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Churches ask followers not to blog about City Harvest Church saga

Posted by temasektimes on July 2, 2012

The ongoing battle between Singapore’s biggest church City Harvest Church (CHC) and the establishment has polarized opinion within the Christian community.

CHC founder Kong Hee was charged with four other members last Wednesday for misusing the church’s funds to further the music career of his singer wife Ho Yeow Sun.

Though the case is not heard in court yet, CHC has defended its accused members staunchly with some prominent pastors expressing their support for them even as the National Council of Churches reiterated that the law must be allowed to take its course.

According to reliable information we received, at least two churches had asked their members during services over the weekend not to blog about the case online or to give any public statements on it.

Kong Hee, who had been posting updates on his Facebook and Twitter, had stopped doing so for the last two days while CHC has not issued any new statements.

The case will be heard again on 25 July.


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8 Responses to “Churches ask followers not to blog about City Harvest Church saga”

  1. but the CHC members on the Kong Hee and CHC (official) FB won’t listen of course

  2. Blue Nights said

    As if the relentless socialization into self censorship is not enough (what with religion’s many rules), the church is telling people how they should not express themselves! LOL!

    Maybe instead of just talking about what bothers people, people should just act out? Like Kong and Sun? It makes sense for the accused to stop talking (what is said could be used against them) but why should everyone else be gagged?

  3. Whois said

    Ha! Ha! Kong Hee Hee Hee1! Told you so ISD stepped in liao. Don’t play play with gahment authorities by stirring religious sympathy & mixing it with a criminal court case hor!

  4. Mr Nuh said

    City Harvest church corruption scandal has somewhat brought shame to Singapore. I’m shocked at how the church members still fanatically support Kong Hee, his wife and management. 50 million dollars of misused public money.

    Second, I’m confused why Singapore government allows City Harvest church to carry on its service with Kong Hee recent remarks that he maintained his integrity. Let me say again 50 million dollars of misused public money.

  5. Poorman said

    These 2 churches asked their followers not to blog must be afraid they’ll end up like CHC.

  6. Heed said

    Which 2 church??

  7. Beware of false churches said

    These churches which call members to keep silent over the Con affair are the see-no-evil hear-no-evil type. They don’t want members to examine cetain false doctrines like paying tithes, prosperity teaching and other heresies which are treated as divine injunctions not to be questioned. The leadership in these churches just want unthinking believers to sow “seeds” (always money only) in the guise of obedience. They deserve condemnation.

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