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VIDEO: Naked man lies on road at Jalan Sultan

Posted by temasektimes on July 3, 2012

A netizen was having dinner at Jalan Sultan when he noticed a naked man lying on the road:

A passer-by eventually placed a towel over him to cover his private parts. It is not known if he is a local or foreigner.


20 Responses to “VIDEO: Naked man lies on road at Jalan Sultan”

  1. spotlessleopard said

    Did He listen or attended CHC services where the Pastor exhorted the sheeple to donate and give and give until they are completely naked?

  2. eek said

    >> It is not known if he is a local or foreigner.

    Why is it even necessary to include such a statement? Why not say it’s not known if he’s a Chinese or Malay or Indian, or if he’s gay or straight?

  3. Nothing new a few days ago woman in China also strip naked to prevent vehicle from moving. The Whole World is Topsy Turvy now.

  4. A resident said

    Let’s just be glad he’s not leaping unto random strangers and eating their faces off like that recent case in Florida.

  5. James said

    Drugs… and More Drugs…

  6. K said

    I love LTA! I love LKY! I love Sinkapore! I love the stinking road! Count on me, Sinkapore!

  7. lsvop said

    Is he conscious? Nobody put him in recovery position if unconscious? If conscious, any injury? Or is he of unsound mind?

  8. Yoda said

    old news is old

  9. papsmear said

    I saw him in club armani few hours before. After that, he die cock stand

  10. Nice…….

  11. MadCHCfollower said

    Must be a CHC follower. All seow one….

  12. Alamak kia see nang! said

    Another street artist???

  13. Ren said

    More and more ding dongs ard…Wat is dis world becuming? Dunno if I b next…

  14. Sultan said

    I am the Sultan. Jalan Sultan is my Jalan. I was just having a sun tan on my Jalan. But these stupid passersby just can’t leave me alone.

  15. Livin' in HK said

    Where did these white towels come from? Taking along a towel (white) wherever you go a norm these days?

    • marvin said

      you must read more about spore’s dominant political party, the PAP.
      the white towel probably came from one of the PAP buggers who happen to be in the vicinity. there are 60% of them on this tiny island so you work out the maths what are the chances. LOL

  16. Adam Tan said

    I am more interested in naked woman…:p

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