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ESM Goh urges Singaporeans to ‘create’ art to make Singapore more ‘vibrant’

Posted by temasektimes on July 2, 2012

Former Prime Minister and present Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong has called on Singaporeans to ‘create’ art to make Singapore a more ‘vibrant’ place to live in.

Speaking at the People’s Association’s Teens Network Club’s 10th anniversary celebrations, ESM Goh said the Singapore government has invested more funds over the years to support the sports sector and the arts scene.

“The government cannot create arts on their own. They can facilitate but arts must come from the people… arts (has) got to come up from below within the framework provided by the government,” said Mr Goh.

During his stint as Prime Minister, ESM Goh promised Singaporeans the ‘Swiss standard of living.’ While Singaporeans are now burdened with the Swiss cost of living, their quality of life has deteriorated to such an extent that arts and sports are the last things on their minds.


39 Responses to “ESM Goh urges Singaporeans to ‘create’ art to make Singapore more ‘vibrant’”

  1. Singapuraboi said

    Ok so is the govt coming out with guidelines and parameters again? and expect creativity to be kept within those boundaries as usual and then whine Singaporeans at not creative and expressive. Just stay out of it n art will blossom on its own.

  2. you can’t force art.

  3. denzuko1 said

    Err…. The authority just arrested the last artist who tried to be creative. So what is our Emeritus Goh saying?

    Is the prison too empty at the moment and they want to meet a certain quota?

  4. simi said

    We go create art, then FT take our job how?

  5. justanotherartist said

    Early Monday morning, check out TT and get a good laugh. If Singapore is supportive with the art industry, I won’t be so many thousand miles away from home. I believe the art they talking about is propaganda art. The ones you see in Communism. Why? Clue -> “arts (has) got to come up from below within the framework provided by the government”.

  6. He got nothing better to do said

    Now he is not even fit to be an MP. Getting paid for nothing & the gov called this productivity.

  7. Another hidden agenda? said

    OK, so is the govt now going to import lots of FT artists because we don’t have enough home grown artists?
    The last time ESM Goh said Singapore didn’t have enough footballers to attain World Cup standards, he started massive importing of FTs, sportsmen or non sportsmen. So another round of massive FT imports, whether artists or not.
    I wish he just do nothing and enjoy his massive bonuses quietly.

  8. Sean said

    Position change…. position change…. position change…. as if the whole country can change so quickly…. try it yourself…. lead by example…. give birth to more babies… then come and talk to me about art.

  9. Sean said

    “The government cannot create arts on their own. They can facilitate but arts must come from the people… arts (has) got to come up from below within the framework provided by the government,” said Mr Goh.

    Exactly… the government cannot create industry…. the government cannot make babies…. the government cannot do this and that without its citizens…. there you are slapping at your own face…

  10. jack said

    Mr Goh, stickers can?

    • farah said


  11. Blue Nights said

    Wait. How does art get created out of “the framework provided by the government.” Controlled art? What an oxymoron.

  12. mahbok tan said

    Wat happen to your “swiss standard”….????
    Go tell that to your children and great grand children to take art and beautify SGpore….!!!

  13. solaris8899 said

    simple…spend our tax payers $$$ import fts again? ;no sport ppl, import from other countries; no babies, import more PRs; no workers, import more fts…
    no enough land, no enough sky how?

  14. farah said


  15. Julie Ong said

    I had actually given myself a break from writing, but decided to get back on because I cannot tahan the ‘Chiak Par Kar Eng’ talk by our ESM Mr Goh.

    Singaporeans, particularly the lower income group are doing it really hard and yet our leaders are still apparently indifferent to their plight. I have also seen elderly uncles and aunties (probably in their seventies) picking up cardboard cartons and other discards for sale just to eke a living. Is that acceptable? What do you think?

    For mine I think our leaders are not thoughtful. All they ever think is how much more they can milk the country and yes openly. They have the numbers. The citizens can go jump into the lake if they don’t like it. That is abhorrent!

    Singaporeans please for our own sake get rid of this mob. Patience though as General Election 2016 is still a long time yet. Meantime all we can do is to turn to each other and continue to speak out loud. Never fear.

    I am a proud Singaporean. However, the recent happenings is appalling. How can our elected representatives work against us? I am now ashamed.

    I will save my energy and not get too uptight.

    Again I’d encourage all to live life well and not let the negatives overwhelm us.Just remember to take things easy and kick them out come GE2016.

    • IronMan said

      Well said, Julie. Even though u don’t write anything, just read all the comments to keep updated on all the issues. These can be presented in GE2016. Thanks

    • Obviousman said

      Julie, have you seen the homeless in other countries? Have you? First world countries like the US have them, third world countries have them. At least majority of the uncles and aunties picking up cardboard boxes for sale in SG have a roof over their head.

      • Julie Ong said

        Thanks Obviousman for your response. USA has more than 300 million people. We have about five plus million including the FTs and others.

        Also we have built huge reserves. That’s what Mr Lee Kuan Yew never fail to brag about. A roof over your head may just be not good enough. Perhaps
        we can do better. The point is that we want to emulate the Swiss as ESM Mr Goh Chok Tong proclaimed and having uncles and aunties in this situation is certainly not ‘Swiss standard’. I do, however concede that at least we are not that badly off.

      • Blue Nights said

        Are you aware that there are some homeless people who prefer to be homeless (walk along the streets in San Francisco, Berkeley, Santa Cruz or Santa Monica and talk to some of them)? That does not mean they are not fed. There are always soup kitchens and most have found a way to collect their food stamps and social security disability benefits every month (yes, a majority also have mental illnesses and sleeping in the open in perfect Californian weather works for them).

        The elements are not what ills them, it is other people who are their worst threats. There are also mobile clinics that go out to provide services for them, if they wish. And some know how to check into their Psychiatric Emergency Services when they need a bed for several days (they know what to say to get help and if there is a bed, they do get it.) And as long as it is “emergency” services, the taxpayers pick up the bill. There are also many charities that cater to their needs. Not everyone wants them but they are there.

        Do we have as comprehensive a social service network as the USA (for example?) I think not.

      • Goh, you still owes me that ‘swiss standard of living’, don’t bluff me anymore ok ! I am now ended up in a Tokyo standard of living cost instead,

    • stevenado said

      with the enviroment and strict laws being imposed, who,where,when,why,will be able to create art?

  16. FUCK GOH said

    Ask your fat wife to dance in Geylang wearing her sexy bra and panty, sure very artistic.

  17. Ron said

    I am sure Mr. Goh has seen how Art had flourished over the centuries in Europe, has been well preserved in Japan and even in emerging nations how humble folks continue to practise their lifestyles.

    Art is about creativity and a mind crammed with facts and studies (the latest is the debate on NIH) cannot be creative. We should also allow alternative viewpoints without the fear of retribution. A creative mind is not limited to creation of Art. It also about challenging the status quo in other fields. Never an easy task to balance or to moderate them.

    Art talent can be fostered by pouring in money for scholarships, providing subsidised venues for artists and performers, for more sponsorships and patronage. Artists and performers need to make a living too. They need to look after their families. So their economic well-being must be addressed and one way is to reward talented artists with generous handouts so they can flourish.

    I applaud the Government for this initiative and hope to hear more details on how it can be moved forward.

  18. LkySi said

    Where did Goh Chok Tong got the title of Emeritus – from University of Al Queda? Taliban University or by flying First Class on Emirates ( on tax payers accoun)?

  19. Exaggerated said

    Singaporeans love art and are creative in every sense. Art exist in many forms. People defines art differently and create art differently. Art is an expression of one individual. One person’s art created can be perceive by others with many different meanings. That’s art. So, can you accept people’s art?………… What is your version of art ESM?

  20. Annoymous said

    Has he started his first MPS in his area? or still getting his free MP salary while getting another MP to do his MPS?

    • Jack said

      Oh, I thot all MPs need to have MPS, I do understand that MM is probably too physically Challenging to hear the real people life stories, Our ESM also not attending MPS?

  21. Wicked Brain said

    What is art?
    The art of generating money? ^_^

  22. K said

    It’s called propaganda art.

  23. How tall is this guy

  24. Goh, you still owes me the ‘swiss standard of living’ don’t bluff me anymore ok ! Now I ended up in a Tokyo standard of living cost instead.

  25. Get the art teacher to teach us and not the art performer to compete with us said

    Get the art teacher to teach us, and not the art performer to come to Singapore, make money and also compete with us.

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