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Senior Pastor Lawrence Khong replies to Temasek Times’ article

Posted by temasektimes on July 1, 2012

Dear Sir/Madam,

I refer to your article on June 28, 2012: “Head Pastor Lawrence Khong urges fellow pastors to pray for Kong Hee and to speak ‘well’ of CHC”.

While the article did seem to make an attempt to capture and encourage the spirit of unity among the Christian community, I would like to highlight and correct two key points which does not accurately communicate my position and intent of writing such a letter to our Christian brethren. These two erroneous points lead me to question The Temasek Times’ purpose and cause for producing such an article. Please ensure that your writers read my letter in its entirety.

First, your writer described Pastor Kong Hee as the ‘disgraced founder’ of City Harvest Church. At no point did my letter paint or describe Pastor Kong in such a light, or refer to the case or the individuals charged in such a negative manner. I therefore feel strongly that my letter of good intent should not be associated with such a negative term, and that its use strictly represents the view and opinion of The Temasek Times.

Second, the statement, “…Lawrence Khong had spoken up publicly in defence of Kong Hee.” is incorrect. As you have mentioned in the article’s headline, the objective of my letter was to encourage prayer and unity during a time of crisis. The letter was not written as a statement of defence for the actions of the individuals. Please understand that seeking unity in prayer for Pastor Kong Hee and City Harvest Church does not mean I am putting up a defence for their alleged actions and/or alleged violations of the law. I trust that God’s justice will prevail and will submit to the due process of our nations’ judicial system.

I seek your assistance to correct these two points by publishing my reply above.

Thank you and I look forward to your reply.

“Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.” (1 John 4:11-12)

Reverend Lawrence Khong
Senior Pastor
Faith Community Baptist Church


45 Responses to “Senior Pastor Lawrence Khong replies to Temasek Times’ article”

  1. At Least You Have The Sense said

    That is a much better worded sentence, Pastor Lawrence. Or else we will think Con-hee has bought you out too with the $50 million. Let the law decide.

    • aspiringpastor said

      I hope to start a church provisionally named Singapore Harvest Church. I hope to get K Hee, S Ho, L Khong, Durai, M Yi and J Kang to sit in the church advisory committee. S Ho will oversee all foreign projects. If there are no violent objections from CAD/Comm of Charity, I hope to get the church registered soon.

      • Sean said

        a church is not built on man’s will or man’s aspiration. it is built for the expansion of the kingdom of GOD. (Matthew 6:19-13)

      • LTK said

        Sounds like a good business plan… =D

      • Clarence Lee said

        Sure money spinner… If you can get these ppl together, then it is destiny and you have to advance god’s will of letting you earn more money…

      • fox said

        I want to be your senior pastor!!


    • Trainee Pastor said

      I want to submit my application to be trainee pastor, doesn’t matter how much is the application fee is. I know it will be returned 100 fold or more…

  2. P Koh said

    Is there any need for a Pastor from another Church to come out to seek prayers for the Pastor of another Church who has been hauled up by the authorities for acts of a criminal nature? Of course the due process of law and order for which the judiciary is set up to do will finally deliver judgement as no amount of prayers will or can mitigate or erase any wrong doings if they were committed. Amen.

    • Chiang said

      well. in the first place, it was Temasek Times that sensationalise Pastor Khong’s message…so, no issues here. What’s wrong with praying for others who are in deep shit…you’re a christian?

  3. ex chc said

    in the first place with all the prayers why didn’t the prayers save him from doing this dastardly deed in the first place? It shows he is the author of his greed. Please do not obscure the church followers with smokescreen placing blame on everybody and anybody except this con man.

    • Chiang said

      You have alreaduy judged based on what you hear from both the MSM and Temasek Times, if you are so righteous, suggest you wait for the outcome of the judiciary proceedings before making known your lame thoughts like above!

  4. Geo said

    Hope the establishment of guilt will be judged by the spirit of the law and not by the letter of the law !!! The whole nation and possibly many other nations watching!

    • sean said

      exactly everyone especially non singaporeans christians are watching the development closely. there are christians from singaporean sharing that to other nationals within ASEAN countries.. what a shame if singaproeans cant guard their mouth from further leading to crisis

  5. Martin said

    At this point of time, it’s better than to comment anything or offer your ‘support’ under the name of God. Please help your naive followers separate religion from criminal breach of trust committed by Con Hee & gangs. Wouldn’t you do the same to educate your own children if someone in your family committed fraud?

    • Anon said

      Correction: ALLEDGED criminal breach of trust…

      Are you that naive to think they’re already guilty even before the courts pass their judgement?

  6. Chiang said

    Anyway, most people here will know that it is Temasek Times’ “job” and “roles” to sensationalize or instigate anything that they think can bring in readers to their site…no need for credibility nor truthfulness!

  7. john huang said

    “Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.” (1 John 4:11-12)”

    note the statement; “no one has ever seen God”…

    the invisible and the non-existent are pretty much the same.

    • dwarfi said

      “the invisible and the non-existent are pretty much the same”

      are you that egoistic to believe that sentence you just wrote? believing in god makes us human. And this article or all this hoo haa is not about if god exist or not. Do not bring such sentence in all this topic. Human’s imperfection is God’s perfection.

    • sean said

      John huang, are u a christian or u trying to refute the speaker over this? what is your under lying motives. he is just making a statement on behalf of himself. anything wrong with that?

  8. spotlessleopard said

    Christians like Pastor Kong and all should face their charges and if found innncent or guilty should behave like true Christians and not threaten anyone with legal action…..i hope CHC prove to be true Christians and “love their enemies”

  9. Geger said

    Chiang, it’s quite obvious that you are a CHC bootlicker.

  10. Pantatko said

    This stupid story no ending ah??? Stoopig pig…oink!!!

    • Sean said

      let them be, there is no end to all this until there arrive a fading season ..let them unleash their fury and wage their warfare. some of those just pick up an issue for no apparent reason. they felt satisfied to make a comment to gratify whatever they felt any injustice committed.

  11. bernard tan said

    my prayer “god almighty, please open the eyes of those who can’t tell the difference between a con and a religion”

  12. Annoymous said

    This Chiang is the type of person who rather feed(donate) to KING KONG and his wife for their lavish lifestyle rather than on his family.

    • P Koh said

      You are right on and I do sympathize with his ignorance on what is right and what is wrong and he thinks that prayer can overcome misdeeds – don’t waste our breath on him.

  13. Naivety said

    Hey Senior Pastor Khong!

    Please speak for your own baptist denominated church only as you don’t represent the entire christain community & all the denominated christian groups here, understand (as if you are the overall leader of all christians)?

  14. LOL LOL said

    Scared liao! Scared liao! Tail between your legs now, pastor of Faith Baptist Church. Better heed Attorney General’s warning that appeared in ST that no one should speak on behalf of Kong Hee about his corruption case as its perversion of justice.
    Also, Kong Hee better be careful too becos he keeps associating himself with his sermons & congregation. Kong Hee is playing a very dangerous game by going this route. Do not test the gahment authorities.
    His corruption case is separate from his congregation as pointed out by MHA. Should Kong Hee continue to link his corruption case to his congregation, watch out, cos CAD & the mata will come after you again before you can even utter “hello” or “hee hee”. Can smell it in the air already.

    • Sean said

      why should we make presumptuous statement before the trial had even started and the case come to an end. honestly it is too early to make any comment. every comment we make is tantamount to a preliminary judgment

  15. weak justice said

    wahtever it is, all of you fanatics will be investigated and monitored!!! thanks to the greed disguised under religion!!! good luck to all you stupid blind weaklings!

  16. Concerned said

    With all due respect and yes with no doubt that it is still too early to say that PKH and members are guilty but let’s face the fact that we all know how the government works, if there are no questionable tell tale signs then it won’t take them 3 years to investigate and if there are no concrete evidence, PKH and members will not be charged in court. Just imagine the amount of resources that the government has to mobilize to sustain a team of investigators for this 3 year “project”, this definitely has to be reported all the way to the top and this person must have considered all collected evidence plus PKH and CHC’s background before pressing the button! Next, I am very sure that they must have prayed to God when they asked for all these millions and prayed again before they use the millions but how in heaven that God did not warn them of this trouble ahead or have they missed God’s warning? However, I pray that God’s will be done and that he bless us with His wisdom and discernment as this chapter here in Singapore unfolds. Amen.

  17. Sean said

    many singaporeans are too smart, that is why the nation that made up of every single individual lack self control and bursting out with pride, has no sense of discretion, waging tail as they like..lacking godly wisdom before they make fleshly comment against their own leaders. outsider see that development took place consider this a distasteful disgrace to the behavior of the christians down there..

  18. Sean said

    what did the outsiders see, particularly the christian community within the island state of singapore be? churches in the states like lake wood and many of other american churches who get to know about very good things about singapore because of joseph prince visit and preaching over there, what will happen after this? are you doing something to limit the damaging effects or you trying to broaden the conflict by aggravate it. making a self centred opinion on any issue is not going to make things better, in fact, you are leaving a mess for other, who in turn, get divided and split up over opinion polls..

  19. Neutral said

    Hey all. Calm down. It’s got nothing to do with God or e church or other churches or pastors in Singapore. Pls understand kong hee is not CHC nor God. He’s only one of a messenger, a worker of God for God. He is human. He might fallen. If kong hee is convicted, He’ll b paying his price. Why is everyone taking this issue so defensively n personal? Pls b rationale. Asking Christian to unite n pray does not equals to supporting kong hee. It’s merely encouraging fellow Christians not to lost their sight on e religion/belief. Human may fail. Just like Islam. Dun misunderstood terrorist with e practise of Islam. It’s e human that does world wrong, not e practise.

  20. Mad people said

    You have misuse the trust given by God!!! What if the CAD are able to produce evidence against Khong Hee and show case he is wrong? I think CAD will apologise to KH and the rest if the court proof that CAD was wrong in their investigation. What about you?

    • jf said

      CAD brought those charges because according to the book, laws were broken. Very clear cut after consultation with AG Chambers ,lawyers, accountants, etc. If not the charges will not be handed out. The court hearings are for “fair hearings” for the accused, before the penalties are handed. If CAD could be wrong according to the law, then the whole team will be sacked and Singapore’s law will have to be overhaul, and change members of parliament who are the Law-Makers, etc

      The case as it is, apology will never be enough. S$1 billion compensation also not enough if as you think that CAD might be wrong.

  21. Haha said

    Heard that Ho spends alot on furnitures like lavishly! $15000 sofa range onwards… Wake up la guys.. I’ve seen very good pastors around but this guy should try and live
    For the after world instead of enjoying the wealth.. DONATE TO THE POOR AND ELDERLY LA!!!!

  22. sean said

    Christians in singapore should limit the posts to those who are christians and bared further non christians from interfering. that is the first step. whether you christians how you wanna do with your own pastor is all up to you. be wise when making comments. Even David dared not harmed the LORD’s anointed King Saul when GOD already rejected him to be ruler for the israelis people. (1 samuel 24:4-15). So every individual christians right here in singapore who making comments out of your own intellect here which is of flesh and not of spirit and not out of genuine fear of GOD, …claim no excuse when GOD brings judgment individually to every one of you when a day comes

  23. Joanna said

    Apostle or Reverend – can someone tell me what is the difference – why he sometimes is Apostle Khong and sometimes Reverend Khong ?

    • aspiringpastor said

      Don’t bother whether he calls himself apostle of reverend. Only God is reverend! Sinful men should not give themselves extravagant tiles. Don’t tell me he will say “God spoke to me and I can use such titles.”

  24. EX-CON said

    I am pissed of by Khong telling others what to think and do. Following Con & company’s arrests, Khong should have the initiative to admonish his congregation on dangers such as prosperity teaching, lack of transparency in church affairs, the unscriptural doctrine of paying tithes (Jesus never pays tithes. If not, Khong should just shut up.

  25. spurgeon said

    Can Khong tell us where in the New Testament Jesus, Paul or others instruct Christians to spread the gospel by producing videos which glorify crass sensuality? The fact that Khong has not come out strongly and unequivocably against such an unbiblical method of evangelisation reflects his dodgy theology. Come on, Khong, you can do better.

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