having. No fever, no MC and no need to listen to you. Easy money, those MO cunts!

  17. Kai said

    And since when have the MO’s been good doctors anyway? Nothing new here.

  18. Chow said

    The SAF Doctor must drop his rank cause he is not fit to be a Doctor.

  19. Seraphim said

    Just to clarify for those that did not read the full article properly.

    I noticed a lot of people are cursing and swearing that he is from ‘China’. For your info, doctors from China do not need to serve NS in Singapore, they head straight to hospital to work. It was the medic that was from China and he is serving NS like us.

    All doctors in the medical centers are Singaporeans serving their NS. They loses out in their income and promotion because of it as well. The regular sign-on MOs are else where and not in the medical center. (At least not in a standard training camp)

    • Ben said

      By seeing the surname , most of them will know is Singaporean Cantonese .cant be china guy . But if PRC study in Singapore NUS , well they can be MO why not ?

      • Seraphim said

        Dear Ben,

        I refer to doctors from China and trained in China, by the time they got through the registration in SIngapore, they are already in their mid 30s or even 40s and that is way past conscription age. Also, PRCs that enter NUS to study medicine pay their tuition fees by their own means (By sponsorship or through their parent or saving), so they do not need to serve NS as they are the first generation skilled immigrants. In the case of sponsorship from our own government/hospital, they are obliged to serve in Singapore hospital for a certain amount of time.

        For second generation foreigners who are born, studied and grew up in Singapore, they are considered Singaporeans. They do have the choice of renouncing their citizenship before they reach conscription age, forfeit the 10k bond and leave the country.

        The above statement is not applicable to regulars.

        Commentators of 3, 7, 10 and 14 already considered the MO a practitioner from China. It is just to clarify that the MO is not from China and prevent any more foreigner bashing or in this case ‘Singaporean’ bashing.

  20. Ron said

    This is a bombshell for the government and the SAF and has to be thoroughly investigated and where appropriate the proper punishment be meted out.

    It should also be investigated by the Singapore Medical Council. The doctor has violated the Hippocratic Oath to care for the sick. This doctor was watching his favorite soccer game, was bad-tempered and hostile to a junior SAF personnel. Is this the kind of medical professional that Spore want to have?

    It is also confirmed that he is a PR hoping to be a Citizen. Does Spore to have such arrogant, hot-tempered person to be a new citizen? Perhaps he should be deported back to China.

    I recalled Teoh CH said in Parliament that the SAF top brass takes every accident and fatality seriously. So, I hope he keeps to his word given to Parliament and hence to the whole of Singapore.

    Many more parents will think of migrating and taking their teenage sons out Spore before they are registered for NS. This is the kind of nightmare that many parents are worried about.

    An old neighbour left many years ago. Today their children are all doing very well in the overseascountry and contributing to the economy of that country instead of to Spore. So, Spore lost the entire family of economy contributors… Father, Mother and several children.

  21. Caxton said

    In this situation, it is only fair for us the make the judgment after any
    formal investigations.

    • Caxton said

      Beside this is a case of reservist complaint agst the MO, it does not make sense to make this an issue between race. And it is not right to stereotype PRC.

  22. Daniel said

    I met one of these suck MO before, and frankly, if I will to run IPPT or SOC they are not my match…. they are just my leg hair… pull rank they can…

  23. Sick said

    I was too ill treated by medical doctor in camp.
    Now, medical doctors, you better watch ur sss.
    I will react this time went u ill treat us again.
    I M NOT JOKING. I lose my job compare to u lose your head. Want 2c who loses more!

  24. Martin said

    Complain and post at the news paper or STRAITSTIMES AND LET EVERY WORLD KNOW THIS
    DOCTOR.. WE Going to die then can see doctor…

  25. Money sermon said

    I have not met any MO described all my years. This guy is either “sway” or bullshit.

  26. morningstarkar said

    What’s the talk about? Issues like this are fairly common. Those who fake sick are given sick leave, those who are truly sick are not given leave.

    Face it guys, it’s his own bad luck he has gotten a fever, there’s no need to bring in human rights/attitude.

  27. the cake is a lie said

    Whether 5 or 10 deaths, the SAF will never admit their mistakes in their medical protocols.

  28. Samm0211 said

    Useless SAF MO, most of them sissy & not experience doctor and only yaya papaya! WTF holds Captain Rank! Better be Dumb Captain Planet!

  29. Ron said

    The court of public opinion is pervasive in the social media. This NS reservist is willing to take case public is therefore not afraid of any repercussions. It may be the new style of open campaign.

    It is now in the public domain and people will draw their conclusions unless the facts are verified and rebutted. I expect a quick response from Mindef.

  30. Rafiet said

    That MO is dead meat..such unprofessional attitude.. I would never visit his clinic !

  31. Anon said

    I have an intense hatred of Doctors (after experiencing them in NS) and this hatred has been brought forward to my civilian life. I only go and see doctors only when i am feeling half dead and that sometimes doesnt stop the doctor from thinking that i am only skiving. To be fair not all of them are bad, but it’s the bad ones that i had encountered that makes me ‘tar’ them all as bad (yeah i am that irrational).

    If what is said is true for the above, i hope the doctor is censored by the SMC but if its all slanderous and false (way too many of that in the internet) i hope the author get hunted down and tarred as a warning to all the anonymous keyboard warriors to keep to the straight line and narrow

  32. JustMe said

    The MO is just a young punk inexperienced adequate doctor who holds the rank of Captan in SAF MO ranking…a little power gets into his head … didnt realise he’s just a nerd…probably cant even hold a rifle properly!!

  33. bb said

    TT to check and find out whether this MO is true blue singaporean

  34. ABCD said

    Dr Wong Yi is not from China. Never does he scold anyone at all from my short working experience with him.

    • Ron said

      Hi ABCD, you seem to know the MO personally or perhaps you are that MO yourself. We have not heard from the MO a word of apology or remorse. So the entire episode was fake then?

      How about posting the MO reaction to this incident? It is much easier to say, Sorry. People will be forgiving and will move on.

  35. Toh said

    Please write a letter to Mindef and document this MO Rank and Name and the entire incident. This MO is not fit to be in healthcare. If Medical Center is not for report sick, then what is a Medical Center for? The MO’s duty is to ensure anyone who walks in is medically examined and treated with respect. Shame on this MO!!! SAF and Mindef must take serious look in this matter. There are already death cases of active and NSmen after the IPPT. If all MO’s attitude are like this shameless MO, how many ignored cases to come? Shame of this civil servant MO, you are to serve to the sick and people with medical condition with respect.

    Thanks for sharing this news, to both the NSman and Temasek Times. Hope you get well soon NSman!!

  36. bummer said

    I say this without any sarcasm intended but Mr Yang is quite remarkable to have been able to note down with such detail what transpired that afternoon despite feeling febrile and syncopic. He even had the presence of mind to march to the FCC to lodge a complaint straight after the dust up. This is one person you shouldn’t mess with!

    As for the doctor in question, his name sounds PRC. In all probability his parents hailed from China even if he was born here. Regardless of nationality though, he isn’t the first doctor with an attitude problem and won’t be the last. IMO, Mr Yang should have written to the media only if he had failed to get a satisfactory response from the relevant authority.

  37. Mr Yang said

    Name: Dr Wong Yi
    MCR No. 15603E
    Date of Entry into Family Physician’s Register:
    This doctor is not on the Register of Family Physicians
    PC Start Date and End Date: 04/05/2012 – 03/05/2014
    Primary Practice Place: HQ Medical Corps, SAF

  38. Virgorian said

    Let’s face it!NS is real sucks !

  39. Ishvarlall Singh said

    The Medical Officer is not yet a doctor, until he understands that only after a thorough medical examination with humane considerations can the Doctor decide whether a person is sick or not. If this poor NS Man had died due to his unattended medical condition, would the Medical Officer have come forward and admit and say I should have examined him or would he say I examined him and there was nothing wrong with him. A Medical Officer is there to help and administer the Sick or was he letting his frustrations out on the poor soldier. I wonder how many deaths have been caused by such inconsiderate Medical Officers who want to pretend to be Combat Officers or the Unit RSM. He should be put on orders as a reminder of his responsibilities to the best interests of the Unit Commander, the soldier’s Platoon Commander and Company Commander. Now, I wonder how many deaths have been covered up. I hope all Medical Officers serving in the SAF read and understand the responsibilities.

  40. Electromus said

    I believe he should not judge or somehow compromise him based on common current happenings especially when it concerns one’s health. He is definitely in charge of the sick’s welfare as he is SUPPOSED to do so as a MO. On the other hand, I think only after medical check-up(s) on the sick will he be able to determine whether he is really sick or not. Then do the judgement but politely as its all about mutual respect.

  41. notAproudSingaporean said

    Rule #15 during my ns time. “Never ever go to MO’s when ure sick or injured.” . Cause they’ll simply say you’re fine. My 1st n the last time visiting the MO’s. Those bastards. And the govt gave us bastards to take care of us medically during RT!? Fcuk this country man.

  42. Maju Personnel said

    wait what? Im attached at Maju camp, and i am sure you can report sick whenever you want. I went to see MO for random sickness like having blocked ears after swimming on my own, simple flu. but as far as i know?.. there only a malay doctor there which is very nice. and im just a PTE. Haven seen this Doc in maju before

  43. Ren said

    Wonder the quality of doctors nowadays…

  44. 龙的传人 said


  45. nsf said

    This type of month,u should complain him..and let him know that wat is the job of a mo.I can understand ur feeling as I have encounter before such a mo in clementi camp before..but as I was a private,the month is a captain.there is nothing we can do..even insulted me to the max.we an only hope that mindef would do something about this type of mo.

  46. alex said

    disappointed with those guys who condemned Dr Wong Yi. I have 2 points to make.

    1) Why listen to one side of the story? I strongly believed that no doctor would chase away his patient if he sees him feeling unwell or weak. Even myself, not a doctor, will show some concern to people who seemed unwell on the street. I believed that this Mr Yang must have done something to anger Dr Wong OR mr yang had demanded something from Dr Wong.

    2) I dont know Wong Yi personally but based on his name, Wong Yi, I believed he is from Singapore. There are many Chinese Singaporeans with two word names. If he was to be from China, his name would be HUANG YI and not WONG YI. Wong is the dialect pronunciation for HUANG and is widely used in Singapore and Malaysia. So to those we keep saying he is from PRC, please do some research before posting and comments. And so what if he is from China? Please LAH, Singaporeans! Show some respect to yourself and other people.

  47. wz said

    oh well, this is not the first case in our so called ‘world class’ military…. this doctor has no compassion or so whatever and acted like a big bully…. Well, they are simply too many injustice in this world, so let’s allow the nature take its course. To Mr Yang: “just follow your heart and do what’s needed to be done”.

  48. kster said

    Wait, Ns Man osn’t the biggest rank on saf? Why this guy tio question till like a rec lioe that ar?
    Firstly Mr MO, if you are reading this, your 3bars don’t. Work in DB.
    Secondly. Hi Mr NS Man doing RT at Maju. I myself is as much the same as you. But I know when to screw those officers when needed. And a email to PM don’t do any gd. As it will be filter to junk box anyway.

  49. congee said

    Jobs for FT, singaporeans for RT

  50. Angie said

    Is this MO from NUH? Terrible attitude!

  51. Kao Bei Kias out there said

    My personal opinion is that Dr Wong Yi should seek legal action against this fella.

    In a dispute like this, even if Mr Yang is found to be spouting rubbish, there is already damage to Dr Wong Yi’s reputation. Even if he wins the civil suit, the monetary claims obtained from sedition is not enough to compensate for tarnish of reputation.

    Personally, I too am a reservist NSmen. Every single RT i go to, there are a few fellas among our pack who always talk about things like “let’s test this MO, see whether can downgrade or not…”

    Singapore is indeed very disappointing. I don’t think anyone, Dr/MO/civilian included is talking rubbish when they say that there are indeed about 70% chao-keng-kias in a batch of report sicks.

    Secondly, as an occasional reader of temasek times, i am disappointed that the article chose to sensationalise only certain parts of the letter written by Mr Yang.

    Why wasn’t any info written about the warrant officer commenting about “teaching this MO a lesson” – i.e. instigating/fanning flames?

    In summary, all i can say is that our SAF has alot more to buck up. Currently even after 4 decades of NS, the only conclusion i can say is that even though there is progress in becoming some sort of 3G army with all the technology, but principally, it’s still F**ked up as before and 1G in attitude/mentality.

    It is also a reflection of our people, our society. If i were to take a back seat, our citizens are indeed a F**ked up lot in certain ways, compared to many i’ve come across as a frequent traveller to first world nations in my business trips.

  52. wikileaks said


  53. samuel said

    looks like both mr yang & mo wong having a bad day huh? why not put that stupid army rank aside & behave like humans? mo wong apologise for being rude & pre judge yang…i’m sure this issue can be settle amicably and put to a close with happy ending.

    • Seraphim said

      I agree.

      I have worked under 4 different MOs. This is a unique case and cannot be treated as a classic case for all medical center in the SAF.

  54. Kao Bei Kias out there said

    I think Dr Wong has examined the patient, gave him a prescription as well. Medical management-wise, i don’t think there is any negligence.

    Like i have mentioned, this is coming from a fellow NSmen like myself. Malingering is prevalent. I will not fault Dr Wong for suspecting malingering even if he sees me as long as a reasonable medical assessment of my condition is made and i am dispensed with medicine (if any was needed).

  55. Ponders said

    This Dr Wong Yi does sound like those lanjiao MO who thinks the world of themselves in SAF camps. These little fuckers who first diagnosis is always “malingering”.

    Ma your mother linger cheebye! Fucking SAF MO. This fucker should be culled to warn the rest of those fucking rude MOs

  56. StanfordPrisonExperiment said

    Reminds me of two very zeebye MOs I came across Cpt Dr Koh Wei Liang and Cpt Dr Lee Yi Zhi

  57. tan big tan said

    I’m not surprised. Quite a lot of Medical officers think they are God’s gift to mankind and act like big shots just like many young Lts and Captains. Honestly, the culture of SAF has to address this because in time of war its quite likely that the first person the soldiers will shoot is the CCB officers.

  58. Chicken Pie said

    Ng Eng Hen (Bargain Hen) the defence ministar also doctor. Heard during his time as a doctor cheebye come from his mouth easily….. true or not? You think he will say cheebye to this doctor?

  59. no F word please said

    During BMT, I had a chest infection, burning fever of 40 degrees for 6 days and the day after I went back I was told to do 8km road march cos I was away for too long and any further attend B might put me out of course. The instructors went mad at the end of the road saying we did not walk fast enough and started a series of tekkan at the parade square after the road, I wasnt feeling great and somewhat light headed and had a few “blur” moments and kenna tekkan somemore and all thru this time I was coughing my lungs out with thick green phlem …….

    honestly, in most cases too much cao keng …. if I do my NS all over again (20 years later now) … I would definitely pretend to faint and give up, so many foreigners now why bother to risk anything … at least back then it was really national service to defend real singaporeans.

  60. a no of this MO are nin gen no ku zu !…
    just serving their time in NS like anyone of us…something seriously wrong with the system… need a few more deaths to shake up changes..

  61. What Do You Think? said

    Such is the quality of our sg doctors. They are just a product of our mugger scholar education system. Inhumane and unfeeling.

  62. Unfit medical practitional said

    Whether MO or doctors it is the basic principle of a doctor to save human life. As a medical professional, it is his sworn in duty to practice medicine for humanity. This duty disregards if he is sleeping, shitting or on leave. When the time requires he has to be there and make sure the human under his hands are safe and able before releasing the patient in question.

  63. Kimcherry said

    I heard from reliable sources some of the facts are twisted. This Dr Wong MO is in fact a very good doctor and highly respected. There is a possibility Mr Yang can be sued for libel.

  64. Kimcherry said

    Anak: You hear only one side of the story. What Mr Yang said about the medic is false, this is pure malice.

  65. Foxy said

    Now then I know why previously there are a lot of reservist personnel died during their service!

  66. Irodliao said

    If this mr yang was completely truthful about the encounter , ie the mo without even taking a brief history and obtaining his vital signs would shout at him , then as a doctor and a fellow Singaporean who served his NS, I say that dr Wong Yi should be punished for this alone.

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