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Lui Tuck Yew asks Singaporeans to ‘thank’ COI members for their ‘hard work’

Posted by temasektimes on July 4, 2012

Despite two major screw-ups which caused inconvenience to thousands of affected commuters during the two major SMRT disruptions last year, Singaporeans were asked to ‘thank’ the Committee of Inquiry (COI) convened to ‘investigate’ the fiasco instead.

The COI has completed its ‘study’ over a six-week period and has submitted its report to the Transport Minister yesterday which includes “recommendations to improve the reliability of MRT services, as well as incident management processes.”

Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew will respond to the Committee of Inquiry’s (COI) report on last December’s MRT train disruptions, in Parliament next week.

They added that the recommendations, when carried out, will greatly reduce the likelihood of similar disruptions should they recur, and improve the management of future incidents.

Speaking to queries from the media, Transport Minister implored Singaporeans to ‘thank’ the COI members for their ‘hard work’:

“…the inquiry process was demanding and the issues challenging given their technical nature…Singaporeans should thank the COI members for their work in the past few months.”

It is not known how much taxpayers’ monies have been spent to conduct the COI.



39 Responses to “Lui Tuck Yew asks Singaporeans to ‘thank’ COI members for their ‘hard work’”

  1. Mike Zeng said

    Next to Zorro Lim Ah Sway, this is the other Minster I have little respect for…

  2. Lim said

    Why should we thank them unless it is pro bono? If the whole system did not crack up in the first place do we even need a COI?

  3. JjJ said

    Did the COI accept any payment for this investigation?

    If they were hired to do so, I don’t see any reason to thank them for their hard work. How much did the government pay them? Mr Lui should reveal the cost of such investigation.

  4. MY ASS said

    You must be nuts or what ????? You have wasted tax payers’ monies by conducting 6 weeks of investigation and you are asking people to thanks the COI ????? I say my ass.

  5. hachoo said

    No Thank You , LTY.

    SMRT , LTA and the Transport Ministry should thank Singaporean for being so patience for tolerating all the disruptions and delays caused by the highly rated incompetent CEO and her team. Its equally if not more challenging for the commuters to seek alternate transportations during such period and some even might have loss their jobs and income as a result.

    And the COI is such a waste of taxpayers time as there are no accountability involved but to discover all the basic faults that should have been identified if more strigent checks and balances were in place.

    Now that the wayang is over, what is next ???

    • Jardel said

      We still have jams, ponding, FT issue, wages issues, Singaporeans no job issues, FT replace SIngaporeans issues, NS issues, fuck 17 yr old issue, MOF jia lui issue etc. So many. Singapore still No.1? LOL

    • KP said

      SMRT / SBS Transit should give some rebates to all passengers for their inconvenience and for not being able to resolve the issues.

  6. no thanks said

    Lets us see the report first lah, maybe the report is full of bul sht.

  7. Singapuraboi said

    Oh puhlease! Can the govt stop being so overbearing? The big daddy attitude of LKY has to stop cos people r not kids. It is like parents teaching their little ignorant tykes, “call aunty!”, “say thank you!” we r not ignorant! This something the govt has to do and the govt has failed in their duties to upkeep n maintain Singapore. And now they expect us to thank them for setting up COI?! Some nerve they got.

  8. PQ said

    erm seriously? now you’re criticising the COI that was convened to look into the problems that caused the breakdown?

    you guys seriously need to be more objective in your reporting.

    • Jardel said

      Hello PQ, we are not fucking the COI. We are fucking the idiot who want us to thank for a problem that SMRT had committed and cause more problems in that money needs to used to conduct this COI?

      Thank you lan jiao. Mr. Lui Tuck Tuck you will be booted out of Parliament in the next coming GE. Go and count your millions then. 😀

      • PQ said

        thanks for the clarification Jardel.

        however, i do not see why Mr Lui should be criticised for asking Singaporeans to thank the COI for their work.

        It cannot be disputed that the train breakdowns had brought about disruptions to tens of thousands of Singaporeans, and that the SMRT was at fault for this. Now a COI has been convened to look into the issues, to provide more transparency and to hopefully solve any problems that had brought about the train break-down.

        The damage from the train break down has been caused. There are now efforts to re-evaluate the transport system, part of which involved the convening of the COI. I think we can all agree that this is a positive move.

        It cannot be disputed that a lot of work and effort had gone into the inquiry, especially on the part of the COI. Regardless of how much they are paid, I do not see any reason why they should not be thanked for their efforts, especially when the whole point of the COI is to try and make the public transport system a better one.

        To slam Mr Lui simply because he has asked Singaporeans to thank the COI for their efforts (without more) seems unreasonable to me.

        p.s. i would also highlight the manner in which this article has been written, including the use of quotation marks for words like “investigate” and “study”, which, to any reasonable reader reading this article, imply that the work done was only a huge wayang show.

  9. Adrian Pang said

    *WTF*… Thank them for creating the problem, disrupting millions of people’s lives, and then spending money investigating it?

    Whatever for, Lui, F-Yew?

  10. Crap... said

    I would first like to thanks our Minister Lui Tuck Yew. Thanks for:
    1) your wonderful name.. very easy to adapt :)when i’m pissed off with what you say.
    2) being so photogenic. your photos never fail to amuse me. how can someone look so clueless and sotong all the time?
    3) your statements. always funny, always a rich source of jokes.
    4) Finally.. thanks for constantly showing us how talentless our PAP elites are nowadays. If someone like u can be a minister, I can be a minister too.. at least, i will look much less laughable than you.

  11. i5htar said

    hahaha…why not we “”thank”” you in return BETTER ??

  12. kaypoh said

    COE, COI, talkingCOC

  13. kaypoh said

    Thank Yew, F-Yew, lol

  14. mahbok tan said

    Ayo yo yo ….. shameless ministers…..!!!

    Oiiiiiii…… Lui phuck you , wadafug you talking about…!!!

    Thank you for wat ? for not doing your work is it…???

    KNNBCCB ….. you fail in your work and then create a scene then ask SGporean to be thankful…your policy have failed US fellow SGporean OK , UNDERSTAND ….if not go and die la…!!!!

  15. Its YOUR fking job!

  16. Descended said

    what ? and they din’nt even invite me to sit in it?

  17. icefire said

    we really need to thanks the fark up service provider and our govt for cheating and wasting our hard earn money … thanks
    btw Lui TY should be on his knees and thanks those 60% of the blind voters for keeping his job safe !!! u better pray the papaya have the same dog shit luck in the next GE … once u papaya lose the ruling party position i wonder how many of you will be invited to the anti corruption branch for coffee …

  18. bb said

    What is the total cost for implementing the recommedations by COI. After this incident no minster will want a COI-as it shows all the weakness of the ministry and the minister.

    COI will be required in all ministries when pappy lost majority in Parliament and WP or other opposition gov takes over the gov.

  19. oute said

    Thank you, thank you, Tuck Yui.

    What do you think.

  20. wtf said

    WTF…. COI is not completed. I am waiting for the COI on LTA, Temasek, Min of Transport and PMO office. Dont try to pass the buck to someone else

  21. denzuko1 said

    Were they paid? If they are, then there is no need to thank them, they are just doing their job. Further more, the whole investigation is a result of complacency in LTA and the one who need to express their thanks is LTA.

  22. Playfair said

    HDB and Private builders build flats. When everyone moves in causing massive jams.

    LTA will come and as usual will say only jam at peak hours, jams become worse than start to widen roads.

    I dont think HDB and LTA talk to each other. Pay millions get peanut service,

    • ilovesex said

      Peanuts is 600k leh. U sure we got 600k worth of service?

    • Any planning? said

      The best example is punggol road, still the same road with same number of lanes, before and after they built the entire HDB estate in sengkang.

    • ask lui said

      Mr Lui, can ask your LTA why Punggol Road still same old road and same old lanes before and after developing Sengkang new town?

  23. muimui said

    Thank COI? Please lah, you are the transport minister, you are in-charge of TRANSPORT issues. So, this is your JOB. If not for the chaos and problems that SMRT created, we don’t even need this COI. Btw, for the COI, I’m sure they are paid using our tax-payers money, so why should we thank them when they are paid?

  24. choochootrain said

    Actually, he want us to thank him, but paiseh to say, so ask us to thank the COI.

    • adrian said

      logical assumption indeed. Lui T Y is kind of hoping commuters will thank him for initiating the COI and appearing at the frontline during some of he breakdowns.
      in essence, the real problem is his bloody farking PAP policy of bringing in 2Million Aliens instead of 200,000 and should have been over a period of 30 to 50 years and not 10 years.

  25. Ciki said

    Balotelli: “When I score I don’t celebrate because I’m only doing my job. When a postman delivers letters does he celebrate?”

  26. Sinking Sinkies said

    Alot more real problem were not even in the scope of COI or swept under the carpet.

    1. Why no train experts from developed country were in the COI team?

    2. Why was the ex-CEO with no relevant experience engaged?

    3. The fake report that SMRT was one of the best train operator.

    4. The problem with the new batch of trains from China.

    5. There was not enough parking bay for the new trains.

  27. Fuck you! said

    tell you what tuck yew….

    TUCK YEW!!!

  28. Singapuraboi said

    LTY u should thank the people for stupidly voting u guys into power that would be more like it. Public servants r there to serve the people and what kind of thanks should they get since their jobs r recession proof and protected.

  29. con hee said

    S’poreans should thank god…
    Mr Lui, what do you think?

  30. solaris8899 said

    why we should thank COI?
    if nothing had happened that caused such a big mess to local ppl, as we believed someones out there were not doing their jobs, COI wont come into picture.

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