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Australian ‘FT’ jailed for squeezing the breast of 38 year old lady twice

Posted by temasektimes on July 3, 2012

An Australian ‘FT’ Paul Joseph Smith was sentenced to 18 weeks’ jail on Monday for molesting a woman at a farewell party.

The 55 year old was found guilty of squeezing the right breast of the 38 year old IT consultant twice outside a restaurant at Mohamed Sultan Road in September last year.

According to court documents, the lady had dinner with Smith and three others at the restaurant after which they bid goodbye to one another and shake hands outside the restaurant.

For some unknown reasons, Smith squeezed her right breast twice while shaking her hand.

Smith is appealing against the sentence. He was a testing manager with a foreign bank at the time of the offence.

*Illustrated pic


18 Responses to “Australian ‘FT’ jailed for squeezing the breast of 38 year old lady twice”

  1. Ooh-la-la said

    Ooh-la-la, he must hv bn testing the authenticity of it all, as a testing manager. Was her bust real or silicon or what? From the photo abv, few men cld resist testing, hor.

    • P Koh said

      Ooh-La-La what? That is just a sample photo. 18 weeks for two squeezes is just not worth it. Temptation was too strong to resist and a moment’s folly really cannot get the satisfaction that it was supposed to produce.

  2. Jardel said

    wa lau leh. TT. Can choose other pictures anot. My mum thought I’m surfing some porn site leh. Paiseh. Please help leh. 😀

  3. laksa said

    truly talented

  4. A G Young said

    The beauty of having too many FT in our land. We don’t get this a couple of years back. I will not be surprised FT will start wearing “G” string on our beach with spikes sticking out by the sides. We are Singapore, Singapore, Singapore!!!!

  5. Daniel Koh said

    Jardel, you’re one funny guy with your remark. Thanks for bringing on a laughter. :))

  6. papsmear said

    Australia culture is like that one. Greet by squeezing brest instead of hand shake.

    • The Troll Times said

      Oh THAT’s how they great one another? Not for the women to get on their knees and give their males friends “hand shakes”?

  7. Alamak kia see nang! said

    Testing manager didn’t say “Testing, testing one two three”. That’s why kana jail.

  8. Ron said

    Why no caning? If posting a graffiti can be caned, then squeezing someone’s bust is less offensive?

  9. dressmall said

    Source your articles please. Stop Posting Bullshit on your website.

  10. bb said

    Can the authorities comment that this FT will have his PR status removed and deported back to Australia.

  11. Supermodel said

    How to squeeze her neh neh and shake hand at the same time??? The stupid bitch stand there let him squeeze her A cups?

  12. kaypoh said

    Wah, IT consultant…. must be chio…. hot tip from Peter Lim? 🙂

  13. solaris8899 said

    another case of foreigner trash in our land…..more to come?

  14. kaypoh said

    After that he lie naked on Jalan Sultan….

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