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Singapore girl sabotaged by ‘anti-Singaporean’ online tabloid site

Posted by temasektimes on July 3, 2012

A Singaporean girl was sabotaged by an ‘anti-Singaporean’ online tabloid site notorious for publishing blatant untruths and lies to smear the characters of innocent Singaporeans.

The site had earlier published an article accusing ‘Fong Meilleure’ of offering sex to pay for her house rent on her Facebook:

It turned out that the Facebook post has been photoshopped.

However, Fong, who is currently residing in Bangkok, said she would not sue the site for defamation as she had already clarified the matter:

“Nope, waste of my money and time. I already explained whats going on, if anyone wanna be in denial and believe in this bull then i wish them goodluck with their lives. It’s gonna be hard if they dont grow a brain.”

The site is reportedly run by a former opposition candidate who contested in the General Election last year. We urged netizens to take its content with a double heavy dose of salt.

11 Responses to “Singapore girl sabotaged by ‘anti-Singaporean’ online tabloid site”

  1. God said

    Why have people so bo liao one…..


    where is the link to that particular site you are talking about?

  3. Abba said

    TRS already removed the post, and they claimed that the post never existed. But they still lose, because ultimately the post was clearly captured in Google Reader:

    Plus the URL clearly still exists in Google’s index:

  4. borg said

    “The site is reportedly run by a former opposition candidate who contested in the General Election last year. ”
    With the strict laws in Singapore, how did this guy get away with malicious lies against the innocent public?
    LOL the incumbent ruling party should thank this “former opposition candidate” foing doing in the opposition party(ies).

  5. Disgusted said

    I think I got a webcache copy of the above; proving that the page did exist.

  6. This is what happens when there is anti-immigration sentiment… There will be retaliation.

  7. some people just can’t leave innocent people alone and that fb page is like 1 us site called and the owner of that site deserves to be beaten up in china and left in a wheel chair for his life

  8. Tony said

    Just curious…why is Temasek Times standing on such high grounds criticizing the said website when it is also publishing lots of craps and unverifiable letters and articles (like the case of attacking CHC)? If the said website is anti-Singaporean, can Temasek Times clearly be said as anti-Christians? If no, why not?

    Pot calling the kettle black!

  9. Mr Nuh said

    The victim should at least lodge police report because it’s already mounting to defamation, false impersonation and slander. This is also to safeguard the victim from unnecessary verbal and physical assaults in future.

  10. Shumei said

    This is a very serious offence. Whoever does this to this innocent girl. I hope he or she learnt his or her lesson.

  11. Takaso said

    It must be Ang Moh Caucasian foreigner who insulted her. Ang Moh just plain jealous of Singaporeans hahaha

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