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CID officer found dead with gunshot wound to his head

Posted by temasektimes on July 4, 2012

An Investigation Officer with the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) was found dead with a gunshot wound to his head at the Police Cantonment Complex (PCC) on Wednesday morning.

38 year old Senior Station Inspector Leong Shee Chun was found lying motionless in his office at 5am in the morning with a gunshot wound to his head and the service revolver was found beside him.

A single discharged round was found in the revolver’s chamber, while the other four rounds remained intact (in the chamber).

Leong was pronounced dead by paramedics who arrived at 5.20am. Police said no foul play is suspected and are investigating the unnatural death.


19 Responses to “CID officer found dead with gunshot wound to his head”

  1. A few months ago was a cisco officer right?

  2. papsmear said

    Only 5 bullets in revolver?
    any link to cecilia sue?

    • yoyo said

      stupid or what. service revolver only carries 5 rounds lah.

    • Keorfas said

      The standard issue revolver for SPF only has 5 rounds…… looks like the cycle is here again. I remember a few years back when it was the Cisco Officer and then the CID Officer as well.

      Tragedy often repeats itself.

  3. the cake is a lie said

    suicide? or cover up

    • Compatriot said

      Perhaps to cover someone’s ass alike the PAP Ex-Cabinet Minister Teh Cheng Wan

      If you like its never ever simple or easy to take another life from someone or even oneself

  4. Bai Hu said

    Scary. Last time, there is also a police officer found dead in a police station gym at Yishun Central. Till now still did not found out the reason behind his death.

  5. Scandalous said

    Could be linked to one of the high profile scandals lately from January till now.

  6. Ron said

    RIP. It is suicide and we may never know the torments this person went through before he took his life. It could be work, relationship, financial losses, whatever. Sad. My thoughts are for the deseased family and loved ones.

  7. Bernard Deng said

    Whatever his reasons,committing suicide is an irresponsible act. Two wrongs cannot make a right. Be brave and face the problem.

  8. Rabbit said

    .38 has 5 rounds only in the revolver

  9. The Question said

    Sounds very suspicious. Why was he killed in his own office?

    Commit suicide maybe?

  10. Edmund ching said

    Let’s wait and see what the investigations revealed.

  11. Zam said

    Cool….One racist down in SG.

  12. LkySi said

    Why does Singapore law enforcement has to carry firearms in the first place. As it is Singapore is a police state. In addition to firearms they now also carry a Taser. Be like Britain.

  13. OneHungLow said

    Police officers, Certis Officers, Govt servants are stressed to the limit having to deal with the 2 million plus foreigners here. More to come….

  14. Kan Nin Na Chow Lan Chiau said

    CID Officer shot himself – could be he loss at both casinos or he is under investigation for corruption, sexual favors from china woman, sex with underaged or stressed out at work cos cannot deal with the influx of FTs and the increasing crime rate

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