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Ex-MOE scholar Jonathan Wong charged with having unprotected sex with 15 year old girl from church

Posted by temasektimes on July 4, 2012

Ex-MOE scholar Jonathan Wong who was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment in the United Kingdom in 2010 for the possession of hardcore child porn is now charged for having unprotected sex with a 15 year old girl barely two months after he returned to Singapore!

Jonathan Wong made the headlines in 2010 after he was expelled from York University for his criminal offences which saw his parents selling their HDB flat to pay for his MOE scholarship which was revoked.

Upon returning to Singapore, he came to know a 15 year old girl from a church and befriended her.

He subsequently taught her how to masturbate herself and engaged in oral sex after which they had unprotected sex 10 times in various places including her home and public toilets.

On one occasion, he even brought the girl to a clinic to buy oral contraceptive pills after she expressed her concern that she may get pregnant so that he could continue to have unprotected sex with her.

The girl’s father was reportedly working in Australia and she was often left alone at home. Her sexual encounters came to light after her school results deteriorated and she told her father what happened who rushed back to Singapore to expose Jonathan’s heinous crimes.

In mitigation, Jonathan said he was ‘sorry’ for ‘hurting’ the girl and pleaded for leniency. He will be sentenced on 9 July.

71 Responses to “Ex-MOE scholar Jonathan Wong charged with having unprotected sex with 15 year old girl from church”

  1. Ren said

    Crestfallen…down the spiral…

    • joe said

      jonathanwong can continue his unprotected sex with multiple partners in Changi Heartbreak hotel, 100% guarantee he will be fully rehabilitated.

  2. Singapore Talent said

    Confirm rotan…..

    • Mike Zeng said

      Stat rape no caning I think….but will someone check the Penal Code to confirm ? Reason is that the underaged female is a willing partner. No force or threat used.
      Like I said b4, most scholars except the true nerds have stronger sexual urges than the rest of us lesser mortals. Their physical sexual needs are just too powerful to be controlled…must be linked to their hyperactive brain cells. Maybe nature wants them to spread their superior high-IQ seeds
      (spermatozoa) far and wide to benefit mankind. Who knows?
      Anyway… erect penis knows no law and has to be satisfied come hell or highwater. We are all essentially animals after all. I truly feel sorry for him as well as the 8 or so other scholars in deep shit the last few weeks.
      This is the latest scholar sex scandal…..more to come?

    • LkySi said

      Sorry this offence does not carry the rotan

  3. xxx said

    Another louzy christian..

  4. OMG said


  5. papsmear said

    Means what? He can have protected sex? Why must mention “from church”? Got relation meh?
    What about “begger have protected sex with 45 year old from temple ?”.

  6. Mr Oohlala said

    Obviously he only brand himself as a Christian! Seem so easy to be a Christian! One just need to wear a big cross around his neck!

  7. papsmear said

    Oh solly solly, MOE scholar, maybe police must find out the truth. Maybe he is conducting experiment. He is writing new lesson plan! Must have practical also mah! Teach the girl how to masterbate is part of lesson so that the girl know how not to get pregnant mah.

  8. LkySi said

    Must be a product of City Harvest Church

    • Watch Your Words said

      Hey watch your mouth before you think of shooting off without any responsibility.

      This is another case altogether. Is every crime associated with Christians? Is every Christian from CHC? Seen anyone shooting their mouths off when we would hear of Chinese religious mediums taking advantage of superstitious ladies and Christians shooting off their mouths saying oh it must be another XXXist from XXX?

      Sad to say, your level of respect for other religion and race is pitifully low. I do question the quality of your upbringing or perhaps a pitifully haunting past experience if any to pass such mindless comments or rather insensitive, defamatory remarks?

      Watch it, while you can mock this ‘scholar’ for his offence, perhaps you may be his cell mate soon for defamatory remarks or insensitive remarks to cause tension among different religions.

    • farah said


  9. Another mama’s boy starved of sex. He will obviously be caned for destroying the girl’s life.

    • The Question said

      15 is at a age where they are very curious about everything. Even if the 15 year-old is confronted now, she will most likely insist it was on her own will.

      The case would probably be like this, the parent found out that his daughter is doing something behind his back (coming back late/ spending more time with the guy etc) then when confronted the girl told her dad expecting and trusting his dad would make a big scene. And bam now we got another news involve in under-age sex.

  10. scaramouche said

    This is what happens when u give your child the stars….. the moon….. the sun. Everything they ask for, they get. Life is no more a challenge to them. What makes it worse is that there is no one around to check them.

  11. Jonny Ive said

    Must have met the girl at CHC

  12. Bothered said

    What sort of parent would leave a minor to live alone? At that age, they do not have the maturity to live independently and wisely. I think this reflects on the father too.

    • On the hindsight said

      It was reported that her father most likely a single parent is working in Australia.
      Her father should bring her along or should not let her go church alone.

    • The Question said

      True. At that age they are very curious about everything. The parents also have to share the blame.

  13. wilson said

    is it wrong for 2 willing parties to copulate? what right does the law have to stop such acts? this is dumb.

    • please said

      yes, everyone should be allowed to have as much sex as they want because it makes everyone happy. it makes raped attention-deprived children giggle, pregnant teenagers high-five and paedophiles feel a little better about themselves. damn human rights and the law!

    • The Question said

      If both parties (boy and girl) are under-age then this case wouldn’t surface. The boy would probably sent to boys home or counseling. But if one of the party is above a certain age, in the eyes of the law he is an adult that took advantage of the innocent mind of a minor.

      However IMO I think in today’s age of information and technology, this kind of case will continue to rise as children as young as 14 are exposed to more things then say 1990’s

    • The Law said

      try saying this again if it was your 15-year old daughter he screwed over and over again….

    • Johnny Sim said

      An underaged child may be willing but does she know what the implications are? Children are also willing to eat candy all day long and play in mud and think it’s fun. Does that make what they do right? So who’s the dumb one here?

  14. Pantatko said

    Christian again

  15. What Do You Think? said

    wow. His future is gone. Already his parents had sold their HDB flat to repay his revoked scholarship. Now it seems he will be going to jail. What will happen to his parents who are now without a roof?

    • Julie Ong said

      What Do You Think, you are a thoughtful person. Sure, Mr Jonathan Wong
      has made mistakes. Serious ones too. Now he is disgraced and his parents made poorer not to mention their humiliation. I will not be judgmental here. I am not perfect. However there are ways and means to cope with overwhelming sexual urges. Why not find yourself somebody to love? Seek professional help? Share your problem/issue with trusted friends? The list goes on. I hope that Mr Jonathan Wong will benefit greatly after being punished for his crime. He is still young. Please people let’s not condemn him, but give him a chance to make good.

      I hope that the future will be good for this young man and he will move on to
      become a good citizen. No, I will not harp on your past. Neither should you, Mr Jonathan Wong. The crucial thing is now and the future. No one should deny you that. Always remember to learn, learn and learn. Good luck and all the best for the future.

  16. this call 败家子?

  17. Disgusting Guy !

    More information here:

  18. JH said

    Shouldn’t we already have a sexual offenders register or something?

    • Julie Ong said

      JH, the idea of a sex offender register is a good one. Maybe there’s already one. Just not widely known. Better still I think would be the establishment of support group/s for sex addicts or those who perennially find themselves
      needing sexual gratification . That way we prevent the person from getting themselves into serious and shameful scandals. Sex is natural. Let’s be honest. All living things do it albeit mostly for procreation. There should not be a stigma for attending these counselling/support sessions. In fact it should be akin to attending Alcholic Anonymous therapy session.

      In closing I would like to say how badly I feel for those people who have been disgraced and publicly humiliated in the media for their sexual indiscretions. I hope that those who are highly sexed up will be wary lest they get themselves into dreadful strife. In short make sure you don’t remove/adjust your clothes unless you are sure you will not get caught out.
      Aiyah, better you find someone to love/commit to and save yourself all these troubles.

      Meantime , if it is right keep up the loving. We need more love, caring and sharing, my fellow Singaporeans.

  19. kumantong said

    I heard alot people say they join church to know babes leh…

  20. MOE said

    MOE has 9 billions to spurge each year.
    What results it has produces?
    Any? Only benefited the American and the educator.
    F d system.

  21. the cake is a lie said

    pedophilia to the max

  22. Ron said

    Not fair to bring in CHC even though they have attracted widespread criticism. This person needs treatment. He may get a jail term but I hope he gets treatment for the underlying causes in his character.

  23. fpap said

    this guy dont deserved to be given a second chance
    felt sorry for his parents
    but then you reap what you sow
    it is all in the genes
    and karma comes back to hit you

    i always told students that be careful how they behave, if you behave badly, this bad behaviour is copied into your genes
    and this bad genes will passed down through generations

    if they ill treat their parents, then in turn their children will ill treat them

    all in the genes

    if you are brown, most likely your children will be brown

  24. strange said

    Seems rather convenient for TT to bring in anything even remotely related to church during this time of CHC fiasco. I don’t think its even relevant to mention where they met.

  25. kaypoh said

    Okayyyyyy…. SINkapoh’s very own Edison 🙂 when can we expect his XXX-rated vids to leak out? I’ll bet it will be a bigger hit than Sun Ho’s MTVs hehehe….. can sell at church raise more funds ?

    I bet he must be thinking….”why let the good stuff be wasted on 50 year old principals & overpaid civil servants? better try first!” furthermore, unlike the 48… he didn’t pay for it, did he? Perhaps he promised her 30-fold, 60-fold pleasures????

  26. Joshire said

    Stop, and i mean stop, associating this guy’s crimes with Christianity. His wrongdoings are disgusting and sinful, but they’re not something confined to Christianity.

  27. Neutral said

    Why no mention of the mother ?

  28. Lim said

    MOE needs a very very strict psychiatric evaluation process after seeing the alarming number of sexual cases such as underage whore soliciting, principal making overtures to male teacher, browsing bikini girls, teacher putting pinhole camera in toilets, and another principal making cute remarks on ex-students’ facebook and this pedophiliac.

  29. Neutral said

    An ex-principal convicted for under-age prostitution so what do you expect from an ex-MOE scholar ?
    Like father like son.

  30. bb said

    The girl father is working in Australia? Why?
    Is he unable to get a job in Singapore-not surprised- with the influx of foreigners displcing him.

    Sue the gov for consequential damages

  31. tsk tsk tsk said

    This Jonathan should be kept away from young girls.

  32. igho said

    Hi good

  33. qwerty1234 said

    You guys who are putting the blame on the religion or making any sort of references to CHC are just simply ignorant, childish and stereotypical. The article simply mentions he met her at a church. Not everyone who goes to church are Christians and not all Christians go to CHC. Get a freakin’ life.

  34. Tracy said

    That guy went to church to prey on young girls. That was his only motive of going to church

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