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CGH ‘FT’ doctor Senaka Liyanage charged with touching buttocks of ‘sweet-looking’ PRC nurse in OT

Posted by temasektimes on July 2, 2012

A Sri Lankan ‘FT’ doctor from Changi General Hospital (CGH) was charged in court on Monday with molesting a PRC nurse at an operating theatre on three occasions. The PRC nurse was reported to be ‘sweet-looking’.

Senaka Liyanage, 36, was accusing of touching the buttocks of the 26-year-old inside the operating theatre at Changi General Hospital at Simei Street 3 between 11am and noon on April 5.

He is accused of touching her on a second occasion, and a third time at about 2pm.

Dr Senaka is currently out on bail and his passport has been impounded.

This is not the first time that a CGH ‘FT’ doctor got into the trouble with the law over sex-related offences. Two months ago, a CGH doctor from Malaysia Ivan Ngeow Ko-Yen was charged for outrage of modesty by exposing his genitals to a female NUS student cross-dressed in the female uniform of Victoria Junior College.

Last year, Indian national Thiyagarajan Mathimaran, 33, a doctor at CGH’s urology department at that time, was charged with molesting a 42-year-old woman in the hospital’s toilet. He was later cleared of the charge after he paid $5,000 to the woman he allegedly molested.

Both Dr Ivan Ngeow and Dr Thiyagarajan are still working at CGH.

*Illustrated photo


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54 Responses to “CGH ‘FT’ doctor Senaka Liyanage charged with touching buttocks of ‘sweet-looking’ PRC nurse in OT”

  1. Ponders said

    CGH is such a filthy hospital, doctors fucking with nurses, cross dressers, freak shows. I wonder if patients are raped by all these molester doctors while they are unconscious…..

    • Ron said

      This kind of comments should be followed up by the Police. They are sweeping comments alleging that the Spore government is blind to crime and abuses in CGH.

      I noticed the Police has just arrested two teenagers for alleged racist blogs. This one is just as serious or even worse. TT is being widely read now.

    • Wicked Brain said

      Don’t anyhow say leh…

    • Ron's mother said

      Actually, what is said here has already been reported by our main stream media.

  2. If it is true that attempts were made to dissuade the PRC nurse from reporting the molest, it wld behoove the Head of the Dept to establish who were the staff involved in dissuading the nurse as they wld be interfering to subvert the course of justice. The CPIB shd be interested to get to the bottom of things then.

  3. Naivety said

    That is the danger for importing in too many FT Doctors from 3rd world countries as if Singapore do not have sufficient doctors of its own!

    Hope the Dr Senaka will get a jail sentence instead of just only a fine!
    Btw, University of Colombo in Sri Landka, their medical degrees are recognized in Singapore?

  4. kong man fuck sun said

    This is what we call foreign talent

    • Anthony Tang said

      Foreign Trash. What a disgrace to the medical profession, and also shame to the media in the false report of the doctor’s status.

  5. bob dole said

    The profile does not say this man works at Changi General Hospital. Are you sure you have the right person’s facebook profile? There are a number of people with the same name.

  6. tan tock seng said

    hire doctor from sri lankan, health care standard dropping

  7. Piratetoon said

    Look like CGH got lots of pervert – how they do their selection during recruitment.
    One Foreign Sri lankan Talent molest another Talent from China. Maybe they got too many Talents so they need to touch other talents buttock to feel whether they got that talent.

  8. Protestor said

    Good! Invite more FT here to work!

  9. bob dole said

    Thanks for amending the article accordingly to remove the facebook profile. It might well have been someone else who had the misfortune of having the same name.

    I am not sure that using that particular stock photo lends that much credibility to the report. However, I guess it is pleasing on the eyes and will get readers. haha.

  10. Sri Lanka are well-known for their crabs, not their doctors.

  11. MT said

    Boycott CGH!!!

  12. Ron said

    I think everyone is jumping onto the anti-foreigner bandwagon again. The nationality has nothing to do with the crime. We cannot stereotype.

  13. Singapore Talent said

    Can someone remind the authorities that FT does not mean Fucking Talent?

  14. hihihi said

    What happen to those disgraced ones? Are they still around? The cross dressing one?

  15. Bai Hu said

    Back in their home countries, these so called high-classed professionals like doctors, lawyers , etc have a lot of respect & status. So much so that they can get away with whatever nonsense they do. Inevitably, they think that they will enjoy the same privileges in SG. But too bad lor, see them in Changi Prison the next time round.

  16. papsmear said

    Wah lau! CGH got such chio nurse meh? TT, your picture makes me fantasize! CGH Looks like the china ktv with uniform theme! Shit man, should have study harder in school and be a doctor in CGH lah…. cannot tahan already, want to go geylang liao.

  17. seah said

    Ba Hu are you sure they will landed in Changi Prison? they are FT now a day it seem there are 2 set of law.local will taste Rotan and jail FT??????

  18. Virgorian said

    Dirty and fiflty Indian doctor !all one kind !go back home and stay in that shit country !dony stink my home town , dirty Indian !

  19. kaypoh said

    Liyanabe, why nobody teach u to go get pinoy hooker from Orchard Towers & book Hotel 81 like any other bangla lor….cheapo dickhead lol, dun touch our precious virgins 🙂

  20. Pantatko said

    Cialat ah…doctors from Sri lankan n nurse from cheena…cialat ah…how to communicate one duck one chicken just do the action lah…sgp nw become what already? No wonder no wonder

  21. bb said

    PM says integrate and Sri lanka FT really integrate with PRC nurse

    • bernard said

      PM did not emphasize what sort of integration, so sri lankan assumed it is horizontal integration.

      • Rat said

        Indian integrate with anything. Rats oso can one if they are lonely cos they stink 2 their ss.

  22. just curious said

    I thought could only happen in one of those japi fantasy pornographic…. It could also…. closer than I think

  23. kwb said

    Hire FTrash next time I got rape in d ward. Damn KBW.

    • papsmear said

      Rape by tat sweet looking nurse? Like tat this hospital sure overcrowded one.

      • sunny said

        if the nurses are like what TT has posted as sample, guarantee many patients will delay checking out of hospital or will think of excuses to extend their stay.
        i think TT has given the govt hospitals a damn good idea to increase profits

  24. kaypoh said

    In the interest of satisfying all the urges ….. how about Dr Ngeow cross dress in CGH nurse uniform complete with panty hose & then expose himself to Drs Mathimaran & Liyanabe, who will take turns to “molest” him? True 3 nation integration lor…. The tapes will then be sent to Mediacock for an episode of PervWatch…kill 5 birds with 1 stone…..brilliant or what? 🙂

    • kaypoh said

      Oh, and if the vid gets >1000000 views, Ho YS might want to get the bunch for backup performers in next MTV? Sri Lankan Wine?

  25. solaris8899 said

    another foreigner trash in our land….

  26. fpap said

    i like changi general hospital manangement to explain why they produced or hired perverted doctors

    something is wrong with this hospital

    i would not want to go there less i got touch here and there

    mentally retard

  27. aww Singaporeans miss hating on the FTs already? said

    omg too much chc stories, must refocus anger onto FTs *inserts FT related story* yay for hate propaganda. You go, Singapore! wooo!

  28. Dr.Arsch said

    The FT clown must have been watching too much nurse porn lmao! But seriously this is becoming a problem. We have too many doctors coming in from weird cultures with a different attitude towards women. I don’t expect third world countries like India and Sri Lanka to treat their women right. How can we expect those fellows coming from there to have the kind of decency we Singaporeans have towards women? And thankfully its just a PRC nurse ‘kena’ this time. What if he had started doing the same to female patients or worse still, kids who go for treatment? CGH is a huge hospital and serves alot of people living in the East.

  29. rainbow said

    The biggest problem is how many female patients have been molested without being made known to the Authority? He can always take opportunities to enjoy the female patients breasts by pretending there is a need to do so.

  30. God said

    If is China nurse, and sweet-looking, shouldn’t she be in China finding rich bachelor ???? Why still come Sg get molested ?

  31. Dr.Arsch said

    Eh but really guys, FT molest FT, who gives a shit. Why should we jail the bastard and pay for his upkeep using out taxpayer money? Send both the bastards back to where they came from. Problem solved.

    But if he had touched one of ours, then f@cking cane his ass in jail and lock him away for good.

  32. So why did not do a good selection on foreigne talent? said

    So why did not do a good selection on foreigne talent?

  33. Porter said

    How do you know wether Dr had done this?This Chinese nurse will be mortivated to earn extra sum of money to threten a decent doctor from Sri Lanka and trying gaining advantage of his innocense.All Sri Lankans & other Foreign nationals should be aware of these scandals in Singapore eventhough we promote Singapore as a Trading Hub..Think twise when you get an opprotunity to work in Singapore.
    Add the legal fees and compensation lump sums as expenses when you guys really evaluate a Net Present Value of an offer you get from a singapore counterparty……It is Disgusting Singapore Media promote such a threaten behaviour for innocent overseas professionals…..

  34. Scam policy said

    Is this the Foreign talent they are talking about?

  35. Fairness Fairy said

    I’m wondering how all the commentators have come to the conclusion that the nurse is innocent and the doctor is guilty. We don’t know the other side of the story; couldn’t it be possible that a nurse wanting money has made a complaint to the hospital? Article itself has stated that last year an alleged victim received $5,000. I hope the court will do justice to whoever is innocent.

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