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PM Lee: We will continue to ‘integrate’ Singaporeans with foreigners to make Singapore a more ‘livable’ city

Posted by temasektimes on July 2, 2012

Despite growing public disgruntlement and anger at the relentless influx of foreigners which has marginalized Singaporeans in recent years, the government is focused on ‘integrating’ native Singaporeans and immigrants to make Singapore a more ‘livable’ city, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Speaking at Sunday’s official opening of three global events held in Singapore, PM Lee said Singapore will continue to improve and strengthen its ‘social capital’ which is more than just having better physical infrastructure.

Some of these measures include building new housing estates and upgrading old ones, improving public transport with more train lines and buses, and introducing more green spaces in the city.

PM Lee also took pains to emphasize that a ‘livable’ city is also about the people:

“Integrating Singaporeans and newly-arrived immigrants and foreign workers, preserving ethnic harmony, building a more compassionate society… This is what we have to do to make Singapore the best home for us all, and this is what we will do year after year, continuing to improve as we raise our standards step by step.”

However, PM Lee noted that this transformation is not easy as it is difficult to rally political support for the ‘right’ choices.

With Singaporeans fast being outnumbered by foreigners, they may need to ‘assimilate’ into them rather than ‘integrate’ as large numbers of them continue to flood into Singapore, leading to rampant inflation, sky-rocketing property prices, stagnant wages and an obvious decline in the quality of life.


49 Responses to “PM Lee: We will continue to ‘integrate’ Singaporeans with foreigners to make Singapore a more ‘livable’ city”

  1. vista said

    Is PAP going to waste money on some program to integrate FT again?

  2. No no said

    Not sure what he means. Are we integrating Singaporeans with foreigners, or integrating foreigners with Singaporeans?

    • sweetbean said

      Exactly. It’s a matter of how you phrase it. Just the other way around could have made all the difference.

  3. jack said

    Very soon there will be a quota for a number HDB resale flats that must be reserved for new citizens.
    Need to take care of these new voters, number 1 priority.

  4. Jardel said

    I’ve got a better suggestion. Since TCH always say ” What do you think”. Put some FTs into the ranks of our ministers or better, create another “mirror” parliament that consists only of FTs and make them sit together with PAP in our parliament and make better policies for all Singaporeans and others.

    Is this not a brilliant idea? So LHL will share his million dollar pay with his “mirror” counterpart and this will double efficiency!!! Since the FTs will be always consulted alongside Singapore ministers in terms of nationals issues and decisions, this is be the catalyst to national assimiliation!!!

    Nice!!! Superb!!! LHL ARE YOU LISTENING? 😀

  5. icefire said

    another plan that use taxpayer money to buy vote for papaya …
    the govt really ignore the concern of local or they are deaf and blind ???
    they really only listen to the pple 1 mths before every GE n aft tat they will shut their ears n eyes again !!!

  6. Law said

    Nope Nope, HDB too little, revenue, they probably start using the “Empty” lands been there for ages to build more Condos to sell FT.

  7. Vic said

    Not everyone wants to/ needs to or is able to afford to live in a world class country club called Singapore with the superlative descriptions of world class this n that or iconic that and this… if all this can be enjoyed by the bottom 20 or even 40% of the population thats fine, but the fact is it has already become the playground of the rich, be they locals or foreigners. The term “liveable” as defined by those who run the country unfortunately comes with a hefty price tag to make it happen, and holds a different meaning from that as understood by the man in the street.

  8. matthew said

    he is dumb and dumber!
    you should be getting the foreigners to integrate with Singaporeans and not get Singaporeans to integrate with the foreigners.

    • David said

      Looking at the way the govt is handling the locals-foreigners issues, I think he really meant what he said, i.e. he wanted us Singaporeans to accommodate/give in to the foreigners.

  9. Singapuraboi said

    VOTE Them OUT!!! Celebrate national day at opposition ward.

    • K said

      Good one! Hougang shd re-create tat pledge ceremony at that same field on tat last rally night. Very gd reminder.

  10. bb said

    We will continue to intergrate…….
    Those who agree you can vote for pap
    Those who disgree vote for WP.

  11. Alamak said

    Love your country, but not this Party!
    Love your god, but not your church Pastor!

  12. Mee Siam Mai Hum said

    Mee Siam don’t go along with Hum.

  13. rfdude said

    First he says, all Singaporeans are taken care of. Then he now says Singaporeans have to be integrated properly. Dear PM, Please note that we can take care of ourselves and we do not want to integrate with Foreign Trash. We just want them out.

  14. very funny said

    Learn from the Aust govt – all Aust PRs have to sign the Australia values statement, that is to follow the Australian way of life.

  15. K said

    “With Singaporeans fast being outnumbered by foreigners, they may need to ‘assimilate’ into them rather than ‘integrate’…”

    Just by doing a citizen status change in Excel would solve PM’s issue. We would hav enuf sinkies in no time.

  16. alibaba said

    Another way to increase their voting rates for 2016

    • IronMan said

      Yup, bring in FTs by the millions to Singapore. Give them citizenship before GE2016. FTs will have to vote for PAP in order to get citizenship. And voila, there u have it. PAP is still the ruling govt party.

      FT citizens’ votes overwhelmed SG citizens’ vote. PAP won by a landslide. My condolences for SG.

      • K said

        U have just exposed the masterplan of GE2016! How can? By the way, there is no stopping it now. Leave or be replaced.

  17. Minimalist said

    Again the govt does not get the right message …
    We want the FT to respect the Singapore’s culture and not to simply integrate into us and abandon theirs.
    Integration is not about RC orgainising events twice a year but rather scruntise the FT before allowing them into Singapore.
    is that too much to ask for from the tax payers who are paying millions $$ a year to whoever Minister in charge?

  18. Poorman said

    He talk cock on INTERGRATION, comes joint the public daily taking SMRT or Singapore Mass Rapid Trash and use the public toilets just to name a few and than sing song with Singapore Orang Asli. Since brought up wicked and evil snatched away the poor peoples’ chopsticks, what the fcuk you know about the citizens of Singapore continuing suffering from more 5 decades under LEEssssssssss.

  19. Thinker said

    ‘a more liveable’ not ‘move’, Temasek Times. You wanna change that?

  20. hihihi said

    What has he done in integrating the trash personally? like inviting them for mee siam mai hum?

  21. Ron said

    In Australia, Mandarin is now the second most spoken language and Cantonese comes in fourth. The Asian Chinese community has blossomed with big influx of Chinese migrants and students. 50% of Australians wants tighter control on immigration.

    Spore faces similar challenges. It needs talented foreigners and has to integrate them into society. It is naive to think that Spore can survive and grow its economy without foreigners. It is a big task. We need to debate the issues calmly and offer constructive suggestions.

    To short-circuit the debate and just say kick out the PAP, does not solve the challenges facing Spore. Not every debate should gravitate to election choices. We have plenty of time and can save the energy for 2016.

    • Victor said

      If you do not understand the whole issue, please refrain from commenting. You will come across as totally ignorant or a boot licker.

      Anyway, if you want to make comparision with any country, please, make the comparision in totality and not selectively. Why not compare first compare the ratio of number of foreigners in Australia or any country in the world, versus that of Singapore and then, try to find a good reason for the difference?

      • Ron said

        I understand the issue but do not understand the irrational outbursts such as yours.

        Spore needs foreigners. Where is the balance is the challenge. And where do they stay is also an issue. You do not want enclaves. Not everything has to be anti-PAP.

        In Australia, certain suburbs are mainly Asians and sometimes along ethnic lines. That is not healthy. So what is your problem with the PM speech?

    • ronald said

      the freakin PAP has no bloody sense of proportion.
      australia is probably more than 1000 times the size of spore and do you see the aussies bringing in 2 million foreigners within a span of 10 years as well as being lax in their selection ?
      how about sense of proportion in terms of pay for PAP leaders, taking into consideration size of country and population ?
      and do you see aussie leaders asking their local born citizens to integrate with foreigners or is it the other way around ?
      one thing for sure, a sensible population will never allow a father and son to lord over them.

      • Ron said

        The size of Australia is meangingless. Most of the population lives in a few large cities (well-spread out). And most Asians tend to cluster in certain suburbs. However, the Aussies are more tolerant and less racists than before. Where there are taunts as has happened in central Melbourne near Chinatown, the Asians have joined forces to bash up the white Aussies.

        Please note I did mention that challenge of large migrant influx… even the Aussies are complaining.

        Spore can go back to kampong days. Be high cost, drive away foreign investments and you will see what happens to the property prices. And if foreigners begin to set up enclaves, the social situation will deteriorate. Thankfully, the government is looking at issues.

        Give your suggestions. If the suggestion is Foreigners Get Out, I do not think you will get support from the majority of the population. How about sending all maids home to start with? This is an example of how dependent Singaporean families are on foreigners. And what about businesses? They are showing they need to depend on FTs too.

      • ronald said

        obviously you read but cannot digest,
        no one is saying send all the FW back. it is the rate and numbers the bloody PAP let in over a short period of time without studying the consequences.
        how many cities does australia have that can absorb 2 million foreigners ?
        are you saying we will end up like kampong days just because we decide to reduce and choose the kind of FW that is ideal for SinCity?
        how about you define what is foreign talent that you think is good for spore’s long term future ?

      • How to compare? said

        S’pore welcomes FWs and FDWs, but not FTs that compete directly with local PMETs.
        Yes Australia is very big and only coastal cities where Aust PRs are heading to but there are at least 5 main cities in Australia to absorb these Aust PRs. How many cities in S’pore to absorb those FTs and how ”big” is that city?

    • yong choon kiat said

      Fuck u ron. Fuck ur mother n every1 u noe. Dun tok to me abt australia. They r so fucking stringent when comes to immigration policy. U haf to go thru state sponsorship whereby each state will decide which industry n what profession they lack. Here we get all kinds of FOREIGN TRASH in every profession n industry. Do u noe how easy it is for a foreign trash to work here? Sumit resume n a phone interview at that FT homeland is all it takes. U tell me Austrlia govt has such hirong policy? N dat phone interview Iwas toking abt is a.foreign trash dat i know. Shes holding a marketing position. U mean singaporeans dun wan to work in mareketing positions? FUCK U RON FUCK UR MOTHER. 1 more thing. Aust visa cost AUD 3000 whereas SPORE VISA COST SGD 30. DUN BELIEVE u can go immigration website check. Fuck u ron. If aust have such immigration policy their plp would haf rioted long ago. 1.5 million of FT n 3.3 million citizen. If uake 1.5/3.3 dats nearly 50%. Fuck u ron. Fuck u

      • G said

        Yong, Well-said. I don’t swear so thanks for doing it for me.

        Ron, have you been following the forums as to who we want here? if u haven’t please refrain from sounding stupid. NO ONE has ever mentioned sending the maids back.

  22. Pantatko said


    • Julie Ong said

      Pantatko, wow, you are an all consuming supporter of the Workers Party. Good on you. Actually, any credible opposition will do for me.

      It is now time for any aspiring alternative government to prepare the groundwork. It is going to be a tough grind. You can be sure of that. The rewards are great though not just in money terms. When you see the citizens out there so eager to see and hear you that will surely give you the strength to fight on. Like they say : No Pain No Gain. Therefore my simple message for any aspiring leader/politician is to get going now. Be truthful. Nobody is stupid. They will soon know it if you say nice things but come out with nothing. Be prepared. Know your subject well before you propose anything. The most important point: You should be a leader for all Singaporeans and consider it to be of utmost joy to be leading, guiding and serving them. So what are you waiting for?

      • Jack said

        你还在等什么呢? Julie Ong, you are going for it?

      • Julie Ong said

        Jack, thanks for your question. There are many capable men and women in Singapore, including those who recently called Singapore home. Personally I would not get into the fray unless the whole situation becomes ridiculous and the capable people will not avail themselves for national leadership. I would not be presumptuous , but do you think I ‘Ada Chance’ if I stand up as a candidate for the General Election in 2016? What Do You Think? I think you must be pretty tired of hearing this question.

        I trust my answer is satisfactory to you.


      • Jack said

        Julie Ong, The Answer is yes. Go for it

  23. LkySi said

    Temasek Holdings to take a stake in City Harvest Church. Sun Ho to replace Ho Ching as CEO

    • David said

      If Temasek Hldgs is buying a stake of CHC, shouldn’t Ho Ching be replacing Sun Ho instead of the other way round? And you will Mdm Ho singing and dancing in the China Wine and Mr Bill MVs. LOL.

  24. Proud Arrogant Person said

    Rojak Country. I don’t think it was a mistake when he said he wants S’poreans to integrate with FT’s. From the horses mouth, guess LHL is planning for FT’s to even exceed S’poreans so we need to integrate with them. I don’t think his English is that poor to commensurate with his ridiculous salary.

    Btw with so many rojak FT’s from all over, which color/type does he plan for us to integrate with ? Guess he is as stubborn as a horse n doesn’t bother listening to us. See through his croc tears b4 elections n now so damn arrogant. Also, can someone pls tell him to stop wearing PINK. Irritating Pinky. Look who’s daft!

    GRC 2016 Garner Regime Change 2016

  25. Fu_pap said

    He is just digging his own grave and I welcome FTs to vote PAP out.

  26. Wicked Brain said

    Dear PM Lee
    Can I ask how many more foreigners is needed into our country?
    Can we start the integration only after they stop coming in?
    It will be rather tiring for us to integrate batches after batches.

  27. ITE = It's The End said

    Singapore, population 5 million
    Comprising of:
    3 million made up of FTs
    2 million made up of born bred true blue Singaporeans
    Conclusion: We’re screwed!
    One day, we’ll be like in Peru, where their president is JAPANESE!

  28. Singaporean said

    It should be foreigners integrating to Singapore’s culture, else there be many mini India or pinoy.

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