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Chan Chun Sing promises not to ‘overspend’ taxpayers’ monies for SEA Games 2015

Posted by temasektimes on July 3, 2012

Following the disastrous Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in 2010 which saw its budget being burst by nearly three times, Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports, Chan Chun Sing, has given Singaporeans the ‘assurance’ that there will be no repeat of the fiasco.

Speaking to the media after revealing details about the Games’ Steering Committee, Mr Chan reiterated that the event will be done ‘within the budget’.

“We are keeping a very tight watch over the entire budget. Unlike the YOG, the SEA Games is very different. In YOG there are various contractual things that we have to abide by, but for the SEA games itself we have greater control of the choices of vendors and the kind of things that we want to use for the Games,” said Mr Chan.

He added that there will be ‘greater control’ over the budget for the SEA Games:

“We are quietly confident that we’ll have much greater control over the entire budget.”

This will be the fourth time that Singapore is hosting the event. Previously it was staged in 1973, 1983 and 1993.

31 Responses to “Chan Chun Sing promises not to ‘overspend’ taxpayers’ monies for SEA Games 2015”

  1. Sucket said

    Hehe, talk about low EQ. Gee Chiu is stomping on Bala’s feet. The eye doctor won’t be too pleased to hear about the MG’s diss. lol.

    • sunny said

      Kee Chiu can easily boss Vivian around if they do reservist training together.
      Vivian will be deemed black horse instead of white horse.
      Only a dimwit PM will keep the useless eyeball surgeon in the cabinet and it is good to see Kee Chiu firing the first shot at Vivian. How about another shot from his pal TanCJ ?

  2. Jardel said

    “We are quietly confident that we’ll have much greater control over the entire budget.”
    He will use this again should he really overspend which could happen.

  3. spotlessleopard said

    “So What do you think”? and those with the answer “Kee Chiu”

  4. AYE said

    Why nobody get fired for overspending on YOG? Where is the accountability?

    • Jardel said

      Hi there, we did not fire that fucker when his ministry let a terrorist escaped. Why do you think that INDIAN should get fired simply because he overspent on YOG? Singapore is RICH. He can spend as much as he can to ENHANCE Singapore’s position on the global scene. I think he did say that. 😀

  5. Kp said

    Greater control? Admission of no control of spending in YOG? Just spend as needed. When public question?? Even if overspent,, no eventual accountability. Just plan for a successful event. Also hope the ‘favourite vendor’ fattened and deeped their pocket.

  6. Crap... said

    Trust the paper general to blow his own trumpet. The day this dimwit becomes the PM is the end of any hope left for Singaporeans…

  7. Jaded said

    talk so much for what? bust budget also nevermind what… nobody will get censured or fired

  8. Lim said

    “We are keeping a very tight watch over the entire budget”
    “We are quietly confident that we’ll have much greater control over the entire budget”
    Although the color green is composed from the color blue, it often shines with a more brilliant luster than its predecessor does. This is a metaphor for the pupil and teacher. The pupil learns knowledge from his teacher, but will outgrow his teacher and eventually surpass him in wisdom….

  9. Kee Chiu Bala said

    Will Vivi Balakrishnan stand up to defend himself or will he ‘kee chiu” to admit that he is responsible for bursting the YOG budget… by S$ 300 million ??

    Over to you Vivi.

  10. denzuko1 said

    Such statement only means the Garment acknowledge that they have way over spent during the YOG,that makes Ms Vivian Balakhrisnan accountable for wasting tax payers money.

    How is it that our PM continue to keep this guy in ministarial position?

  11. Chip said

    Set up a giant budget, maybe 3times over the projected spending….then can claim you only spend one third your budget!!! Let’s see if there is any numbers fudging…

    • Jardel said

      Smart. I believe Chan will ignore all comments here and just use your idea. If he is even reading TT to say the least. LOL

  12. Jack said

    The question is why do we hold it if we are losing money? Can our Minister Chan explain, please?

  13. It wld be interesting to get the eye surgeon minister’s response whether he keechiu Chan CS’s thumbs down remark on his overspending in the last YOG. If V Bala keeps silent, that wld amount to keechiu loud and clear!

  14. kong man fuck sun said

    Talk is the end still overspending by 200millions like yog

  15. bb said

    Now he admits Pappy overspend in YOG. Deduct the salary of the minster.

  16. oute said

    By the way, what was the budget for the SEA Games, did he says what is the budget.

    If not, how to control or overspend it, if no one knows what is the budget.

    • Kri Kan Kri Kan said

      Paper General says will spend within the budget. Of course, the spending will be within the budget if he asks for $800 million for the SEA Games. Why not? SAF officers like to brag and boast, hard to change their behaviours.

  17. Pantatko said

    Let’s e workers party handle e event lah…

  18. LkySi said

    Budget for SEA Games, but unlimited budget for PAP Ministers salary. At the rate they are looting the country very soon they will all be in Forbes top 20 billionaires

  19. solaris8899 said

    believe what he said?

    • Kri Kan Kri Kan said

      Yes, I believe what the Paper General says. For the SEA games, manpower and labour will be supplied by the SAF making use of those NS man and Reservists for building tents and decoration, etc. Food will be catered by the Cook House. SAF PTI will be the field marshals. General Chan will be the Operations Manager for the SEA Games. Vivian Bala will be his financial controller and keeping eye on the budget and costs

  20. Dante said

    Eh…anyone wants to mention ‘FOOD POISONING’ and ‘FOOD DISGUSTING’ incidents?

    Spend so much, but give sucky food to volunteers. Somemore can poison some of them till hospital admission.

    I think our Brompton bike scandal is NOTHING compared to this, if CPIB is so willing to step in and investigate.

    Bala must be sweating and shitting in his dream Every Night.

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