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A Christian expresses concerns about City Harvest Church

Posted by temasektimes on July 4, 2012

Dear Parents, please be concerned.

I do not have anything against CHC, but being a Christian myself and having read much about this, has made me very concerned about the teachings of CHC which honestly seem somewhat unusual and foreign to what I know of the Christian faith.

In fact, if anyone has been following this City Harvest saga, then you may know that a person, Phil Pringle, is closely related to City Harvest. According to CHC’s own website: “He sits on the Advisory Committee of City Harvest Church, Singapore, as the advisory pastor.”, and is also undergoing a process to obtain a permit to preach at CHC. He has made many many speeches in front of the audience (including the recent ones this weekend), and CHC’s official comment worries me:

“The CHC Advisory Committee, comprising Dr Phil Pringle, founder and Senior Minister of Christian City Church in Sydney and Dr A R Bernard, founder and CEO of Christian Cultural Centre in New York, will continue to provide spiritual leadership. Both pastors were appointed advisory senior pastors over CHC.”

So why should you be concerned?

Apparently, Rev. Dr. Phil Pringle is the founder and senior minister of Christian City Church, Oxford Falls, but his infamy is far greater. In fact, it seems that the church he had founded, “Christian City Church” or C3, is equally problematic so much so that the people have even created a watch group! Their webpage is here:

A quick search of Phil Pringle (which somehow seems to trigger a lot of stories about him associated with False Prophecy), returns a video which suggests that many people are also wary of his motives, and his speeches bear a very striking resemblance to someone.. :

The C3 church watch has hopped on the matter quickly, even though this has happened in Singapore and not in their country. If they are concerned, we might need to also:

Best Wishes.


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times.

37 Responses to “A Christian expresses concerns about City Harvest Church”

  1. Tony said

    Actually, I challenge whoever this Jassel (if he even really exist) to forward his letter to CHC as well as CoC, since he/she thinks he is upright in writing and asserting such accusations. I’m sure this will add on the severity of the case against CHC and he will be doing the public a favor…but I am very sure he/she will not, as he/she is just spilling lots of lies and rumors and riding on the issue now. He/she probably also know that no other website or media will publish his load of craps and Temasek Times is probably the only one that will do so!

    By the way Jassel, you sure you are a christian?????

    • joa said

      Tony, does it matters if Jassel is a ‘Christian’ are you one? if the answer is yes, m dissapointed with your tone and the manner to which you are complaining and yes, there is merit in the writing as that Pastor is ‘wanted’ and on the WATCH LIST OVER THERE!

    • bob dole said

      How are these “lies and rumours”? Jassel has merely posted links to issues related to Pringle. The only direct comment made about CHC was that the teachers are “unusual and foreign,” which is bound to the case given the varied practices in different churches and denominations.

      To hint that Jassel is not a Christian merely for raising some concern over practices is quite lamentable on your end actually.


    • jacque lee said

      Let just speak from the facts. We all know now that CHC is more accurately an entertainment organisation ehich conducts surmons & perpectually raising money – even multiple times in every session. It’s founder has been caught for misappropriating extremely funds contributed by members. The intricacies of the transactions over many years made the approval of $50,000 loan to his assistance by Rev Ming Yi, which was jailed, very small and simple. Our government bodies investigating CHC have very thin skin and were very careful before charging because of fanatic like you. You should be ashame of yourself to be associated with cult grouping as all the affiliated churches are cults in other countries. Some of them are not very succesfull in recruiting as large a membership as yours as those countries are more vagilant.

    • Cynthia said

      Absolutely agree with you Tony…it is unfortunate that we will have many rumor-mongers coming out now to add fuel to the fire, and worst of all, justify themselves as Christians in doing so. A true Christian will at this time keep CHC in prayers and await the final verdict from the court, and not try to spice up the issues with salt and pepper…their agenda in doing so is too clear!

      • jacque lee said

        you should be ashamed of yourself for supporting CHC.

      • Cynthia said

        and you should be ashamed for your irrational mob mentality and fanatical anti-Christians stance!

      • jacque lee said

        with the increasing number of ex members of CHC coming forward to air their disappointments we have also learn of the regular practice of CHC. We can deduce that it is a cult grouping, afiliated with other cults who are not successful in their own countries. Also we know that it endlessly raise money in the name of christianity and the founders and management live lavish lifestyle with flashy cars and clothes. We also found cases when members need financial help they were ignore but only given with prayers and blessings. Now we also know there were elaborate misappropriation of funds. Can you explain what is the “money for love” which some members were asked to give. Is this not for distribution among CHC leaders?

  2. kong man under the sun said

    God is love,pastor is money

  3. i5htar said

    now we can see “dog” bit “dog” saga!!!

  4. kaypoh said

    Inglourious Pastors!

  5. CB said

    I remember reading a MSM article on this too… With the fanaticism shown by KH’s followers despite the relevations about CHC, is it only a matter of time we have a waco or sarin incident?

  6. Ng said

    Jassel… If you are a Christian who is concern, I think you should be like other churches praying for CHC and not post such concern. The problem is before any vedict is out is not right to post all these. I think you are just a mere Christian who doesn’t know a lot of knowledge what real radical Christians mean.
    I understand we can be concern but yet there is another spiritual aspect you can act on it rather than posting.

    • Cynthia said

      There are Christians, and there are casual or occasional christians who will suddenly appeared from nowhere to ride on issues. Jassel’s only display the mobster mentality that exists within our society, many a times instigated by irresponsible media and persons!

      • cruz said

        hi cynthia,if you are from CHC, you might know one ‘carol’ who is a teacher…way back years ago…she brought her students (from a Sg Sec School) to the CHC and ‘converted’ many to the church and i attended with invitation twice to the service of CHC…what i did witnessed was ‘amazing horrid’ as she brags and even told me, that she managed to get many students (young ‘adults’) to the service and that these pple are the “greatest giver” to the church in term of time, money and most of all, FREE LABOR! she claimed her gospel of giving ‘until broke’ and is better to go hungry in school but is fulfilled in the ‘spirit’ and students gave until BROKE and yet try to “cheat” more from parents to give more to CHC!! imagine the life style of Kong Hee and Sun HO?!!! not to mentioning many ‘pastors’ or admin staff are BEING PAID huge and high salary…and guess, what, she is at the time intending to studying to be YET ANOTHER PASTOR OF THE CHURCH!! so, what christians are you calling names and yes, THE JUDGEMENT DAY OF CHRIST WILL DECIDE! let us all wait and see…ya!

    • jacque lee said

      Jassel is very enlightening & we should all thank him for his effort. It benefits everybody & should be pasted on notice & information boards of all local universities. We cannot allow fanatics to go round using their hard tactics to recruit members for their future earnings. CHC should be kept in the news for all to know what is happening so that parents & sibblings can correct family member who has been led astray.

      • Mavis said

        You are quite obviously a fanatic yourself in trying to use CHC incident to attack Christianity and adding fuel to the whole issue. Are you really concerned CHC members being cheated, or you have other agenda in your mind??? C’mon…stop being be a hypocrite!

    • Concerned said

      Law should be above religion. Doesn’t matter whether religion or not.

      One should look at things in an unbiased and fair manner.

      I’m a free thinker.

  7. beware of COC and CHC said

    There are many charlatans in this world who misuse God’s name for their own financial benefits and personal glory.

  8. nokiawiz said


    Ponder on this. Taken from Matthew 7:1-5

    “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

    “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

  9. realty check said

    come on tony. everyone who has been following the CHC saga knows who phil pringle is and the open support he has been giving to kong hee. kong hee himself said over the weekend that there are 2 sides to a story. this is just the other side of the story. so what’s the problem. thanks for the article jassel. i am disappointed phil pringle was allowed to enter singapore at such a sensitive time. his presence here is not going to do any good for singapore except to stir up the emotions of a small group of people. MOM/ICA/SPF – where are u guys.

  10. Ted said

    Looks like the LGBTs brigade are out in full, making use of CHC’s incident to attack Christianity once again…not surprising, freaky creatures with freaky minds!

  11. LkySi said

    Kong Hee to contest the next Presidential elections – He has promised to use all the nation’s reserves to boost his wife Sun Ho’s acting career in Hollywood and also to catapult him and Sun Ho as No 1 & 2 in Forbes list of billionaires. With Christians like them who needs Satan.

  12. Eugene said

    Before CHC’s incident happen , i keep hearing complaint from one of the father who secondary 2 daughter who had join the church , keep asking money for the church even though the family are poor.

    • jacque lee said

      Members of CHC should be ashamed for fleecing money from poor secondary kid. Besides raising money for building funds, the members also raised money for various things. Their blatant greed is to raise money under “for love”. I believe this money for love is for enriching the founder and the management of CHC.

      • Adrian said

        Jacque Lee, I know the LGBTs brigades are despicably riding on the CHC issue to discredit Christianity, and you obviously are one of those freaky creatures in doing so!

      • jacque lee said

        Please just elaborate “money for love” is given to. There is no such thing in any other churches in Singapore and their members are not fanatics like you guy.

  13. Josephus said





    To understand more, go to this website:

  14. Beware of non biblical teachings said

    CHC leaders endorse 4th dimension, a concept imagined by Yonggi cho, close friend of Kong Hee, and preaches sometimes at CHC. Yonggi is also investigated for misappropriation of church funds. 4th dimension is non biblical. Let all be wary!

  15. simon said

    woh calm down everyone. I think I actually read this somewhere before on asiaone news here:

    Which was posted a few days ago, so it looks like Jassel’s and other peoples concerns are not without basis. We should not jump to conclusions first but it is good to learn more about related news given this piece of information seems quite related. none of these are lies or rumors, no accusations made, lets calm down and hear kh’s side of the story and what the jury has to conclude about it.

  16. bradbury said

    I think in at least Australia you are innocent before anything, not sure re Sinapore. How can people take half lies and create a truth out of it. I have seen this in many situations like this. Everyone has a view, but is it correct?. The law courts will resolve this alongside God, anything else is just induendo and half baked opinions.

    • jacque lee said

      the courts of law in Singapore are very carefuly to allow charges for religious leaders as they are suppose to work for the good of people. Also followers will be out in force if charges are unreasonable. In CHC case, the issues were raised by its own auditor with the relevant government bodies. This is a big issue and lot of youngsters are misled and we should thank all the former followers for coming forward with their disappointments of CHC. We cannot wait for the trial as it is too long a wait. The public needs to be educated not to fall prey. All the airings are for greater good of the society. There is not loss to anybody. Many of the ex CHC members are good christians by sharing than letting other stumble into it. Many young life are destroyed by joining cult. All of us should try to prevent this. There is no personal gain for people coming forward to share.

      • bradbury said

        So what then happens if it is proven incorrect…is there defamation going to be claimed and actions against people who have jumped before the event, even though the sinapore law people seem to have a strong case. We can only wait and see and stop all conjecture until it is proven.

  17. As much as I know that all the Gods in the Universe tells or preaches or teaches each and everyone to be honest and truthful and be humble and not to be greedy for self benefit.

  18. Lam said

    You all should watch this…

    Miracles for Sale!

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